Day 3, The Muttation Marshes.

The arena is comprised of 6 sections.

The center is the grassy fields where the Cornucopia is and where the careers have camped.

The north is the greenwood forest where Scarlet, Rift, Lila and Summer have set camp.

The south is a redwood forest that Alex lucic escaped from a Inferno, and where Christine and Carson Brando currently stay.

the west is a small mountain surrounded by hills, Alisa Elliot found a cave and camped there.

The east is a Marshland with slender trees, Rose and Sparks jones have set camp here.

The bordering terrain is a tropical jungle the leads into an ocean of water, the border of the arena is where Alex Lucic was taken by the river.

The story will continue shortly.

The Departure

Rift has decided to go hunting and he needs someone to watch his back as he hunts, Lila decides to go with him to learn in hopes that hunting will teach her something about survival.

Scarlet finds this as a good time to help Summer recover from her terrible loss.

"You sure you'll be find with her?" Rift says thrusting his spear into a tree.

"Ill be fine, I just hope I can help her, I hate seeing people like this, it reminds me of home" Scarlet says eating a hand full of berries.

"Expect Lila and I to be back before dusk" Rift says throwing on his backpack.

"Is life in district 3 like that? people living in depression with absent mind" Lila says shakeing her jacket before putting it on.

"Its not a good district to live in, but its home, the only people who get through every day are the ones who have learned that what they have is what they got and nothing more" Scarlet says tightening her grip.

"My district is like that too, never enough to eat, never anyone smiling, always a grim and dark mood every day, the only thing I loved in this world was my family, now with my brother gone I dont know what to do" Summer says as a tear falls onto her lap.

Everyone is looking at her with an upset expression on there face.

"I know it must be hard but if you want to live you have to pull it together" Rift says supportingly.

"Hes right you cant give in now, you have a life to return to at home, for family needs you" Lila says rubbing her back.

"Your family is watching, do you think they want to see you like this? you have to be strong, be brave, and know your brother died because he wanted you to win, fight for your family and win" Rift says wiping a tear from Summers cheek before raising her chin.

"Stay strong you hear, your family needs you" Rift says giving his encouragement and a smile.

"And stay brave, everyone here is dangerous but so are you, everyone here is afraid of something" Lila says readying her slingshot to hunt and giving Summer a nod.

"Summer and I are going to look for more veggies to eat" Scarlet says picking up her spear.

"Right and we meet here at dusk okay, If we dont return we'll find out what happens at the recap" Rift says tapping Lila's shoulder meaning its time to depart.

Lila locks eyes with Summer and the two stay like that for a moment until Summer spots a tear from one of Lila's eyes, Lila turns to wipe the tear and begins walking with Rift to hunt.

Down with a Sickness

Alex Lucic has woken up to feel that his feat are numb, the cold water was a bit more then his body could bare, he observes his feet are extreamly cold and knows that they were left in wet socks all night.

Alex hangs what cloths that are wet over some branches and digs her feat in hot sand to help warm up, she spots fish and decides that once she gets some feeling back in her feat that its time she try's fishing.

After an hour of hot sand Alex's feat are feel a bit better and she begins to pace back and fourth to get more feeling in them, Alex takes the time to peal and crack open a coconut while pacing to get something into her system.

She then sharpens a long thin branch into a spear and goes fishing, She feels very hot and getting into the water really shows how sick she really is, Alex has come down with a fever and she knows that if shes going to survive she needs to eat and stay warm.

Alex finally catches a fish and begins preping it to eat, she lays the fish on some burning rocks and begins to put on her cloths she took off earlier, once she has her dry cloths back on she eats her fish and readys herself for what ever the day may bring her.

A High Plateau

Rose and Sparks decide that the Marsh land that they are currently in is not safe and agree to move into higher ground, once packed the two head south into the red woods in hope to find higher more safe ground.

At the border where the marshes end and the red woods begin stands a Panther with white claws, but from how bulky the panther look its not a normal creature, before them stands a Mutt.

Sparks hands Rose a knife and draws his sword.

"If this thing attacks up then I want you to run" Sparks says as hold's Roses hand and walks in a 40 yard distance around the Mutt.

"Im not leaving you like that, we stay together and we fight as one" Rose says braking Sparks grip.

The two watch as the Mutt stands up and begins walking deeper into the Marshes opposite to them and the two ease up.

"lets move" Rose says pointing out a high plateau in the distance.

"alright sounds good" Sparks says joking.

The two reach the high plateau un harmed and set camp before preparing a meal.

Lila Woods & Rift Warfield, Only A Chilling Elegy

The sound of birds echo through the arena, the smell of pollen and pine trees fill the air, Rift is stalking a wild bird unknown to him, Lila sits in a branch with her slingshot ready to fire.

The Bird comes into range when Lila fires the slingshot taking off the wild birds leg completely, Rift Goes in for the kill as he throws his knife sticking it all the way into the wild birds chest.

Hitting the ground in silence the wild bird dies.

"That was some knife skill you have there" Lila says pulling the knife out of the bird before handing it to Rift.

"Thanks Im self taught, I use to train against trees and rocks, huh, just in case I would be in the Hunger Games" Rift says cleaning his blade with some moss off a tree.

"I dont know what this bird is but its huge, enough for us to last another night" Lila says begining to pull the feathers out and setting them underneather some rocks.

"I fell like somthing is watching us" Rift says whispering before pulling his knife to his side but ready for attack.

"What? whats wrong?" Lila says packing the bird in her backpack before drawing her slingshot back prepared to fire.

