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Bloodbath Plan:

Interview Angle:




Mentor Template




Training Angle:

Stylist Template




Male Outfits:

Female Outfits:






District 1 (Luxury) Male:

Bronze Platinum Light Brown Hair, Green Eyes, Ashen Skin, 6'3


District 1 (Luxury) '''''Female:

Galaxie Prope Black and White hair, Green eyes, Very tanned. Bow and Arrow

District 2 (Masonry) Male:

Gavin Adams Brownish- Blonde Hair, Brown Eyes, Olive Skin, 6'2 Sword

District 2 (Masonry) Female:

Abbie Lennox Strawberry blonde hair, tanned, peachy lips. Good with Swords and A Hammer she is Ok with Throwing and Combat Knives

District 3 (Technology) Male:

Dexter Volts Black Hair, Ashen Skin, Brown Eyes, 5'6 Wire Made Into Electrical Traps, Tazer, Or Stun Gun

District 3 (Technology) Female:

Bianca Cole Sleak black hair, grey eyes, olive skin, skinny. A coil of wire and throwing and long range weapons.

District 4 (Fishing) Male:

Liir Fluor Black hair with turquoise fringe, green eyes, small figure. Trident and Knife

District 4 (Fishing) Female:

Kennedy Sage Long jet black hair. Stunning, bright, turquoise eyes that sparkle and glow when she smiles. Thin, but strong. Beautiful. Trident and Knives

District 5 (Power) Male:

Blake Everpose Black Hair, Yellowy eyes, White skin. Unknown

District 5 (Power) Female:

Petra Liit Red hair with blonde fringe,Green eyes, Pinky lips. Axe and Knife

District 6 (Transportation) Male:

Arran Harthorne He is quite handsome, he has short blonde hair that flops just the right way. Dazzling green eyes that mark him as a Harthorne. He is muscular but very skinny. Sword

District 6 (Transportation) Female:

Regina Rahilly Blonde hair, tanned skin, blue eyes. Archery, Knife throwing, Hiding

District 7 (Lumber) Male:

Pamline Falcone Brown hair with blue fringe, green eyes, white skin. Axe and Mace

District 7 (Lumber) Female:

Tatum Mason Blue eyes, sandy blonde hair. Hiding, Convincing People, Lying.

District 8 (Textiles) Male:



Brown hair, green eyes, tanned. Blowgun, Throwing Knives.

District 8 (Textiles) Female:

Luna Snare Red Hair, Blue eyes, white skin, red lips Blowgun, Hiding, Spying, Clairvoyant.

District 9 (Grain) Male:

Alex Donaque

Short dirty blonde hair that is just the right length and hue. Not the skinniest, but not the fattest either, blue eyes, quite short. Sometimes is described by older girls as cute.

Sword, okay with a bow and arrow

District 9 (Grain) Female:

Allianna Whittle Long Brown hair and dazziling Blue Eyes, really pale skin, quite tall, full pink lips and very thin, but natural, eyebrows, kind of pretty Throwing Knives, good with A Bow and Arrow as well.

District 10 (Livestock) Male:

Pilliani Violo Black hair, green eyes, elf-like ears Scythe and Kama

District 10 (Livestock) Female:

Sanne Smiths Black hair, green eyes. Controlling Animals, Climbing Trees, Poison

District 11 (Agriculture) Male:

Kyle Bone Brown hair, tanned skin, hazel eyes. Bow and Arrows

District 11 (Agriculture) Female:

Kasida Myes Brown hair, tanned skin, brown eyes. Bow and Arrows

District 12 (Mining/Coal) Male:

Tristan Mier Blonde hair, blue eyes. Blowgun.

