Welcome to the 89th Hunger Games

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Chariot Ride:



These are the tribute ! :D

Tribute Gender Age District Weapon
Ares West Male 18 1 Spear
Kayleen Winter Female 14 1 Knife, Axe, Fists
Peter Goldenheart Male 16 2 Mace
Drina Vox Female 15 2 Blowgun
Alec Trogmagnet Male 15 3 Sword
Kenzie Byte Female 14 3 Dagger
Waverly Mare Male 17 4 Sword, Knives
Tobi Odair Female 14 4 Knife, Trident
Hammer Geremia Male 13 5 Boomerang
Evasa Nortainn Female 16 5 Wire, Rope
Jonathon Ford Male 15 6 Axe, Knives
Tamora Summers Female 16 6 Knife, Axe, Sleuth
Sam Mason Male 14 7 Knives, Axe
Tatum Mason Female 12 7 Hiding, Lying
Al Son Male 15 8 Axe, Swords,Snares,
Temet Rosefly Female 14 8 Spear, Knife
Jason Darna Male 14 9 Hiding, Deception
Sarah Jenson Female 17 9 Stealth, Bow, Survival
Tristan James Male 13 10 Spear, Stealth, Speed
Sanne Smiths Female 16 10 Poison, Animals
Gregory Johns Male 13 11 Bow and arrows
Aarie Lydia Female 13 11 Slingshot
Mike Mcfreely Male 18 12 Spear
Sammi Brune Female 14 12 Snares

The Chariot Rides

District 1

Male: his costume is a suit that changes to mimic the apperence of different jewels. at first his suit looks like it it made of diamonds, then sapphires, then rubies, etc.

Female: she is wearing a ruffled pinkish white gown with a mini bow and glitzy heels.

District 2

Male: He is wearing a golden outfit to match the girls with one of those gold greek crowns.

Female: She is wearing a long golden dress, and the chariot has swords glorious coming out of the front of it. And coming out of the tips of the swords, it's beaming glitter and golden light. The horses wear spartan costumes. She has golden flowers streaming down her red hair. A person in the back hidden at the bottom of the chariot is leaking out gasoline, which safely catches the outsides of the road in golden fire, and is extigushied when the chariot ride is over.

District 3

They are wearing green with a bunch of random stuff on their costumes so they look like circuit boards. They have large lightbulbs on their heads that are flickering on and off

District 4

Male: A toga to match the girl's dress made of the same nets with the same fish, his hair spiked up, and also holding a trident.

Female: will wear a dress that looks to made out of nets with mechanical fish that are very bright and show her reaping. She has her hair woven into net with a crown of spear heads. She also holds a trident.

District 5

Male: Wears a suit that matches his district partners.

Female: Her hair will be plaited with wires. A long dress which is shaped like a square at the hem. The material is silver but there are little mirrors on it which reflect light and make it seem like they are glowing amber. She wears silver shoes with plasma patterns on them.

District 6

Male: Wearing black suit with car companies logo's stitched in it.

Female: Sparkly gold dress with gold headband topped with a moon and shiny gold high heels. Her nails are painted sparkly yellow and her long flowing hair is curled.

District 7

Male: Wearing Green Suit with an extravagent brown hat

Female: wearing a black suit, which shines in every colour

District 8

Male: He is wearing a suit that is made up of The finest fabrics of Panem.It is well woven and well designed.He wears black pants and silver shoes.He also wears a crown made up of Eight Different colors representing the Eigth District.

Female: Her top is made of multicoloured threads put together in a strapless top shape. The skirt is made of joined safety pins using a red thread to attach them together. On her head there is a fabric rose on a headband and in the centre 3 needles sticking out.

District 9

Male: wearing a black suit, which shines in every colour

Female: Sparkling Silver Dress

District 10

Male: Top is a cow pattern suit and bottom is cowboy jeans. Wearing a cowpattern hat and cowboy boots.

Female: wearing a black suit, which shines in every colour

District 11

Male: He is wearing a suit that is green and has stitched patches in it of pictures of plants. His shoes are bright green.

Female: Chariot costume is a princess like ballgown with pictures of different plants as the pattern. Her hair is down. And her shoes are bright green.

District 12

Male: A Dark Cole like colored suit with a blazing fire on chestplat,with sliver shoes to go with the firey orange hair he had.

Female: She wears a dress that looks like it is on fire, and her hair is braided back. She is also wearing heels that look like they are on fire, too.

