ok so this is my first games and you know the rules. create your character and choose that character's district, oh and also two things, one is that you can't make two characters for one district, one character to one district. and also i'll leave the teams to you guys and when you form a team just tell me.


1: Ryak/QuinnQuinn--------------weapons: guns and bow

2: Grey Wolf/Nate777-------weapons: teeth, claws, and knives

3: Digit Twek/Moviepopcorn123--------weapons: brains and electronics

4: Cod Harbor/Necterine411-------weapons: trident and sword

5: Rick Jones/Nate777-------weapons: knives and brains

6: Carpen Shim/Rueflower------weapons:mace and spear

7: Branson/HungerGamesRocks-----weapons: spears and knives

8: Titanic De Leon/Anna-athena------weapons: sword and knives

9: Benjamin Logan/Anna-athena---weapons: sword and javelin

10: Max Summers/Rockman117------weapon: knife

11: Judd Krash/Thresh1001------weapons: fists and shield

12: Benjamin Cullen/Trillium411-------weapons: claw and knives


1: Shimmer Goldstone/Rueflower-------weapons: knives and bow

2: Cindy Regar/Nate777-------weapons: knives and looks

3: Electra Sparks/Necterine411----weapons: knife and blowgun

4: Swell Currents/Moviepopcorn123-----weapons: trident and knives

5: Armnia Mackenzie/QuinnQuinn---weapons: knives and poison

6: Jasmine Rosh/Trillium411-----weapons: knives and piece of razor wire

7: Fall Breeze/HungerGamesRocks-----weapon: bow

8: Isabella Trance/Skyandbray------weapon:sleep cycle

9: Demetra Roselle/Everdeen------weapon: bow and knives

10: Blue Ghost/Rueflower-------weapons: bow, knives, the dead, and sickle

11: Winter Grakineey/Rockman117------weapon: bow

12: Evelyn Starcatcher/Anna-athena----weapons: slingshot and darts


Team 1:Benjamin Logan, Cod Harbor, Cindy Regar, and Ryak


the games will take place at a floating arena so don't troll someone if they end up pushing your character off an edge or something.

Day One

The tributes wait in the waiting room for the arena to be ready for the first annual "Sky Games". While everyone says their last goodbyes to their families, 4 tributes named Benjamin Logan, Cod Harbor, Cindy Regar, and Ryak, form a team against the other tributes. Finally, the pods open. The tributes are transported to the Copernica. A screen appears in the middle of the circle of tributes. The countdown begins. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. The tributes draw their weapons and rush for supplies. Max struggles to get supplies. As he dodges many tribute's weapons, Judd breaks Max's right arm with his shield. Max slashes at Judd's throat, and Judd stumbles over and bleeds to death. His cannon fires off, and 3 seconds later, Isabella's cannon fires off, being impaled on Cod's trident. The rest of the tributes escape with their life. For now...

Day Two

It is day two of The Sky Games. 2 tributes dead so far. Evelyn is walking around the arena and formulates a plan. She sneaks up to the camp of Team 1 and launches a big rock at the tent of Ryak. The rock strikes him and cracks open his head. As he lays bleeding, Cindy successfully throws a knife into Evelyn's eye. Her cannon fires off, signaling an instant kill. Ryak finally succumbs to the wound. His cannon fires off as well. After three hours, the tributes start to hear screeches, and finally see that a flock of eagles with razor-tipped feathers is heading toward the arena. Digit tries to run, but an eagle catches up to him and slices him across the back. As his cannon fires off, Cindy decides to ditch Team 1 and escape herself, but an eagle picks her up and drops her over the edge. The rest of Team 1 watch in horror as she plummets until her cannon fires off. Max hears the screeching of the eagles and as he gets up, Swell runs right into him. They both look up as a flock of eagles claw them all to death, and their cannons fire off at the exact same time. The eagles take their leave as the other tributes scramble for shelter...

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