Hello since my last sponsor games dint go so well I'm trying this again. So there is going to be a pool of 30 characters from the hunger games books. You pick one and sponsor them through your comments. At the beginning of each day the gifts will be delivered. I will post a new day every other day. Happy Hunger Games and May the odds be ever in your favor!

Victor: Johanna Mason

Rules of Sponsoring:

1. You have $1000 to spend

2. You sponsor only 1 tribute

3. If your tribute dies you are free to pick someone new but you can only re-pick twice

4. Even if your tribute is alive you can still change who you are sponsoring

5. There is no limit to how many people can sponsor one tribute

6. When the games have started there can be no more sponsors

Money Bonuses:

1 Kill- $50

Every three days survived- $50

Top 10- $150

Top 5- $250

Final 2- $350

Name District Training Score Sponsors Skills Kills
Glimmer 1 8 5 Knife 0
Marvel 1 8 1 Spear 2
Cashmere 1 9 Knife 0
Gloss 1 9 Knife 1
Cato 2 10 Sword 1
Clove 2 9 5 Knife Throwing 0
Brutus 2 10 Hand to Hand 1
Enobaria 2 8 1 Teeth (nasty) 0
Lyme 2 7 Axe? 0
Wiress 3 4 Various Skills 0
Beetee 3 5 Electricution 0
Finnick 4 11 10 Trident and Net 0
Annie 4 7 1 Throwing Knives 0
Mags 4 1 Sleeping? 0


5 6 9 Various Skills/Knife 1
Female Morphling 6 4 Camoflouge 0
Male Morphling 6 3 Camoflouge 0
Johanna 7 9 3 Hatchet Throwing 3
Blight 7 4 Axe 0
Cecelia 8 6 Various Skills 0
Woof 8 2 Various Skills 0
Rue 11 7 Climbing/Stealth 0
Thresh 11 11 2 Strength/Hand to Hand 2
Seeder 11 5 Edible plants 0
Chaff 11 6 Sword 0
Katniss 12 10 6 Bow and Arrows 3
Peeta 12 8 Knife Fighting/Hand to Hand 0
Haymitch 12 7 1 Knife Fighting 0
Maysilee 12 6 Blow Gun 1
Gale 12 9 2 Bow and Arrows/ Snares 1

There will be a 5 day period starting today (April 6th) in which you can decide who you will sponsor and comment telling me who. Then day one will be submitted and you can send things in and it will go from there. I will be doing this in a bit of a POV style but there will be NO dialogue. Also the Training Scores will be submitted Sunday April 8th. Please comment and Happy Hunger Games.


Axe: 250

Sword: 150

Spear: 100

Bow: 150

Quiver of 2 dozen arrows: 50

Knife: 75

Assortment of throwing knives: 175

Assortment of Hatchets: 225

Blowgun: 150

Darts: 50

Poison: 25

Halberd (Type of axe): 200

Trident: 275

Hatchet: 75

Dagger: 80

Machete: 125

Blow torch: 200

War Hammer: 175


Inflatable raft with paddles: 500

Rope: 50

Wire: 75

Swiss army knife: 125

Parka (winter coat): 150

Dried meat: 100

Dried Fruit: 75

Water: 150

Net: 150

Iodine: 75

Spile: 100

Salt: 25

Sleeping bag: 100

Matches: 75


Burn Ointment: 200

Disinfectint: 100

Sleeping pills: 80

Painkiller: 100

Herbal mixture (for large wounds): 100

Magiheal: 500 (Heals wounds really quick)


District 1: Glimmer, Marvel, Cashmere, and Gloss come out sparkling in White Dresses with diamonds and the boys in all white Tuxedos with Diamond Studded bracelets.

District 2: Cato, Clove, Brutus, Enobaria, and Lyme come out in what looks to be for the girls, dresses made of a marble like cloth but with a bright white line down the sides, for the boys there are simple grey suites that seem to be changing colors like a colideascope.

