Day 2 The Hunt, The Alliance and The Plan

This is the Part 2, this continues my last Post that began the Grand Hunger Games. Enjoy!

The Careers & The Hunt

"Here is where the fire was burning, judging from how much smoke is coming from the stomped out wood, Id say its been about an hour sense the fire maker was here" Saphire Hyland says with her hand over the extinguish fire.

"Okay I found a trail, perhaps we persue" Donnie Daytona says crouching down.

"Then we find who made this and kill them, its simple" Peyton Rivera says loosing her patience.

"Stay calm this will be over time, and time is the key to winning" Mitzie Deran says spinning his knife on the ground.

"Once we find who made this fire we'll let you kill them okay" Donnie Daytona says grinning at Peyton Rivera.

"I see a path that she may have taken Donnie, we need to move while the day is still young" Kiriato Kauso says putting her backpack on both shoulders.

"very well, Ill take the lead, Saphire take my second sword I have no need for two and you need a longer weapon" Donnie Daytona says handing the sword to Saphire Hyland.

"So after we kill who ever this is I need to head back because I didnt pack enough water" Mitzie Deran says standing up.

"Take one of mine I packed three extra" Saphite Hyland says throwing Mitzie a water bottle.

The Careers set out in a run in hopes to catch the fire starter.

The Alliances

Scarlet Ruby Kane is walking through the woods when she comes across fellow tribute, Lila Woods! the two stop and observe one another.

"If you want an alliance that makes two of us" Scarlet says preparing her spear for a attack.

"You want ease your self, I have no intension in killing you, its the careers I want, If you can help then perhaps we have a chance at winning in the grand hunger games" Lila Woods says lowering her slingshot.

"Im Scarlet Ruby Kane, but you can just call me scarlet" Scarlet says holding her hand out to shake.

"Im Lila Woods, just call me what ever you feel like" Lila says letting out a slight chuckle before shaking Scarlets hand.

"I have some veggies if your hungry" Lila says pulling out a sack of carrots, celery and cilantro.

"Ive killed two rabbits today, so you picked up all these veggies at the Cornucopia right" Scarlet asks while sitting down to skin the rabbits.

"No I found them, I know suprising right but this arena is filled with vegetables and they stick out like a black sheep" Lila says snapping a carrot in half.

"Thats amazing, I never heard of an arena that just supplies food like that, It must be because recently a lot of careers have been winning and they want to change it up" Scarlet says skinning the last rabbit and receiving a carrot half from Lila.

"Not only that but were well supplied in water too" Lila says as she starts a small fire and grabs a hand full of cilantro.

"I think its good to have a lot of food but all this seems a bit weird and out of place" Scarlet says putting the two Rabbits on a skillet pan (she got from the Cornucopia) and begins to cook to rabbits.

"True but I cant figure out why, maybe a new mutt that survives on veggies?" Lila says with a giggle before adding the cilantro to the cooking rabbit.

A snap of a twig happens and Scarlet and Lila are up and armed in no time, Scarlet is ready to throw her spear and Lila is has her slingshot raised, before them stand Rift and Summer Hill who look tired and beat.

"Dont please, please dont shoot, she needs help, we need help" Rift says holding Summer Hill proped on his shoulder.

"Why did you take the risk of approaching if you knew that we could kill you" Lila asks with authority.

"Because I figured you would be just like the rest of us, Reaped and thrown into the arena but not wanting to kill anyone unless it was the only option" Rift says catching his breath.

"Lets let them join, we need more people if were going to take down the careers" Scarlet says to persuade Lila.

"whats wrong with her" Lila asks pointing her slingshot at Summer.

"Shes in mental shock, her brother was killed right before her eyes" Rift says in a slight cry for help.

"You two can join us, perhaps you can help us with a plan on taking down the careers" Lila says lowering her weapon.

"Thanks, that smells good! whats cooking?" Rift asks while helping summer sit against a tree, he pulls out a onion and begins to cut it up.

"rabbit and cilantro cooked on skillet" Lila says sitting down next to Scarlet.

"Is she going to be okay" Scarlet asks looking at summer.

"I dont know, a dead friend is harsh on the heart, a dead brother or any family for that matter, is brutal" Rift says adding the onions to the skillet.

The tributes continue to talk about the careers and summer until the food is ready, they eat before plans are discussed.

Family Values

Rose and Sparks jones come across a marsh area with slender trees, Rose uses a net she got at the cornucopia and ties it onto two trees that are close to eachother making a hammock. The two make plans on how they will take turns sleeping and watching.

"okay from the look of it, it looks like squash growing in that brush over there, Ill gather what I can find" Rose says checking her bag.

"Right o! Ill go thorugh what we have and you do your gathering thing" Sparks says tilting his head.