Chariot Ride Opinions

District 1 Male: The capitol loved your costume because, well they love jewels and lots of colours. They gave it a 2.

District 1 Female: The capitol thought your costume was good but not great. They gave it a 1.

District 2 Male: The Capitol loved it! It will be hard to beat! Definitly a 2.

District 2 Female: The Capitol loved it! It will be hard to beat! Definitly a 2.

District 3 Male: The Capitol thought it was very strange. It was a bit hard to understand ( they're not the brightest bunch) but still thought it was good. They gave it a 1.

District 3 Female: The Capitol thought it was very strange. It was a bit hard to understand ( they're not the brightest bunch) but still thought it was good. They gave it a 1.

District 4 Male: The capitol loved it, it was their favourite by far! They just had to give it a 2.

District 4 Female: The capitol loved it, it was their favourite by far! They just had to give it a 2.

District 5 Male: The Capitol really did like this one. They gave it a 2.

District 5 Female: The Capitol really did like this one. They gave it a 2.

District 6 Male: The Capitol did not like this costume as it did not represent the District 6 well. They gave it a 0.

District 6 Female: The capitol thought the female looked very beautiful. A 1 for her.

District 7 Male: The capitol thought that the suit and hat were bad together but it did represent a tree but it's the wrong way around. They give it a 0.

District 7 Female: The Capitol is outraged. 3 different tributes wearing the same costume. The president may have to talk to the stylists about that one. It's a 0.

District 8 Male: The capitol liked this costume and the crown really grabs their attention. It's a 1.

District 8 Female: The capitol love it. They give it a 2.

District 9 Male: The Capitol is outraged. 3 different tributes wearing the same costume. The president may have to talk to the stylists about that one. It's a 0.

District 9 Female: The Capitol thought this costume was boring compared to the others. It's a 0.

District 10 Male: The capitol have seen it a lot before. They give it a 0.

District 10 Female:The Capitol is outraged. 3 different tributes wearing the same costume. The president may have to talk to the stylists about that one. It's a 0.

District 11 Male: The Capitol thought it was very interesting. They give it a 1.

District 11 Female: The capitol like it. It's a 2.

District 12 Male: The capitol gives it a 1 for being an interesting costume.

District 12 Female: The capitol is very angry at the fact that it kind of seems like Katniss Everdeen's interview costume. They give it a 0.

Please don't get angry or argue abut your score because I won't change it and remember that the scores aren't everything in these games.

Training Scores

Tribute District Score
Ares West 1 9
Kayleen Winter 1 8
Peter Goldenheart 2 11
Drina Vox 2 9
Alec Tromagnet 3 5
Kenzie Byte 3 4
Waverly Mare 4 9
Tobi Odair 4 10
Hammer Geremia 5 7
Evassa Nortain 5 3
Jonathan Ford 6 6
Tamora Summers 6 7
Sam Mason 7 4
Tatum Mason 7 5
Al Son 8 7
Temet Rosefly 8 10
Jason Darna 9 2
Sarah Jenson 9 8
Tristan James 10 5
Sanne Smiths 10 4
Gregory Johns 11 6
Aarie Lydia 11 7
Mike Mcfreely 12 8
Sammi Brune 12 4

Betting Odds

Tribute District Odds
Ares West 1 7-1
Kayleen Winter 1 9-1
Peter Goldenheart 2 3-1
Drina Vox 2 7-1
Alec Tromagnet 3 15-1
Kenzie Byte 3 16-1
Waverly Mare 4 8-1
Tobi Odair 4 5-1
Hammer Geremia 5 10-1
Evassa Nortain 5 28-1
Jonathon Ford 6 12-1
Tamora Summers 6 11-1
Sam Mason 7 24-1
Tatum Mason 7 20-1
Al Son 8 9-1
Temet Rosefly 8 5-1
Jason Darna 9 30-1
Sarah Jenson 9 8-1
Tristan James 10 15-1
Sanne Smiths 10 17-1
Gregory Johns 11 13-1
Aarie Lydia 11 11-1
Mike Mcfreely 12 9-1
Sammi Brune 12 22-1

The 88th Annual Hunger Games

Day One:

