Name: Quentz Electrison

District: 3

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Weapons: Spear, Mace, Electricity, and hand to hand combat

Strengths: strong, skilled with spear, smart, knows survival skills, fast, and trustworthy

Weaknesses: Not good at climbing, not skilled with much other weapons, and not good at dodging ranged weapons

Personality: Mature, Trustworthy, helpful, and like able

Appearance: tall, brown eyes, brown hair, a little tan, and has a bowl haircut

Backstory: Quentz was a very smart boy from 3, he and his little brother, Dreles were quite like able. His parents were quite overprotective. They wouldn't let Quentz date. One day when Dreles was 12, Dreles was reaped, and His parents wouldn't let Quentz volunteer. There was a twist, Dreles was the first tribute killed last year, and Quentz was really sad when he died. The victor, who was the male tribute from District 11, went and talked to Quentz and his parents, and told them, "I'm sorry for your loss." So the victor made Quentz get over his brother's death after he put him in a coffin and buried him. The next year, during the reaping day, he remembered his brother's death and said, "Fuck it. I'm gonna win for my brother." Then he shouted, "I volunteer!"

Bloodbath strategy: find a spear and a backpack and hide with his ally

Fears: Losing his parents, resorting to cannibalism, and the games changing who he is

Alliance: Saibi Deller, if not in the same games then a 12 year old tribute


Quentz's lunaii

Quentz Electrison real life

Quentz Electrison Real life

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