• You must provide a Lunaii with your tribute as I will not make once and having not provided one will have me ignore your tribute.
  • Do not ask me to go to your profile to find a tribute! It's quite a long proccess and may delay your tributes acceptance. 
  • Please don't cuss me if I kill your tribute, everyone has an even chance as I shall use to do the killing.
  • Please dont send in more than 8 tributes and only 2 may be for each district, so you can have 2 tributes in four different districts, or a variety of it.
  • NO TRIBUTE RESERVES! First come, first served.
  • Try to make an interesting tribute, I know I said everyone has an even chance of winning but an interesting tribute has more chance of winning because I will want to prolong their storyline :3
  • If your desired District is full I will place your tribute in the next open slot. (ie. you put a district 1 male but district 1 is full and district 2 is full, district 4 isn't full and I will place you there) obviously if you have wanted to put your tribute in a career, you will not be put in say district 3 unless all career slots are full.
  • No wikia contributors, sorry I just can't check if you have put more than 8 tributes and I can't check if it's YOU who is posting strategy for a tribute!
  • Also if you want to join an alliance ask the leader of the alliance, they will be the person bolded in the alliance.

Twist 1 & 2

The president walks out onto the stage in front of the capitol citizens.

"I know this is not a quarter quell," she says, "but there shall be a twist in store for this games,"

"Or, shall I say" she pauses " multiple twists, "

"The first twist is that citizens from the capitol AND District 13 are competing in these games!"

"The second is that the ages have been changed, citizens from age 10 to age 20 may compete this year!"

She is met by a roar of shouts from the capitol citizens. Some are outraged, others are joyful. Some are just blank. The crowd are calmed by the peace keepers.

"And, let the odds be EVER in your favour," she says then the transmission ends.

Tribute List


Name Age Lunaii Weapon Mentor
1F Shimmer Ambrose 16 Emmie7130
1M Shine Ambrose 16 "
1F Scarlett Winters 17 conspiracykiller825
1M Odin Armarth 18 icanhasnofriends
2F Calypso Rune 15
District 2 - Calypso Rune lunaii


Warhammer, Flail, Mace PippyCat
2M Uzi Kystrel 15

Uzi Kystrel

2M Akumai Kubaya 20
D2 Akumai Kubaya
Greatsword, throwing knives, trident and dagger. TehBlakDeath
2F Cati Corliss 16 Emmie7130
3F Elec Leritie 13 "
3M Dennis Rystentia 10

Dennis Rystentia

Knife, Kukri, Sickle. TehBlakDeath
3F Silver Kronos 18 icanhasnofriends
3M Drayden Hax 15
4F Amy Oceania 15
Amy Oceana


Trident, Dagger, Net 

Drayden Yoonie


4M Nile Sebek 17 Icanhasnofriends
4F Havana Bentley 12 PumPumPumpkin
4M Kalmah XXIV 17 icanhasnofriends
5F Aurora Starlight 15
Aurora 3

Aurora Lunaii

Sickle, Bow, Dagger. YourFavorite Salmon
5M Leon Aslan 17 Yoonie
5F Nichole Peyton 15 Knife, Dagger Nlby001
5M Connor Smitherson 14 HaraiGoshi345
6F Carolyn Collins 16
Carolyn Normal

Carolyn Lunaii

Sword, Throwing Axe, Hatchet YourFavoriteSalmon
6M Buck Rockwell 16


Spear, Rock, Sword YourFavoriteSalmon
6F Stacy Sidrat 18 MissRandomStuff
6M Zulfikar Zambrano 14
Zulfikar Zambrano
Wrench, Hammer. (I guess just tools) Nlby001
7F Zoey Oakley 14
Zoey Oakley Reaping

Zoey Lunaii

Axe, Thorwing Axe, Battle Axe. YourFavoriteSalmon
7M Jayson Huff 17
Jayson Huff

Jayson Huff 7M

Axe, Hatchet Nlby001
7F Whitney Grey 11
Whitney Grey

Whitney. :3

Bow and Arrow, Axe, Mace. pippycat
7M Darius Noxian 18
8F Lacey Despin 11
District 8 - Lacey Despin

Lacey Despin - Pippycat

Bow, Slingshot, Knife

Darius = icanhasnofriends


8M Textil Archeus 15

Textil Archeus

Throwing knives, hammer. TehBlakDeath
8F Janine Konin 13 Yoonie
8M Brux Konin 18 Yoonie
9F Savannah Darnell 10
District 9 -Savannah Darnell
Blowgun, Double-sided Knife, Knife. Pippycat
9M Ash Harper 14 Mace, Crossbow, Scythe PippyCat
9F Dedenne Reunne 16
9M Blade Sprectrus 12

