This is a story about Harrison Reqi's Journey through the hunger games. It is told by the capitol reporters, commentators, announcers, and personalities. I hope you enjoy the experience of the hunger games from the spectator's view.


Hi, I'm Mike Lusakus, This year's hunger games announcer. Today is reaping day for twelve districts. We will find out today who will be competing. Let's talk to our district one reporter, Lucy Harran.

"It's been an interesting day here in the jeweled district. There were not any volunteers like normal. It seemed as though the boy and girl were already good picks to win. The boy, Marcus Pletty, is a 16 year old from the northern area of district 1. He is especially good at mace throwing according to our gossip. The girl, Amber Miller, is a blonde, attractive girl who is good with throwing knives. She's intimidating and a top pick right now."

How about District 2. "Sal Lewis here. District 2 had two volunteers, as projected. Zander Mason is the first. He is tall, muscular, and apparently throws rocks to kill enemies. The girl, Katherine Opal, uses a bow and arrow. They will fit in well with the careers."

What about the ones who provide us our televisions we are watching right now? "When the crowd heard the namme Harrison Reqi would be competing, they broke into applause for the first time ever. He is 18, tall, smart, fierce, and can use many weapons, like knives, maces, and swords. He is projected to join the careers. District 3 doesn't care any more about their female tribute Arielle Winston, because she is not the best pick. They have hope in Harrison though. His only problems are survival, climbing, swimming, etc. D3. Off to Alexa in 4."

"We had one volunteer here in D4 today. Hannah Trout volunteered. She is amazing at fishing, making human traps, and using a trident. Her partner, Jonas Golden will use a spear, but may not be accepted to the careers. Alexa Cole here in D4."

"What your seeing in district 5 is two dead tributes. I project Elijah Daniels to die in the bloodbath, and Sandra Young to run away and die of starvation. Irrelevance."

"I see the same from district 6. Gunther Frye uses a blowgun, which has been in the cornucopia 3 out of ten times. Galia Reynolds seems unsure about everything and slow to make decisions. They'll die."

"District 7 brings a winner to the table. Hallie Cooper, Master of throwing axes cold kill off a few. And Dean Chaff is an amazing climber and can identify plants well. This already known alliance colud go far."

"District 8, however, seems like they rely on weapons needed by careers. Ryan Watson uses maces, and Ava Smith uses tridents. I wouldn't be shocked if they are gone in day one."

"District 9 had Roberta Nunez and Lee Hexton. Probably irrelevant."

"Both of the d10 tributes are tall, fast, and dumb. They will survive the bloodbath, but not much else. Their names are Eddie Tyne and Jessie Nguyen."

"D11 brought two tessera rich 12 year olds. Jack Hampton, and Sue Withers. They won't make it far."

"Everyone hates 12. Garret Voxen and Katrina Daniels. Useless."



District Gender Name Weapons
1 M Marcus Pletty Throwing Mace
1 F Amber Miller Throwing Knives
2 M Zander Mason Throwing Rocks
2 F Katherine Opal Bow + Arrow
3 M Harrison Reqi Swords, Knives, Maces
3 F Arielle Winston Sword
4 M Hannah Trout Trident, Traps
4 F Jonas Golden Spear, wire
5 M Elijah Daniels Martial Arts
5 F Sandra Young Camouflage
6 M Gunther Frye Blowgun
6 F Galia Reynolds none
7 M Hallie Cooper Throwing Axes
7 F Dean Chaff Climbing, survival
8 M Ryan Watson Maces
8 F Ava Smith Tridents
9 M Lee Hexton Bow + Arrow
9 F Roberta Nunez Nets
10 M Eddie Tyne Speed, Size
10 F Jessie Nguyen Spear
11 M Jack Hampton Climbing, Camouflage
11 F Sue Withers None
12 M Garret Voxen Sword
12 F Katrina Daniels None

Current Betting Odds:

























Training Day 1: Open to the Media

By Cecelia Park

It was day one of training. This is open to the media. There were some tributes who had skills which wowed me. Some others were worse. Here's the good and the bad:


  1. Marcus Pletty. He has amazing aim and mechanics. He showed that he has some speed to run away if needed. But what was so impressive was how he always hit the target in the same place, with the same part of the mace each time. This consistency will help him kill tributes.
  2. Hannah Trout of district 4. She has whopping force and velocity in her trident. Other tributes are beginning to fear her. It has been confirmed that she is in an alliance with Marcus, Amber, and Katherine. We are not yet sure whether Zander, Harrison, Jonas, or anyone else will be accepted into this pack.
  3. Hallie. She was the overall winner of training today. She could identify plants, which we didn't think she could. She axed people inn many ways. But her top performance was when she was on a simulated tree, and she threw an ax at a dummy, completely cutting its head off. While the head was still in the air, she threw another axe, hitting the head and sending it higher in the air. She is now listed as a 3-1.


  1. Ava. Shee missed her trident throws several times. When she hit, they never knocked over.
  2. Harrison. He proved that he could kill people, but he'll need help to survive.
  3. Zander. Usually careers use pointed objects, not hard ones.


Sal Lewis reported today that we may be seeing two career packs. One includes Hannah, Katherine, Amber, and Marcus. The other includes Zander, Harrison, Hallie, Jonas, and Dean. Though Zander is trying to convince Katherine to let him and the rest of his alliance in, they may not get in, or it may fall apart quickly. This is a developing story.

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