The Tributes

I won't go to profiles. Sorry. If you have to just copy and paste the tribute FROM your page TO the comment. Also, if you want reserves you only have 24 hours to post it before your reservation time is up. Dead tributes will have a line through their name.

District Name Age Appearance Skills
1 (Luxury) Male
1 (Luxury) Female
2 (Masonry) Male
2 (Masonry) Female Thalia Combe 16 Dark brown hair, porcelein white skin, blue eyes. Throwing Knives, Archery, Seduction, Speed, Strength.
3 (Electronics) Male
3 (Electronics) Female
4 (Fishing) Male
4 (Fishing) Female
5 (Power) Male
5 (Power) Female
6 (Transport) Male
6 (Transport) Female
7 (Lumber) Male
7 (Lumber) Female
8 (Textiles) Male
8 (Textiles) Female
9 (Grain) Male
9 (Grain) Female
10 (Livestock) Male
10 (Livestock) Female
11 (Agriculture) Male
11 (Agriculture) Female
12 (Mining) Male
12 (Mining) Female
13 (Nuclear Tech) Male
13 (Nuclear Tech) Female



95th Hunger Games Arena

The tributes will start off on their tribute plates in the water, the girls on one side, the boys on the other. They will need to swim to the island in the middle of the water or to the forest or desert, if they want to go to one of the other terrains they will need to go across the sand.

Tribute Uniforms

The tributes will wear a black jumpsuit with two back pockets and one front pocket made of denim, brown leather boots with rubber grippy soles and an orange belt, which doubles as a floatation device (Sort of like the 75th Uniform) (I know this picture is rubbish, sorry.)


95th Hunger Games Uniform (I know it sucks, sorry)

The Games

Death Chart

District Name Cause of Death Killer

Day One

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