Tributes - The Reaping

Aurum Livingstone - Male - D1 - CallamD97

Age: 16

Strength: Bow and Arrow and Scythe

Weakness: He tries to not get attached to anyone because when he does he is extremely protective towards them

Appearence/personality: Aurum has black hair which he styles into a quiff-like hairstyle that compliments his round features, he is naturally good looking and has bright green eyes that are caring and sensitive, he is 6 foot 2 and has a muscualr build

Backstory: Aurum comes from the richest part of distict 1, only being surpassed by the mayor himself, he isn't spoilt though, on his days off from the acedemy he works in the gold mines which means he has to pull the cart full of gold and mine it, this has given him exceptional strength, one day when he had a day off from the mine he went to visit the library, as he often does and founf a book on something called parkour, he practiced for years and is now a master, he volunteered this year for a small 12 year old who had broke his leg the day before.

Bloodbath plan/ stratedgy for the games: Grab a weapon and stay with the careers, only fight if confronted

Extra: He has Eidetic memory meaning he has extreme precision in recalling advice from people and he is amazing at plant identification because he read all about it in the library

Alliance: Careers

Token: A pair of running shoes for extra grip

Glisten Celestia - Female - D1 - MistyLovesAsh

Age 16

Weapons Bow and arrow,Longsword

Skills: Charismatic,Speed, Strength, Aim, Looks,Smart

Weakness: Arrogance,Pride

Inter View Ange: Sweet, Insecure


  • Strategy in the games: Stick with the careers throughout the bloodbath, dominate the bloodbath with her fellow careers and then go off with her weapons and supplies to build a camp. Later on in the games down to the last 5-6 she would go and tell the careers shes going to go and hunt but secretly run off with supplies and hideout til a the last two and wait with her supplies and food til the last dies of hunger or kills her with her bow and arrows ( Weapon).
  • raining center & Chariot Ride: Dressed in a glimmering gold gown with a beautiful headpiece, the dress would sparkle in the light of the capital making her look lusty,beautiful noticeable.

Alliance: with the Careers

Backstory:She has trained in the careers academy since she was very little. She has always wanted to take part in the games. She has trained her whole life with a longsword and bow and arrow which she is very skilled at. She is not like all of the other females from district one she is very strong and determined like a district 2 female and has the looks of a district 1 female.

Appearance: Slim curvy figure, long flowing blonde hair, beautiful bone structure,deep green glimmering eyes.

Jacob Masons - Male - D2 - Jake Olmos

Age: 16

Weapons: Knife, axe, spear, anything

Appearance: Black hair, black eyes, tan skin

Strategy: Stay alive with careers

Personality: Funny, smart, sexy

Clarisse Steel - Female - D2 - MR.Clove14

Name: Clarisse Steel

Gender Female

Age 15

Weapons THrowing Knives

Skills: Charismatic,Speed, Strength, Knife Throwing

Weakness: Vershort Tempered

Inter Veiw Ange: Sweet, Down to Earth

Strategy: Kill Until I become the victor

Alliance: with the Careers

Thalia Combe - Female - D3 _CatnipKatniss

Age - 16

District - 2

Looks - Dark long brown hair, blue eyes and porcleain white skin {C}[1]Skills - Knife Throwing, Archery, Strength, Speed, Seduction (Ok...Not too much ok! :P)

Picture --------->

Personality - Sweet, Sadistic, Sarcastic, A Tease and Short Tempered

Weakness - Short Tempered

Interview Angle - Sweet mixed in with some saracsm and show off her sadistic personality

Bloodbath - Run in with the careers and kill as many possible. Set up camp at the cornucopia and don't let anyone take her weapons.

Chariot Ride - Wears a short gold dress which when she turns around looks like she is wearing full gold body armour. The chariot also shines like a star, she will wave to the crowd and maybe even blow kisses

Andrew Wattz - Male - D3 - MR.Clove14


Weapons: Spears

Skills: Engineer, Strength

Personality: Hansome, Charming, Smart

Weakness: Snores while sleeping, gets hungry quick

Interview Angle: Charming, Cunning

Strategy: Grab anything and go

Backstory: Andrew is the hottest guy in District 3. He has a lot of friends in the school and never had to worry about getting feed since his mom won the 78th Hunger Games. He hsas been training ever since he was 10 years-old. His step-dad has forced him to volunteer this year. He has a step-sister that is also one of the prettiest girls in District 3. He is very close with his mom and when he told her that he will volunteer she asks him why and he tells her that he wants to try to become a victor like her, all though that is not it since his step-dad has told him that if he tells her, he will hurt him badly and get kicked out of the house.


