Example of Arena

The Arena

<------- The Arena is set in very cold mountains with lots of trees, snow and frozen rivers.

The Cornucopia


The cornucopia is a 50ft circular area on a frozen lake, thus making it slippery and difficult for tributes to grab supplies. ---------------------->

Tributes ( more detail on my other page about the Tributes )

District 1

Male: Caspan Hayle /Female: Morlia Weller

District 2

Male: Fergus Rowan /Female: Taliah Mella

District 3

Male: Adrastos Saly /Female: Ramona Salada

District 4

Male: Shay Dueler / Female: Marisa Dueler

District 5

Male: Kark Jolan /Female: Annaliese Seel

District 6

Male: Thesus Burdan /Female: Zorah Casta

District 7

Male: Argus Camp /Female: Jordanna Pomer

District 8

Male: Damon Warler /Female: Priya Queens

District 9

Male: Kilik Downer /Female: Cassandra Doris

District 10

Male: Maxi Head /Female: Ivy Pralla

District 11

Male: Hektor Walle /Female: Talim Olaz

District 12

Male: Kayle Corla /Female: Helena Beezus

Opening Ceremonies

District 1

The District being the most loyal to the captiol ultimatly get alot of cheers and thumbs up. They sparkle in Diamonds to represent their Districts industry and proudly wave back and smile. Their chariot has a silver color with gems, pearls and diamonds imprinted on them.

District 2

District 2 opens up with alot off smiles. Though not as dazziling as District 1 they dont dissapoint with the tributes outfits made out of a burnt sienna color that match the colors of bricks to represent their industry, Masonary. The Chariot has a dark beige color made out of bricks and stones.

District 3

The tributes gladly wave to the audience and recieve a fair amount of applauds. The District 3 boy slightly smiles and shares a few waves while the girl is loud and proud. Their outfits have a steampunk style for them to slightly resemble their industry for factories and have a unique chariot being made of spare parts.

District 4

Perhaps the least exciting tributes with sadness on their faces despite getting a loud applause for their amazing aqua colored outfits with a hint of sea green to symbolize their oceanic district. Their chariot almost resembles real life waves.

District 5

The tributes hold hands which awe the audience. They show off their electric blue outfits and bright electric chariot to represent their District while bring Power to all the other districts. They recieve a loud applause for their seemingly loving chemistry.

District 6

The pair open up with an average dark green colour outfit. Their chariot is what affects the audience as it is similar to a fast train to show off their Districts industry of transportation.

District 7

The tributes share a dark brown colored outfit with an axe imprinted on the chest of the outfit to symbolize Lumber which Is their Districts specialty. Their chariot has an outdoor theme being made of wood and has dear horns on the front which makes the audience laugh.

District 8

Though the audience isnt blown away by the chariot the tributes strike them as they have a very capitol fashion touch to them to show off District 8's textile skills. The pair dont show much attention to each other but because of their respect for the captiol to symbolize their fashion its likely they'll get alot of sponsers.

District 9

Despite the best efforts of the tributes to show off their beige outfits and chariots the audience's excitement dies down as District 9 does not have alot to show as their industry being Grains.

District 10

After the dissapointment of District 9 the crowd begins to light up with laughter as the tributes and chariots match exactly alike with cow print on them and utters on the tributes stomach. Perhaps the most silliest opening of them all.

District 11

Though having a similar industry to District 9, The tributes open up with a bang. The pair sparkle brightly with shimmering beads and have a small flower attached to their chest. Their chariot has the same style.

District 12

Being the poorest district, nobody expects much but they are blown away by the coal coloured outfits with coal dust evapotating in the air. The chariot has a fire color to resemble what coal becomes to represent their Industry.

Let The Games Begin!

Day 1

The Tributes rise up from their tubes only to expierence the freezing temperature of the arena filled with snow, trees and lots of hills and mountains. 5...4...3...2...1! The Gong goes off and tributes slide over the frozen lake to retrieve supplies or runaway.

Its no suprise that many tributes fall but sadly the District 5 Males hunger games experience is already finished as he slipps and cracks open his head on the frozen lake just as he was about to grab a backpack.

