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  • I live in Australia - Wyet territory, folks
  • I was born on December 21
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male
  • Thesaboteur7

    Hi Guys,

    November 27, 2012 by Thesaboteur7

    Sorry I haven't been on and truthfully the odds are I won't come on much at all. But anyway I am writing a Hunger Games story on Wattpad in the POV of a District 12 boy in a Quater Quell. 

    This is just a quick note:

    The story takes place after the events of the 74th Hunger Games in a alternate universe in which Katniss did NOT volunteer for Prim, thus the entire games changed and since their was no "star-crossed lovers" Peeta was killed in the bloodbath and the entire games changed, Prim placed 7th and died of thirst. The winner of the games was the District 2 Female tribute Clove. One more note, this is not a parody anymore as I want to write serious about the games so enjoy. After the 78th Games; in which a District 6 male, Avae was crowne…

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  • Thesaboteur7

    Hey everybody,

    I have decided to make my first games. Which is both a games, a user games and a quarter quell. The twist is that you don't submit your own tributes other users do for example lluvgale wants a tribute to be in the games so Everdeen submits one of hers. If you would like one tribute or two tributes of yours leave a comment saying that and I will put you down and another user will submit your tributes. Also please don't say whch tribute(s) you want in or what district. The entered tribs can be from district 6 but reprosent district 11. PS Only 1 or 2 tributes created per user can be submitted and they can be placed in seprate districts but they will have to be 1 male and 1 female not both one gender.

    Nobody so far, boy the line …

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  • Thesaboteur7

    Below is the entire list of all Users on the Hunger Games Wiki and the Hunger Games Role Playing Wiki. This list is still in progress and is in alphabetical order. Please add your username and your gender. You can also add your first name like mine is Sean, your age and the country you live in all three of these are optional. Please do NOT add state or provence, phone number, surname, address or school/work.

    • Beatrice Prior

    My name is Tallulah (for short Tris)

    I am female

    I live in Australia

    • BookwormGirl

    My name is Lydia

    I am female

    • Clove1001

    My name is Skye

    I am female

    • Clove1999

    I am female

    • Clove2002

    My name is Christie I am female

    I live in America

    I am 13

    • Everdeen

    I am female

    I live Canada


    • ~ilovepeeta~

    My name is Leslie

    I am female

    I live in America

    • Leshawna…

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