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    1. no cursing
    2. no links or profiles
    3. no wiki contributers, I just get confused
    4. reservations last 2 days
    5. this will last as many days as I want. not just 3  
    6. ask before you spam
    7. use this templat


    student templat

    • name:
    • age(13 to 17):
    • class:
    • streangths: (at least 2)
    • weaknesses: (at least 2)
    • real life pic:
    • backsory:


    The Students

    male weapon age
    female weapon age

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  • Thresh Is Best

    24- how you say- special combatants will enter this years games. you will have no idea who you get as your tribute. you will only be able to choose your district and i will asign you my chosen tribute.

    ENOUGH CHIT-CHAT!!!! let the games begin!

    name district univerce weapon(s)
    Thor 1m Marvel hammer,lightning,super streangth
     Wonder Woman 1f DC tiara,super streangth,lasso,bracelits,flying,sword,shield
    Superman 2m DC super streangth,lasser vision,frost breath,invincibility,super speed,flying
    Vixen 2f DC animal powers
    The Flash 3m DC super speed
    Black Canary 3f DC screach,hand-to-hand combat
    Deathstroke 4m DC pistol,sniper rifel,knife,sword
    Invisible Woman 4f Marvel invisibility, force fields
    Bane 5m DC venom
    Cat Woman 5f DC claws,speed
    Batman 6m D…

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  • Thresh Is Best

    Some people think they are the best lookig Some say they are they are the best period. Will Finnick outsmart Cato, or will Cato overpower Finnick.

    Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Cato Vs. Finnick!

    age: 18

    weapons: colada sword, machete, spear, long sickle

    score: 10

    x-factors: streangth, size, swords

    downfall: tenper

    cause of death: eaten by wolf mutts then shot by Katniss


    age: 24

    weapons: trident, net, knife

    score: unknown

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  • Thresh Is Best

    You can now sponer the tribute you want to win in my tribute battles.

    also I have some ideas for battles you can vote on. the battle that gets the most votes I will do 1st, and the battle with the least votes I will do last. Here we go.







    Let the voting begin!!!!!!!

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  • Thresh Is Best
    district 7 or district 5?




    x-factor: hand-to-hand combat/build/streangth


    cause of death:strangled to death by D6 male







    cause of death:knifed by Clove/slashed by Thresh

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