President Soam Bee walks up to the podium, smiling, as the 15th Quarter Quell is about to be announced. "Every 15 quarter Quells, there is another spin introduced. People from the districts will not be reaped this year! Instead, We have recovered bodies of great warriors of the past. They Shall clash in an arena. They have all learned english and will fight to the death until one remains. The Victor gains the gift of living for another 100 years. They all have the same skills they did in the peek of their military careers. So, Lets get to the Games!"


Name Skills Empire
Genghis Khan Bow and arrow, swords, knives, allies, map making, horse riding Mongolia
Atilla Curved Bow, Horse riding Hunnic
Alexander Stategy, Horse riding, Spear, Sarissa Macedon
Hannibal Determination, Strategy, Spear Carthage
Saladin Sword, Horse riding, Determination Arabia
Pericles Speed, Sword, Spear, Strategy Greece
Cyrus Dagger, axe, Spear, sword, Bow Persia
Joan of Arc Sword, Horse riding, determination, strategy France
Askia Sword, strategy, fire weapons Songhai
Ramesses Bow, Horse riding, strategy Egypt
Ram Khamhaeng Allies, Strategy, Survival Sukhothai
Achilles Spear, Looks, sword, smarts, strategy, horse riding Greece

Sword, Horse riding, strategy, katana, tanto, martial arts Japan
Julius Caesar Strategy, determination, sword, spear, horse riding Rome
Qin Shi Huang Strategy, allies, strength, sword, horse riding, experience China
William Wallace Sword, Strategy, Horse Riding, (throwing) Spear, dagger, war hammer, ball chain Scotland
Otto Horse riding, allies, strategy, sword Holy Rome
Leonidas Knives, spears, courage, determination, strategy Sparta
Richard The Lionheart Horse riding, sword, determination, axe, spear England
Hiawatha Allies, Strategy, Bow, axe Native America
Sitting Bull Blowgun, bow, horse riding Native America
Simon Bolivar Sword, Spear, Determination, strategy, horse riding South America
Ragnar Size, sword, spear, Physical Strength Vikings

Spear, Strategy Maya


Hannibal POV

I am risen up into a giant wheat field with forest on the edges and thorny bushes all around. I need to win this battle to live. First I'll need a sword. It seems as though weapons are spread out so that the person 3 to the left has the weapon needed in Front of them. To my right is somebody who looks old, fierce, and has dark skin. I heard his name is Sitting Bull. To the left is somebody else unrecognizable, But I know he also uses a spear. GONG! I sprint to the left. First, I pick up a Sword. I slash the Person Next to me. That unrecognizable Guy. He isn't Moving. Then, Just before I have the oppening, A guy in a horse goes right in front of me. I realize it. There was a horse in the middle. This guy looks like He's From The Mediterranean.

Pericles POV

Now That I have the horse, some armor, and a spear, I Kill a tribute running for a sword and pick up the sword myself. I put it in the weapon posket for the horse. Next, I meet up with a guy who says that He is greek, Achilles, A guy from Sparta, Leonidas, and Alexander, a Macedonian. We argue about the horse. I got it, so I think I deserve it. We decide that I will charge at the enemy and the others will come at them from the other three sides, surrounding any enemy. People are calling the Greeks "Careers", but I call everyone "Careers".

Ram Khamhaeng POV

To avoid the bloodbath, I go to the back of the conucopia and climb it. I see everything. Hannibal killing Sitting Bull. Pericles getting the horse. Pericles killing Hannibal. Saladin Killing Joan of Arc. William Wallace killing Atilla. William Wallace killing Ramesses. Genghis Khan killing William Wallace. I also see alliances forming. Pericles, Leonidas, Achilles, and Alexander are in a Greek Alliance. Pacal, Hiawatha, and Simon Bolivar making an alliance of the Americas. Then I see an Asian alliance forming. Qin Shi Huang, Tokugawa, and Genghis Khan. I risk it. "May I join your alliance?" I ask. It's a tough call. Because otherwise they won't kill me and I'll be after them. "No!" Genghis Khan has his Bow poised, pointed at me. He releases. It hits my arm and I nearly fall off. But just as he is ready to shoot again, Qin Shi Huang kills him with a sword.

Askia POV

I only took a backpack and a sword and ran away. When the bloodbath is over, I hear Seven cannon shots. That means that 17 remain. When I am safe and in the forest, I open up my bag. I see some matches. At training, they taught us that this is a way to make fire. Also I get a sleeping bag, a fruit, and a bottle of water. I count the matches. There are 15. I use one. I make a torch which I use to burn and kill enemies. I will burn it out at night. I soon realize that Ragnar is nearby. He is about 5 inches taller than me. I sneak up behind him. then I knock him on the head with a rock, and once he has fallen, I put the flame at his head for a few minutes. He might not be dead, but he will not win. Then I realize that I left my sword where I checked out my backpack. I take the torch, get the sword, and come back, to find that Rangar is awake but can't get up. He has no weapons. I take the sword and finish him off by cutting off his legs and arms. He bleeds like crazy then the Canon is sounded.

Achilles POV

It is getting darker and we need a shelter. Soon we realize that shelter has been here all along--The cornucopia! We go into the mouth of the horn and we gather up wheat. We block the entrances with a giant pile of wheat, and get some thorns and put those in and around the wheat. Now, we have the perfect shelter. We also made a small hole in the ground and realized that it led to a tunnel leading us out of the cornucopia. So we use the tunnel and peak outside as the weird anthem sounds. Genghis Khan, Atilla, Hannibal, Joan of Arc, Ramesses, William Wallace, Sitting Bull, and Ragnar will not live again. Only 16 remain. Outside, it is very cold. but in the sealed cornucopia, it is warm and there is no need of Trying to make a fire. Next, we check what we have. A can of soup. A few carrots. Two filled bottles of water. A spare set of clothes. Two sleeping bags. A horse. Four Spears, Four swords, one mace, one bow, and one quiver of arrows. We are doing well, so we go to sleep.

Alexander POV

Only a few minutes after we try to sleep, he hear a thud outside. Everyone is awake. wee peek out the tunnel. It's Ram Khamhaeng, and he has a wound on his shoulder. I don't know if he just got it, so I go back to the cornucopia. "Ram Khamaeng has a wound on his shoulder. There might be someone out there, so be prepared. Now, Are we going to kill?" They all say yes. We prepare our armor, weapons, and head to the tunnel. When we get there, I head immediately to Ram Khamhaeng. I cut his head off. BOOM! BOOM! Why two cannons? I look over my shoulder only to see Pericles dead, with an arrow in his back. Then I see it: Hiawatha, Simon Bolivar, Tokugawa, Qin Shi Huang, and Pacal are all poised together, weapons ready.

Hiawatha POV

We noe understand tht the greeks are in the cornucopia and have a tunnel to get out. But our goal is to kill all of them. We need their belongings, especially the horse. I kill Achilles with another shot of an arrow. BOOM! But as we expected, they aren't going down without a fight. Leonidas takes out a knife and throws it at Pacal's heart. he hits Pacal, but misses the heart. We leave him behind. Then he trows another straight at Tokugawa's head. BOOM! Now it's three against two based on the amount of fighters. Alexander won't risk throwing his spear because then he'll have no weapons. But the spear is long and he's in full armor, so he'll get me before I get him. BOOM! That must be Pacal. But then, out of nowhere, lightning strikes Simon Bolivar, and trhough he is not dead, he is not moving. The thunder is so loud that we are sent backwards and the fight is over.

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