Saffron Ventura - Female - D4 - Saffron Ventura

Age: 15

Weapon: Throwing Knives, Bow and Arrow, long distance weapons

Appearance: Sharp features, dazziling Blue Eyes, Long Brown Hair that curls to the right, smallish, but makes up for it in her strength and ego

Personality: Kind of mean, can be very judgemental and materialistic, but under all that is a side that only Troy can see, a nice, kind and friendly girl, the way she was before her parents died

Height: 4'11

Backstory: Saffron was pretty much the same as Troy, but somehow, when she was born, her parents kept her, up until she was three and her mother died in a work accident involving a hammer and 400 tonnes of granite, then her father killed herself and she was adopted by the Ventura family, the same family that was housing Troy, the instantly knew that they were related and since then the pair has been inseperable

Strengths: Quit fast and strong, very cunning and good at lying

Weaknesses: Her complete and utter connection to Troy

Nicholas Davenport - Male - D4 - Nicholas Davenport

Age: 17

Skills: Run fast, jump tree to tree, hand to hand combat and can identify poisonous water and food

Alliance: Careers

Appearance: Spiky blonde hair, emerald green eyes, tall, muscular and handsome.

Weapons: Trident, sword and mace.

Weaknesses: Has problems that can drive him crazy, setting fires, and gets mad easily.

Personality: Ruthless

Backstory: When his kid, he shouts careers! careers! when watching The Hunger Games. His father sent him to the academy of Career Tributes then he made him train and train until he is strong enough to fight in the games.

Token: A real gold with a carved snake in it given by his friend, Tom.

Strategy: Grab a weapon/s then join the bloodbath


Detria Glace - Female - D5 - Annamisasa

Age: 14

Strength: Throwing knife, stealing, she is hyper intelligent.

Weakness: 1 She isn't outstanding, 2 is not good at making new friends. 3 She hates when there is many people looking at her

Appearence/personality: Detria has a minor form for autism. She stays away from most people unless she likes the person a lot. She almost never speaks but she is hyper intelligent . She has grey eyes and black long hair and very pale skin. She's 170 cm tall.

Backstory: She was 4 years when her family found out that she was autistic. Her father started to ignore her and her mother got so angerd that she decided to divorce. After that Detria and her mother moved to the poor part of district 5. They were short on money but Detria took two tesserae and her mother worked hard, so they didn't starve. Detria only had one friend through out her life. His name was Koto. He never really said much but when they parted in the justicebuilding they kissed. Detria will do everything to get back to her only friend.

Bloodbath plan/ stratedgy for the games: Get the stuff within 5 meters of the pedestal and then RUN! Get as far away as possible hide out and find water. ALWAYS be on the go

Extra: Her favorit winner from the older games is Wiress

Alliance: She will probaly only make a alliance with one person in the whole game (If someone did something that would make her like them) and she dosen't wanna be in a alliance with more than two people.

Token: Koto gave her his black workgloves

Raven Emerald - Male - D6 - RavenRT

Raven Emerald Male Weapons: Fighting Knives, Katanas, Crossbow, Curved Hooks Age: 18 Skills: Fighting, Camouflage, Stealth, Running Weaknesses: Has insomnia (Cant sleep sometimes even when he's really tired) Appearance: Pale skin, sky blue eyes eyes, black hair down to his shoulders, tall and skinny, but muscular Personality: Nice to people he likes and trusts, brutal to his enemies, has a sense of humor History: He does not know who his family is, he was found with a raven feather and emerald by a poor man who was not his real father, and was raised to be appreciative of every scrap of food he gets, went for long runs through Six and lifted milk jugs filled with sand attached to a broomstick, also did a lot of working out that did not need equipment, then, at age 18, Raven volunteered for a 15 year old kid. Token: The emerald he was found with as an infant.

Demetria Roberts - Female - D6 - AshtonMoioLover

[3]Demetria *DO NOT STEAL!*Age: 16

Weapon: Trident, blowgun

Skills: Poison, sleuth, trickery, throwing knvies

Weaknesses: Not a good climber


Chelsea Torres - Female - D7 - Shadow Seer

Age: 13

Backstory: She grew up with her Grandmother after her parents were killed in a Forest Fire when Chelsea was 2. She loves to climb the highest trees and look at the clouds. Chelsea is very shy and doesn't have many friends. Her best friend is her cat, Minerva, who often goes with Chelsea on her journeys through the woods and likes to nap whilst chelsea looks into the clouds.

Weapon: Blowgun

Strengths: She has quick reflexes, Clever, and is good with plant identification.

Weaknesses: She not very strong, not very big, and has a fear of spiders.

District Token: Her Grandmothers Locket

Appearance: Brown Hair, Blue Eyes, Caucasin, 4'7, thin (Photo of her on my profile)

Personality: Chelsea is very quiet, clever, and sneaky as well as very bright and caring but she longs for friendship.

