Hey guys! I haven't made one of these in almost 2 years, but I decided to try again. I'm not doing Reaping or Chariots or Interviews because I'm lazy.


District 1

Male: Drayden Hax, 15

Female: Evaine Mejai, 18

District 2

Male: Colin Sun, 13

Female: Annabeth Elosegui, 16

District 3

Male: Carter Sun, 13

Female: Relic Shallow, 16

District 4

Male: Judas Grett, 18

Female: Hinata Roman, 17

District 5

Male: Yorick Omen, 17

Female: Samsaya Rian, 15

District 6

Male: Buck Rockwell, 16

Female: Loreli Hayes, 16

District 7

Male: Jayson Huff, 17

Female: Nya Gojin, 17

District 8

Male: Burgundy Anthrocloth, 16

Female: Robin Smoke, 14

District 9

Male: Lucus Mines, 18

Female: Juline Cenia, 17

District 10

Male: Rowen Salin, 15

Female: Reily Cole, 17

District 11

Male: Randy Grassfelt, 15

Female: Faith Lunar, 17

District 12

Male: Falk Avian, 13

Female: Leona Soleil, 16

District 13

Male: Konami Aretino, 14

Female: Thalia Wulf, 15

I need submissions, so if you want to have a tribute then follow this template: Name-Age-Gender-District


You can send 1 thing to your tribute during the games and it can't be a weapon.

You can give your tribute advice once before every day.

You can submit up to 4 tributes.

Reservations last 24 hours.

Training Scores

(out of 10)

District 1

Drayden: 9 Evaine: 7

District 2

Colin: 8 Annabeth: 9

District 3

Carter: 8 Relic: 6

District 4

Judas: 9 Hinata: 9

District 5

Yorick: 9 Samsaya: 7

District 6

Buck: 9 Loreli: 8

District 7

Jayson: 8 Nya: 8

District 8

Burgundy: 10 Robin: 6

District 9

Lucus: 9 Juline: 9

District 10

Rowen: 7 Reily: 8

District 11

Randy: 8 Faith: 9

District 12

Falk: 7 Leona: 9

District 13

Konami: 6 Thalia: 9

Don't get mad if you got an undesirable score.

Day 1

Arena: a vast forest with a dense grassland in the middle, with numerous caves riddling the arena.

5..4..3..2..1.. BOOM

Relic's POV

The cannon shoots off, and everyone runs from their platform. I see the boy from 11 dash off into the woods. I make my move and grab a bow and arrow from the cornucopia. All of the sudden, Nya, the girl from seven jumps out and slices my arm, making a deep gash. I drop the bow and she takes it, running off into the trees.

Falk's POV

When the cannon goes off, I immediately run into the forest as fast as I can. I see the guy from 11 running towards it, too. He trips and begs, "PLEASE... no, please don't.." I realize that comment was for me. "I'm not going to hurt you," I say, "I promise". He gets up, holds out his hand and says, "Hey, I'm Randy. Allies?" He didn't seem like a bad guy, so I said sure. We run and run until we can find a cave. Then, the guy from 10 runs to the entrance, out of breath. "I'm here," he says. Randy nods. "I just managed to get past Lucus and Juline, and then Robin stole some of the food. But I got some rope, a spear, and a few apples. Who's that?" Randy acknowledges me. "That's Falk, he's from 12." The guy extends his hand to me. "Hey, I'm Rowen."

Burgundy's POV

Ah, the Bloodbath. Wait, where's Robin? I see her trying to get a backpack, but the District 1 girl is stopping her and tries to stab her with a long knife. I run up to her and stab her with my sword. BOOM! I grab Robin and we run into the woods. I see that girl from 5 and sneak up behind her, and stab her in the back. BOOM!

Colin's POV

I'm in a cave with Drayden, Annabeth, Judas, and Hinata. Suddenly Buck, the boy from 6 and the girl from there run to the entrance. Buck is holding a boy by the neck. I realize that it's Carter! Buck says "Here, I'll prove to you that I can be a career, too! He draws a sickle, about to kill Carter, and I push Carter away. "Go.." He runs away, nodding.

Annabeth's POV

Colin is now in Buck's grip. I can see Buck is intent on proving himself to us, but killing a 13 year old is not proving yourself. It's despicable. The sickle digs deep into Colin's neck... BOOM! "NO!" I scream. Blood oozes out from the wound and he slumps to the ground. Buck looks at us expectantly. "Well?" he says. "YOU IDIOT! GOSH DARN!" I yell, tackling him to the ground. "No.. please.. I was only doing it because- I love you." I can't believe it. "YOU THINK THAT MAKES IT BETTER? DARNIT!" I get my knife, and stick it in his neck. BOOM!

Thalia's POV

I'm in a big tree with Leona, Reily, and Faith. Since we're all outer district girls, we decided to work together. Leona got all of our food from the Cornucopia and Faith got a few knives. We're eating, then suddenly the pair from 9 jump down from higher on the tree.

Juline's POV

Lucus and I jump down from the tree. Lucus takes Reily and Faith, while I take Thalia and Leona. Since they only have knives, they're at a disadvantage. BOOM! Faith. BOOM! Leona. BOOM! Thalia. Reily apparently is a great fighter, so she grabs Lucus' sword BY THE BLADE, and plunges it in his chest. BOOM! I run away.


24th Evaine Mejai

23rd Samasaya Rian

22nd Colin Sun

21st Buck Rockwell

20th Faith Lunar

19th Leona Soleil

18th Thalia Wulf

17th Lucus Mines


Careers (Drayden, Annabeth, Judas, Hinata)

Burgundy, Robin

Falk, Randy, Rowen

Day 2

Reily's POV

In the morning, I go try to find a loner. Fortunately, I find the girl from District 7. I sneak up behind her and plunge the sword into her back. BOOM!


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