District 3: Wiress and Beetee show there districts talent for technology by wearing clothing made completely of wires and cables.

District 4: Finnick and Annie come out in orange scaley suits holding hands but it seems that Mags is just wearing... Fish?

District 5: Foxface comes out all alone on her chariot in a dress made of minature solar panels.

District 6: The morphlings come out in what looks like a Hovercraft getup, but they don't really seem interested as they stare into the distance.

District 7: As usual Johanna and Blight come as... wait for it... wait for it... Trees! What a surprise!

District 8: Cecelia and Woof come out in clothing made of many arrays of different cloth they being from the Textile district.

District 11: Rue, Thresh, Seeder and Chaff come in as apples... each one of them different. Rue as a red one, Thresh as a Green one, Seeder as a yellow one and Chaff as a...Rotten one? Well it does fit his personality.

District 12: Well they aren't lucky enough to have Cinna this year so as usual they are just covered in... Coal Dust.


Glimmer: She is charming and very modest as she talks about possibly winning these games.

Marvel: He's super confident but he doesn't seem like the sharpest knife in the drawer as he talks about his home.

Cashmere: She talks about how she won her last games and when Caesar asks if she thinks she can win she responds "I know I can win".

Gloss: He looks like a threat but when he talks you can tell he didn't graduate first in his class.

Clove: She is cute and very sarcastic as the crowd takes to her. We can all tell she is a threat.

Cato: He seems like one of the smarter careers this year but when asked if playing with former victors fazed him he went into a rage forcing Caesar to call peacekeepers

Enobaria: She seems likable enough but she has a light in her eyes that tells us she won't be staying in any alliance very long. She's a contender we can tell from her notorious teeth.

Lyme: She seems nice but when asked about ther family she puts up a wall and shows her cold side to Caesar.

Wiress: Caesar seems to concentrate on her past games since conveniantly nobody remembers them, but even she doesn't seem to remember them completely.

Beetee: Caesar tries to change the subject but all Beetee will talk about is Hightech stuff from District 3. At least now everyone in the capitol knows how to rewire a hovercrafts nuclear powered engine.

Annie: No matter how hard Caesar tries Annie won't talk about her games, sometimes she even cringes when he points out a detail about it. But she does look great as Finnick Odair stares at her for all three minutes.

Finnick: Caesar gets Finnick talking and he quickly wins over the crowd. Unlike Annie he seems to enjoy talking about his games and relishes in the details.

Mags: She comes up to the stage and nearly immediatly falls asleep... one of the most interesting interviews all night.

Foxface: She's very elusive and refuses to talk about anything but home and doesn't mention the berry incident.

Morphlings: They are silent and just paint Caesars face for three minutes.

Johanna: She seems pretty cocky and she playes up her girly girl act top to bottom.

Blight: He talks about swordfighting the whole time but he doesn't seem to know much about it as he talks about how turning your back to your opponent gives you a huge advantage.

Cecelia: All she can talk about is her kids and the whole audience is depressed.

Woof: He talks like Caesar is one of his drinking buddies and everything he says is competely irrelevent.

Rue: She plays cute for the crowd and it totally works. She is willing to talk openly about anything and it's obvious that she's a crowd and Caesar favorite.

Thresh: He seems very interested in what Caesar has to say and answers all the questions about his job back in District 11 with a lot of thought.

Seeder: She seems like she isn't to interested in trying to make it home but talks to Caesar politely about trying hard to do so.

Chaff: He talks a lot about his days of mentoring and doesn't seem to worried about winning.

Katniss: She only talks about her sister Prim and you can tell the crowd has loads of simpathy for her.

Peeta: As usual he talks about how much he just loves Katniss but the crowd seems like this is an outdated topic and don't seem to interested. You can see Gale Hawthorne isn't a huge fan of the topic either as you can see his reaction from a hidden camera backstage.

Maysilee: She obviously is a crowd favorite as she doesn't seem to care what Caesar asks her and always answers graciously.

