Welcome to the 88th Annual Hunger Games

Hello and welcome! This is my first roleplay of the Hunger Games and I am super excited about starting it. There are obviously 24 tributes. Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favour.

If you sign up please tell me your:





Chariot Ride Costume:

All must be said.

The Tributes

Tribute Gender Age District Weapon
Cyle Beganton Male 15 1 Knife/Dagger
Tityana Jones Female 15 1 Mace
Fernando Llan Male 18 2 Sword/Hammer/Axe
Rossi Holme Female 17 2 Blades/Spear
Son Dim Male 16 3 Sword, Axe and Nets
Rister Casrae Female 13 3 Slingshot/Plant recognition
Jeramy Al Male 14 4 Trident, Axe, Sickle
Sofie Jones Female 18 4 Trident/Twin Swords
Erik Jenson Male 12 5 Slingshot
Savanna Harwood Female 15 5 Rope/Wire
Chile Pepper Male 14 6 Spear
Evelyn Delaney Female 16 6 Axe/Spear
Drake Sparks Male 12 7 Knife
Celia Totten Female 17 7 Blades/Axes
Silks Culbert Male 16 8 Whip
Luna Snare Female 15 8 Blowgun
Tristan James Male 13 9 Stealth/Speed/Spear
Miya Rye Female 14 9 Sickle/Sycthe/Staff
Gerik Acovin Male 17 10 Sword/Axe/Mace
Rapunzel Female 18 10 Awl
Dylan Barrios Male 15 11 Bow and arrows
Ciaria Ella Female 15 11 Bow and arrows
Fredrique Sonata Male 18 12 Sword
Elspeth Drender Female 15 12 Pickaxe

Chariot Rides

District 1:

Male: a sliver suit with black shoes that go well with his sliver hair.

Female: A silver dress with silver shoes.

District 2:

Male: ( none specified)

Female: Her short, tight-fitting dress is styled to look like it was made of marble. Her hairpice is a pure diamond circlet. The chartiot is styled to look like stalagmites made of crystal rising out of the ground.

District 3:

Male: He is wearing a robotic costume that shoots out lasers,His hair is dyed with the color Silver and Gold and YES he is FLOATING on his chariot...

Female: Rister has on a silver dress which has LED lights down the sleeves (which are long). On the skirt there are patterns of satellites.

District 4

Male: He wears a robe made of White Pearls that shines and a belt made of black pearls that suits his robe.His shoes is made up of seashells and clams.He also wears a crown made of Water in Glass...

Female: -A one piece fisher dress with a trident holster.Sea green with blue highlights for color.Hairpeace is a fishers hat.

District 5:

Male: Shiny, metallic suit and matching shorts.

Female: Her hair will be plaited with wires. A long dress which is shaped like a square at the hem. The material is silver but there are little mirrors on it which reflect light and make it seem like they are glowing amber.

District 6:

Male: Grey suit.

Female: A sleek, silver dress. Her hair is in silver bows.

District 7:

Male: A red and brown suit with a crown made from leaves.

Female: Her dress is made out of metallic leaves which represent the colours of the leaves on the trees of her distrcit. Her headpice is a large, beautiful crown/hat made of leaves of different colors. Her chariot is made to look like an autum forest with large trees.

District 8:

Male: A silk robe with feathers attached to the collar, sleeves and along the rim at the bottom.

Female: A long dress made of textile decorated with machines thingies..

District 9:

Male: ( none specified)

Female: Flowing, shimmery amber dress with subtle wheat pattern, straight hair pulled up with a wide, woven straw headband, gladiator-style sandals, woven bracelets to match headband

District 10:

Male: A sherrif outfit

Female: A golden dress.

District 11:

Male: A golden tuxedo

Female: She wears a golden dress with pictures painted on it.The pictures are different kind of plants and animals.

District 12:

Male: black suit with diamonds

Female: A coal miners suit but the pattern looks like coal lumps and there are diamentès in places to represent diamonds.

Training Scores

The chariot ride costumes will help detremine training scores.

Brilliant and unique = 2 points to training score

Good but not great = 1 points to training score

None specified or bad costume = No points to training score

I will not reveal chariot ride points just so I won't hurt anyones feelings. I will judge individual sessions from weapons and what I imagine your tribute will do. Massive training scores aren't always the best. Remember that!

