Ok so most of you will know me from my first sponsor games in which Johanna Mason won. Well this is the same premise with three changes. All of the people who died in the last games are back and we're basically gonna forget about the last games because it would be awkward if we didn't. Secondly there will be five new characters added to the games that you wouldn't expect. Lastly we have the twist which is that....*drumroll*..... Everytime someone dies a natural disaster occures. Each tribute will be assigned a natural disaster such as tornado, Mutt attack, Liger attack etc. etc.. The same rules but Ill put them up anyway. Any way good luck!

Name District Training Score Weapon Sponsors
Glimmer 1 Knife
Marvel 1 Spear
Cashmere 1 Knife
Gloss 1 Knife
Clove 2 Throwing Knives
Cato 2 Sword
Enobaria 2


Brutus 2 Hands/Spear
Lyme 2 Knife
Wiress 3 Various Skills
Beetee 3 Electricution
Annie 4 Knife
Finnick 4 Trident & Net
Mags 4 Various Skills
Foxface 5 Knife/Various Skills
Female Morphling 6 Various Skills/Camoflouge
Male Morphling 6 Various Skills/Camoflouge
Titus 6 Teeth/Sword
Blight 7 Sword/Various Skills
Johanna 7 Hatchets
Cecelia 8 Various Skills
Woof 8 Various Skills
Paylor 8 Sword
Rue 11 Climbing
Thresh 11


Seeder 11 Various Skills
Chaff 11 Sword
Katniss 12 Bow & arrows/Knife
Peeta 12 Knife/Hands
Maysilee 12 Blow Gun
Haymitch 12 Knife
Rory 12 N/A
Gale 12 Bow & Arrows/ Snares
Prim 12 N/A
Goat Man 12 Goat Horn


1. You can sponsor 3 tributes at once this time because I dont want any tributes with out sponsors

2. You have 1000 dollars to spend

3. There is no limit to how many people can sponsor 1 tribute

4. Once the games begin there can be no more sponsors


Axe: 250

Sword: 150

Spear: 100

Bow: 150

Quiver of 2 dozen arrows: 50

Knife: 75

Assortment of throwing knives: 175

Assortment of Hatchets: 225

Blowgun: 150

Darts: 50

Poison: 25

Halberd (Type of axe): 200

Trident: 275

Hatchet: 75

Dagger: 80

Machete: 125

Blow torch: 200

War Hammer: 175

Mace & Chain (exactly what it sounds like): 200

Catapult (yes i said it): 600


Inflatable raft with paddles: 500

Rope: 50

Wire: 75

Swiss army knife: 125

Parka (winter coat): 150

Dried meat: 100

Dried Fruit: 75

Water: 150

Net: 150

Iodine: 75

Spile: 100

Salt: 25

Sleeping bag: 100

Matches: 75


Burn Ointment: 200

Disinfectint: 100

Sleeping pills: 80

Painkiller: 100

Herbal mixture (for large wounds): 100

Magiheal: 500 (Heals wounds really quick)

Sponsor Money Tribute #1 Tribute #2 Tribute #3
Polinarose 1000 Foxface Finnick Rory
Jynx87 1000 Peeta
Creatoroflocalcartoons 1000 Rue Rory Goat Man
Rosehathaway 1000 Annie Clove Rory
QuinnQuinn 1000 Haymitch Katniss Gloss
Thehungergamesgirl 1000 Peeta
Gale's Girl 1000 Gale
Shadowseer 1000 Wiress Foxface Finnick
Cloveismywife 1000 Clove Gale Cato


Here is the arena: Two very large cliffs that take up a fifth of the arena each mark the north west and north east part of the arena with a crevise in between them. In the crevise is a river with a damn blocking it from flowing through the gigantic empty river bed that takes up the center of the arena and about as thick as the mississippi (that's cuz it is). Below the cliff to the east is a forest on the other part of the west is a dersert that leads to an ocean. On the west side there is a frozen tundra. on top of the cliffs are 4 pre-built cabins. In the middle of the empty river bed is cornacopia. It is very fully stocked this year. With equipmet for any weather or climate and any weapon you can name. It also has tons of food and water provisions.


Glimmer: Alive, Career, N/A

Marvel: Alive, Career, N/A

Cashmere: Alive, Career, N/A

Gloss: Alive, Career, N/A

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