This is my second shot at this so please tell me how I did on it.

Name District Training Score Skills Age
James Shinestene 1 9

Sword, Hand to Hand

Nikole Glint 1 10 Spear, Knife throwing 17
Trent Granite 2 10 Sword, Shield 15
Marble Jackson 2 8 Axe throwing 18
Jimmy Wirenburg 3 4 Electronics 15
Elektra May 3 2 N/A 12
Riptide Nixon 4 11 Trident, spear, fishing,knives, netting 18
Sandy Bradford 4 9 Spear, fishing 17
Mathius Thunder 5 8 War Hammer, Strength 18
Luna Solius 5 5 Agility 14
Flinn Cartsmith 6 4 Hand eye coordination 17
Marissa Flash 6 6 Speed 13
Berney Hackenston 7 11 Axe, Strength 18
Terissa Timber 7 7 Hatchet throwing 15
Henry Thread 8 5 Climbing 13
Yvon Weaver 8 4 Snares 13
Jeremy Wheat 9 7 Scything 14
Tina Sourdough 9 2 N/A 16
Benjamin Pearson 11 6 Strength 17
Katie Orchard 11 5 Tree climbing 16
Rick Dust 12 4 N/A 18
Giovanna Blight 12 3 Edible Plants 14


A large arena mainly sea level grasslands with a fresh water lake and 1 huge mountain towerng off to the south. In the middle of the grassland is cornucopia. All the tributes are in a circle around it strategicly placed between contenders and victims to get the killings to start fast. In the woods lurk mutts suchas half bear half birld animals that have poisonous claws. The lake is the only safe place free of mutts and tributes its waters tell you that you're safe for the time being.


Cornucopia is stalked with three racks of swords two spears half a dozen maces two bows 4 quivers of arrows three axes throwing knives, throwing hatchets and dozens of spears and other goodies littering the ground. There are six backpacks. 1 large one with an inflatable raft food for at least a week a pair of knives matches and two canteens of water. Three smaller backpacks filled with two bags of beef jerky a hatchet a lighter and various medicines. 2 small packs filled with a bottle of water a blowgun with a dozen darts and various poisons. In the back of cornacopia is a life saving medicine in small vial very high up.

Day 1: (Bloodbath)

The cannon sounds and they're out of the gate running for cornucopia. The girl from 5 is running for a small backpack when a spear sprouts from her back falling dead instintly. Riptide had his first kill and was off for more. Meanwhile Trent had stabbed the girl from 11 with his sword and now she was bleeding to death on the ground. Seconds later her cannon sounded. Marble Jackson had killed both tributes from 12 and had just caught up to the boy from 3 when a hatchet hit her in the arm. She turned around and threw her own hatchet at the girl from 7s heart. The bloodbath was almost over when Berney Hackenston lopped off Marissa Flash's head. Then Nikole Glint threw her spear at the girl from 9. It found it's mark and the bloodbath was over. Now the careers (made up of Riptide Nixon, Sandy Bradford, Trent Granite, Marble Jackson, James Shinestene, Nikole Glint and surprisingly Mathius Thunder) were scowering cornacopia for their prefered weapons and supplies. Then they went to make base at the lake.


Luna Solius 24th-Riptide Nixon

Katie Orchard 23rd-Trent Granite

Rick Dust 22nd-Marble Jackson

Giovanna Blight 21st-Marble Jackson

Jimmy Wirenburg 20th-Marble Jackson

Terissa Timber 19th-Marble Jackson

Marissa Flash 18th-Berney Hackenston

Flinn Cartsmith 17th-Riptide Nixon

Tina Sourdough 16th-Nikole Glint

Day 2:

It is now day 2 in the arena and jeremy wheat is running from the bear mutts. He had been making snares in the forest when the mutt had begun to chase him. It took off and began to fly after him. now it was gaining on him and as it dove jeremy's last thoughts were that the mutt didn't stand a chance. Boom! Benjamin Pearson heard jeremy's cannon go off and he ran. He new he must have been close for the blast to have been so loud. He ran so fast for so long that he didn't even see the 6'7 heavily built boy running towards him. But then he did. "Holy cow, don't kill me we can form an alliance or something" He pleaded.

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