All of the tributes are raised up onto the arena. The arena has three different parts. A savannah, a forest and a windy mountainous area. 10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1! The tributes race of and scatter everywhere. Sammi (12) runs off to the mountain just after taking a blowgun and some darts at her feet.While running she loads a dart and shoots Jonathon (6) in the head. BOOM! By this time the careers and some other tributes have made it to the cornocpia and begin fighting. Peter slashes his sword at Sanne (10) BOOM! Alec (3) trys to run aways but trips and ges stabbed by Drina's spear. BOOM! Sam (7) and Tatum (7) run to get some backbacks but Sam is stopped when Gregory (11) shoots an arrow at him. BOOM! Tatum is angry and slingshots a rock at his head. BOOM! She then runs off to the savannah without hesitation. Kenzie (3) grabs a backpack and runs to the forest. Hammer (5), Aarie (11) and Tamora (6) alsow follow to the forest after grabbing a backpack. Tobi (4) tries to get a backpack from the mouth when she sees the careers surronding Temet (10) about to kill her. Before she can she runs over and grabs Temet and pulls her away before putting an axe in Kayleen's (1) head for good measure. BOOM! Then Temet and Tobi run to the forest. Mike (12) and Jason (9) are fighting over a sword before Mike (12) pulls it form Jason's grip and pierces him in the stomach. BOOM! He then runs into Kenzie(3) who buries her knife into his skull. BOOM! Sarah (9) grabbed a bow and a small pack and ran to the mountain before anyone could see her. Al (8) and Evassa (5) follow each other to the savannah and make an alliance. Tristan (10) however is not so lucky and instead finds a knife slice through his nect thanks to Peter (2)BOOM! The fighting has stopped and 9 cannons sound. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! The Fallen:

24th: Jonathon Ford. District 6

23rd: Sanne Smiths. District 10

22nd: Alec Tromagnet. District 3

21st: Sam Mason. District 7

20th: Gregory Johns. District 11

19th: Kayleen Winter. District 1

18th: Jason Darna. District 9

17th: Mike Mcfreely. District 12

16th: Tristan James. District 10

Day 2: The careers have decided to go on a night hunt tonight. They are well fed but have already lost 2. One is dead and one is a traitor. Sarah (9) is all alone in the mountains. She has her bow and a sleeping bag with a hhealthy assortments of food and water. She hears some noise up ahead. She shoots an arrow in that direction and hear a scream. She sees Sammi on the ground holding her thigh. She is badly hurt. Sarah rushes in and helps. She wraps it in bandages. She stays with Sammi through the night. She has an alliannce, which is better than she could hope for.

Tamora (6), Kenzie (3) and Aarie (11) are in the forest. Tamora is sorting out the food for meals. Kenzie is setting up traps and Aarie is looking for game. Aarie has been very sucessful she throws her boomerang and hits another fox. Good food tonight ! Tamora has a look at everything. They have a lot of food that will last them a while. Kenzie left behind her knife. She should he brought it with her. She sets off to give it to her.Hammer is nearby and he sees the food laying there. He quickly runs up and grabs some then runs off, but he is stopped when he is violently tripped on the ground by Kenzie's trap and he is powerless as the stick spear pierces through his head. BOOM! The girls are shocked, they grab his supplies and leave momentarily to let the hovercraft come.

Tobi (4) and Temet (10) are hiding in a cave on a cliff face. Temet is in some sort of trance. She keeps twidling her mace, just staring at the clouds. Tobi is unsure about her reason for doing so. She shrugs and decides to get some sleep.

Al (8) and Evassa (5) are in the savannah. Evassa decides to make a small fire. She goes to grab some long grass to use as kindling. She grabs her spear and heads off. She bends down and starts collecting. She heads back and starts to make a fire. Tatum (7) is in the bushes nearby, she grabs the spear left behind and waits. Evassa comes back to collect her spear. Tatum jumps out and stabs her in the shoulder and runs off. Evassa is bleeding fiercly. Al is nowhere to be seen. It is too late. BOOM!

The careers Ares (1), Peter (2), Drina (2) and Waverly (4) go off to the savannah for a night hunt. They find Tatum sleeping. Drina gives her a hard kick and wakes her up. Tatum grabs her spear readyto defend herself. Drina blows a dart and Tatum easily dodges it. Peter swings his sword at Tatum but she blocks it. She has great skills even though she's 12! Ares grabs the spear off her and is about to deal the final blow when Peter stops him. ' Wait guys, she could be a good career'. Tatum is in shock. She was holding back in training. Her mother trained her for the games since she was 4. Tatum smiled. This was the chance she needed to get further in the games. She could always leave them before it gets too complicated. She nods and walks off with them.'

