aka Saibi

  • I live in District 8
  • I was born on March 20
  • My occupation is I work at a bakery and I'm 12-13
  • I am Male
  • Theoryofthelifeofdoom

    Name: Quentz Electrison

    District: 3

    Age: 17

    Gender: Male

    Weapons: Spear, Mace, Electricity, and hand to hand combat

    Strengths: strong, skilled with spear, smart, knows survival skills, fast, and trustworthy

    Weaknesses: Not good at climbing, not skilled with much other weapons, and not good at dodging ranged weapons

    Personality: Mature, Trustworthy, helpful, and like able

    Appearance: tall, brown eyes, brown hair, a little tan, and has a bowl haircut

    Backstory: Quentz was a very smart boy from 3, he and his little brother, Dreles were quite like able. His parents were quite overprotective. They wouldn't let Quentz date. One day when Dreles was 12, Dreles was reaped, and His parents wouldn't let Quentz volunteer. There was a twist, Dreles was the firs…

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  • Theoryofthelifeofdoom

    Saibi Deller

    October 14, 2014 by Theoryofthelifeofdoom

    Name: Saibi Deller

    District: 8

    Gender: Male

    Weapon: axe, throwing knives,and sword

    Age: 13

    Date of birth: March 20th

    Appearance: has brown eyes and brown hair and a little tan

    Advantages: strong, skilled with weapons, and is fast

    Weaknesses: short and skinny for his age which will make him a target and vomits blood a lot of the time and cries blood and isn't trustworthy

    Personality: loves parties and winning but hates loosing and likes is hair to look good, but he isn't very honest most of the time he Isn't honest and makes a lot of bad choices which makes him not trustworthy and he wants attention and respect a lot of the time.

    Job: works at a bakery in district 8

    Backstory: Saibi is the only child and his mother, who was a victor from a previous ga…

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  • Theoryofthelifeofdoom

    73d HG

    October 10, 2014 by Theoryofthelifeofdoom

    The 73rd Hunger Games.Effie mentioned that both tributes from District 12 ate like savages and had no sense of etiquette or manners. This angered Katniss, as both were from the Seam and therefore they had never had a decent meal in their lives. Katniss mentions that Caesar's hair and make-up color was crimson and appeared to be bleeding.

    In the film, Ceaser Flickerman and Claudius Templesmith watch a rerun of these games. Ceaser comments that's the ruined city arena was one of his "favorites." These games were supposedly won by a dark-skinned tribute, who in the film Katniss watched is seen killing Titus.

    So this means that the victor of the 73rd Hunger Games was the male tribute from District 11, who killed Titus to win the Hunger Games.


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  • Theoryofthelifeofdoom
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  • Theoryofthelifeofdoom

    There is a district 13, a district 14, and the Capitol.

    Here are the tribute rules:

    No links.

    Real life photos no lunaiis.

    If you don't give me any p.o.v.s for private training then your tribute will get an automatic 5.

    If you don't give any games advice then your tribute will have a 100% chance of dying.

    Only districts 1, 2, and 5 are career districts.

    No stupid strengths or weaknesses or your tribute will be denied.

    First come first serve.

    District 14's industry is education.

    If an X( is next to a tribute that means the tribute is dead.

    Have fun :).

    District 1: male: age: female: Candy Orenson age: 15

    District 2: male: age: female: age:

    District 3: male: age: female: Isabelle Doller age: 15

    District 4: male: age: female: Angelina Stotch age: 1…

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