Tribute District Score
Cyle Beganton 1 9
Tityana Jones 1 8
Fernando Llan 2 9
Rossi Holme 2 10
Son Dim 3 6
Rister Casrae 3 4
Jeremy Al 4 11
Sofie Jones 4 10
Erik Jenson 5 2
Savanna Harwood 5 7
Chile Pepper 6 5
Evelyn Delaney 6 8
Drake Sparks 7 3
Celia Totten 7 9
Silks Culbert 8 7
Luna Snare 8 5
Tristan James 9 8
Miya Rye 9 10
Gerik Acovin 10 5
Rapunzel 10 2
Dylan Barrios 11 6
Ciara Ella 11 6
Fredirique Sonata 12 4
Elspeth Drender 12 5

Feel free to comment! The games will be up on the 12th of May.

Betting Odds

This is to show what chance your tribute has in the arena.

Tribute District Odds
Cyle Beganton 1 6-1
Tityana Jones 1 8-1
Fernando Llan 2 5-1
Rossi Holme 2 6-1
Son Dim 3 13-1
Rister Casrae 3 17-1
Jeremy Al 4 3-1
Sofie Jones 4 4-1
Erik Jenson 5 38-1
Savanna Harwood 5 12-1
Chile Pepper 6 13-1
Evelyn Delaney 6 9-1
Drake Sparks 7 28-1
Celia Totten 7 7-1
Silks Culbert 8 11-1
Luna Snare 8 15-1
Tristan James 9 9-1
Miya Rye 9 6-1
Gerik Acovin 10 15-1
Rapunzel 10 30-1
Dylan Barrios 11 12-1
Ciara Ella 11 12-1
Fredirique Sonata 12 16-1
Elspeth Drender 12 20-1

The Games!!!

Day One:

'The tributes are raised up onto the arena. It is split into 4 sections. A swamp, a meadow and a rainforest. The cornocopia is 50 feet ahead with life-saving supplies. 10...9..8..7..6..5..4..3..2..1! The gong sounds and the tributes race. Miya (9) and Tristan (9) run off into the meadow. No one dares to follow. The careers and some other tributes have made it to the supplies. Jeremy (4) grabs a spear and throws it at Drake(7). 'BOOM! Drake dies instantly. Cyle(1) grabs a sword and stabs Chile(5). BOOM! Evelyn(6) grabs a mace and swings it at Gerik(10) he doges and stabs her with a knife. BOOM!Fred(12) and Elspeth(12) run to the meadow where the D9 tributes are. Rapunzel (10) grabs a pack and runs to the swamp. So do Celia (7), Dylan(11) and Luna (8). Ciara grabs a bow and some arrows and shoots Son (3) and Tityana (1) BOOM! BOOM! She runs to the forest. Rister grabs a pack and runs to the forest. Sofie (4) grabs a trident and throws it at Savanna ( 5) BOOM! Erik(5) and Silks (8) have an alliance, grab some backpacks and run to the forest. The fighting has stopped and the cannons sound. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! 6 cannons sound. 6 tributes dead.

The Fallen:

24th: Drake Sparks. District 7

23rd: Chile Pepper. District 6

22nd: Evelyn Delaney. District 6

21st: Son Dim. District 3

20th: Tityana Jones. District 1

19th: Savanna Harwood. District 5

Day Two:

Tristan (9) and Miya (9) have no supplies. Elspeth (12) and Fredirique (12 have found the D9 tributes in the meadow. BOOM! Tristan had snapped Fredirique's neck in surpris. Elspeth is pleading. Just then the Careers walk into the meadow. Rossi (2) shot a dart at Miya (9) but missed. So does Gerik (10 ( he joined the careers after the bloodbath.) when he throws a knife at Elspeth (12). Elspeth throws the knife back and nails Fernando (2) in the head BOOM!. Elspeth, Tristan and Miya run and lose the careers after an hour of running. They still have nothing and are getting hungry.

Rapunzel(10), Celia (7) and Dylan (11) have made an alliance and are currently in a remote area of the swamp. Rapunzel only got a knife, 1 match, and a pack of crackers. Celia got a sword, bread, half a canteen of water and a sleeping bag. Dylan has the same but with an axe. Luna (8) is hiding up in a tree. She has a blowgun with darts, a sleeping bag, half of a turkey and some poison. She dares not to make an alliance even if she needs to.

Rister (3) and Ciara (11) have found each other in the forest and have some supplies. Rister has a rope and some bread. Ciara has her bow but nothing else. Rister manages to make a small trap but it won't be bale to catch anything big. They start to joke around and laugh and have a strong alliance. Silks (8) and Erik are only a few kilometres away. Silks has a whip, some water, some bread and some medicine. Erik has a sleeping bag, some turkey and an empty water puch. He managed to make a slingdhot and found some sharp rocks.

