the arena is a huge tropical rainforist with the cornucopia in the center on a large rock (only 4 tributes per user)

tribute form





streanghts and weaknesses:

allies: (1,2 and 4 are with carrers unless you say you dont want them with the carrers)

district 1 male Crimson Typhoon Age:15 Weapon:Bow,Hands,Sword

district 1 female Trinity Mason Age:17 Weapon:Mace,Knife

disrict 2 male Colin Sun Age:13 Weapon:Hands,Sword

district 2 female Realy Cooper Age:15 Weapon:Knives, Bow

district 3 male Opian Theereal Age:14 Weapon:Spear

district 3 female Sera Oaks Age:15 Weapon:Sword,Dagger,Fire

district 4 male Evan Fisher Age:17 Weapon:Trident

district 4 female Oceania Seacrest Age:16 Weapon:Trident

district 5 male Falco Generate Age:15 Weapon:Knifes

district 5 female Katarine Seacrest Age:14 Weapon:Ax

district 6 male Buck Rockwell Age:16 Weapon:Spear

district 6 female Eve Loop Age:14 Weapon:Blowdart,Sword

district 7 male Gary Spade Age:17 Weapon:Ax,Dagger,Knife

district 7 female Bee Clio Age:14 Weapon:Ax,Knives,Spear

district 8 male Carter Sun Age:13 Weapon:Poisen,Traps

district 8 female Luna Devogne Age:18 Weapon:Bow

district 9 male Mason Brunage Age:13 Weapon:None

district 9 female Lacey Despin Age:12 Weapon:Bow,Knives,Slingshot

district 10 male Zongo Age:12 Weapon:pixaxe

district 10 female Maxine Foxxer Age:14 Weapon:Ax,Sword,Bow

district 11 male Joey LoSurdo Age:15 Weapon:Ax

district 11 female Yasmin Taylor Age:16 Weapon:Ax

district 12 male Keats Sheppard Age:12 Weapon:Traps

district 12 female Eliz Betres Age:16 Weapon Ax,Knives


24 Mason Brunage

23 Zongo Rndmlstnm

22 Falco Generate

21 Maxine Foxxer

20 Eliz Betres

19 Luna Devogne

18 Lacey Despin

17 Colin Sun

16 Eve Loop

15 Evan Fisher

14 Opian Theereal

13 Realy Cooper 

12 Joey LoSurdo

11 Yasmin Taylor

10 Gary Spade

9 Katarina Seacrest

8 Oceania Seacrest

7 Trinity Mace

6 Sera Oaks

5 Carter Sun

4 Crimson Typhoon

3 Keats Shepperd

2 Buck Rockwell

victor Bee Clio

Training scores

Crimson Typhoon  9

Trinity Mason  8

Colin Sun  7

Realy Cooper  9

Opian Theereal 6

Sera Oaks  7

Evan Fisher  11

Oceania Seacrest  10

Falco Generate  4

Katarine  2 (shes insane)

Buck Rockwell  9

Eve Loop  7

Gary Spade 1 (he just cut the arms and legs off of a dummy)

Bee Clio 9

Carter Sun  7

Luna Devogne  6

Mason Brunage  4

Lacey Despin  5

Zongo Rndmlstnm  4

Maxine Foxxer  6

Joey Losurdo  4

Yasmin Taylor  5

Keats Shepperd  7

Eliz Betris  4

Day 1  Buck Rockwell

I rise out of my tube and see its all tropical and the cornicopia is on a rock then Yasmin throws her token at my plate to blow me up I reach down and catch it nice try i think then i look at at the clock 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 Let the 34th hunger games begin. I run to the rock and climb up it is grab a sack of 3 spears and throw one at Bee who is picking up a ax she ducks it and runs to her allience then I throw my second at Mason Brunage it hits him in the head I grab my spear and run out to the carrers since they let me in there alliance but district 4 isnt there stupid love birds I see Crimson stab Zongo and Bee kills Falco with a ax and thats all I see we run out to the woods and set up camp waiting for somone to come I look up to the sky and look to see whos dead Mason,Zongo,Falco,Eliz,Maxine, and Luna

Day 1 Eliz Betris

When the games start I run to the cornicopia and try to climb it i reach and knives and slip but the knives fall to. I grab the knives and throw one at Maxine it hits her in the head she dies but than Gary jumps on be and cuts of my arm i scream in pain he cuts of my other arm I start to blackout I know this is the end.