Rose gethers enough sqwash to her her brother and her and she heads back, Sparks has a strange pot that heats its self up, the two cook the sqwash and eat it before Rose takes her turn to sleep.

"rest easy sis, get some sleep" Sparks says brushing roses hair off her face.

Sparks readys his sword and prepares for anything.

The Enemy of my Enemy

Christine is resting when a spear hits the tree next to her, she jumps up ready for an attack, footsteps coming at her from her right and the direction from where the spear came shows that theres more then one person, she draws out her weapon known as a Falx (a weapon the has both a 3 foot handle and blade) when she turns to see Ali Hayes Running head on hold a Kitana.

Christine Reflects Ali's attack and counters with a sweep across his chest, Ali goes down when the second person is revealed to be Carson Brando, Alex's is a naginata.

Alex and Christie battle it out until their Christie clocks Alex in the jaw and Carson falls to the ground.

"Go on do it" Carson Brando says with tears.

"Im not going to kill someone who is not ready to die" Christie says offering him her hand.

"The enemy of my enemy, you took Ali out as if she was nothing, I saw you kill her with remarkable speed, I never knew her and I didnt want to get to know her but she was a tough looking one durring training" Carson says taking Christines hand.

"so what are you saying" Christine asks Carson while tightening her grip on her weapon.

"Im saying that together we have a shot at killing the careers and a shot at getting home, I want to be your ally, I never pictured my self with someone ranked with a 12" Carson says picking up is naginata and putting on the safe guard.

"well your handy with that weapon, together we can stand a chance" Christie says noticing a noise.

"whats that" Carson says looking around.

A mockingjay lands and begins to sing a note, a craft appears and retrieves Ali's body.

"well lets get dug in for the night before it gets dark" Carson suggests.

"good Idea" Christine says grabing Ali's pack on the ground.

the two set camp and day brakes.

Alisa and The Beast

Alisa Elliot is searching the mountain side of the arena, she disappeared without a trace from the arena almost as if a ghost, Once she had a pack she was gone.

Alisa comes across a cave that looks empty, she checks her backpack were she finds flairs to light and a bow with a small sheath of arrows as well, she arms her self and readys her bow, once she has lit a flair she can already see that the cave is inhabited by a large beast.

The beast is human like on how it stands on both legs but thats where the similatirys end, the beast has gorilla like arms and legs but with a hunch body and head like a monster size boar.

Alisa throws the flair in the darker spot of the Cave to light it before she readys her first arrow to fire, the beast prepares to charge when the first arrow hits it in the leg, the beast legs put a roar of rage and pain and begins to charge when the second arrow hits it above where the heart should be located, the beast stops to pull the arrow when Alisa fires the third arrow and hits it directly in the sternum.

The beast falls to the ground and lays silent, Alisa makes camp and sees the opportunity for a meal from the dead creature, she cuts off a chunk of the leg before she starts a small fire inside the cave to cook the meat.

"Heres to survival and family" Alisa says taking a bite of the meat,

"Oh wow" Alisa says with enjoyment.

Alisa comtinues to eat until she cant eat no more before she lays down to sleep.

Alex Lucic's Inferno

Alex has headed deep into the south end of the arena, here the trees had red bark and the ground is littered with leaves, Alex has stopped to make camp to call it a night.

A smell wakes Alex, when she comes to her senses she realizes that the smell is smoke and a wall of fire is closeing on him. Alex only has time to throw everything into his bag and take off, Alex is running but there seems to be no end to the fire.

Alex finally finds a river to escape from the fire, He jumps in without hesitation, Alex surfaces but realizes that he has just jumped into the rapids of a river that flows with great speed.

Struggling against fierce waters, Alex makes it to land but she is tired he manages to prop himself against a tree before catching her breath, a little para shoot lands a couple feet infront of her and she rushes to claim it.

A towl is inside a bag, Alex begins to dry herself off when she sees something else in side the bag, she looks inside to reveal a double bladed hand knife.

Alex finds some roots in the surrounding area, after looking around she decides to camp, searching her backpack she pulls out a extra jacket, Alex covers her legs with the jacket and then dirfts to sleep.

Game makers overview!

This marks the end of the second night, we have seen a great escape from an inferno, a brave fight against a fierce beast, a heart warming bond within family, and a few alliances between people with a common enemy and a need for survival.

Will the alliances be strong enough to bring down the careers? what blood will be spilt tomorrow? what kind of obstacles will be thrown at the tributes? find out next time in The Hunger Games!

Todays death recap!

District 8 - boy - Ali Hayes - I am really awesome

Ending day 2. Day 3 will be followed up shortly! hope you have enjoyed part 2 of the Grand Hunger Games!

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