There is a district 13, a district 14, and the Capitol.

Here are the tribute rules:

No links.

Real life photos no lunaiis.

If you don't give me any p.o.v.s for private training then your tribute will get an automatic 5.

If you don't give any games advice then your tribute will have a 100% chance of dying.

Only districts 1, 2, and 5 are career districts.

No stupid strengths or weaknesses or your tribute will be denied.

First come first serve.

District 14's industry is education.

If an X( is next to a tribute that means the tribute is dead.

Have fun :).

Here are the tributes

District 1: male: age: female: Candy Orenson age: 15

District 2: male: age: female: age:

District 3: male: age: female: Isabelle Doller age: 15

District 4: male: age: female: Angelina Stotch age: 17

District 5: male: age: female: Camaria Timor age: 13

District 6: male: age: female: Bee Clio age: 14

District 7: male: Sam Coleman age: 13 female: Summer Coleman age: 16

District 8: male: age: female: age:

District 9: male: Jacob Antio age: 14 female: Harper Shiant age: 12

District 10: male: age: female: age:

District 11: male: age: female: age:

District 12: male: age: female: age:

District 13: male: age: female: age:

District 14: male: age: female: age:

Capitol: male: age: female: Alex Hains age: 15

1. , weapons:

1. Candy Orenson, weapons: bow and arrows, and knife

2. , weapons:

2. , weapons:

3. , weapons:

3. Isabelle Doller, weapons: throwing knives, sword, and shuriken

4. , weapons:

4. Angelina Stotch, weapons: bow and arrows, and traps

5. , weapons:

5. Camaria Timor, weapons: knife, and traps

6. , weapons:

6. Bee Clio, weapons: throwing knives, and sword

7. Samuel Coleman, weapons: sword, and axe

7. Summer Coleman, weapons: kukri, and traps

8. , weapons:

8. , weapons:

9. Jacob Antio, weapons: sickle, throwing knives

9. Harper Shiant, weapons: slingshot

10. , weapons:

10. , weapons:

11. , weapons:

11. , weapons:

12. , weapons:

12. , weapons:

13. , weapons:

13. , weapons:

14. , weapons:

C. , weapons:

C. Alexandrine Haines, weapons: blowgun

Tributes Photos:


Samuel Coleman

Curly-hair-with-headband mini

Harper Shiant when she was 8

296px-Cute flower person-1-

Summer Coleman

258px-Girl with gray eyes and freckles-1-

Alexandrine "Alex" Haines in real life


Angelina Stotch

Candy Orenson - District 1

Candy Orenson

Bee Clio maybe 2

Bee Cleo

Jacob Antio

Jacob Antio


Camaria Timor

Hunger games 20

Isabelle Doller

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