Bloodbath Strategy: Same as Aaron's

Game Startegy: She's going to try to use the foxface strategy, however if she finds someone who'll be willing to become allies, she'll join them.

Aaron Coin - Male - D8 - Shadow Seer

Age: 18

Backstory: Aaron's Grandmother, Alma Coin, was the leader of the rebel base in District 13 during the second war against The Capitol. His grandmother was killed by Katniss Everdeen shortly after the rebels won the war. His parents moved to district 8 before Aaron was born and he now lives here. Aaron hates living here and one days wishes to live in the capitol.

Weapon: Axe/Sword

Stengths: Aaron is very strong, and very fast. He also is good with Plant Identification.

Weaknesses: Has major trust issues, doesn't always think before he acts, is deadly allergic to wasp stings.

District Token: A small silver ring that was his grandmothers

Appearance: Brown Hair, Hazel Eyes, Causcasin, 5'9, Strong Build (There is a picture of him on my profile)

Personality: He's very serious and hard to read, he gets lost in thought often.

Bloodbath strategy: Look for a bag or weapon nearby. Only if something's close will he go to get it. Then, or if nothing's near, he'll run as fast as he can from the cornucopia.

Game Strategy: He's gonna use Thresh's strategy, find somewhere and hide out while everyone else kills themselves off.

Luna Snare - Female - D8 - Justafox

Age: 15

Skills: Blowgun, Hiding, Killing, Clairvoyant.

Strategy: Choose a target, and don’t stop before the target is killed.

Personality: Sly, elusive, nice





Gunner Pann - Male - D10 - 2Legit2Quit

Age: 15

Reaped or Volunteered: volunteered

Personality: Bloodthristy ( 3 brothers have been in games and have all been killed by the D 1 male) He is sort of crazy and messed up in the mind, He is very sarcastic, and very good at lying, He is oddly very smart

Appearance: He is 5"11, six pack, muscular but kind of small, short black messy hair, hazel eyes, tanned pale skin ( like in the middle )

Weapon of Choice: Sword or knives

Skills: He is smart, fast, and is strong for his small posture, He is vengful so he will never give up, and he can camoflauge but he doesnt like too.

Weaknesses: He is crazy and wants to kill all d 1 males no mateer what to avenge his brothers

Alliance?: Depends/ maybe

If an Alliance then with who?: A small one, like 4-7 people

10. AshtonMoioLover


May Morningleafs - Female - D11 - Annamisasa


Age: 14

Appearence: She looks a lot like Rue but instead of curly hair, she "straight" black hair. She is very skinny and flexcible. Her eyes are so dark brow that most people think that her eyecolor is black.

District: 11

Personality: Although she is young her mental age is much above. She is very responsable. She normally friendly and happy but can be very serious and alert when needed. She loves to climb and climbing is the only thing that she can do to awake the 14 years old girl hiding inside of her.

Weapon: A machete and a sling.

Background: She has two younger siblings and her father is dead. Doing to the fact that there were only one parent she grew into an adult even though she was only 14. After school she worked in the most overgrowed orchards. She would climb in and use a machete to cut through branches and other plant-stuff if there was too much weed/branches in the way. She wasn't paid that well but it was enough plus she learned how to use a machete

Strength: Machete figthing and sling shooting. Climbing and edible plants. Can survive under most conditions, Hiding

Weakness: Hand to hand combat plus it is almost impossible for her to kil tributes under 12 years because she has siblings about the same age.

Token: A green necklace with a wooden leaf as a charm

Strategy: Maybe get a few close stuff 10 m away specially if there are pieceds of plastic, knifes some kind of clothes and backpacks. She will run to the woods before careers starts to kill. She will focus on getting far away first. If she gets a plastoc piece or cloth she will make it into a sling and gather rocks for it.

Over to May Morningleafs, cause right now it says it under "Detria"



About Your Tribute (could change if you win or loose)

  • Give 3 strengths and weaknesses about your tribute.
  • Give his name, age, district and gender.
  • Tell me his or her strategy in the games (it will come in handy)
  • if you want to can give me history about him or her.
  • there district token.

Training center, Chariot Ride and Interview (for sponcering)

  • smarts, your knowledge on wild roots, plants and berries, and if they can make a fire. cunning, can you shoot an arrow or throw a spear? strength, test your body, if you can climb a tree, if you can brake a bone, if you can swing a mace or sword.
  • What is your Costume for your chariot ride?
  • GIve me a small interview with Caesar.