The District 11 Female wastes no time to run and grab the pack the District 5 male was trying to retrieve. Already the careers make an alliance and slaughter all the other 11 tributes who stay at the cornucopia. As the District 11 Female tries to run away she does not even make it 4 steps as the District 2 female plunges an axe into her back. After the dead girl drops to the ground the District 2 girl grabs her backpack and rejoins with the careers at the bloodbath. Countless killings happen for the unlucky tributes who could not make it past the 1st day.

11 tributes deaths are counted up and the other 13 all split up in the arena. The District 1 & 2 tributes all together have 4 backpacks filled with food, water, maps, compasses, night vision glasses and many more useful itmes. They climb the snowy mountains to the top of the hill to get into the forest. They hear rustling in the trees and find the District 4 male. Rather then killing him they ask him to join their alliance, he refuses. I need to protect my sister Says the district 4 male. They move on. As the day gets darker the anthem starts and the careers find a place to claim for their own as they see who they killed. The boy from D.3, The boy from D.5, The girl from D.6, Both tributes from D.7 and 8. The male from D.9, The female from D.10 and both tribtues from D.11.

Day 2

The audience takes notice that any tributes who both share the same district make an alliance which includes 12, 4 and even secret ones in the careers alliance between 2 and 1. The games are getting exciting as almost everyone is supplied with weapons and other useful items that they could get from the bloodbath. Both tributes from D.12 have a sword from D.4 the female is equipped with a mace and the male with a trident, A D.4 specialty. D.3 female has a set of throwing axes while the careers all together have 3 knifes, 2 daggers 1 bow and a set of 10 arrows, 1 axe and 1 blow gun. D.9 and 5 female and D.10 and 6 male have no weapons. Only a little supply of food. Its not secret that they are in desperate need of something to kill with. How they will steal it? Thats gonna be hard. The careers all huddle together underneath a tree during a very snowy day and they cant notice the D.3 female about to throw one of her axes at the D.2 males head! Is this an act of revenge for killing her partner? Or is it just another kill? As shes about to throw the D.1 female takes notice and alerts everyone. But its too late, The D.2 male dies instantly from the blood pouring from his head with the small axe plunged into it. After the cannon goes off the D.3 Female screams. HE KILLED MY PARTNER! She yells. I'M NOT AFRAID OF YOU GUYS! I'M GONNA KILL ALL OF YOU! Rather then fighting back. The careers take notice of her throwing skills but mourn at the loss of one of their partner. While they are in a state of shock, staring at the axe the D.3 Female takes it back, steals their blow gun and backpack and she runs off.

Both tributes from D.4 are huddled together up top in a big tree. It seems they are both brother and sister. While waiting in the tree a parachute drops down for them with water, food and a note. The D.4 male read it to his sister. The note was from their mentor. It said. " You guys are getting the most sponsers so far. Everyones rooting for you, they love the sibling tragedy. Good luck District 4. May the odds be in your favor ". They cry in happiness and the brother says to her sister. I wont let anyone get you. I love you Marisa. The girl looks up to her older brother and speaks for the first time. I love you too Shay.

As the day nearly ends the cannon goes off. An hour later, The girl from D.9 finds Marisa and Shay up in a tree. She dosent try to kill them as its no use, shes unarmed and had no food or water in the past two days and looks like shes about to die from dehygration. She speaks. Please. Dont kill me! I'm unarmed and im very weak. Please. Can i allign with you guys. Shay and Marisa look at eachother and nod. Well. Says Shay. Whats your name? Cassandra. Okay Cassandra. Marisa says. You can stay, for now. After they give her water they instruct her to stay in the tree as a look out for while they hunt to give her a weapon. After Marisa finds the Careers base camp 40 feet ahead, she picks up a rock and throws it into the area to make sure its not rigged with traps or mines. Nothing goes off. She gives a signal to her brother as its okay to move in. The D.3 girl spots them both as they are about to grab all the careers weapons and packs. Without hesitation she uses the blowgun she stole and aims it at Marisa. Shay see's this immediatly and tells her to duck. Marisa jumps away but the D.3 girl gets her dart into Marisas leg and Marisa screams in pain. Before the D.3 girl can finish her off she is already killed by Shays trident as he throws it in a clean shot to her chest, the cannon goes off but Marisa is still alive, lying on the ground. Shay rushes to comfort her, he examines the dart and with a sigh of relief he tells her that the dart is not going to kill her, but her leg will be injured. They both manage to steal 2 backpacks and a bow and arrow for Cassandra. The day has ended and the deaths show up in the sky. D.3 Female and D.5 Female. The Final 10.

