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  • I am fabulous, bxtches
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    Hi there! I'm new here, but I love writing and The Hunger Games, so I've decided to try to write a games of my own! I've read a few completed Hunger Games, and I think I have some kind of idea of how this works X3

    • Please don't get mad at me if I get something wrong. Remember, I'm new here. If you have constructive criticism, please do tell me in the comments so I can improve ^^
    • If your tribute(s) aren't put in, please reread all of the rules, or just know I may not like your tribute for some odd reason *shrug*
    • I guess links are fine, but they just need an RL picture.
    • Only four tributes per each user.
    • Only two Careers per user. Careers live in the Capitol, 1, 2, 4, or are in the Career alliance.
    • No reserving places because I'm not on all the timeā€¦

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