Thereal opian

aka Brendan

  • I live in in 1945 in the 30th century in panem running between district 6 and 3
  • I was born on June 12
  • My occupation is something unproductive
  • I am throwing kukris at you not missing and going insane dealing with business rabbit running 8 miles and cracking bottles
  • Thereal opian


    July 8, 2014 by Thereal opian

    Sorry for the no title thing I didn't know what to call this so as you all know I kinda dissapeared and kept making promesis I couldn't keep so this is my goodbye to the wiki sorry I didn't have time all my freinds thought I was insane for all the time I doesn't on this but I loved it but the magic sorta faded and I had other things to do who knows maybe il come back but for now I'm leaving sorry

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  • Thereal opian


    June 19, 2014 by Thereal opian

    im so so sorr Ive been inactive bu im back

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  • Thereal opian


    June 7, 2014 by Thereal opian

    sorry about my inactivity iv been busy with tests and life and things so im back I guess

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  • Thereal opian

    after the districts lost the rebellion the districts where all taken by surprise at the hunger games no careers yet no advantages everyone is even.

    Sooo I really wanted to make a hunger games but couldn't think of any twist ideas so here you go. I'm going to write reapings, chariot rides, training, private sessions, interviews, games, victory tour


    male Draydan Hax, 15, Mace

    female Nya Gojin, 7, Bow


    male Len Kagamine, 16, Knife

    female Hatsune Miku, 18, Bow


    male Blade Spectrus, 14, Spear

    female Shinmyoumaru Sukana, 15, Sword


    male Duo Kily, 12 Mallet

    female Hazel Mitchel, 12, Mallet


    male Akumai Kubaya,,Greatsword

    female Amber Burn, 13, Mace (kinda)


    male Colin Sun, 13, Fists

    female Mallory Persistence, Axe, 16


    male Dregon Powell, 17, Trident


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  • Thereal opian

    now don't cry I just cant think of any ideas and iv had 2 games cancelled in a row so il be taking a break from making them

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