• Thresh the Killer

    President Sonja Youngblood Walks up to the podium. "As you all know, 300 years after the 75th Hunger games, my father reinstituted them. This year is the second Quarter Quell in the youngblood era. This year, to show how unlucky some districts are, each tribute will be assigned two weapons to start with. These will be abnormally bad weapons, like scissors, for example. There will be no other weapons in the arena other than through gifts and feasts. At your reaping, the reaped triubte picks two slips of paper with their own hand, and these are the two weapons they will have. More to come!"

    • No mean language
    • Tributes will die--This is the Hunger Games
    • Maximum 3 Tributes Per person, maximum 3 styists per person, maximum 3 mentors per person
    • I will…

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  • Thresh the Killer

    President Soam Bee walks up to the podium, smiling, as the 15th Quarter Quell is about to be announced. "Every 15 quarter Quells, there is another spin introduced. People from the districts will not be reaped this year! Instead, We have recovered bodies of great warriors of the past. They Shall clash in an arena. They have all learned english and will fight to the death until one remains. The Victor gains the gift of living for another 100 years. They all have the same skills they did in the peek of their military careers. So, Lets get to the Games!"

    Name Skills Empire
    Genghis Khan Bow and arrow, swords, knives, allies, map making, horse riding Mongolia
    Atilla Curved Bow, Horse riding Hunnic
    Alexander Stategy, Horse riding, Spear, Sarissa Macedon

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  • Thresh the Killer

    The Disaster Games!

    September 15, 2012 by Thresh the Killer

    This is a normal hunger games except every day at 4:23 am and 4:23 pm, possible death will strike to each tribute. This could be in the form of mutts, "Natural" disasters, being put face to face with an enemy, having supplies like food and water dissappear, or gaining a sickness. I will not write in POV's, and I will make it completely random who gets which disaster. I would like to get right to the games, but if you want me to do Reaping, training, and/or private training I will.

    • Do not get mad if your tribute dies.
    • You may Submit up to 3 tributes.
    • You may submit up to 3 mentors.
    • 1 mentor per district
    • Have fun with it
    • No mean language in the comments
    • If you want allies, say so in the comments

    There are also mentors who will have the ability to gi…

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