Day 1 Lacey Despin

When the games start I run away into the tropical rainforist and hide and wait for Bee and Sera i see Falco put Sera in a headlock and start to choke her SERA I scream she drops her back backs and her face turns purple i cant do anything a but Bee comes from behind and stabs Falco in the head with a ax. Sera drops to the ground breathing heavily when she regains her breath she gets back up and comes over the first thing i can say is will Sera live to Bee she says yes shes fine. We all got backpacks from Sera mine feels light i open it and there is only one thing a slingshot and about 20 little balls that say danger release deadly poisen when broke. Wow that will be usefull Bee gets a full canteen of water and a pillow. Sera gets a slinky a rock and a paper that says go north and has a compass we decide to head north tommorow and sleep taking turns watching in a big thicket of buches

Day 2 Joey LoSurdo

Me and Yasmin wake up to a huggggggeeeeee sponser gift i hope its not a weapon since we both have axs. It has a tag that says Joey on it I pop it open and look inside  theres a empty water can matches some mines in a bag to bury and a backpack that says mystery on it. I unzip it to see whats inside. BAM!!!!! it explodes sending me and Yasmin flying back but theres a small not that says go north and has a compass. Me and Yasmin pick it up and and start running north.

Day 2 Colin Sun

Me and Carter wake up and decide to open are backpacks now that were safe Mine had a dagger some water and a rope well a daggers close to a sword is say then Carter starts to open his insanely heavy backpack. Carter opens it looks dissapointed and then pours out a ton of rock but I think I see a paper and dig it up it says go north. Me and Carter than head out north

Day 2 Bee Clio

Me and my allies are awakend by multiple sponsers 1 for each of us but Seras is bigger. We all get bread and Sera gets a sword we all have weapons now and were prepared we decide to head north we hike out and suddenly the ground drops and were in a ditch so is Joey,Yasmin,Colin, and Carter. I see Joey start to run towards me and ready my ax but then he and Yasmin run. I look over to see Lacey with a dagger in her head put there by Collin BOOM!!!. Collin then tackles me and attempt to put his sword in my head this is it i think. BOOM!! wait im still alive I see Sera behind me with her sword in his head Carter then runs. Everybodys gone but us Lacey I mumble I shed a tear she was only 12 she shouldnt have died. I know i have to stay strong me and Sera than take the bread out of dead Laceys pocket I start to cry and I know we have to go but then I remember her sling shot just then poisen fills the air from the little poisen ball ammo. RUN SERA I scream as we run away I see some one run through the poisen and fall BOOM!!. SERA I scream but shes right next to me who was I think as the smoke starts to dissapeer. We head back to our little shelter of giant bushes wondering about who that was until the anthom comes and I figure out it was Eve why was she there I think???? 

Day 3 Evan Fisher

Me and Oceania have been walking around and camping and walking and camping and havnt found anthing all we have is our tridents. Today were gonna split up to cover more ground. This place is surprisingly very beautiful there is so many   weird tropical trees. I walk around for a bout an hour picking fruit then I hear Oceania scream. I run towards her and see Katarina about to kill her. NOOO!!!! I scream as I jump infront of her. Theres a sharp pain in my chest as I hit the ground I see Oceania throw her trident at Katarina but she misses and she gets away Oceania runs strait over to me and pulls out the ax. I can save you she keeps saying. No dont try theres no hope I say because I know im going to die and I dont want to get Oceania killed helping me. No I can she says crying I put my hand on her cheek and say I love you. She hugs me and whispers I will kill her il kill her for you she says. I mumble what I know are my last words I will always love if im dead or alive and you have to remember that. She bursts into tears as everything turns black BOOM!!!!!!.