Aurum Livingstone - Male - D1 - CallamD97

Group Training: All through the group training Aurum was quiet he didn't show his talents so that the careers wouldn't get suspicious, he did however try to make as many friends as possible, he was his charming self and went round most of the stations talking to the tributes and joking

Individual Training: Aurum walks in and begins to recite all of the instructers teachings on their subjects, this astounds the gamemakers, he walks over to the archery range and nothches an arrow and hits dead center, he then fires another arrow which splits the first in half, he then shows proficency in every station in the training centre

Interview: Aurum is charming, funny, flirty and smart

Glisten Celestia - Female - D1 - MistyLovesAsh

Training: She would show off her strenght on the first day using her weapons shes most trained with (Bow and arrow,longsword) For the rest of the days she would learn about eatable plants,and knot tying and different things to do with survival for when she escapes from the careers.

Interview: Glisten would play the sexy, desireable tribute, but sweet and makes a few jokes warming up the crowd as shes the first one. And shes honoured to bring pride to her district and be apart of the games.







Detria Glace - Female - D5 - Annamisasa

Group training: Detria dosen't wanna show of her knife throwing in the grouptraining, she will learn about edible plants/animals and camueflage. She will be observant through out the days to see others strengths and weaknesses.

Individual: Detria is outside the room. She scared to death. All of the people who will look at her. Rate her...Judge her..."Detria Glace" the loudspeakers call out. "Calm down, Detria. Maybe they all be drunk". But the wine was not served yet. Although most of them where eating or talking with each other at least five of them where looking at her. The fear paralyzed her. "Think of Koto, Detria" she mutterd silently. She saw his smiling face grey eyes and black hair. Now she was a little more calm. "You just need to get the throwing knifes" she told herself "Then the rest would come". She forced herself to walk over to the knife. She picked one up. Whenever she hold a knife in her hand Detria would enter this special world with only her, the knife and the targets. She threw the first knife. Bullseye. Second knife. Bullseye. Third, fourth, fifth. Bullseye, Bullseye and bullseye. Most of Detria talents came from her autism. But not knifethrowing. It was something she had praticed her whole life, the only talent that wasn't just forced to her by her autism. Bullseye, bullseye and bulleyes. She was taken out of the "knifeworld" of by hearing one of the gamemakers talk. She looked and saw that all of the gamemakers were looking at her. Totally impressed by the girl who never stood out in the grouptraining. She was paralyzed of fear again. The gamemakers dimissed her. She was barely able to walk out. She started crying in the elevator but calmed down after entering her bedroom.

Group: May will try to socialies and make people like her. She meets Chelsea at the climb station. They talk and May ask if she wants to ally.

May will not show her abilleties with a sling and machete because she wants the tributes to think that she can't use any weapons.

She will learn survival tecniques and rope traps. Detria Glace extra

Detria's costume: She will wear a simple grey dress. Diffrent parts of her dress lits up through out the ride and when they are all lit up they explode and thousands of fake sparks are thrown into air. When the sparks disappear, Detria is wearing new white dress on coverd in crystals.

While the ride goes on Detria only looks forward and dosen't look at anythings else. She dosen't wave or tries to make any contact with the crowd

Detria interview: Will probaly stumble in her own words, and she never ones look at the people she will only look at Ceasar, and will not really be any impressive at all most people will forget her interview. After the interview she walks of the stage rushes to her room and into the bathroom where she throws up.


Raven Emerald - Male - D6 - RavenRT

Training Center: Raven walks over to the swords, picks up a katana, and slaughters dummies with it. After a while over there, he goes over to the ranged weapons and picks up a crossbow, and fires arrows pretty accurately at targets. After that, he goes over to practice starting fires, and does so successfully, because of living on the streets for years. He goes back to the ranged weapons and finds out he can throw a spear, not great, but not horrible. He can't swing a mace very well, even though blunt objects aren't his thing. Raven doesn't even bother going to the plants station, because he was taught only to eat wild plants that he knows for a FACT are safe from a young age.

Angle: Friendly, not revealing of his strategy

Interview: it went good, like pb and j, when caesar asked about my family the crown went up in tears










May Morningleafs - Female - D11 - Annamisasa

May walks in and looks up. None of gamemakers are looking at her. She walks over to the weapon making station and takes a piece of leather. After a minuets the leather has turned to a sling. She gets some rocks and walks over to the station. While climbing up and down she uses her other hand to shoot diffrent stuff in the room. She shoots the bowl of paint (they are made of glass) in the camueflage, the ropes that holds the dummy, the targets on the dummy's chest, even one of the lamp in the loft, bullseyes all the time. She looks up and sees that most of the gamemakers are looking at her. She climbs down and goes over to the edible plants station which she finish without mistakes. Then she walks to the swords station and picks a machete. Now all off the gamemakers look at her. Normally only careers uses this station.She hits dummies, fight a little around uses moves that only good swordsmen can. After she puts the machete back the gamemakers dimisses her

Group: May will try to socialies and make people like her. She meets Chelsea at the climb station. They talk and May ask if she wants to ally.

May will not show her abilleties with a sling and machete because she wants the tributes to think that she can't use any weapons.

She will learn survival tecniques and rope traps.




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