The careers are angry and upset at the loss of Fernando. They decide to go for a night hunt tonight. When the time had come the careers grabbed some weapons and went to the swamp. There were 5 careers left. Cyle (1), Rossi (2), Jeremy (4), Sofie(4) and Gerik(10). They hear Rapunzel (10), Celia (7) and Dylan (11) but luckily they hear the Careeres first they manage to get a small headstart. Rapunzel trips over a branch. " Rapunzel! Celia screams. The careers have found them and are getting ready to fight. Rapunzel yells at Dylan and Celia " Run!" Dylan and Celia run ahead. Rapunzel gets up and prepares to fight the careers when she sees Gerik (10) " Gerik, what are you doing with them?". rapunzel was shocked and angry. How could he side with them. She then starts to see black and sees a hammer come off her head. She manages to hear Gerik say " Sorry". She drifts off but no cannon sounds. She is alive, barely. The careers have a plan for her... and Gerik.

The Fallen:

18th: Fredirique Sonata. District 12

17th: Fernando Llan. District 2

Day 3:

Rapunzel (10) wakes up, it's dawn. I see Gerik working in front of me. I'm in the mouth of the cornucopia. The careers are out on their night hunt but will be back soon. I don't know hat Gerik is doing, but I can only hope my death is painless. Meanwhile, Ciara (11) and Rister (3) are in the forest . They have managed to catch a lot of rabbits. Ciara is impressed with what Rister can do with just one coil of rope. They joke and laugh and are having a good time. They have plenty to eat and are enjoyng the free water from the swamp. But they hear a lot of noise right by them. They then see Silks (8) and Erik (5) running away from batt mutts. Rister and Ciara run off before the bats foind them. Erik wasn't so lucky, a bat had just taken a bite from his stomach. BOOM!

Silks ran and ran and ran and then rested at the base of a large tree which happens to have Luna (8) hiding in it. She blows a dart at Silks (8) not knowing it's him. It finds it's mark into Silk's stomach but he dosen't die. One of his arteries were hit. Luna recognizes his voice and jumps down looking at what she had done. She stayed with him for the rest of the day. He's terribly wounded.

Elspeth (12), Miya (9) and Tristan (9) have gone days without any food or water. Theyr'e almost at the swamp. They can get water from there. They are praying for sponsors. Tristan and Miya decided to keep Elspeth. She did kill a career after all. Miya can't take it anymore, she knows her fate and collapses. Tiristan and Elspeth comforth her. They need water, if only some sponsors could help. BOOM! Dehydration gets the better of Miya. Tristan is in shock. Just at that moment a parachute comes down. Water. Tristan was thinking about how he could of saved her. He must win this for Miya.

At the cornucopia Rapunzel (10) has been freed from her bonds. Gerik (10) had filled her in. H enevr wanted to join the careers. After they saw him kill Evelyn they offered a place in the careers to replace Tityana. He had to join. If he didn't they would kill him on the spot, then kill me. He was trying to protect me. His plan was to blow up the cornocopia with some stuff he found. But one person has to be there to blow it up. I can't let him do it alone. I need to stay with him. The careers come back from te hunt. There's four left. Cyle (1), Rossi(2), Jeremy (4) and Sofie (4). They see me and Gerik. Wer are holding hands. He was trying to protect me. He confessed his love for me. I love him too. The careers are in shock. Then I take one final look at Gerik's eyes and smile.He smiles back. Then he presses the button. There's a massive explosion. Followed by two cannons through the arena. Mine first BOOM! Then Gerik's BOOM! The careers now have nothing but the weapons and backpacks already on them.

The Fallen:

16th: Erik Jenson. District 5

15th: Miya Rye. District 9

14th: Rapunzel. District 10

13th: Gerik Acovin. District 10

Day Four:

Celia (7) and Dylan (11) are hiding in an alcove. They saw Rapunzel's face in the sky last night. They are really grateful for her sacrifice. The careers nearly found them last night but they had just remained hidden. Dylan is worried about Ciara (11) but she is still okay. They decide to go and explore the area. They find something they never wanted to see, the careers. They draw their weapons. Dylan throws an axe which hits Cyle (1) in the chest. BOOM! The careers then run back to the cornucopia. They can't risk losing anyone else. Dylan and Celia celerbrate that night with a healthy serve of rabbit.