Haymitch: He is drunk and only says "Bbbblllllaaaawwww" all over the front row as his dinner makes a surprising reappearence.

Gale: Doesn't seem to be in favor of talking openly and doesn't say much. Probably 'cause his opinion of the capitol isn't to great.


Just because the graph gets full doesn't mean that you can't sponsor.

Sponsor Tribute Money
Justafox 1150
cloveismywife Johanna 750
Georgy23 1150
godistrict3 1150
Wiki contributor 1 1050
Thejman63 1100
QuinnQuinn 1100
Angrybirds12 1050
galina54 1100
Miles731 Johanna 750
Kwanito44 1050
Creatoroflocalcartoons 925
Wiki contributor #2 975
Wildcats11630 1050
Shadowseer 900
Rosehathaway Johanna 700
The severus Snape 1100
Jynx87 675
Psychotyphlosion999 1000

Sponsors (cont.)

Sponsor Tribute Money
Ilkayla 1050
peetaandcandy 1150
Jumoshi 1150
Bow&arrows 1050
Uglyturtle Johanna 825


Tantrum99 1050
Polinerose 900
Gale's girl 1015
Shrish3211 Johanna 1250
Italicos 750
Madrigalmagic 975
Rosemelrose 1050
Anon... 1150
Henryjh98 425
Shelleybelly Johanna 1150
Prezziesnow9704 1050
Teamgalehawthorne 1100
The hunger games girl 925
marie crane 225
hungergameslover111 1250
Wiki contributor 3 1100
Bellscullen 1200
Grasshopper51 1250
Littleredcrazyhood 1100
Fangirlin 900
Munfinn1014 970
Emessblabb 975
SWZala 200
Wiki Contributor #4 1100
ChildofRome 1050
Jonelquitquit 550
Foxface911 725
Hazeleye 1150


To vote fo the area comment: Arena- then the number of the arena

{C {C {C 1. Forest

2. Jungle

3. Ocean

4. Volcano

5. Rubble

Training Scores:

Glimmer Knife Fighting 8
Marvel Spearing 8
Cashmere Knife Fighting 9
Gloss Knife Fighting 9
Clove Knife Throwing 9
Cato Swordfighting 10
Enobaria Teeth and Knife (freaking Nasty) 8
Brutus Hand to hand 10
Lyme Axe 7
Wiress Various Skills 4
Beetee Electrocuted every dummy in the room 5
Annie Knife Throwing 7
Finnick Trident and Net 11
Mags Sleeping 1
Foxface Various Skills/Knife 6
Female Morphling Painting/camoflouge 4
Male Morphling Just Painting 3
Johanna Axe Throwing 9
Blight Axe 4
Cecelia Various Skills 6
Woof Various Skills 2
Rue Climbing 7
Thresh Spear/Strength 11
Seeder Various Skills 5
Chaff Various Skills/Sword 6
Katniss Bow and Arrow 10
Peeta Knife Fighting/ Hand To Hand 8
Maysilee Blow Gun 6
Haymitch Knife Fighting 7
Gale Bow and Arrows/Snares 9