The D.12 Female and Male are both hunting their own food rather then stealing it. This suprises the audience as D.12 have never prepared for the games in their lives. After they're finished they get a silver box with a parachute from the sky. It says, You guys are putting on a good show. Listen, there are two tributes from D.4 who are named Shay and Marisa. They are hiding in a tree with a fellow member of their alliance from D.9 named Cassandra. Heres some food and water to refill your energy because the tree they are hiding in is the big one 2 trees behind you. Make some kills and one of you will be a very rare D.12 winner. Good luck and may the odds be in your favor. Sincerly your mentor. What do you think Helena? Asks the D.12 Male. It'll be an easy kill. Helena hesitates. Kayle, there brother and sister. We cant just kill them like that! Why not?! Yells Kayle. He grabs his sword and runs to the tree with no hesitation. But before Helena can yell, STOP! He manages to keep still after hearing 3 cannons fire. He runs back to his partner and smirks. Guess someone already did it for us. Helena tries not to mourn at the possible death of a brother and sister from D.4 but they'll find out when the day ends. As the anthem ends they show the deaths that occured today. The female from D.1 and The males from D.6 and D.10. Shay, Marisa and Cassandra have survived. Theres only 2 careers left and they have made it to the Final 7. The games are heating up.

Day 3

Finally the last two careers have split up. The D.1 Male and D.2 Female. Meanwhile Cassandra is taking care of Marisa's wounded leg from the incident at the Careers base camp.

Shay has gone hunting and Helena and Kayle are still hiding in the camp spot.

As Helena begins cutting up an apple for her and her partner, Kayle begins to speak up. Today is the day we kill them. Its now or never Helena! Helena dosent speak and gives Kayle a look telling him to drop the subject.

Back at Cassandra and Marisa, Marisa speaks to Cassandra. Thanks for helping my leg. Its the least i can do. Cassandra says. You know, your brother and you look exactly alike. Same strawberry blonde hair and Sea blue eyes. Thanks, Says Marisa, I just wish i can get out of these games with Shay and I still being alive. I know how you feel speaks Cassandra. My brother and older sister had to compete in the games while i was forced to watch. My brother and i shared the same brunette hair and gray eyes. Everyone called us two peas in a pot. We were so identical. We shared a special bond. What about your sister? Asks Marisa. I never knew my sister, Says cassandra, She would always hunt out with her friends for fun, not that we needed food. We were actually the richest in my District as my father was the mayor. Oh really? , Marisa says , Thats intresting. Yeah, but watching 3 of his children get reaped for the games. With my brother and sister not coming back. He has to put up with the same tragedy again! Cassandra's says sounding angry, I despise the capitol. President Snow's a sick, twisted and disgusting man who i would love to see die a terrible painful death in the games. The capitol are nothing but a bunch of low life greedy scums! Unaware that a Jabberjay was behind Cassandra and recorded every word about her hatred to the Capitol. Its unknown what the Gamesmakers will do to her.

Day 4

Marisa wakes up only to scream at the sight of Cassandras dead corpse. Was it the gamemakers fault or another tribute? Shay is seen staring at her and kneeling. 12...Says shay. District 12...Male... He did it. Marisa noticed 2 stab wounds on Cassandra. What should we do? Its the final 6 now. Says Marisa. Here says Shay. I have a plan.

The D.1 Male and D.2 female are struggling to find some water. They are looking very sick and the snow dosent help oddly enough. Helena is struggling in the freezing cold, trying desperatly to make a fire. Her fingers are turning blue and she throws up. Kayle takes of her.

ATTENTION ALL! Says the head announcer of the games over the speakers. Its come to my attention that most of you need something in order to survive for the games. Come to the feast at the crack of Dawn in the cornucopia to retrieve some items that will help you. Think hard about refusing to show up because for some of you. This is the only chance you have. Good luck to the remaining 6 and may the odds be ever in your favor!

