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    The Elite Games

    November 9, 2012 by Tiger Lily29

    On second thought, I really don't have time to do these games, but someday, they will happen, but, I will still be around the wiki.

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    The Nightmare Games

    September 16, 2012 by Tiger Lily29

    Hi everyone! You may know me from some of the parodies I've written on the wiki. But, I've decided to try a different writing style. These are the nightmare games.


    When you enter tributes is these games only give me their names and a fear. No other information, they will develop a personality in the shadow realm (the arena) YOU CAN ENTER 4 TRIBUTES


    It will be 1 on 1 fights, tribute vs. fear. All of them will be different.

    Tributes: (just name and fear)

    D1 male: Lion Scrapes, fear: crocodiles

    D1 female: Amour Love, fear: sunlight X

    D2 male: Malek Ruth, fear: spiders X

    D2 female: Charlotte Messesms, fear: spiders X

    D3 male: Spyrit Hyrglass, fear: Ruby dying

    D3 female: Ruby Hyrglass, fear: becoming blind in her other eye X

    D4 male: Thomas…

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  • Tiger Lily29

    Hi everyone! You might know me because I write games and parodies on the wiki. But now, I want to see your parodies!

    Info 4 Entering:)

    1. You CAN take it from the Internet, you can take it from anywhere as longs as your the first person to post the link here!

    2. If you want to write your own parody, be my guest! I think making parodies is one of the best things to do because, I always like to add some humor to things!

    3. Either post a link to the story, or put it on a blog on the wiki :)

    Here's one of the parodies I've written, you can use it for inspiration, or you can use it just to have a good laugh:

    Ok we have our first parody! But, it's not over y…

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    Hi everyone! I've written a bunch of other parodies, and if you go onto my page, you will find the links to them. But, I hope you like this one two!



    "Ok everyone! It's time to get random!" Yells the announcer. Today is the day where 2 competitors will be chosen to go to the Capitol and compete in a bunch of random competitions. "This years girl competitor is Katniss Everdeen! And for the boy, Peeta Meelark!" What! Peeta! Ug, this is just great. (sarcasm:) He has a huge crush on me, I mean I don't hate him or anything, I just don't want to date him.


    I just got this years schedule:

    Day 1: LOL Time!

    Day 2: Wheel of Pain!

    Day 3: Truth or Date!

    Day 4: Tribute Cupcake Wars!

    Day 5: ???

    Day 6: Ult…

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    The Jurassic Games

    August 30, 2012 by Tiger Lily29

    Hi! Are you ready for the Jurassic Games? Beware: there will be dinosaurs! I have also written the 1 1/2 humor games and several hunger games parodies:

    So, expect there to be some humor in this. I will be doing Private Training and Training Scores, and Chariots. This year there will be 24 tributes. You can only enter 4 tributes. Please post the tributes here. If you can please write them like this:






    I will do sponsors. Each tribute will start out with $1,000 dollars.


    Gallon of water: $300

    Loaf of bread: $200

    Watermelon: $400

    6 Throwing Knives: $600

    Knife: $100

    Bottle of Poison: $500

    Shield: $300

    Spear: $400

    Bow and 6 ar…

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