after the districts lost the rebellion the districts where all taken by surprise at the hunger games no careers yet no advantages everyone is even.

Sooo I really wanted to make a hunger games but couldn't think of any twist ideas so here you go. I'm going to write reapings, chariot rides, training, private sessions, interviews, games, victory tour


male Draydan Hax, 15, Mace

female Nya Gojin, 7, Bow


male Len Kagamine, 16, Knife

female Hatsune Miku, 18, Bow


male Blade Spectrus, 14, Spear

female Shinmyoumaru Sukana, 15, Sword


male Duo Kily, 12 Mallet

female Hazel Mitchel, 12, Mallet


male Akumai Kubaya,,Greatsword

female Amber Burn, 13, Mace (kinda)


male Colin Sun, 13, Fists

female Mallory Persistence, Axe, 16


male Dregon Powell, 17, Trident

female Junna Powell, 17, Sickle


male Carter Sun, 13, Poisen

female Adelaide Simmons, 13, Bow


male Garnen Fieance, 12, Rocks

female Savannah Darnell, 12, Blowgun


male Eli Winerson, 14, Ax

female Eliza Herader, 14, Ax


male Imarandom Tribute, 18, Fridge Magnet

female Diamond Night, 18, Stick


male Erik Trotter, 15, Torture

female Cinder Marsh, 18, Knives



Draydan Hax

This is finally my year to leave if I win or lose il be happy I wont be with my girlfriends killers I cant live wit them. I walk over to the 15 year old section as they play this stupid video yea yea just let me volunteer already. Finally it ends and are escort pick the girl that wont be I the games Sarah Heartfelt. But then a girl in the Audience yells I VOLENTEER. I recognize her shes the girl who everyone shuns Nya. When she walks up there are loud boos from the crowd the escort says nothing to her and dosnt ever as her name. Now my turn before she even reaches her hand in the bucket I yell I VOLENTEER. When I start to walk up I hear my brothers laughing and saying finally hes gonna die. When I reach the stage the escort asks me my name and I respond Draydon Hax and im winning these games. Nya laughs and says really a little 15 year old im wining punk. I respond by saying coming from the girl who shouldn't be here. She walks u and punches me in the fac but to her surpise I punch back knocking a tooth out. But the peace keepers ruin our fun and pull us away as were dragged off we scream insults at each other.



Ok im going to say 1 thing about the reaping Two animated people ran up and volenteerd and freked me out that's all ok.


Blade Spectrus

Dang I hate this idea lets make kids kill each other since adults rebelled. The capitol are idiots hopefully I wont be picked shero I can see Shade again. Well our escort comes up all bratty and retarded and happy like WOW ARNT YOOU SOOOO EXITED THAT YOU GET TO KILL KIDS LIKE WOW NOW PERFECT NOW LETS PLAY YOU A DUMB VIDEO STRAIGHT FROM OUR RETARDED CAPITOL ABOUT HOW YOU SUCK AND WE HATE YOU AND ISNT THAT SOOOO SPECIAL YOUR SOOO LUCKY LIKE I MEAN WOW and she looks like a dog ate a pile of crap and barfed it on her. Well now there picking the girls she picks who she calls SHIDSBIESBVKDB SIGKSJH No really I have don't know what shes saying but now shes all like SHIFHJKSB FHWDKFJB YOUR SO LUCKY TO BE THE FIRST ONE FROM YOUR DISTRICT TO BE A MURDERER AND DIE LIKE WOW. Now to the boys and she picks, ME GREAT. WELL NOW SHES ALL LIKE WOW HOW LUCKY YOU OUR so I turn to her and yell IM NOT LUCKY YOU IDIOT and punch her in the face knocking her out and making her fall of the staged but then im knocked out and Im dragged on a Train how nice are the capitol I love them


Hazel Mitchell

Just Breath Hazel stay calm it wont be you your only in the bowl once and so is Duo. Now that im calm they uncalm me be putting on a video about how we suck and theres dead bodys and naked people everywhere apparently where lucky to have it but I don't feel lucky. Well now shes pickinnnnnnnnnnnnnn Hazel Mitchel. Its me im standing in shock but im going to die I cant let them do this I run away from the reapings im chased by peacekeeper and im shot in the shoulder I black out and wake up next to Duo I hug him and say thank god it was a dream. But he says im sorry Hazel and I immediately know it wasn't a dream and Duo has picked to I start crying with Duo and tell him one of us is coming home.


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