I will need 24 tributes, 12 stylists, and 12 mentors. This is my first one, so don't expect perfection. I am not doing interviews and chariots because they take SO long.


Name Age Disrict

Galaxie Prope Age 18 District 1
Tarow Rysz Age 18 District 1
Yade Feraa Age 14 District 2
Wren Harriet Age 17 District 2
Lisa Grande Age 17 District 3
Deen Franklin Age 12 District 3
Halo Zee Age 18 District 4
Reef Many Age 16 District 4
Candice Bolt Age 12 District 5
Tim DeWinter Age 13 District 5
Tatum Mason Age 12 District 6
Drano Dyxilia Age 14 District 6
Apryl Kuratys Age 17 District 7
River Sage Age 16 District 7
Luna Snare Age 15 District 8
Dalton Whitford Age 14 District 8
Jason Darna Age 14 District 9
Sanne Smiths Age 16 District 10
Tristan James Age 13 Disrict 10
Yasmine Haken Age 15 District 11
Darren Zach Age 13 District 11
Jewel Dawn Age 13 District 12
Kole Roch Age 17 District 12

Selena Michales Age 12 District 9 Mentors: CLOSED

Name Age Games Won
Jovanna LeRue Age 30 District 1 Games Won: 68th
Thalia Hayes Age 24 District 2 Games Won: 77th
Farley Hatcher Age 43 District 3 Games Won: 53rd
Jezabelle Mercury Age 20 District 4 Games Won: 80th
Sasara King Age 54 District 5 Games Won: 45th
Dalaliah Cunnins Age 19 District 6 Games Won: 82nd
Desree Astorid Age 21 District 7 Games Won: 79th
Clash Gary Age 81 District 8 Games Won: 18th
Greta Hansel Age 22 District 9 Games Won: 73rd
Hareta Gsaardi Age 13 District 10 Games Won: 82nd
Draikon Freing Age 19 District 11 Games Won: 81st

Katniss Everdeen Age 25 District 12 Games Won: 74th and 75th

Training Scores:

Galaxie 8 Tarow 9
Yade 7 Wren 8
Lisa 6 Deen 7
Halo 5 Reef 7
Candice 7 Tim 7
Tatum 5 Drano 7
Apryl 6 River 3
Luna 8 Dalton 8
Selena 2 Jason 5
Sanne 5 Tristan 8
Yasmine 4 Darren 9
Jewel 8 Kole 7

Arena: a Large Forest with a mountain

Day One:

Apryl's POV

I see everybody psyching theirselves up as the countdown begins. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, BOOM! The games start. I run into the woods by myself. I plan to have no allies until absolutely necessary.

Tristan's POV

I grab Sanne's hand and take her to the woods. We find a big tree to live in temporarily. I haven't been looking at Sanne for awhile, then realize she has a spear stuck in her stomach. I pull it out, then curse at that idiot Tim DeWinter, then throw a rock at his skull. I hit it, but nothing happens, I then see a knife flying at my face, probably thrown by Candice, and soon me and Sanne are both dead.

Tim's POV

Me and Candice just DESTROYED District 10's tributes, and then I see that stupid girl Apryl in a tree. She spots me, and throws a rock at my skull. Wow, the second time in an hour! They still can't notice that I have a camouflaged helmet? The rock knocked it off, and I can't find it anywhere. Stupid camouflage. I run away with Candice, and head to the biggest mountain.

Kole's POV

Me and Jewel have been in a cave on the biggest mountain for three hours now. We have supplies, and see Tim and Candice coming for us. We got them in our trap. I throw a knife at Candice, and she is falling down the mountain. Soon she'll be dead. As for Tim, he's nothing without Candice, but he throws his spear at us. I catch it. SCORE!! Though my hand is bleeding....

Selena's POV

A mutt is coming for me!!!!! I run in the forest, and trip over a vine. Oh, man, I'm dead.

Halo's POV

Me and the Careers are in the small mountain's cave. We've killed Drano, and Tatum too. It sounds like River has left us too. I think we should move out, because there is a rumor that one mountain is a volcano.

(end of Day One)

Fallen Tributes:

24th Sanne Smiths

23rd Tristan James

22nd Candice Bolt

21st Selena Michales

20th Drano Dyxilia

19th Tatum Mason

18th River Sage

Day Two:

Apryl's POV

I can't believe that I stayed alive after Tim and Candice! I hope Tim dies soon. I am going to the small mountain now, just to get sponsors. Wait, are those the Careers in the mountain? Oh no, Halo saw me. I run to the biggest mountain now, but they are already on my tail. Galaxie and Halo seem to be the leaders, and they are gaining on me! Galaxie throws a knife, and it whizzes past my head. OH NO SHE DIDN'T!!!! I stop immediately, pick up the knife, and throw it at Galaxie. It hits Yade, though. I gotta work on my aim.

Jewel's POV

Me and Kole killed Candice yesterday, and Kole has gotten deadly sick. I hope he's okay. He has been silent since last night like with a sleeping sickness. He could be dead in a matter of hours. Suddenly, a parachute comes to the edge of the cave. It's something titled MagiHeal. I don't know what it is, but when I lather it on Kole's face, he wakes up. YES! Thank You!!! There is a letter that says Take care of him, Jewel. I trust you. - K

K! That stands for Katniss! I look up, and say "THANK YOU!!!!!" I know that somewhere, she is thinking "You're welcome."

Tim's POV

I am a loner now. I hope I stay alive, and I got 3 people who hate me. I head to the big mountain for protection, but I feel like I'm being watched. I go over there, and I here two cannons. That must be Deen and Darren. I hear they made an alliance, but they never struck me as survivors. While I'm over there, I realize that THE CAREERS ARE FOLLOWING ME!!!!!! I run to the mountain and try to climb up, but I keep slipping. I hear a big rumbling, and the mountain is smoking at the top. Wait, IT'S A VOLCANO!!!!!! The volcano is erupting fast. I am frozen in shock, and I burn alive eventually.

Reef's POV

The volcano has erupted, and we run away. About an hour later, we have fled. We lost Tarow and Halo in the eruption. I think Lisa died too. Well, I think it's time me and Wren find somewhere to sleep for the night.

(end of Day Two)

Fallen Tributes:

17th Yade Feraa

16th Deen Franklin

15th Darren Zach

14th Tim DeWinter

13th Tarow Rysz

12th Halo Zee

11th Lisa Grande

Day 3

Apryl's POV

I see the destruction from the eruption, and my supplies burned. I don't know what I'll eat. I could turn to cannibalism... Wait. No. I can't. i could go hunting, but I have such terrible aim. Then, a parachute comes down, and it has dried fruit in it. Not only that, i'ts a week's supply! There is no note attached.

Kole's POV

After the eruption, I got badly burned. I really need something for it. I hope nothing serious happens. Except that blazing sun on it. Jewel rips off part of her shirt fabric and makes a bandage. We see a cave in the ground, with a tunnel. There is a door in it, that probably leads back to the Capitol.

Wren's POV


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