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My second user games :P part 2

Thresh45 April 21, 2012 User blog:Thresh45

OK here is part 2 where all the interviews, Training Scores etc. will be put. Gamemakers have not all put up there opinions for training scores so it may take a little longer then expected. Here stylists can also post their designs.

Tribute Training Score
Sapphire Hyland 10
Blaze Hawk 9
Samantha Rhodes 7
Ryan Lione 9
Alicia Kennedy 6
Ferus Delaney 4
Darnling Yob 10
Miles Wilcox 11
Ella Porta 7
Jeremy Al 6
Savanah Hadomic 2
Rift Warfield 8
Lila Woods 6
Mako Chance 6
Simona Needle 6
Gunner Time 5
Adacia Undersea 7
Benjamin Woodrew 4
Velvet Cruz 4
Mark Bull 12
Diless Waterlily 3
Jackson Fink 8
Alayna Groves 6
Seth Gold 7

Training Scores!

ok i know it doesnt make sense for these to come out b4 the interviews and opening ceremonies but I dont have a lot of time on my hands. Plus i dont have all the outfits.

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