Shay and Marisa equip their trident and mace and run to the cornucopia. It the center of the frozen lake a podium rises up with 1 large backpack with a big 12 imprinted on it, 2 medium side bags with 1 & 2 imprinted on them and a Bigger back pack with a big 4 on it. Without hesitating the D.2 Female runs slowly to retrieve her pack and the District.1 Males pack because they both contain food and lots of water, something she needs. As she grabs the pack with the big 1 on it she slips and everything falls out, but before she can pack it all up, she gets decapitated by the D.1 Males sword. The D.1 male grabs his and hers pack and runs back to safety. After some talking Shay tells Marisa to stay and speeds up to get his pack. As he touches it a dart almost his his hand but it misses. He looks back and its the Kayle. Shay grabs his trident and deflects all the darts speeding his way. Kayle grabs Shay and pins him to the ground on the frozen ice. Sorry District 4, Smirks Kayle, Its time to show the audience that District 12 is more then what we look like! Sorry District 12, Says Shay, But your Outnumbered and with that Marisa's mace plunges into Kayles leg and he screams out in pain. Haha. Its alright, just a little leg injury Says Kayle with a tone of accurance and pain. Marisa takes out her mace and before she throws it in Kayles head he Takes out a small knife and Slits her throat. NO!!! Screams Shay. The cannon goes off. Kayle has died but Marisa is lying in her own pool of blood. Shay rushes to her side, holdes her hand and promises to her that he will win. Marisa utters a few words. Please...g-get b b back hh-ome and tell everyon- i love. The sentence fades off. The cannon goes off. Marisa has died.

Day 5

Shay sleeps with his eyes open, rocking back and forth. Has he gone insane witnessing his own sisters death? He cant move out of the cornucopia. Refusing to let go of his sister. A hovercraft appears and two peacekeepers hold a stunned Shay and bring her into the hovercraft. Moments afte they dissapear Shay goes balistic. He cant control what he feels, his disgust to Kayle, his love for his sister. While he's on the floor crawled into a fetal position, Helena comes up behind him. She tells him sorry his sisters death. Shay is confused. But didnt your partner die too? She tells him she never planned on hurting Shay or Marisa while it was Kayles mission. She expresses her feelings to Shay about everything and how if she could'nt make it, She wanted it to be the D.4 tributes.

A few hours later the final 3 tributes have gone on their own way to survive. Helena leaves Shay in order to not make them the final 2 and the D.1 male goes hunting for the last 2 to be the victor. Just then the head announcer for the games speaks again. " Attention! Congratulations on making it so far in the games! But we have added another twist! The final tributes who had their partner with them in the last few days will both win the games if they make it. That includes Helena Beezus and Shay Dueler! If you can win, You both can live! Good luck and may the odds be in your favor!

Helena is shocked! Many emotions crawl through her head, Without thinking she calls the name, SHAY! Luckily Shay isnt far from her and hears her response. When they find eachother they embrace with laughter, crying and even though they just met yesterday, they knew they felt a connection. After they go hunting for the D.1 male. Helena says, His name is Caspan, I overheard the careers having a conversation. Shay nods and lifts his trident and Helena, with her sword. Helena spots a small bridge over a frozen lake. Just as Shay is about to walk on it she says Wait, Maybe i should go first. Shay nods, Ok. After Helena crosses to make sure its safe she nods in accurance, C'mon Shay. When she turns around she sees Caspan holding a knife to Shay's throat. Caspan smirks and speaks for the first time. Helena! This was our destiny! You knew that one of us would be the final 3! Helena Yells Caspan Don- , But before she can finish the sentence Caspan throws a spare knife into her head. The cannon fires. It comes down to Caspan and Shay. Shay has a look of disgust to Caspan. Your right Caspan, This was destiny. He hesitates. But not yours! And with that Shay pushes Caspan into the frozen lake and is stuck. Shay, Caspan stuttes, Im sorry please help! Shay picks up his trident. I'll help you, Shay decapitates Caspan. Its finished.


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