The Fallen:

16th: Hammer Geremia. District 5

15th: Evassa Nortain. District 5

Day 3:

Al (8) didn't sleep a wink last night. He saw Evassa's face in the sky last night. He didn't save her, he could of saved her but he didn't it. He feels weak. He lays on a log all night and doesn't move.

Tamora (6) is looking around the camp. They got one of the best places in the forest. Tamora finds a cave before long. She calls over Aarie (11) and Kenzie (3). Anything could be in there. Aarie backs away, she's the more rational one of the groups and backs awy immediatly. ' I wouldn't go in there guys, The gamemakers are probably setting a trap in there'. She's right but you never know. Kenzie responds ' There could also be other supplies. Kenzie steps in and walks in further. ' I found some supplies, I'll be right back'. At that moment the ground gave a violent lurch as me and Aarie fall to the ground. The cave collapses in and a cannon sounds signalising a death. BOOM! Kenzie could not have survived that disaster. Me and Aarie go bact to camp. Just the two of us.

Sarah (9) has been tending to Sammi's (12) wounds. She can walk on her foot but cannot over exert it yet. Sarah and Sammi start talking and actually have a lot in common. They become friends very quickly but are quickly running low on water.

The careers are getting ready for a hunt. They head off to the forest this time. Drina (2) leads the way with Waverly (4) checking the rear. Peter leads them to where they might find some tributes. Tatum (7) is loving the careers. She is the best fed she has been in years thanks to the supplies. She holds her spear tight in look of any tributes. She spots something in the distance, what is it? It's a foot. She can see more clearly now, there are two tributes there. She alerts the others. They sprint. They see the tributes. It's Temet (10) and Tobi (4). ' Traitor' Peter shouts as he rushes at Tobi. Temet manages to hit him in the knee with her mace and he backs off. She then spots Waverly (4), the charming career. She swings at him and gets him in the side of his head. BOOM! The careers run. They don't stop. They did understimate the skills of the D10 girl. She has been studying them all along. Theyv'e run a long way. They come to the top of a steep mountain. They climb down carefully. Peter and Tatum quickly climb down the mountain. Then Ares follows. Drina starts to come down. It's a big drop down. She grips a rock. One step at a time. then she steps down intonothing. She put her foot in the wrong place. She falls of and knows her fate. The other careers look on in awe. BOOM! She hits the ground.

The Fallen:

13th: Kenzie Byte. District 3

12th: Waverly Mare. District 4

11th: Drina Vox. District 2

Day Three:

It's a new day in the arena. Temet (10) has started talking and opening up to Tobi (4) more. She shared all she has observed about the careers with them. Peter (2) is the strongest and is the leader but he has weakened after Drina's (2) death. Are is possibly the weakest of the team but is strong nonetheless. Tatum (7) may be small but she is not to be underestimated. Tobi decided they should hide out, it's the best strategy they have at the moment. Temet and Tobi spend the day hunting for animals.They have a healthy bit of supplies.

Al (8) has decided to make a move on the career's supplies. He walks out to the savannah and observes the cornocopia. He sees three careers leave. He makes a move and runs. He takes all the supplies he can grab. Food, water and a shiny axe and sprints off. The careers don't notice a thing.

Sammi (12) and Sarah (9) are chilling out at the mountains. They have healthy supplies and are not worried abot anything and they well prepared.

Tamors (6) and Aarie (11) have no supplies left. They haven't been rationing it well. They start to use the survival skills they learnt to collect some food. They even get a spile from a sponsor. They are have everything under control.

The careers are still camping at the cornocopia in the centre of the arena. They notice some missing supplies and instantly Ares (1) blames Tatum and stabs her in the arm. Tatum responds with a jab to the knee with ther spear. Peter breaks them up. This fighting will get them nowhere. They can't go on a hunt if everyone is at each other's throats. There were no deaths today. The capitol are growing bored.

The Fallen:

There were no deaths today.

Day Four:

Capitol Review:

This is a recap on the remaining 10 tributes.

Ares West (D1) - The Tough One: He is in a very good situation with the careers but is hiding in the background unlike the others. If he doesn't step up, he may be killed.

Peter Goldenheart (D2) - The Leader: He is currently the leader of the carres but this also makes him a huge threat. He may be in trouble.

Tobi Odair (D4)- The Rebel:'She is in a good situation but she seems to be running out of some supplies.

Tamora Summers (D6)- The Hunter: She is in a good alliance with good supplies. She currently has some of the best odds.