Gale's Girl- 12 arrows-Gale-$25

Creatoroflocalcartoons-Dried Fruit-Rue-$75



Henryjh98-Maysilee-Blowgun, darts, and poison-$225


Cloveismywife-assortment of throwing knives-clove-$175

Uglyturtle-Assortment of Hatchets-Johanna-$225


The hunger games girl-Water-Peeta-$50

Madrigalmagic-swiss army knife-Clove-$125

The hunger games girl-Knife-Peeta-$75


Gale's girl-Herbal Mixture-Gale-$100

Gale's girl-Bow-Gale-$150

Foxface911-Iodine,Matches, Sleeping Bag-Maysilee-$250

Jynx87-Trident and Rope-Finnick-$325


Wiki Contributor #2-Dried Meat and Dried Fruit-Foxface-$175

Esmeblabbed-Dried Meat and Dried Fruit-Finnick-$175

Shadowseer-Dried Fruit-Wiress-$75





Miles731-Poison, Sleeping bag, Dreid fruit, and rope-Thresh-$250

Uglyturtle-Sleeping Bag-Johanna-$100

Marie Crane-Magiheal-Foxface-$500


Marie Crane-Parka assortment of throwing Knives-Foxface-$325

Jynx87-Sleeping Bag-Finnick

Gale's Girl-Undying Love-Gale-$10


Marie Crane-Dried Meat-Foxface-$100

Fangirlin-Herbal Mixture, Rope, Disinfectint-Foxface-$250

SWAzala-Magiheal, and trident-Finnick-$775

Italicos-Trident, Poison, Rope, Wire-$400

Foxface911-Knife, Sleeping Bag-Haymitch-$175

Cloveismywife-Assortment of throwing knives-Clove-$175

HungergamesLOVER111-Herbal mixture-Katniss-$100


Jonelquitquit-Magiheal, Herbal mixture-Finnick-$600

Rose Hathaway-Magiheal-Johanna-$500



The arena is an abandoned city nearly completely torn to the ground. The rubble provides great cover. Surrounding the city is a meadow with a stream that goes right through the city. To the north side of the meadow is Cornacopia. Around the perimeter of the arena are mountains along the mountain side are caves which are great for hiding. The rubble creates a great weapon. Inside the city are Mutts suchas Bear/Jaguar mutts and Bunny mutts that grow larger every time they kill and every time they kill they become more vulnerable.904 01 1253---Rubble web

Death Chart:

Tribute Place Killed by Killed from
Woof 30th Katniss Arrow through neck
Cashmere 29th Katniss Arrow in Kidney
Chaff 28th Cato Sword through Gut
Seeder 27th Marvel Spear in chest
Blight 26th Finnick Snapped neck
Cecelia 25th Bear Mutt Mauled
Mags 24th Bear Mutt Clawed in heart
Beetee 23rd Gloss Slit Throat
Gloss 22nd Johanna Hatchet in Back
Wiress 21st Brutus Snapped Neck
Brutus 20th Thresh Decapitated
Cato 19th Foxface Poisonous knife in thigh
Rue 18th Maysilee Poisonous dart in neck
Peeta 17th Thresh Spear in Stomach
Lyme 16th Water Mutt Drowned by Water Mutt
Enobaria 15th Bunny Mutt Bitten in Face
Glimmer 14th Bunny Mutt Bitten in neck
Female Morphling 13th Starvation Starvation
Maysilee 12th Clove Knife in Neck
Annie 11th Katniss Arrow in Heart
Katniss 10th Marvel Spear in Liver/Bled out
Foxface 9th Bunny Mutt Clawed in Face
Clove 8th Gale Arrow through Skull
Thresh 7th Bunny Mutt Crushed
Gale 6th Marvel Spear in back
Male Morphling 5th Nightlock Poisoned
Marvel 4th Haymitch Slit throat
Finnick 3rd Johanna Hatchet in chest


Glimmer: Dead

Marvel: Dead

Gloss: Dead

Cashmere: Dead

Clove: Dead

Cato: Dead

Enobaria: Dead

Brutus: Dead

Lyme: Dead

Beetee: Dead

Wiress: Dead

Annie: Dead

Finnick: Dead

Mags: Dead

Foxface: Dead

Female Morphling: Dead

Male Morphling: Dead

Johanna: Alive, None, Three Hatchets Gloss' knife Dagger Poison Spear

Blight: Dead

Cecelia: Dead

Woof: Dead

Rue: Dead

Thresh: Dead

Seeder: Dead

Chaff: Dead

Katniss: Dead

Peeta: Dead

Maysilee: Dead

Haymitch: Alive, None, Spear Knife

Gale: Dead

Day 1:

The cannon sounds and everyone runs for what looks like a very full cornacopia. Katniss Everdeen has grabbed the only bow with a 12 arrow quiver (for those of you who dont know whata quiver is it holds arrows) and shoots Woof who's still on his plate. Cashmere goes for knives but gets an arrow in the kidney instead, giving her a slow and painful death. Cato grabs one of the scarce weapons and kills Chaff with a quick stab. Meanwhile Marvel's spear has impaled Seeder and Clove's only knife has found Gale's thigh. Finnick has snapped Blight's neck and it seems the bloodbath is dispersing. But somethings wrong. Behind that initial pile of supplies is a steel wall and on the wall is a keypad and a riddle:

"Always going, never moving

I cast no shadow yet I still breathe air

I do not speak yet I speak most

What am I?"

If you guess the riddle correctly you get a $200 dollar bonus... and the riddle opens the cornacopia supplies by the way.







Day 2:

It is now day 2 in the arena and a lot has happened since the bloodbath. The careers are at cornacopia trying to figure out the riddle. Finnick thinks the answer is a sea breeze so he types it in but it is incorrect. The rest of the careers are trying to spread their weapons evenly. Cato has 2 swords, Clove has three knives, Glimmer has a knife thanks to her sponsors, Marvel still has his spear from corncopia, Gloss has a knife from cornacopia. Lyme has a brick and so do Finnick and Annie. Enobaria has her teeth and Brutus would rather be weaponless anyway. Katniss, Gale, and Haymitch have made an alliance in the rubble of a once magnificent building. Katniss and Gale both have Bows and Arrows while Haymitch is weaponless. Peeta and Maysilee have also made an alliance but they can't seem to find the rest of the District 12 tributes. Peeta has a knife and Maysilee has a blowgun with poisonous darts. They are also well supplied. Foxface has a knife and is spying on the careers. Johanna and Thresh have made an alliance. Thresh has a machete from cornacopia and a spear from his sponsors. Johanna has three hatchets. The Morphlings are mumbling meaningless things on a tower of rubble. Cecelia, Beetee, Wiress, and Rue are fighting a bear mutt with just a spear dipped in some of Rue's poison. Rue stabs at the bear but only makes it angry. It maules Cecelia with lightning speed and her cannon goes off within seconds. Then the bear mutt breaks Rue's spear and is about to kill her when mags come out of nowhere and hits the bear on the skull with a rock, but with it's last dying movement it kills Mags.




Day 3:

It is now Day 3 in the arena and the pool is down to 23. The careers have given up on the riddle and are going for kills. Just 8 minutes in they encounter Beetee, Wiress and Rue. Gloss moves quickly for the kill and he slits Beetee's throat, but once again just as Rue is about to be killed a hatchet lodges in Gloss's back. Johanna Mason and Thresh jump from the cover of an abandoned building. Before anyone can react Brutus leaps forward and snaps Wiress' neck and just as her cannon sounds Brutus' head rolls off his shoulders. Thresh had come up behind him and acted just a milisecond late. That's when the rest of the careers realized they were outmatched for the moment and ran for the stream. While all of that was happening Foxface had opened cornacopia and was now searching it for supplies. The answer had come to her when Finnick had said that it might have been sea breeze. It sparked a memory of her on top of a roof in the summer working on solar panels. It was one of her few fond memories... that warm summer breeze... wait Summer Breeze she thought. So as soon as the careers had left she had typed in the password and was now holding three back packs three knives and a fold up tent. Earlier that day the district 12 tributes had re-united and were now discussing an ambush on the careers the day after tommorow. That's when the other cannon went off.







