---The Tributes ---

District One Girl: Madrigalmagic/'Saphire Hyland

District One Boy: KEAP/Sterking Silver

District Two Girl: Thejman63/Mitzie Deren

District Two Boy: Thejman63/Kiriato Kauso

District Three Girl: Scarlet Ruby/Scarlet Ruby Kane

District Three Boy: Scarlet Ruby/Cane Rintu

District Four Girl: Ravenclaw Eagles14/Peyton Rivera

District Four Boy:Ravenclaw Eagles14/Donnie Daytona

'District Five Girl:' Ilivgale/Rose Jones

District Five Boy: Iluvgale/Sparks Jones

'District Six Girl:' Falconshockey6/Alex Lucic

District Six Boy: KEAP/Karr Wind

District Seven Girl: Madrigalmagic/Lila woods

District Seven Boy: QuinnQuinn/Ethan Mason

District Eight Girl: Haalye/Alisa Elliot

District Eight Boy: I am really aesome/Ali Hayes

District Nine Girl: Kwankwan44/Demi Watashi

District Nine Boy: Kwankwan44/Timmy Rika

District Ten Girl: QuinnQuinn/Lavender Pooti

District Ten Boy: Wildcats11630/Carson Brando

District Eleven Girl: Hungerisnottwilight/Christine

District Eleven Boy: Justafox/Harry Ster -

'District Twelve Girl: Primrose33/Summer Hills

District Twelve Boy: Primrose33/Jacob Hills -

District Thirteen boy: MW2 RPD ACOG/Rift

--- The Bloodbath Day 1 ---

The sun is highest in the sky and the everyone one is waiting for the gont to sound. a bird lands on a mine and it makes everyone jump, the gong sounds and everyone was unprepared because of mine going off.

--- Sterking Silver D1 Verses Christine D11 ---

Sterking gets to a spear right as Christine reaches a sword and the two turn to face each other, clashing weapons Christie goes on the defensive sense she is facing a Career, Sterking is doing every trick to avoid his attacks before Christine Counters with a chop to his collar bone and kills him. Christine Grabs a bag and heads off into the woods.

--- Saphire Hyland D1 Verses Lavender Pooti D10 ---

Lavender picks up a Falcata out of impulse and begins swinging like a wild animal at Saphire, Saphire finds this amusing sense she has never seen anyone fight like this, Lavender is trying to fight her but Saphire seems to be playing games with her, Saphire decides it has gone on too long and draws out a bat she picked up before running into Lavender, with a deflection of Lavenders attack Saphire brings her bat down on the back of Lavenders neck killing her.

--- Mitzie Deren D2 Verses Dimi watashi D9---

Dimi tries to make off with a bog when a arrow pierces her leg, followed with one to her shoulder and finally one to her skull. Mitzie approaches her body and discards the bag from her back.

--- Kiriato kauso D2 Verses Ethan Mason D7---

Kiriato draws two swords when Ethan pulls a tomahawk and charges, both seem to be even until Ethan makes a cut across Kiriato’s cheek. Kiriato becomes enraged and begins fighting dirty, Ethan is on the defensive but its just too much to handle. Ethen is kicked to the ground and finished with a stab to the heart.

--- Peyton Rivera D4 Verses Timmy Rika D9---

Peyton picks up a blow dart gun and fires at Timmy, Timmy is able to dodge it but unable to keep up with the amount of energy he is putting into his evasions. Timmy is able to get close to Peyton until he is hit with a dart, Timmy goes down instantly.

--- Donnie Daytona D4 Verses Ali Hayes D8---

Both meet without weapons fighting over the same pack, its no wonder Donnie is a career too, he can fight like a champion. Ali knows he can’t win the fight and turns to run, Donnie picks up a sword and throws it, the sword hits Ali and he goes down.

--- Harry Ster D11 Verses Jacob Hill & Summer Hill D12–

Harry Picks up a Naginata and swipes at a Jacob who was next to him, along side his sister. Jacob is slashed across his chest and is bleeding out when Harry is hit in the head by a rock that was going 300mph. Harry goes down and Summer rushes to Jacobs aid “there could only be one winner sis, I love you, now go win this for me, go before the Careers come for you” Jacob says with his last breath, Summer is crying heavily but knows she cant stay, she runs off with a bag and her weapon that she used to kill Harry The Rock Sling.

--- fleeing the cornucopia day 1 ---

Rift runs into Summer as she is running from the bloodbath and the two decide not to kill each other but to work together, Rift feels terrible for Summers loss.

Alisa Elliot and Christine made alliance in the training area, so the two head for a source of water.

Carson Brando heads for the hills, feeling like high ground will be a advantage.

Lila woods is on her own but is the furthest from the blood bath being that she managed to grab an axe and a pack before jolting out of there.

Rose and Sparks jones, made it out with quite some supplies before sneaking past the careers while they were fighting the others.

Scarlet Ruby Kane is alone but well supplied. She wants to find an ally but is not sure what happened to her own fellow district member.

Cane Rintu is bleeding out by several knives thrown into him, he asks in mercy to kill him instead of bleed out, the Careers do so only hoping if a death came there way like this, that they’d do the same.

--- The careers day 1 ---

Surprised by how many got away the first day. The Careers secure the supplies and make camp, for tomorrow will be a big day in hunting.

Day 1 Death Recap

Cane Rintu - District 3 - deceased

Sterking Silver - Dstrict 1 - deceased

Lavender Pooti - District 10 - deceased

Dimi watashi - District 9 - deceased

Timmy Rika - District 9 - deceased

Ali Hayes - District 8 - deceased

Harry Ster - District 11 - deceased Jacob Hill - District 12 - deceased

Ethan Mason - District 7 - deceased

The next part will come soon

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