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    Leaving the Wiki

    August 26, 2012 by Thresh is Fresh

    I have just been too busy with both the new marathon im going to be running and College. Work is now going to be a problem sense EZ access layed off a bunch of people Im going to be working a bit more. Ill still be coming on just not as much as I use to. I enjoyed my time here and I hope you enjoyed talking with me as I have with you.

    Thanks for the memories everyone - Corey, aka, Thresh is Fresh

    A comment given and ill give you my honest thoughts about you.

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  • Thresh is Fresh

    Age: 16

    Strength: Bow and Arrow and Scythe

    Weakness: He tries to not get attached to anyone because when he does he is extremely protective towards them

    Appearence/personality: Aurum has black hair which he styles into a quiff-like hairstyle that compliments his round features, he is naturally good looking and has bright green eyes that are caring and sensitive, he is 6 foot 2 and has a muscualr build

    Backstory: Aurum comes from the richest part of distict 1, only being surpassed by the mayor himself, he isn't spoilt though, on his days off from the acedemy he works in the gold mines which means he has to pull the cart full of gold and mine it, this has given him exceptional strength, one day when he had a day off from the mine he went to visi…

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  • Thresh is Fresh

    Active Tributes.

    Summer Hill - District 12 - girl - Primrose33

    Scarlet Ruby Kane - District 3 - girl - Scarlet Ruby

    Rift Warfield - District 13 - boy - MW2 RPD ACOG

    Lila Woods - District 7 - girl - Madrigalmagic

    Christine - District 11 - girl - Hungerisnottwilight

    Carson Brando - District 10 - boy - Wildcats11630

    Rose Jones - District 5 - girl - Iluvgale

    Sparks Jones - District 5 - boy - Iluvgale

    Alex Lucic - District 6 - girl - Falconshockey6

    Allisa Elliot - District 8 - girl - Haayle

    Saphire Hyland - District 1 - girl - Madrigalmagic

    Mitzie Deren - District 2 - girl - Thejman63

    Donnie Daytona District 4 - boy - Ravenclaw Eagles14

    Peyton Rivera - District 4 - girl - Ravenclaw Eagles14

    Note: I did not intend to have so many female tributes survive to thi…

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  • Thresh is Fresh
    • The Mutations, Sending in muttations to flush th tributes out of hiding.
    • The Feast, Setting up a feast to draw tributes in to fight.
    • The Primus, Flooding the arena so the tributes fight for the only high ground in the arena.
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  • Thresh is Fresh

    The arena is comprised of 6 sections.

    The center is the grassy fields where the Cornucopia is and where the careers have camped.

    The north is the greenwood forest where Scarlet, Rift, Lila and Summer have set camp.

    The south is a redwood forest that Alex lucic escaped from a Inferno, and where Christine and Carson Brando currently stay.

    the west is a small mountain surrounded by hills, Alisa Elliot found a cave and camped there.

    The east is a Marshland with slender trees, Rose and Sparks jones have set camp here.

    The bordering terrain is a tropical jungle the leads into an ocean of water, the border of the arena is where Alex Lucic was taken by the river.

    The story will continue shortly.

    Rift has decided to go hunting and he needs someone to watch…

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