Day 4:

It is now day 4 in the arena and the careers are still recuperating from the loss of Cato. The day before they had found Foxface at cornacopia as she was leaving. But her response to getting one of Clove's knives in her leg was very un-characteristic of her. Instead of running she turned around and threw one of her own knives at the careers. Her aim wasn't very good but it didn't have to be to hit one of the tightly packed careers. Her knife (which happened to be poisoned) lodged itself in one of Cato's main arteries in his thigh. Foxface had made her escape and when Cato had fallen asleep later that day he never woke up. The morphlings were still mumbling random things in the abandoned city. Johanna, Thresh, and Rue had just walked right up to the District 12 campsite. All of the District Twelve tributes were already alert and as soon as they walked into the rubble clearing Maysilee's Dart found the unfortunate neck of Rue. She died seconds later. After the dart had flown Thresh had thrown his spear at Peeta and impaled him in the stomach killing him virtually instantly. Then Thresh and Johanna fled leaving Katniss, Maysilee and Haymitch to mourn. Gale was nowhere to be found.




Day 5:

It is now day 5 in the arena and all seems well. The careers are eating lunch peacefully by the stream when Katniss, Haymitch, Gale, and Maysilee spring from the rubble. Katniss shoots at Finnick and hits his upper arm taking him out of the battle. Haymitch cuts Glimmer in her Fightging arm taking her out of the fight as well. But then as the battle is just starting the stream starts to rumble and then the water forms hands and grabs Lyme dragging her into the water drowning her. It grabs Gale' leg also but he has a lighter from corncopia and he seems to burn the wtery hand with it. The rest of them are smart enough to run for safety. Meanwhile Johanna, and Thresh are hunting for rodents in the meadow. Foxface is living in luxury in her cave. The morhlings are still spitting out random words. Katniss and the others in the District 12 alliance are now making camp with there heads hung from the failed ambush. They were hoping to significantly drop the careers numbers but the attempt was failed. The careers were officially never going back to the stream deciding that it could guard itself just fine.



Day 6:

It is now day 6 in the arena and the careers are recovering from the startling water muttation. They were walking through the Rubble slowly due to the injury to Glimmer. Unlike Finnick her sponsors had failed to send her anything to even soothe the pain and her arm was infected causing extreme pain. After an hour of tribute hunting they came across a small grey and white rabbit. Enobaria thought it was cute and walked up to it and as soon as her face was close enough to jump for the rabbit un-hinged its jaws to an unnatural angle and killed her with a swift bite. After Enobaria died the rabbit seemed to double in size to about the stature of a average sized dog.The rabbit moved with speed much faster than a normal rabbit and it circled the careers before finally finding the weak link it had been looking for and without hesitation it killed Glimmer. Than it grew to about the size of a large wolf and hopped innocently away from the scene. Meanwhile the district 12 alliance were having a heated arguement about whether they should wait out the rest of the games or be aggresive. Gale and Maysilee wanted to be more relaxed and wait the rest of the tributes out but Katniss and Haymitch wanted to be more aggresive. In the end it was Haymitch who ended the fight by pointing out that by waiting they were sitting ducks for the careers and that the gamemakers would target them if they sat back. Johanna and Thresh are still roming the rubble looking for other tributes. The morphlings are less the 2 football fields away (for those of u who dont know american football it's played on 100 yard fields or around 91 meters) from Thresh and Johanna but neither of the groups know it. Foxface is just about to start running out of supplies in her cave and is planning on scavenging the next day.




Day 7:

It is now day 7 in the arena and the rubble is quiet. The Careers are at cornacopia argueing about who will sleep in the tent tonight because of the cold that comes late in the night. The arguement is obviously to avoid thinking about the horrible death of Glimmer. Foxface is scavenging for food for the first time in 4 days. She is a having a small amount of luck and she can hear her own stomach growling. The District 12 alliance are thinking of another ambush attempt but they want to be protected from Clove's Knives and Marvel's spears. Now they are thinking about ways around the dilema. Johanna and Thresh are running low on weapons. The night before a bird mutt with human hands had stolen all of their weapons except for one of Johanna's axes and her poisonous Dagger that she gave to Thresh. The morphlings like Foxface are starving. Just as the "Sun" is going down Claudius Templesmith's voice booms across the loud speaker "Hello tributes, as you all know you are all in need of something vital to your survival. So, as a show of our generosity we are having a feast! Everything you can possibly want and more will be at cornacopia tommorow at noon. Since none of you were sent into the arena with a watch there will be a bell signaling the arrival of your numbered backpacks 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 11, and two 12s. Happy Hunger Games!