Day 3 Yasmin Taylor

BOOM!!!!! I hear a cannon I wonder who it could be (its Evan not a second person to avoid confusion). I recive a sponser maybe 5 minuets after the cannon its matches. Ohhh I have an idea I walk over to a tree and attempt to light it on fire with my luck it explodes, and theres a note that says go south. Ive had enough of this crap I crumple the note and chuck it in the forest. I go back to camp and Joey screams WAIT. Why I say I set up the mines he replies theres one there there and there he says pointing at spots I jump over the three spots and we just kindada sit there for a while. After about an hour or two I see Realy chasing Opian right into us BAM!!!! BOOM!! BOOM!!! BOOM!!!. AAAAHHHHHHHH I scream in pain I know im going to die just like the others exept slower. I reach over and grab my ax I dont wanna suffer through this I grab the ax and swing it at my own head BOOM!!!!.

Day 3 Keats Shepperd

BOOM!!! BOOM!!! BOOM!!! god many people are dying today there was a cannon earlier too BOOM!!!! and theres another one I just have to hope my cannon wont be today too. Walking through the bored I deside too set up a trap if some one walks through this rope they will be hung by there foot im inpressed with my self hopefully it works but I dont wanna test it I decide I decide I will try to draw enemys to it by running by it but then I think I hear somthing i keep walking then Gary just jumps out I run and jump my trap Gary runs right into into it and the rope grabs him by the foot and he drops his knife grab the knife and stab him in the head BOOM!!!!!!. 6th death today and I got a knife. When night comes I climb a tree and see the carrers walk by witch is only Crimson,Trinity and Buck they dont see me and walk out of my view. When night comes I see the deaths where Evan,Realy,Opian,Joey,Yasmin and Gary wow final 9 already I might make it home.

Day 4 Oceania Seacrest

I will find her and kill her even if I die in the process SHE WILL DIE I scream. I dont even care if someone hears me il kill them if they run to me. wait I see her no doubt that her oh shes gonna die. I run up behind her with my trident but she turns around and burys a trident in my chest. Im going to die but I need to kill her I pickup my trident and use all the strength I have to throw the trident at her head. BOOM!!!!! I did what I needed to avenge Evan and even though im going to die I cant help but smile as I mumble my last words Im coming Evan BOOM!!!!!!!

Day 4 Sera Oaks

Me and Bee are finally getting over Lacey.......... I think. Were just walking through the woods and then lightning comes from everywere hitting me and Bee and probably every everbody else in the arena. But it donsnt hurt at all I dont feel anthing and Bee dosnt look in pain either she just looks confused like me. Then about 100000000 papers that all apper to say go up on them fall then lightning then there gone then more paper this time they say YOU ARE GOING UP in red smeared paint that looks like blood then Bee collapses I scream BEE but theres no cannon then I collapse.

Day 4 Trinity Mace

I have no clue what is happining there is notes falling and lighting Im so confused then I fall and black out. I wake up in a completly black place all black just a huuuuuggggggeeeeee room of black and nobody else is here. Then they come its all the other tributes. Not the alive ones the dead ones but they have red eyes and black skin and clothes but they look the same. Then I relise I dont have my mace but a black mace appers in my hand and a sign comes out of the cealing it says sector 1 then a weapon appers in there hand exept for ones thats Mason. Well time to die again.

Day 4/Sector 1 Keats Shepperd

When they start running at me I dont have a weapon only a rope but I quickly relise that I have been given weird powers I can wave my hand and make a foot trap come out from under the Mutts and then push my hand forward to stab them. But then one gets near me I think If I have powers why wouldnt this rope so I whip at there leg and it wraps around there leg then I whip it up to put them in a trap then I back of to put a knife in there head. This is acculy really cool like something I would dream of. But then theres the boss of them. Its a huge robot whith wires poping out with is its weakness. I start trapping the wires and breaking them then he attacks back. He shoots these rockets that I have to pull away but soon enough I beat the sector.

