PART 2 IS UP! here is the link

Ok... since my first user games weren't popular im doing a new one. I need mentors, tributes, stylists and gamemakers. You can have three people (1 of each or a combination in anyway you like) there will be interviews, chariot ridesand Private training scores (only the gamemakers will have access to the private sessions). The gamemakers will be called upon to help with the training scores, and some aspects of the games (ideas for mutts and other things of the sort). Mentors will be asked to give advice to there tributes and the stylists will have to give me there outfits for the chariot rides and interviews. Another important detail this is the 80th hunger games so ur mentors year won and age should fit each other. Thanks and may the odds be ever in your favor!

Name Age District Weapon
Sapphire Hyland 18 1 Sword
Blaze Hawk 18 1 Spear and Sword
Samantha Rhodes 16 2 Spear
Ryan Lione ? 2 Axe
Alicia Kennedy 16 3 Bow and Arrow
Ferus Delaney 17 3 Throwing Knives
Darnling Yob 14 4 Spear
Miles Wilcox 18 4 Trident, Bow and Arrow
Ella Porta 17 5 Axe
Jeremy Al 14 5 Sickle
Savanah Hadomic 14 6 Sword
Rift Warfield 17 6 Spear, Sword, Dagger
Lila Woods 12 7 Axe Throwing
Mako Chance 17 7 Axe and Spear
Simona Needle 12 8 Dagger
Gunner Time 16 8 Wire/Sword
Adacia Undersea 13 9 Knives and Bow and Arrow
Benjamin Woodrew 16 9 Sword
Velvet Cruze 15 10 Knife Bow and Arrows
Mark Bull 16 10 Bull Whip, Hand to Hand combat
Diless Waterlily 14 11 Bow and Arrow
Jackson Fink 13 11 Spear
Alayna Groves 12 12 Tree Climbing
Seth Gold 18 12 Spear, Throwing Knives






Personality: (just a few traits to tell me about for the interviews)


Name District
Rose Juna 1
Quinn Sparkles 2
Ronza ? 3
Shimmer ? 4
Jadey Srapk 5
Nando Nicodemi 6
Gia Laviti 7
Maya Adams 8
Ivette Jeffrie 9
Georgie ShortVille 10
Seraph ? 11
Bonnie Corneli 12


Name Age District Games won (the # of the games)
Brandon Marcovic 23 1 73rd
Finnick Mellark 30 2 66th
Markus Kennedy 23 3 77th
Elisa York 25 4 72nd
Cayto ? 28 5 67th
Hinder Black 17 6 79th
Abella Grace 20 7 78th
Ruby Dieheart 27 8 70th
Hannah Mellowstone 22 9 71st
Kaitlyn Maray 16 10 76th
Rose Lee 45 11 56th
Streeter Brunswick 31 12 64th

Can the rest of the mentors please be over 30! It creates problems with the age-games thing, two ppl have submited a year and games that wouldnt be possible! Thanks Thresh45 11:52, April 17, 2012 (UTC)


Name Age position (head gamemaker, assistant gamemaker etc.)
Nathaniel Grove 43 Headgamemaker
Hama Rimland 35 Senior Gamemaker
Petuna Hellson 23 Senior Gamemaker
Jay Walker 21 Assistant Gamemaker
Athena Olive 21 Assistant Gamemaker

Can the rest of the mentors please be over 30.

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