Hi there! I'm new here, but I love writing and The Hunger Games, so I've decided to try to write a games of my own! I've read a few completed Hunger Games, and I think I have some kind of idea of how this works X3


  • Please don't get mad at me if I get something wrong. Remember, I'm new here. If you have constructive criticism, please do tell me in the comments so I can improve ^^
  • If your tribute(s) aren't put in, please reread all of the rules, or just know I may not like your tribute for some odd reason *shrug*
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  • Only four tributes per each user.
  • Only two Careers per user. Careers live in the Capitol, 1, 2, 4, or are in the Career alliance.
  • No reserving places because I'm not on all the time and might not see it, and then you may get frustrated when somebody takes it.
  • Please follow all of these rules or your tribute(s) won't be accepted.



District/Gender Name Age Weapon User
2/F Alexandrite Bohamia 14 Bow Marinalacrosse
3/F Natalie Tecknus 14 Throwing Knife YourFavoriteSalmon
3/M Diamond Reaperson 17 Spear Tehblakdeath
4/M Tom Loleris 16 Throwing Knife Tehblakdeath
6/F Ruby Burn 12 Dagger Pippycat
7/M Veles Koshikadu 16 Katana Tehblakdeath
9/F Eva Fenrir 14 Curved Sword Pippycat
9/M Ash Harper 14 Mace Pippycat
13/F Aeralene Ekiert 18 Machete Pippycat
13/M Radiant Tayz 16 Throwing Knife Tehblakdeath


Careers: Tom (4), Veles (7)

Anti-Careers: Alexandrite (1)

Girls Alliance: Ruby (6), Eva (9)

D13 Pair: Aeralene (13), Radiant (13)

Unknown: Diamond (3), Tom (4), Veles (7), Ash (9)



These are all told in the point of view of a random citizen who's eligible to be reaped.

District 3

I fix my dress up one last time, and walk to the square with my little brother, Alfie. Being his second year to possibly get reaped, he's anxious as ever.

"You'll be fine. I've gotten to eighteen without being reaped. You should be able to as well." He shrugs and my watch beeps. "That time of day again," I sigh. A shock comes from my left arm and pulses through both of our bodies. It's my father's experiment of some sort. Whatever. I'd rather not pay attention to it.

I trip from the shock, and I'm surprised to see somebody help me up.

"You alright?" he asks. Despite being momentarily blinded, I can tell who he is.

Diamond Reaperson, not your average rich kid. Despite having moved from District One, he uses his overwhelming money to help the poor and others. I'm sure he gives away seemingly useless items to the rich kids, but for relatively poor people like us, it's worth millions and more.

"Yeah," I say, pushing my black hair behind my ear with my burnt hand. Burns from chemicals and live wires. "Well, hi. Um. I'm Binary," I say.

"Nice to meet you," he smiles. I'm probably blushing at the moment, but I know I don't have a chance with Diamond. He's fabulously rich, and I hardly have any food in my stomach. He's one of the cute ones in the district, and I'm one of the ugliest, with a horrible scar and burns all over my hands. This is a once in a lifetime chance for me. I'll probably never see him again.

"I'm -" he starts.

"Diamond. I know," I chuckle. I realize that may have been the best thing to do, when he purses his lips and looks down.

I grab Alfie's hand. "Well, nice to meet you, uh, Diamond!" I chuckle then speed off, draggingAlfie behind me.

"What was that?" he asks, clearly referring to the exchange of words that went between Diamond and I.

"Listen, I paniced. It's not every day you meet the Diamond Reaperson," I explain.

"Sure. You know, if you want advice you could ask me. I've had more girlfriends than years I've been on this earth," he shrugs. I chuckle. What has society turned little kids into? Alfie should simply be coding or learning how to set up or make a television. Instead, he spends all of his time with his girlfriends, which he has multiple of at a time.

We near the square, and I ask, "Are you ready?"

"Bina," he responds. "It's the most unlikely thing in the world for somebody to get reaped. Well, I mean, in the sense that one specific person would be reaped." We walk into our according sections after getting our blood taken and verified. I put myself in an isolated section in the front and wait for the escort to walk onto the stage.