Sector 2 Buck Rockwell

Well this is intesting im starting to get a hang of the power stuff but how did this happen is it some sort of virtual world that I think im in and where is everyone else. I have so many questions but soon enough the second sector starts. I do my little unlimited spear throw and move thingy to take most of them out stab a few. Then they start dropping from the cealing and I feel somthing from behind so I see a Mason mutt punching me so I stab it and soon enough I kill the tribute mutts twice. I wait for the big thing but theres somthing else instead.

Sector 2 Crimson Typhoon

After im done fighting a screen with two spinning wheels with names. The names that are picked are Trinity Mace and, Crimson Typhoon then like what happend when I came here happend I collapsed and blacked out. I woke up in a room with Trinity and we have to fight. Trinity starts sending maces so I dodge them and some arrows and she pulls a shield out, you can do that well worth a shot I think as a mace is flying at me, it works if it didnt I would be dead. I relise that if we have shields we can just block everything, not if were up close though, I run up to her dodging maces when I get close she makes a shield I jump it and shoot her in the head from behind BOOM!!!!. Well I learned a new trick I think getting ready for the next sector.

Sector 3 Sera Oaks

I walk in to the next room and before I start there is a machine with two hand holes I put my hand in and feel a shock then I relise I got a new power I try shakeing my hands and two swords come out like a figure 8 hitting a mutt in the head wow thats usefull its slower but dont barley ever misses. I take the first bunch of them out then they fall from the celing again. I just stab them with my sword then theres the third there just in armor and take two hit I wonder if there will be a battle or boss, the screen comes out of the celing and I know its a battle I look to see who will be battleing today. Oh no

Sector 3 Bee Clio

Today before the mutt battle I learned a new power I can make axs drop from the sky about 6 of them after about 3 minuets the screen comes down I guess the boss was just for warming up I wander what the battle will be today, oh no.Its me Vs Sera I black out when I came here and wake uo in a room with Sera me and her are scared but we have to fight sshe throws some figure 8 swords and I put a sword before attacking her I think about my family then use the ax rain thing she  dodges itand throws a normal sword I spin away and dodge it then do two consecutive ax rains she runs away from them and I throw a normal ax at her head. BOOM!!!!! Sera  drops to the ground I won but I killed Sera I know I need to win now I cant kill my allie to make it home and die. Im going to win for Sera and Lacey

Battle Royal Carter Sun

I start waiting untill the next sector but I black out again. I wake up in a room with all the other tributes on a platform in the sky surronded by fire. Then theres a 10 second countdown I guess they want us to fight now. When we start fighting I send my little poisen shots trying to get it in there mouth to choke them then I relise my power kinda sucks. I try to at least do somthing but I keep missing Buck turns over to me and send a virtual spear at me and it lands in my head BOOM!!!!!

Battle Royal Crimson Typhoon

I look over to see Carter die and I think final four, and soon to be three. I look over to see Keats and I send a arrow he ducks it. He wraps up my leg in a rope and pulls me up and puts a knife in my head BOOM!!!!!!!

Battle Royal Keats Shepperd

Wow that was easy I thought it would be harder to take out a carrer. Speaking of carrers I look over to see Buck trying to kill Bee and I trap him. But before I can put the knife in his head he cuts the rope and sends a spear at my head BOOM!!!!

Final 2 Buck Rockwell

Well final 2 and the only person left is this little girl lucky to make it this far or even past the bloodbath, time to bring pride to district 6. I turn and launch a spear but she dodges itand she throws an ax at me. I duck it and yell YOU THINK A LITTLE GIRL LIKE YOU CAN KILL ME as I throw 3 spears in a triangle. She backflips through them (O____________O) yes I think I can she says. Well maybe you arnt a little girl but your still no match for me I say throwing a spear at her.

Final 2 Bee Clio

I jump over his spear and try to make it rain axs. Dang it it wont work so I send a ax at him I see if I can still use the sheild but I guess its just the normal powers. I throw a ax at him and start running aroung to the back of him. He ducks my ax and kicks me away. I guess the little girl isnt so little anymore I say ay he throws a spear at me I easily walk out of the way of it then he throws another spear and I throw a ax at the same time.


Congratulations to my first hunger games winner..........................   BEE CLIO,       her ax landed in Bucks head and Bucks spear missed

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