Day 8:

It is now day 8 in the arena and the tributes are prepping for the feast. Johanna and Thresh are hiding in the tall grass of the meadow 20 meters away from corncopia, they are by far the closest. Foxface is hiding at the edge of the city about 200 meters away from the cornacopia The careers are spread out across the meadow ranging from 40-300 meters from the cornacopia, choosing this knowing that they were more likely to retrieve a backpack if they weren't in a group. Katniss and Gale are Hiding at the mouth of a cave 400 meters away from cornacopia, they are the farthest away from it. Haymitch and Maysilee are 80 meters away in the tall grass. Oddly the morphlings have decided not to attend and the Female died earlier that morning from starvation. Then the bell rings. Thresh and Johanna have their backpacks and are gone before anyone else can react. Haymitch and Maysilee break for Cornacopia as well but Maysilee is hit by one of Clove's knives and falls down dead seconds later. Although she went down Haymitch kept running and has retrieved one of the District 12 backpacks. Annie and Finnick spring from the meadow and are running for cover when Annie is hit directly in the heart by one of Katniss' arrows. Finnick turns and starts to bawl but nobody seems to notice because Foxface has gotten her backpack, and is running when she is hit by one of Katniss' arrows. But she is hit in the calf this time and limps the rest of the way to the cover of the city. Marvel Throws his spear at Katniss and hits her in the liver. Now Marvel, and Clove have retrieved their packs and the other District 12 pack and are running for the rubnle now. Katniss and Gale pursue them all the way to the rubble. Then the viewers lose sight of them as they run into the city.


Female Morphling



Day 9:

It is now day 9 in the arena and Gale is now hunting the careers on his own. Katniss had been hit in the liver by a spear and died early that morning due to loss of blood. Haymitch was yet to be found and now Gale was on his own. Early that morning another cannon had sounded as well but he was yet to find out whos it was. After 2 hours of walking Gale encountered the careers. As soon as he walked into the clearing Marvel threw another one of his precious spears. Yet this time he had one of his rare misses and in response Gale shoots Clove in the skull killing her instantly. Now un-armed and without help Marvel ran leaving Gale's pack behind. Meanwhile Thresh and Johanna are marveling (haha) at their new supply of weapons. Thresh has a new spear and two new machetes. Johanna has 6 new hatchets and a lumber axe. Haymitch is looking for Gale. After a few minutes of wandering he encounters a bear muttation. It attempts to maul him but he side steps. It attempts to maul him again but we see a hint of Haymitch's first games as he slashs his Knife across the mutts throat and kills it. There is no update on Foxface or the Male Morphling today.





Day 10:

It is now day 10 in the arena and the mystery of the anonimous cannon has been solved. Foxface was inside her cave taking inventory of her supplies when the Bunny Mutt came up behing her and killed her. The mutt is now wandering the arena at about the size of a Hummer. No sooner do Thresh and Johanna wake up then the Bunny attacks. It goes for Thresh first with extreme speed. Thresh jumps to the side like a bull fighter and quickly regains his feeting. The second time the rabbit attacks Thresh isn't so lucky and his rib cage is crushed under the shear weight of the mutt. Just as Thresh's cannon sounds Johanna springs into action swiftly sidestepping the bunnies attack and throwing her axe conviently into the eye of the mutt, Its only weak spot. The gigantic rabbit fell to the ground lifeless seconds later. Finnick is talking to himself. He has created a second personality for himself and is now talking for Annie and himself. Haymitch and Gale have finally met up and are discussing the new terms of their alliance. Marvel is eating the remainder of his food supplies. The male morphling seems to be preparing to take action as he has finally retrieved his pack from the feast table.



