Course 1) Close Combat: In close combat you will learn how to fight with a close range weapon, The sword, spear, Axe or Mace are all different and takedifferent training. Ide suggest you choose one and move on.

Course 2) Ranged Combat: not easy how to hit a targer everytime, your weapons can range from a Bow an Arrows to a Javelin, or a Balearic Sling to throwing knfives, Choose one to train with and move on there is a lot to learn.

Course 3) now lets get Physical, here you will learn about jumping and climbing, you will be lifting weights and dodging things thrown at you. this is very important because your physical ability is just as important as how to fight with a sword.

Course 4) this is one of the most important if not THE most important Course. Learn what you can or cannot eat, Fire Making, Tracking, Hunting, and even learn how to spot water!

Good luck and Ill be scoring you!

This is a Balearic Sling, you swing it and it can throw rocks!

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