After tennish minutes of waiting, the escort walks onto the stage, her heels clicking with each step she takes to the central podium.

"Welcome, welcome, everybody, to the Reapings for The 597th Annual Hunger Games! We all know the jist of things. Peace and order, Katniss and Peeta, war, then peace and order yet again. The only catch is the twists each year from now onwards. Now, it is time to select the tributes to be honored to compete in this years Hunger Games!"

She walks over to the first Reaping bowl to her right. "Ladies first," she smiles. I take a deep breath as she selects a single slip of paper from the middle of the blue tinted glass sphere. I can almost feel my heart thumping in my chest as she delicately opens the paper with her long, blue painted nails.

"Natalie Tecknus!" she exclaims, and I know I'm not the only person to breathe out a sigh of relief at the results.

I hear rustling a few sections behind me, and in a moment a fourteen year old girl is escorted up to the front by a few Peacekeepers, their white helmets in sharp contrast to the girl's jet black hair. She walks up the polished stone stairs next to the escort, who grips her arm tightly, receiving a shiver from Natalie (3).

"Congratulations, sweetie!" she exclaims, not taking her definitely modified eyes away from the camera. She turns to the other Reaping Bowl and picks up another white slip of paper from the center slightly to her left. I take a deep breath. Not for my sake, of course, but my brother's. He could be reaped. You never know.

"Diamond Reaperson!" she happily states. A silent tear falls down my burnt face. The mix of the chemicals and the mixture of fluids in my tears cause me to cringe and more tears fall from my eyes in both pain and sadness. I know I'm not the only one feeling sad. Sniffles are all around me, and some people are full out bawling. He walks up the steps, void of all emotion.

"Well, District Three, your tributes, Natalie Tecknus and Diamond Reaperson!" she smiles despite what is destined to happen to at least one of them, probably both. I sigh as the two shake hands and walk inside the Justice Building, never to come out unless to get on the train away from here.

District 9

I keep my head down as I walk through the dirt streets of the district. My dress and beige heels hinder me from getting me away from her. I hear her catching up to me, and I feel her hands on my back, pushing me down. Nobody's around but her and her posse and me. At least nobody I can see.

"Eat the dirt, you little bi-" she pauses in the center of a word, as if she's remembering something. "Loser!"

She digs my head into the ground, and my tears stain the dry brown surface. Why am I not used to this yet? She does this everyday. My dress is now ruined, and I'm running out of air.

Suddenly, she gets off of me. Why would she do that? I question. My question is answered when I notice somebody standing above me. He looks rather intimidating, so I spit the dirt out of my mouth and cower in fear.

"You're alright. I'm not going to hurt you," he explains. I stand up and wipe the blood off my nose.

"Thanks, but I have to go," I hastily explain, running in the direction of the square for the Reapings.


"Welcome, District Nine!" exclaims the escort. She has her hair up in some rat's nest, and has a ballroom gown larger than the stage. What year is this? Pre-Panem? I roll my eyes. As the escort talks about something half of us already know, somebody taps me from the side.

"You alright?" she whispers, pointing to my nose. I touch it, and blood is still falling from it.

"I'm fine," I say, turning away from her. Then I turn back and hold out my hand. "Cleo Rise," I whisper. She takes my hand.

"Eva Fenrir," she introduces. We turn back to the stage just as she picks a name. We grab each other's hand and hold them tight.

"I'd like to congratulate Hope Fenrir on being reaped! Come on up, darling."

I look at Eva in sadness. She drops my hand and walks up to the stage. Peacekeepers hold her back.

"I VOLUNTEER!" she shouts, as the Peacekeepers fight her back. "I volunteer as tribute," she states.

"NO!" somebody howls from a few sections back. "Eva, no!" they cry. They continue crying even when the male is reaped.

"Eva's district partner will be Ash Harper!"

I hear movement from the section parallel to mine and watch as a boy emerges from the crowd. My mouth slightly opens as I realize he's the one who made her stop earlier. I have a connection to both of them. As they shake hands, a silent tear falls down my face. Eva makes eye contact with me, and mouths, "It's fine. You'll be fine."

With that, they turn into the Justice Building.

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