Just tell me if your tribute is on your profile or not. If not. Write the name,age,district,looks,gender, weapon of choice, bloodbath plan and appearance(use lunaii) If you don't have any of them, your tribute will not be accepted.


The cornucopia is on a desert wasteland, its piled high with weapons, packs, warmth, food and medical supplies. The desert is in the center of the large rectangle shaped arena. The second square of the arena is a jungle, the mutts in the jungle are spiders, tracker jackers and butterfly mutts. The last square is a bog, the mutts in the bog are air mutts.


Since this is a quarter quell, this years twist is double the tributes and two tributes from the capitol!


District Name Training Score Death Place
1 Emma Dazzle 10 5th
1 Arran Harthorne 7 11th
1 Amethyst DeMoir 9
1 Sean Dansin 8
2 Matilda Mir 10
2 Troy Ventura 8
2 Charlotte Jacobs 8
2 Draco Adams 7
3 Lisa Grande 5
3 Dolls Mgurf 6
3 Michealangelo DeSantillo 8
3 Marie Lane 4 7th
4 Kipper Luantag 10
4 Carlos Yuacke 9
4 Halo Zee 10
4 Liam Rown 10
5 Navy Slyra 7 10th
5 Tim de Winter 8
5 Thalia Combe 9 8th
5 Ellister Marie 7
6 Regina Rahilly 9
6 Dylan Gossard 6
6 Rhia Timber 3
6 Zach Luis 3
7 Tatum Mason 8
7 Jerom Barkes 10
7 Ally Jacobs 7
7 Cian Mark 7
8 Luna Snare 12
8 Sabastien Klein 8
8 Lauren Tainn 4
8 Austin Saturn 6
9 Jason Darna 5
9 Alice Mohogany 4
9 Tim Smith 6
9 Ashley Parks 7
10 Fallon Echo 6
10 Hunter Colt 7

Kedzie Woods

10 Talon Faust 7
11 Louise Woods 6 1st
11 Alex Harker 4 2nd
11 Lana Hane 8 3rd
11 Steven Joans 6 4th
12 Yasmine Haken 10 12th
12 Peter Johan 4
12 Posy Lir 6
12 Kane Josephs 7
Capitol Fluffy Love 7 6th
Capitol Cashmere Love 6

Death Chart

Death of District How By Whom
Louise Woods 11 Blown up Emma Dazzle
Alex Harker 11 Blown up Emma Dazzle
Lana Hane 11 Blown up Emma Dazzle
Steven Joans 11 Blown up Emma Dazzle
Emma Dazzle 1 Throat slit Fluffy Love
Fluffy Love Capitol Stabbed in Head Arran Harthorne
Marie Lane 3 Arrow in Back Cashmere Love
Thalia Combe 5 Knife in chest Luna Snare
Troy Ventura 2 Drowned Water
Navy Slyra 5 Mutilated Arran Harthorne
Arran Harthorne 1 Skull smashed in Yasmine Haken
Yasmine Haken 12 Burned Alive Fire & Tracker Jackers

Day 1

Emma Dazzle[1]

60. 59. 58. 57. The clock ticks slowly. 40. 39. 38. 37. 36. 35. 34. 33. 32. 31. 30. I pull my token out of my coat pocket and smile. Just before the gong sounds I toss it at District 11 and the landmines explode.BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Then the gong sounds and I dash into the cornucopia, I grab a pack and a sword. But before I reach the forest the female Capitol tribute grabs my sword and slits my throat. The last thing I hear is my own death cannon.

Arran Harthorne[1]

I'm sitting on top of the cornucopia with the other careers, I've been shaken up by Emma's death. She killed all of District 11, with her token. I spot the capitol tributes clambering up the cornucopia, the female tribute has Emma's sword, the one she used to kill her. I lift up a dagger and plunge it into her head. BOOM! She falls to the ground. Dead.

Luna Snare[8]

I spot the careers on top of the cornucopia, I climb up and say "Allies?" They look at each other then one of the male careers - I think his name is Arran - asks "What was her training score?" another answers "12" Arran nods his head and I sling my pack and weapon up onto the cornucopia, we open our packs and share our items, all together we have 25 throwing knives, 2 bows, 2 quivers of arrows, 2 loaves of bread, 2 litres of water, 6 sleeping bags and a tent.

Marie Lane[3]

I've got out of the bloodbath, luckily, and I have two allies, Yasmine Haken and Navy Slyra. We've each got a pack. Yasmine and I both got a weapon. She got a mace and I got a trident. We open our packs and find we each got a sleeping bag and decide to sleep. I take the first guard shift, sitting on top of the cave we set up camp in. I curl up as I see a tribute come to the cave carrying a bow. I feel a sharp pain in my back and smell the sickly smell of iron. Then I hear my cannon. BOOM!

Navy Slyra[5]

Yasmine and I wake with a start after hearing a death cannon. We peek out a see a trident and a dead body, I inch closer and gasp "Yasmine..." I say "Marie is dead." I pick up Marie's trident and clean it with her sleeping bag, her pool of blood had made it a bit rusty. We hear the capitol anthem. Everyone from District 11 is dead, One career is dead, a capitol tribute is dead, and of course,poor Marie. Then its silent..too silent.

Day 2

Luna Snare[8]

We see a district 5 girl, Thalia, we decide with her. I creep up to her "Me and the careers wanna ally with you." I say "Follow me" and she does. While she's asleep I pick out the sharpest knife out of the pack and smile. I ram it into her chest. BOOM! We push her corpse off the cornucopia so the capitol will take her body. Just before the hovercraft comes I leap down and take her pack and her weapons. I leap back to the cornucopia as the capitol take her away.

Arran Harthorne[1]

I sit on guard, bow in hand, quiver on back. A silver parachute floats down and lands in my lap, I open it and find an array of knives, 10 combat, 15 throwing, 2 butchering. A small note lies underneath them ' Arran, use these to the best of your abilites your mentor -Destiny' I smile and wake up Luna, she's on watch now. I run into the forest to use my gift. And show them I can kill.

Yasmine Haken[12]

I wake up to see Navy being butchered. I grab the mace and smash the boys head in. Then I try to save Navy but two death cannons go off BOOM! BOOM! I take all off the stuff Navy and Marie had. I run into the forest. Right into a tracker jacker nest. I recieve mutiple stings and build a fire, rip the barbed stingers out and sit by the fire, hoping to sudate the tracker jackers.I lean closer to the fire. I fall into the fire and burn alive.

Sean Dansin[1]

We wake up to the cornucopia shaking under our feet. "EARTHQUAKE!" yells Luna. We run down off the cornucopia. A few of the careers are slammed back against the cornucopia from the shaking of the ground. BOOM! We hear a cannon far away in the distance. As we begin to walk towards the bog a silver parachute lands by Lunas feet and she picks it up, a blowgun and darts. She smiles. We see five tributes run through the bog and like lighting the careers are on them. We stab them and snap their necks and drown them. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! "Only four?" I ask. I grab a knive and stab each of the bodies. "Only four bodies!" I exclaim.Before I know it half the careers are dead. "Allies?" the fifth tribute asks. "Yeah." I say as him, me and Luna, the only careers alive, walk into the bog.

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