Tatum Mason (D7)- The Powerhouse: She is currently being questioned by the other careers and she may be killed soon.

Al Son (D8)- The Joker: In a bad situation with no alliance or supplies.

Temet Rosefly (D8)- The Silent One: She has a lot of knowledge about the careers which puts her in a good situation.

Sarah Jenson (D9)- The Kind One: She has some good supplies but her alliance may fall apart.

Aarie Lydia (D11)- The Logical One: In a good alliance with good supplies. Has some of the best odds of surviving.

Sammi Brune (D12)- The Weak One: Has bad odds due to being weak and having a rocky alliance.

And now for Day Four.

Ares (1) woke up late in the morning. He saw Tatum(7) collecting firewood and Peter (2) sitting against a tree. He has been like that since Drina died. Tatim has been looking after him. I have not. Why should I? He is being a terrible leader. We go through our day as usual. Peter hasn't talked since. He got angry when I told Tatum what to do. This ends tonight. Later that night Ares could see Peter sleeping. He pulled out his machete and lodges it into Peter's back. BOOM! Tatum wakes up and sees what has unfolded. Ares holds the machete against her neck. " I'm in charge now, you do what I say". Tatum nods. She has never seen this side to Ares before.

Sarah (9) wakes up that morning with a shock. Sammi has been stealing her supplies. " What are you doing?". Sammi gets defensive and hits Sarah. Sarah loads her bow and Sammi loads a dart. Sarah walks off. But Sammi shoots at her and hits her hand. Srah runs off. "COWARD!" Sammi screams. She regrets leaving Sarah now.

Tamora (6) and Aarie (11) are in a tight alliance. They have the best odds.

Al (8) has barely moved. He is still greiving. The Capitol is bored with him. He better do something soon.

The Capitol is very bored. The Gamemakers decide to have a VERY SPECIAL feast.

The Fallen:

10th: Peter Goldenheart. District 2

Day 5:

The sun glistens onto the golden cornocpia. On the table there are not many supplies. A few weapons and some food but one thing has caught the attention of the tributes. A black supply case that seems to be fairly large. Aarie (11) is thinking. All of the tributes have turned up for this 'special' feast. But why is it so special? She hesitates while Tamora (6) and the other tributes run off. Ares (1) forces Tatum to run and get supplies whilst he hunts down other tributes. All of the tributes are running. Sammi is surprisingly fast but she accidentally bumps into her old alliance member Sarah (9). Sarah reacts fast and stabs Sammi in the chest with a knife. BOOM!

Tobi (4) and Temet (8) run together. Al (8) throws his trident in their direction and hits Temet in the stomach. She collapses into Tobi's arms. She is breathing heavily.She knows her fate. Tobi is crying. " No Temet.. Stay with.. me please!". Tobi is holding back the tears. Temet smiles at her. " You can do this". Temet starts to close her eyes, Tobi gives her one last hug and walks off back to the forest without taking anything. She can't risk losing anything else. As she walks away she hears one more cannon. BOOM! Temet has died.

Tamora (6) reaches the case first. Aarie (11) is suspicious. The case seems strange. Tamora opens the case and is shocked to see a hyena mutt staring at her. The other tributes run to their old hiding places. Aarie is too far away from their camp and the hyena is fast so she runs to the savannah after Al (8). Tamora is running. The hyena scrathed her a few times before she ran away. She trips over and the mutt does it's job. She is clawed and scrathed multiple times before she is clawed at the throat. BOOM!

The Fallen:

9th: Sammi Brune. District 12

8th: Temet Rosefly. District 8

7th: Tamora Summers. District 6

Death Chart

Placement Tribute Killed by
24th Jonathon Ford Dart in head
23rd Sanne Smiths Slashed by sword
22nd Alec Tromagnet Stabbed by spear
21st Sam Mason Hit by arrow
20th Gregory Johns Hit by rock
19th Kayleen Winter Axe in head
18th Jason Darna Pierced by sword
17th Mike Mcfreely Knife in skull
16th Tristan James Throat slit
15th Hammer Geremia Killed by trap
14th Evassa Nortain Bled to death
13th Kenzie Byte Crushed by rubble
12th Waverly Mare Bludgeoned
11th Drina Vox Fell to death
10th Peter Goldenheart Machete in back
9th Sammi Brune Knife in chest
8th Temet Rosefly Trident in stomach
7th Tamora Summers Clawed
1st VICTOR!!!

Tribute Awards

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