Just then an axe flys past both of them and gets stuck in a tree, before them stands Kiriato Kauso with a large grin on his face weilding a spear in hand and a sword in his harnest.

Kiriato charges with his spear at Lila but is intercepted by Rift, Kiriato and Rift exchange between offence and deffenceive attacks when Lila gets a clear shot at Kiriato, Lila manages to shoot at Kiriato's back but only right as Rift is knocked back by Kiriato's blunt force.

Kiriato turns to Lila as she fires a second rock at Kiriato but he just manages to dadge it, Lila is ready to fire a third rock when Kiriato throws his spear into Lila's leg slightly above the knee.

"Lila!" Rift says before standing on his feet, Kiriato is pacing toward Lila to pull the spear but just as he reaches her Rift jumps on his back and begins to choke him, Kiriato is throwing elbows and backward headbutts to get Rift off his back.

Rift gets Kiriato on his knees putting Rift in the advantage but right when he thinks he won Kiriato loosens Rifts grip and makes it back to his feet, Kiriato runs backward into a tree slamming rift in raw power, slam after slam Rift finally lets go from the amount of beating he is taking.

As Kiriato catches his breath as he pulls his sword from his harnest, Kiriato is slowly stumbling toward Rift who is sitting against a tree, Kiriato reaches Rift and is about to swing when a rock hits him in the back of the head, Kiriato slips to the ground revealing Lila proped up against a tree.

"Lila how are you?" Rift says with moans of pain.

"He got me good, but I should live" Lila says limping over to Rift.

"We need to get back now, can you, help me up? my backs messed up" Rift says holding out his hand, Lila manages to pull Rift up with the help of a tree, Just then a cannon fires.

"Lets head back, we need to heal our wounds" Lila says as Rift patches up her leg with a piece of cloth he rips of his shirt.

"Okay ill be fine as long as im not laying down" Rift says putting Lila's arm around his shoulder as they begin walking back to camp.

Alisa Elliot, In Shadows

In the Cornucopia sits the supplies unprotected, Alisa Elliot manages to steal a bag and packs it full of bagged supplies before taking off, when she reaches her camp she uncovers whats in the bags.

2 loafs of bread, 2 packs of bef strips, 1 pack of crackers, 3 packs of dryed fruit, and a flask of water.

Alisa makes a meal with what she has and eats until she can eat no more.

Christine and Carson, The Muttation Marshes!

Christine and Carson are out of the Redwoods but into a strange marsh.

"I dont have a good feeling about this" Carson says tightening his grip on his naginata.

"But its not a bad feeling right" Christine says holding up her Falx to the sound of a bark in the distance.

"Yes its a very bad feeling lets turn back now" Carson says turning to see Christine nodding in agreement.

By the time they reach the border between the marshes and the red woods a beast is already standing there, Its eyes locked on them ready to charge at any given moment, just as Christine and and Carson make eye contact realizing what they face, The beast charges at them.

The beast with its boar like head and its gorilla like bosy and limbs crashes into a tree as Carson dodges its attack, Christine moves in for a strike as the beasts back is turned, Christine slices a huge cut along its back.

The beast turns to her about to stike when Carson drives his weapon into the beasts back into its heart, the beast goes down right as more start to appear in the distance.

Christine and Carson waist no time and make it into the redwoods, they stop when the are much out of sight from the marshes before making it back to camp.

Scarlet and Summer, From Home with Love

The sound of waters streaming through the rivers along with the mockingjays singing creates a slightly peaceful feeling in the arena as Scarlet and Summer pick roots, barries and plants to eat.

The two make it back to camp without trouble and begin spliting an even amount for four people.

"This will be enough for today, now we just wait for them to come back" Scarlet says sitting down.

"I wonder who's cannon that was a while ago" Scarlet says looking at what she has in her backpack.

"Scarlet" Summer says with a hollow voice.

"Yes" Scarlet says as if not to scare her.

"Do you think it could have been Rift or Lila?" Summer says glancing over to Scarlet.

"Theres no telling, If so then one of them are dead, but where just going to have to wait and see" Scarlet says sitting back.

"I hope they are alright" Summer says sitting back like Scarlet.

The Careers, Mobilize!

Gathered around a camp fire the Careers sit in silence, the anthum begins to play and the capitol seal appears in the sky, Kiriato Kanso appears in the sky before the seal again, the anthum ends and the sky goes black.

"Why did he leave us" Saphire Hyland days braking the silence.

"He never was much of a talker" Mitzie Deren says in a hushed voice.

"Well now he's never going to talk again sense he's dead, why the hell did he just leave" Donnie Daytona says in an angry and annoyed voice.

"I have no idea, He was antisocial even back at home, I think he just didnt want part in out pack" Mitzie says sharpening her spear.

"Well we need to make up for lost ground" Donnie says looking over to Peyton Rivera.

"I agree" Peyton says in responce.

"Then tomorrow we kill someone and make up for our losses" Donnie says laying back in his sleeping bag.

"Your night watch Mitzie" Saphire says laying down in her sleeping bag.

"Fair enough" Mitzie says sitting down in a chair and putting on night vision glasses.

The Careers take this night of sleep for tomorrow is hunting season.

The Reunion!

Rift and Lila make it back to camp, Scarlet treats there wounds while summer picks off the rest of the feathers of the wild bird before cooking it, Lila and Rift explain what happened before summer serves the bird, in a few moments the tributes get stuffed up and prepared for bed.

"May the odds be in our favor" Rift says before slipping into sleep.

Day 3 Death Recap!

District 2 - Boy - Kiriato Kauso - Thejman63

Thank you for reading part 4 will begin production as soon as i get some feed back from some people.

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