District 12 (Mining/Coal) Female:

Yasmine Haken Brown hair, brown eyes, white skin. Hiding Spying Archery




Mentoring Style

Tiana Sparkle 1 Train Train Train!
Ian King 2 Learn how to use their skills to their advantage.
Lisa Flower 3 Teach what did to win the games.
Surf de Beach 4 Use their weapons to their advantage
Electra Hart 5 One Word : Win.
John Lee 6 Learn every weapon and survival tip.
Katy Mine. 7 Save their best for the game makers.
Liam Crush 8 Wing it.
Luci Calm 9 Fight Fight Fight!
Paul Fire 10 Do whatever he can to bring one back.
Louise Palmer 11 Help with their weapons so they're the best.
Joseph Flames 12 Stay Alive.


All tributes have 3 gifts to start off with. You get rewarded for 1st 2nd and 3rd in interviews and chariots.

Mentor Name Items Given Gifts Left


Item Extra Notes
Sleeping Bag Reflects Body Heat.
Gloves 2 Pairs of Gloves.
Heat up Pads 8 in pack. Press to warm
Jumper Wool.
Spare Socks 2 pairs


Item Extra Notes
Trident Its like. A three pronged fork. But bigger.
Throwing Knives 5 in each pack.
Bow + Arrows Comes with a quiver of 35 arrows.
Spear Comes with 3 spare spear heads.
Blowgun with Darts Comes with poison (optional)


Item Extra Notes
Fruit A bag of fruit (containing, apples, bananas, oranges and strawberries)
Bread From the tributes home district.
Water 2 litres.
Soup One soup in a thermos flask.
Cold Dinner Containing four bread rolls, cold chicken/turkey, cold juice and ice cream. With plates and silverwere
Hot Dinner Containing four bread rolls, hot chicken/turkey, hot chocolate/tea/coffee, soup and chocolate cake.


Items Extra Notes
Small Pack Contains, a medicene, spare socks, gloves, half a litre of water and bread.
Medium Pack Contains, a medicene, spare socks, gloves, a jumper, a litre of water, turkey and bread.
Large Pack Contains, a medicene, spare socks, gloves, a jumper, a litre and a half of water, iodine, turkey, cheese, bread and a weapon.
Snares Good for catching food.
Tent Camo tent, has controls inside and can be invisable or camoflagued.

Warm and camoflague.


District. Training Score
1 M 10
1 F 9
2 M 8
2 F 7
3 M 10
3 F 10
4 M 9
4 F 10
5 M 6
5 F 10
6 M 8
6 F 5
7 M 10
7 F 6
8 M 8
8 F 10
9 M 6
9 F 12
10 M 7
10 F 8
11 M 10
11 F 8
12 M 10
12 F 8

The Games

Day One ~ More than just a game ~ Morning

Alianna Whittle's POV[9]

I stand on my plate, wearing a black body suit, a black jacket down to my thighs, knee high velcro boots and leather fingerless gloves. I fiddle with the locket around my neck. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5. I might not make it through this. 4, 3, 2, 1. I run into the cornucopia, I'm the fastest runner here. I'm already in there before some of the tributes have even stepped off their plates. I untie a bag and sling it across my back. I grab a bow and a quiver of arrows. I am part of the Rebellion Alliance. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! I shriek at the sounds. The head of the District 3 girl, Bianca rolls to my feet. I scream. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! I run into the forest, with the Rebellion Alliance following me.

Me, Liir, Paliani, Patre, Pamline, Luna,Alex and Sanne each got a pack and a weapon. All together we have 75 throwing knives, 8 bags of dry fruit, 16 packs of beef jerky, a few crackers each, a litre of water each and 8 sleeping bags. I climb up a tree and slowly, after half an hour I've hollowed it out enough for us to get into. It's a large tree so we can sit and lie down well. I climb up to the hole in the tree and hang my jacket over it. We all lie down and eat two pieces of jerky each, a cracker and a few pieces of dried fruit. We all sleep for a while, so we can have enough energy to fight tomorrow.

Day One Morning Happenings

Bianca[3], Galaxie[1], Tristan[12], Kasida[11], Kyle[11], Sebastian[8] and Regina[6] Died.

The Rebellion(More Info Later On In The Games) Alliance are hiding and need nothing except medicene for Luna[8], she has a leg wound.

The Careers have lost one member and are planning on killing Alliana Whittle[9]

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