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  • Theworldscolliding

    HOORAY!!! It's my second games and I hope a lot of people join. Remember to put





    Chariot Ride:


    These are the tribute ! :D

    Tribute Gender Age District Weapon
    Ares West Male 18 1 Spear
    Kayleen Winter Female 14 1 Knife, Axe, Fists
    Peter Goldenheart Male 16 2 Mace
    Drina Vox Female 15 2 Blowgun
    Alec Trogmagnet Male 15 3 Sword
    Kenzie Byte Female 14 3 Dagger
    Waverly Mare Male 17 4 Sword, Knives
    Tobi Odair Female 14 4 Knife, Trident
    Hammer Geremia Male 13 5 Boomerang
    Evasa Nortainn Female 16 5 Wire, Rope
    Jonathon Ford Male 15 6 Axe, Knives
    Tamora Summers Female 16 6 Knife, Axe, Sleuth
    Sam Mason Male 14 7 Knives, Axe
    Tatum Mason Female 12 7 Hiding, Lying
    Al Son Male 15 8 Axe, Swords,Snares,
    Temet Rosefly Female 14 8 Spear, Knife
    Jason Darna M…

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  • Theworldscolliding

    Hello and welcome! This is my first roleplay of the Hunger Games and I am super excited about starting it. There are obviously 24 tributes. Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favour.

    If you sign up please tell me your:





    Chariot Ride Costume:

    All must be said.

    Tribute Gender Age District Weapon
    Cyle Beganton Male 15 1 Knife/Dagger
    Tityana Jones Female 15 1 Mace
    Fernando Llan Male 18 2 Sword/Hammer/Axe
    Rossi Holme Female 17 2 Blades/Spear
    Son Dim Male 16 3 Sword, Axe and Nets
    Rister Casrae Female 13 3 Slingshot/Plant recognition
    Jeramy Al Male 14 4 Trident, Axe, Sickle
    Sofie Jones Female 18 4 Trident/Twin Swords
    Erik Jenson Male 12 5 Slingshot
    Savanna Harwood Female 15 5 Rope/Wire
    Chile Pepper Male 14 6 Spear
    Evelyn Delaney Female 16 6 …

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