Day 11:

It is now day 11 in the arena and there is only one alliance left in the arena. Gale and Haymitch are walking through the former town square in the abondoned city when a spear is driven into gale's back. He falls lifeless to the ground seconds later. Then Haymitch turns around to see Marvel running from him with no weapons. Haymitch grabs his knife and with surprising speed runs after Marvel and catchs up to him seconds later. Marvel is trying to get to Haymitch's neck but Haymitch is wielding his knife in quick slashs. Eventually after a 2 minute stalemate Haymitch breaks Marvel's defense and slashs his stomach. Marvel cries out in pain, but the strike wasn't a killing hit so he turned and ran picking up the spear from Gale's lifeless body as he went. Finnick is having an imaginary tea party with imaginary Annie. Johanna is hunting him down as he sips his tea. The Male Morphling is hunting Marvel.



Day 12:

It is now day 12 in the arena and Johanna has lost Finnick's trail. She was tracking him last night when suddenly there were no tracks. She is now cursing at herself on a pile of bricks. Marvel's stomach has stoped bleeding but he is still in amense pain. Finnick has partially regained his sanity and realized he's in the games, but he still has 2 personalities. He is currently fishing. Haymitch is tracking down Marvel. Little does he know that he is only a few minutes run in front of him. The Male morphling ate nightlock for breakfast. He is now dead.


Male Morphling

Day 13:

It is now day 13 in the arena and the games are soon going to come to an end. Haymitch is now walking through the rubble and makes a turn onto the former mainstreet. There in the middle of the street he sees the wouded Marvel slowly dying. He acts quickly running strait for him and just before Marvel can put up a defense he strikes and the 27th cannon to go off sounds. Johanna has found Finnick and they are having argueably the best fight in this games. Johanna threw her first axe and hit Finnick in the shoulder cutting deep into the flesh. Finnick has made multiple stabs with his trident at Johanna but none have contacted her body. She throws another axe and hits the same shoulder ripping his left arm off his shoulder. Just when you think Johanna has the upper hand Finnick strikes back in a series of complex moves and impales Johanna in the small intestine. But it is not a short term killing blow and as he intangels her with his net (which he threw with his mouth) she throws her last hatchet. Some might call it a lucky shot, some might call it skill but the hatchet hit Finnick square in the chest, the only place on his body besides his limbs left un protected. Now the real games begin.




Day 14 (Final Battle):

It is now day 14 in the arena and the final battle has begun. Haymitch came across Johanna at noon and are now circling each other. Haymitch slashs at Johanna and catchs her with his kbnife on her left arm. She then throws her hatchet and hits him in the collar bone, 2 inchs to the right and he would have been dead. Johanna has a mental tantrum because she knows she missed a vital chance at a kill. They kept the pace for 40 minits strait each of them getting cuts and bruises until Johanna made her mistake. Haymitch feinted left and Johanna instinctively placed her right foot forward for defense. But instead of finding the solid ground she expected her foot found a 3 inch hole in the ground- just enough to twist her ankle. She then fell and Haymitch went in for the kill. But then again some seemingly unnatural force gave her just enough luck to get out of this situation. Just as Haymitch went for the killing stab with his knife Johanna blacked out, not long enough for Haymitch to recover but long enough for her head to hit the ground. This forced Haymitch to stumble and Johanna regained conciousness just in time to throw her final Hatchet into Haymitch's heart. A few seconds later Claudius Templesmith's voice boomed over the loud speaker "Here we have the winner of the first annual (yes he said annual) Sponsor Games!"



Two little things for you all to answer. First PLEASE comment if you liked these games. Secondly there will be a second sponsor games! But there will be a twist that I havent come up with yet. And one last thing that I forgot thank you to all the sponsors who stuck with it even after their Tributes Died.


Johanna Mason

Sponsor Victors (only the people whos first pick won not the people that chenged):

Rose Hathaway

Ugly Turtle


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