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My Tributes - Tiaraaaa


Name: Lavender Cross

District: Capitol

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Personality: Animated, Over-Excited, Cheerful.

Height: 5' 8

Appearance: Lavender Hair, Amethyst Eyes, Slim yet muscular.
Lilac Cross


Weapon: Sword, Bow and Arrow.

Strengths: Seducing people.

Weaknesses: Loud, Bad Swimmer.

Fears: Snakes

Bloodbath Strategy: Try and ally with the careers. Token: Locket from her deceased mother.

District 1


Name: Unity Poweth
Unity Poweth

Unity Poweth

District: 1

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Personality: Kind to careers and other tributes who are 12/13 but mean and unforgiving to others, would probably backstab her allies.

Height: 5' 4

Appearance: Golden blonde hair, emerald green eyes, deep red lips, quite small figure.

Weapon: Bow, Throwing Knives, Axe.

Strengths: Sprinting, Climbing Trees.

Weaknesses: Melee weapons, hand-to-hand combat, seeing her siblings in pain.

Fears: Being killed by someone younger than her.

Bloodbath Strategy: Go with the careers to the cornucopia, pretend to ally with them and try to kill as many other tributes as possible (except the youngest tributes)

Token: Pearl earrings which were her grandmothers.


Name: Jamie Leeon

District: 1

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Personality: Cocky, Protective, Kind to allies, Trust-worthy.

Height: 5' 6


Jamie Leeon

 Appearance: Short Brown Hair (mildly curly/wavy), Blue-green eyes, quite muscular, broad shoulders.

Weapon: Sword, Hand-To-Hand.

Strengths: Climbing, Seducing girls, Persuading people to do stuff for him.

Weaknesses: Takes very little caution, very loud.

Fears: Large Animals.

Bloodbath Strategy: Join the careers and raid the cornucopia while trying to kill lots of other tributes.

Token: Gold Bangle

District 2


Name: Marie Stevens

District: 2

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Personality: Snobby, Vain, Rude, Hot-Headed.

Height: 5' 4

Appearance: Long curly blonde hair, deep blue eyes, arched brows, small figure.

Weapon: Sword, Throwing Knives.

Strengths: Persauding, Ambushing.


Weaknesses: Fear of blood, doesn't like killing people.

Fears: The Captiol.

Bloodbath Strategy: Get some items from the outskirts of the cornucopia and then ally with someone else.

Token: Nothing.


Name: Jasper Yeslan

District: 2

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Personality: Kind, Caring, Extroverted.


Height: 6' 0

Appearance: Neat sandy brown hair, blue eyes, thin.

Weapon: Sword, Snares.

Strengths: Tall, Making Snares.

Weaknesses: Loud, Tall.

Fears: Having to kill his best friend in the Arena

Bloodbath Strategy: Loot the cornucopia and guard it with the career pack.

Token: Necklace from his Girlfriend.

Name: Snowy Tiger

District: 2

Gender: Female

Age: 12

Personality: Mean, Ruthless, Backstabbing.

Height: 5' 1

Appearance: Short pale hair, pale blue eyes, pale
Snowy Tiger


skin, thin but strong.

Weapon: Throwing Knives, Sword, Axe, Bow.

Strengths: Look cute and innocent.

Weaknesses: Young, naive.

Fears: The Dark

Bloodbath Strategy: Join the career alliance and try to get first or second kill. Token: Locket with a photo of her family.

District 3

Name: Electra Powers

District: 3

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Personality: Kind, Logical, Genius, Flirty.

Height: 5' 0

Appearance: Dark Red Hair, Dark Blue Eyes, Very Thin and Weak.


Weapon: Electricity, Sword.

Strengths: Small, Climbing, Being Quiet.

Weaknesses: Very Weak, Scared Easily, Easily Manipulated.

Fears: Darkness

Bloodbath Strategy: Get a few things from far out of the cornucopia, ally with some people and then go to the outskirts of the arena.

Token: Small Locket.

Name: Aslem Teolen

Alsem Teolen


District: 3

Gender: Male

Age: 13

Personality: Kind, Oútgoing, Charismatic, Geeky.

Height: 5' 5

Appearance: Scruffy purple hair, large round glasses, scrawny, small.

Weapon: Inteligence

Strengths: Smart.

Weaknesses: Slow runner, weak.

Fears: Stupid People.

Bloodbath Strategy: RUN AWAY!

Token: Glasses, because he would be blind without them.

District 4

Name: Jenna McAllister


District: 4

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Personality: Mean, Flirty, Backstabbing, Rebellious.

Height: 5' 3

Appearance: Long blonde hair, large blue/green eyes, quite muscular.

Weapon: Trident, Spear, Net.

Strengths: Swimming, Hand-to-Hand Combat.

Weaknesses: Sprinting, Gets attached very easily.

Fears: Her Family

Bloodbath Strategy: Charge into the centre of the cornucopia, retrieve as many items as possible, join the careers and defend the cornucopia.

Token: Small necklace of a fish.

Name: James Fisher

District: 4
James Fisher


Gender: Male

Age: 17

Personality: Shy, Introvert, Hot-Headed

Height: 5' 11

Appearance: Scruffy brown  hair, turquoise eyes, muscular.

Weapon: Trident, net, spear.

Strengths: Swimming, Fishing.

Weaknesses: Fire, Hot-Headedness

Fears: Sharks.

Bloodbath Strategy: Join the careers and try to figure out where the most valuable items are in the cornucopia.

Token: Small bangle.

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