Blade Spectrus

Spear, Knive, Sword

Dedenne = Yoonie


10F Alice Withers  16
10M Eli Winersin 14 Ax and sword dual wield, spear, fists YourFavoriteSalmon
10F Lucinda Madrigal 18 Biel1458
10M Gunther Burn 19
11F Raven Blue 16


11M James Desmond 15 ConspiracyKiller825
11F Kasha Boggles 17 Biel1458
11M Rubin Jett 17 conspiracykiller825
12F Quinn Aites 13 Dagger, Throwing Knives, Slingshot PippyCat
12M Scott Bow 17 ConspiracyKiller825
12F Jordan Maple 14 PumPumPumpkin
12M Blaine Fitz 16 Conspiracykiller825
13F Daenerys Kystrel 19

Daenerys Kystrel

Bolo Knifes, Crossbow, Hatchet. TehBlakDeath
13M Trenton Weltz 16 Battle Ax, Machete, Throwing Ax Your FavouriteSalmon
13F evelynn shaden 16 icanhasnofriends
13M Jaximus Shaden 16 icanhasnofriemds
13F Sonia Arakawa 15 Yoonie
13M Tyler Gladiator 18 Biel1458
C F Erika Danyie 18 Yoonie
C M Furs Shiner 16
Furs Shiner

Furs Shiner Lunaii

Machete, Sword, Bladed weapons YourFavoriteSalmon
C F Yasmine Frevalute 14 Biel1458
C M Tommy Harns 14 HaraiGoshi345


Career ; Shimmer, Shine, Akumai, Uzi, Daenerys, Carolyn, Amy, Buck, Calypso, Scarlett, Odin, Cati, Nile, Havana, Kalmah,.



Alice, Ash, Quinn, Savannah, Lacey, Whitney

Dennis, Blade

Zulfikar, Nichole

Lone; Textil, Tommy, Connor

Anyone not listed is a lone.


Textil and Jayson.


District 1

Shimmer's P.O.V

"Shimmer!" my brother, Shine, shouts at me. "We're gonna be late for the reaping!" he screams "It's reaping day!" Reaping day. The words don't click for a second until I regain a normal state of consiousness. "Reaping day!" I shout. I run out of my bedroom and get dressed for reaping. It's nothing special. Just a pinky dress my mother bought me for last year's reaping. Shine wears just trousers and a t-shirt. Casual. I line up to get my blood taken. "Finger," the woman says. She takes the blood and tests it. I walk through into the crowd until I find where everyone who is 16 stands. I see my brother standing in the box just beside me and subtly wink at him. We're both going to volunteer this year. I know we're not 18 but we are trained to the standard of 18. The film about the capitol and the rebellion and the beginning of the games then Katniss Everdeen and the removal of the games, then the new beginning of them is shown and the anthem is played. The chairs at the back of the stage seat 5 people. Our latest victor, our mentor, Bobbi Wright. Beside her is Elesan Jema, our escort. She is known for being the escort of tons of our victors. She has good luck written all over her. Elesan walks to the center front of the stage, where there stands a large microphone. She taps it with her finger. "Hello," she says swishing her bright green hair. "Today, is the day of the reaping ceremony in District 1!" Yeah, duh, that's we're all here waiting to volunteer! "GET ON WITH IT!" says an old man at the back of the crowd, he's obviously a drunk as his speech was slurred. Elesan says "Okay," she walks over to the bowl of female names. "Scarlett Winters," nobody volunteers. I'm waiting for the next girl. Scarlett is a tall, slim, black haired girl. She stands in front of the crowd. She looks like she couldn't care less about being reaped! "Now, for the next girl" Elesan says cheerfully. "Em-" she is cut off by scream. "I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE!" I shout. "A volunteer," she says with a grin. I walk up to the stage. "Shimmer Ambrose!" I say without her even having to ask my name, I've witnessed so many volunteerings I have it down to the syllable. "Right, this years female tributes from District 1!" she says "Shimmer Ambrose and Scarlett Winters!" She moves to the male bowl. "S-" she almost says the name before Shine shouts out. "I VOLUNTEER!" and runs to the stage before anyone else can. "Shine Ambrose!" he says almost as quickly as I did with my name. "Are you two brother and sister?" she says looking at me, then Shine, then me again. We quickly nod. "Wow, some sibling rivalry do we have?" 

Scarlett's POV

So these two brother and sister people seem like the cockiest people alive! I know we're District 1 and we're career. But since when did those two become synonymous with cocky? Never. I flick my dark locks around trying to seem cute. Cute will get me sponsors in the games. I just know it. I've been thinking to myself so long I haven't even realized that Elesan has gotten through the SECOND male tribute. His name is Odin Armarth. That's what I think I heard her say anyway. I shake hands with Shimmer, Shine and Odin. "And the tributes for District 1 are Scarlett, Shimmer, Shine and Odin!" We're escorted into the building behind us for our goodbyes. I know I don't really need it as I'm going to win but, you know. Just in case. After our goodbyes we're escorted to the train. I haven't felt so brave in my life ever. But I love it.