The careers are annoyed. There's only three left. A parachute comes in for Jeremy (4) and Sofie (4). It's a map of the area and all potential traps.

Rister(3) and Ciara (11) realise the amount of people that are left. Ciara (11) breaks up the allaince. Rister is angry. She gets her rope and starts to suffocate Ciara BOOM! Rister is in shock. She just made a kill. She collapses and is confused. She didn't want to kill anyone. She walks of so that they can collect Ciara's body.

Elspeth (12) and Tristan (9) get a lot of parachutes during the nigt. Elspeth gets a couple of throwing knifes. It's not her preferred weapon but she did manage to kill someone with them. She also receives a lot of soup and water. Tristan gets a spear, some cheese and some crackers. They set off back to the meadow as they already have water and there is no one there.

Luna decides to go the cornocopia to find some medicine for Silks (8). She manages to grab some medicine from the remains of the xplosion and race back to save Silks. BOOM! Anyone but Silks she says in her head. She runs back and sees the one thing she doesn't want to see.Silk's dead body. She was too late . It's still one less tribute in the contest. There's only 9 tributes left. That's when the announcement for the feast comes in.

The Fallen:

12th: Cyle Begnanton. District 1

11th: Ciara Ella. District 11

10th: Silks Culbert. District 8

Day 5:

The table rises up in the arena. It has everything from weapons to food to medicine to water. Luna (8) does not need anything but she has a plan. To poison the bucket of water for all the tributes. There's gonna be a bloodbath. Luna sprints out first and emptys her bottle of poison into the bucket. Sofie (4), Rossi (2) and Jeremy (4) run out. Rossi swings her mace and hits Luna across the head. Luna's last words are ' I'm sorry Silks'. BOOM! Tristan throws his spear and gets Sofie in the head. BOOM! Rossi and Jeremy scatter to make sure no one gets by. Rossi is thirsty and gets a drink of water. She dosen't know about the poison BOOM! Celia looks on. 3 dead already.

Rister runs out at the same time as Elspeth. Elspeth throws a knife at Rister but misses. Rister starts to strangle Elspeth before Tristan stabs her through the chest with his spear. BOOM! He then stabs Elspeth. " It's better now than when were the last two. BOOM! Elspeth dies. There are only 4 tributes left. Jeremy Al (4), Celia Totten (7), Tristan James (9) and Dylan Barrios (11). Dylan grabs a bow and sprints. Jeremy smiles at Celia and shows her the map. Dylan is about to step on a trap. It's too late. A hundred arrows rain from the sky and Dylan dies instantly BOOM! Celia grabs a sword from the table and throws it at Jeremy's head. It finds it's mark BOOM! Tristan and Celia are the final two. Tristan grabs as much as he can weapons, water, food. Celia looks on. Tristan settles at the edge of the field. Celia has no range weapons. She's going to die. BOOM! Celia is alert. Tristan is dead. He drank some of the water. Celia has won. She is taken up into the hovercraft. She whispers thanks to Rapunzel, who sacrificed herself for Celia. Dylan, who stood by her the entire time. Luna, who's the reason she won. Celia had never imagined she would win.

Day 5 Deaths:

9th: Luna Snare. District 8

8th: Sofie Jones. District 4

7th: Rossi Holme. District 2

6th: Rister Casrae. District 3

5th: Elspeth Drender. District 12

4th: Dylan Barrios. District 11

3rd: Jeremy Al. District 4

2nd: Tristan James. District 9


Death Chart

Place Tribute Killed by
24th Drake Sparks Speared in chest
23rd Chile Pepper Stabbed in chest
22nd Evelyn Delaney Stabbed by knife
21st Son Dim Hit by arrow
20th Tityana Jones Hit by arrow
19th Savanna Harwood Trident in head
18th Fredirique Sonata Neck snapped
17th Fernando Llan Knife in head
16th Erik Jenson Batt mutts
15th Miya Rye Dehydration
14th Rapunzel Explosion
13th Gerik Acovin Explosion
12th Cyle Begnaton Axe in chest
11th Ciara Ella Suffocated by rope
10th Silks Culbert Wounds from dart
9th Luna Snare Struck by mace
8th Sofie Jones Spear through head
7th Rossi Holme Poisoned water
6th Rister Casrae Spear through chest
5th Elspeth Drender Spear through chest
4th Dylan Barrios Arrow frenzy
3rd Jeremy Al Sword in head
2nd Tristan James Poisoned water.
1st Celia Totten VICTOR!!!!

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