24- how you say- special combatants will enter this years games. you will have no idea who you get as your tribute. you will only be able to choose your district and i will asign you my chosen tribute.

ENOUGH CHIT-CHAT!!!! let the games begin!

name district univerce weapon(s)
Thor 1m Marvel hammer,lightning,super streangth
 Wonder Woman 1f DC tiara,super streangth,lasso,bracelits,flying,sword,shield
Superman 2m DC super streangth,lasser vision,frost breath,invincibility,super speed,flying
Vixen 2f DC animal powers
The Flash 3m DC super speed
Black Canary 3f DC screach,hand-to-hand combat
Deathstroke 4m DC pistol,sniper rifel,knife,sword
Invisible Woman 4f Marvel invisibility, force fields
Bane 5m DC venom
Cat Woman 5f DC claws,speed
Batman 6m DC baterang,explosives,hand-to-hand combat, tassers, grapling hook
Cheetah 6f DC super speed,claws
Green Lantern 7m DC power ring(green)
Mysique 7f Marvel machine gun,shapeshifting
Wolverine 8m Marvel claws,streangth,metal bones,regenaration
Huntress 8f DC crossbow,grappling hook,hand-to-hand combat
Sinestro 9m DC power ring(yellow)
Hawk Girl 9f DC mace,flying
Hulk 10m Marvel super streangth,durrability
She-hulk 10f Marvel super streangth,durrability
The Thing 11m Marvel super streangth
Shanna The She Devil 11f Marvel spear
Ant Man 12m DC super streangth,growing,shrinking,ants
Starfire 12f DC lassers,flying


tribute money district
~glitterday~ Thor $1000 1m
Kman528 Wonder Woman $1000 1f
Tehblackdeath Superman $1000 2m
Misytmolla Vixen $1000 2f
$1000 3m
HungerGames9000 Black Canary $1000 3f
CatoET Deathstroke $1000 4m
CatoET Invisible Woman $1000 4f
$1000 5m
Prezziesnow9704:)! Cat Woman $1000 5f
Nightlock Kriptonite Batman $1000 6m
Tehblackdeath Cheetah $1000 6f
$1000 7m
Prezziesnow9704:)! Mystique $1000 7f
Kalebh513 Wolverine $1000 8m
Nightlock Kriptonite Huntress $1000 8f
$1000 9m
KEWLBEN Hawk Girl $1000 9f
wiki contributer Hulk $1000 10m
MarcelineOggyFan2010 She-Hulk $1000 10f
$1000 11m
TwilightPerry Star Fire $1000 12f
$1000 12m

Tribute Photos

District 1

T Is For Thor


Infinite Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman

District 2

Superman @ Saló del Cómic




District 3

Infinite Flash

The Flash

BigBarda is BlackCanary

Black Canary

Distict 4

366 - Deathstroke


Universal Invisible Woman

Invisible Woman

District 5

WonderCon 2012 - Bane


Dark Knight Rises Catwoman poster

Cat Woman


District 6



The 2012 Central Canada Comic Con - Cheetah


District 7

Cool Blog Sociale - 4th December 2008 - Rebecca Romijn Mystique B


In Blackest Night

Green Lantern

District 8

Huntress @ DragonCon 2011


Wolverine pencil drawing


District 9




Hawk Girl

District 10

Hulk (Bruce Banner)


Universal She-Hulk


District 11

What time is it, Thing?

The Thing

Shanna The She Devil

Shanna The She Devil

District 12

Ant Man

Ant Man

WonderCon 2012 - Starfire from Teen Titans

Star Fire

<poll> individual training sessions yes no </poll>

-Thresh Is Best (talk) 20:28, June 11, 2013 (UTC) :-)

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