Training Scores

Training Scores

Name Score
Shimmer 11
Shine 11
Scarlett  9
Odin  10
Calypso 10
Uzi 8
Akumai 9
Cati 9
Elec 6
Dennis 3
Silver 10
Drayden 6
Amy 10
Nile 9
Havana 8
Kalmah 8
Aurora 10
Leon 7
Nichole 6
Connor 9
Carolyn 11
Buck 9
Stacy 8
Zulfikar 5
Zoey 7
Jayson 6
Whitney 9
Darius 8
Lacey 9
Textil 8
Janine 7
Brux 9
Savannah 6
Ash 8
Dedenne 9
Blade 10
Alice 9
Eli 8
Lucinda 9
Gunther 10
Raven 11
James 8
Kasha 6
Rubin 8
Quinn 11
Scott 7
Jordan 6
Blaine 5
Daenerys 8
Trenton 7
Evelynn 8
Jaximus 8
Sonia 9
Tyler 8
Erika 10
Furs 9
Yasmine 10
Tommy 9

Twist 3 & 4

The President walks out onto the stage for the final time until the games are finished.

"Hello citizens of Panem!" she says.

"I am here to announce one of the final 2 twists for this years games." 

"Twist 3 is that all tributes who were killed by people in the final 4 will come back as muttations to try to kill the person who killed them." she continues " the final twist will be announced in the arena."

The transmission ends.


just so you know there will be strong language in these games, so if you are offended by that then gtfo.

Bloodbath - "Kill the one from 6 before she kills you!" - Shimmer Ambrose

Carolyn - D6 POV

I step onto the plate and the tube closes me in. I close my eyes as I am lifted higher. I open my eyes. Grass, lots of grass. That's all I see. Well and the cornucopia but, obviously. 30, 29, 28, 27, 26, 25. I inhale and exhale on the timing of the count down. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. BOOM! I'm running as fast I can into the cornucopia, I need to find my weapon. I throw myself onto the ground and begin  searching beneath piles of items. I've found it. BOOM! BOOM! Two people died already, this isn't good. I need to get out of here. I try to stand but I can't. I look up. Shine from 1 is kneeling over me, pinning me to the ground. "Hey 6 bitch." he snarls. I see Shimmer tackle Dennis to the ground and slash his throat. BOOM! It puts a lump in mine. "You know, you're the biggest enemy to us now, once your gone there's only Aurora left," he says as he picks up a knife and holds it to my throat. I feel like screaming, but that will only make him kill me sooner. I know he wants to prolong my suffering like the sadistic bastard he is. "Kill the one from 6 before she kills you!" hollers Shimmer. "If you don't do it, I'll do it for you!". This is my only chance to not die during bloodbath. I grab Shines wrist and jerk it back. It slashes his cheek. He tumbles back in shock. I know it's not death but it's good enough. I grab my sword and bag and leg it, the arena is in eighths, I go to the forest section. I don't want the career pack on my back for the whole games. 

Shine Ambrose - D1 POV

The little bitch from 6 just cut my cheek open. This isn't the end of it and if nothing else Shimmer is nagging me for not killing our major opponent. At least we got 3 people dead. Only 55 people left. We killed Dennis, the little whiny 10-year-old boy, Zulfikar - that one who got a 5 in training and that one with the rainbows all over him from the capitol, oh yeah Furs. What a stupid name. I look in the cornucopia and take out some disinfectant, a handkerchief and a bandage. I douse the handkerchief in disinfectant and hold it to my face, I pull back the cloth and it's scarlet red. Amy comes over to my side. "You know Shine," she says slowly "you're kinda crappy for a career tribute, ya know," the wind blowing around her green and blonde streaked hair. "I know I didn't kill her, but will you help me not die from an infection so I actually fucking can?" I shout. "Fine, Mr. Snarky," she says comidically, making everyone else laugh. "Yeah, haha very funny," I say mocking Shimmer's voice when I'm sarcastic to her. "Okay, let's plan our attack for tomorrow," Scarlett says sitting inside the cornucopia with a pad of paper and a pen. We all crowd around her, and start spewing ideas. The capitol anthem plays and the tributes light in the sky. I sigh as I think that Carolyn's  face could've been up there tonight but it's not all because of me.

Bloodbath's Deaths.

In order of death.

  • Zulfikar Zambrano - D6
  • Furs Shiner - Captiol
  • Dennis Rystentia - D3

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