Tribute Form(;




Volunteer or Reaped;


Stylist Form(;




Mentor Form;




The Arena!

The Cornucopia is in the middle of a big field. There are only two sources of water. One right beside the cornucopia, it is easiest to get to, but if the careers set up camp in the cornucopia its dangerous. The second in a big leafy forest, the catch is, mutts live in that forest. The rest of the Arena is a rainforest.

The Reapings!

This is in the POV of Kate a 17 year old inhabitant of the capitol watching the reapings with her family.

D1; Floss, the district 1 escort, walked on stage, she had her high high dyed bright green and she was wearing a magenta pink suit. She walked up to the microphone and said, in her high annoying voice, 'Ladies and Gentleman! Welcome to the District One Reaping!' she smiled and continued,'Ladies First!' she walked over and plunged her hand into the bowl, touching nearly every slip in the bowl, 'The Female Tribute from District One is..' she pulled a slip out and unfolded it, 'Emma Dazzle!' Emma walked up, she smiled and looked proud about being reaped. 'Now the Men!' Floss muttered, she stuck her hand into the bowl and took out a slip, 'The Male Tribute for District One is-' She was cut off in mid-scentence as a boy hollered 'I volunteer!' He proudly raced up 'Whats your name?' Floss asked, and Emma looked in shock. 'Arran Harthorne' the boy replied. 'Okay, here are your two tributes! Emma and Arran!' Floss said as the two peacekeepers led them into the Justice Building.

D2 A new escort for district 2 this year, I think his name is Erin, walks onto the stage, he looked very clammy and nervous, he had a small orange quiff and a bright purple suit, usual capitol looks. One boy, in the very front row yelled 'Hurry up and pick the tributes!' The escort shook and strided to the ladies glass ball, and stuck his hand in and took out one slip. 'Aria Camelliston' he said weakly. Aria smiled and quickly cantered up. As the escort strode over to the mens glass ball another boy, in the front row yelled 'I volunteer!' and raced up on stage. 'Whats your name?' the escort said 'Arien. Arien Camelliston.' the boy replied. Then the peacekeepers lead the tributes into the Justice Building.











Odds of Winning/Training Scores

D1 F Emma Dazzle 10 4-1
D1 M Arran Harthorn 9 4-1
D2 F Aria Camelliston 8 6-1
D2 M Aiden Camelliston 10 3-1
D3 F
D3 M
D4 F Ally Louis 10 4-1
D4 M
D5 F
D5 M
D6 F
D6 M
D7 F
D7 M
D8 F
D8 M
D9 F
D9 M
D10 F
D10 M
D11 F Lauren Hill 3 10-1
D11 M
D12 F
D12 M


You get 500 to sponsor people. An extra 100 if your a mentor/tribute/stylist. So if you were a mentor tribute and stylist you'd have 800 to sponsor.


Blanket 10
Sleeping bag 30





Water(1L) 50
Water(2L) 100
Bow and Arrow 150
Throwing Knives(5) 90
Throwing Axe(2) 90
Snare 50
Hot Dinner 230
Cold Dinner 115

Day One.

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