Name: Saibi Deller

District: 8

Gender: Male

Weapon: axe, throwing knives,and sword

Age: 13

Date of birth: March 20th

Appearance: has brown eyes and brown hair and a little tan

Advantages: strong, skilled with weapons, and is fast

Weaknesses: short and skinny for his age which will make him a target and vomits blood a lot of the time and cries blood and isn't trustworthy

Personality: loves parties and winning but hates loosing and likes is hair to look good, but he isn't very honest most of the time he Isn't honest and makes a lot of bad choices which makes him not trustworthy and he wants attention and respect a lot of the time.

Job: works at a bakery in district 8

Backstory: Saibi is the only child and his mother, who was a victor from a previous games (who won by her skills with axes, throwing knives and sword) told him, "If you ever get reaped and die in the hunger games, I will kill myself because after your father died you are now all I have left." His dad died during the time the mother was pregnant with Saibi, because he illegally escaped from the games. Saibi has been bullied for working at a bakery and for his blood crying and blood vomiting medical condition which made him suffer a deep depression from the bullying he has been through. So he tried to commit suicide from that bullying. he only had one friend his name is Weaver Needule. Weaver died because he tried to escape district 8 and the peacekeeper shot him in the head. After Weavers death, Saibi would be in his room holding a knife he uses to cut cake and whatever trying to stab his abdomen and try to slit his throat but his mom would catch him every time and she had to hide the knives from Saibi and then when Saibi was reaped he was scared and said, " mom I'll try to win for you."

Token: a homemade bowdrill

Reason he wants to win: so people can finally respect him, so he wouldn't be bullied or called a loser anymore, and to prove to his crush that he is boyfriend material

Crush: a girl who goes to his school

Bloodbath Strategy: Hiding inside the cornacopia until there are few tributes left near the cornacopia

Fears: losing his mother, the dark, scorpions, and a headless person holding a chainsaw chase him

Alliance: Whoever accepts his request or whoever requests him

Saibi Deller uncropped

Saibi's lunaii

640px-Saibi Deller improved

Saibi Deller Real Life Photo

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