Hi everyone! This is my first games so sorry if they aren't great. Since this is only my first games I'm not doing reapings, chariots, etc sorry. But, I will do sponsors. You can have up to 4 tributes ( 2 districts ).

SPONSORING: each district will have 1,000 FOOD:

- full water bottle $200

- loaf of bread $200

- apple, pear, peach $300


- knife $100

- sword $300

- axe $500

- bow $300

- 10 arrows $200


- blanket $300

- night vision glasses $800

- suicide syrup $100: this will kill you and only


District 1 male: Lyle Grey, good: h2h combat, strong fast, climbing, axes, swords, really tall, bad: easily angered, best friend died in the games X

District 1 female: Claudia Gerhart, age 15, good: throwing knives, bow and arrows, fast, bad: bossy X

District 2 male: Wolff Carnun, good: Determined, throwing knives, bad: stealth, bow and arrows X

district 2 female: Realeigh Toro, age 15, good: climbing killing, lying, bad: very arrogant X

District 3 male: Andrew Palmer, age 17, good: wire, land mines, bad: over protective X

District 3 female: Samantha Wire, age: 14, good: blowgun, mines, bad: swimming X

District 4 male: Beaz Rocca, age 13, good: funny, athletic, bad: doesn't like sad things WIN

District 4 female: Lyric Ventunzo, age 13, good: nets, tridents, healing, helpful, bad: not mean at all X

District 5 male: Jackson Been, age 12, good: sweet, slingshot, bad: in games with sister X

District 5 female: Kayla Been, age 16, good: spear, funny, strong, bad: in games with brother X

District 6 male: Brann Clatch, age 16, good: smart, swords, bad: scred of dark, can't swim X

District 6 female: Tarelia Anderson, age 17, good: bow and arrows, knives, bad: arrogant X

district 7 male: Forest Nelms, age 15, good: axes, strong fast, bad: not very smart X

District 7 female: Piper Valentine, Good: axe, throwing knives, strong, knows when to stop, bad: vegetarian X

District 8 male: Thomas Quince, age 15, good: spear, nice, bad: afraid of lightning, doesn't like insects WIN

District 8 female: Bree Barlow, age 16, good: very athletic, tall, strong, bad: ( her profile had no weaknesses so I'm going to add one) stubborn

District 9 male: Parker Blask, age 14, good: athletic, quick, bad?: cant swim X

District 9 female: Hanna Whittle, age 15, good: spears,adventurous, energetic, bad: h2h combat, decisions X

District 10 Male: Gunner Pann, age 15, good: smart, fast strong vengeful, bad: Really wants to kill district 1 male, crazy X

District 10 female: Cathy Rosedain, age 12, good: sweet, caring, lovable, bad: very small/weak X

District 11 female: Kaylee Bertode, age 12, good: knives, axes, healing, hunting, bad: very small X

District 11 male: Darren Greatuse, age 18, good: knife, sickle, size, killing, bad: cares about Kaylee <3

District 12 male: Gother Dark, age 12, good: hiding, quiet, bad: Not good with weapons X

District 12 female: Romania Dark, age 16, good: bow and arrow, Climbing, bad: bad swimmer X

Ok, so now that all of the tributes have been entered, I have a surprise. 

These are a special games, the Capitol got a little tired of the same kind of games.

So, the gamemakers made these... The humor games! Good luck :)

The alliances are: Careers: Claudia Gerhart, Realeigh Toro, Beaz Rocca, Forest Nelms, Thomas Quince.

District 11 alliance: Kaylee Burtode and Darren Greatuse.

Brother sister alliance: Jackson Been and Kayla Been.

DAY 1: THE BLOODBATH ( or should I say... The DuckyBath )

The glass is rising... I wonder what the arena will look like? Well, it doesn't matter, what does matter is that I win. Ok, and the cornucopia is... "A GIANT RUBBER DUCK!" All around me I hear questions, all around us is a bunch of rubber ducks! Well, the games makes said that this would be an odd games. But really, do these ducks explode or something? I don't want to take any chances but, they're everywhere! What should I do?


Well, I joined the careers, but now I'm not sure what to do. I'm surrounded by... Ducks. GONG. "ummm" no one, even the careers, move. Then Gother, I think his name is steps forward onto a duck and... BOOM! the duck and his cannon goes off.


Gother... Why?... Eh, I'll get over it. " what do we do now " Someone asks. And quite frankly, I'm not sure. Know one is fighting yet, even the careers. I suppose everyone could start fighting had to hand, since all of the weapons are in with the ducks. But, then I wonder... Do all of the ducks explode? " Hey guys, what if they don't all explode " so, I pick up a rock and throw it at a duck in the middle, and after a puff of smoke... The duck has changed color.


So, now we know not all of the ducks explode, I have to hand it to Romania, it was a good guess. All of the sudden Ducks and rocks are flying everywhere, a few explode, and some start floating. But, then Parker Blask gets his hands on a loaded poison dart gun. BOOM! BOOM! 2 cannons go off as the darts make contact with Hanna Whittle, and Kaylee Burtode. And let me tell you that got Darren Greatuse really mad, and in less than 10 seconds, Parker Blask's cannon goes off, BOOM!


After the display with Parker Blask, every one else exept the careers grab something and run away. " Well that's that" says Realeigh. " let's go through this stuff now" I say. We try to make our way to the giant prize duck. But, not before Forest steps on a duck that shoots out a mild acid ( I assume it's mild because he's not dead yet ). " aaarrrrggg" he screams. " keep it down You big weenie " says Realeigh. "just hold on til we get to the big duck". "I'm looking at a pretty big duck right now" Forest mutters. " oh, I'm a duck huh? Well you just fluffed up this duck" she yells as she tackles them. " what's wrong with you too " says Beaz " Claudia help me break these two apart". "sure" I say, what's next? (sarcasm)


Ok, now that I'm away from the "duckies" I need to check out the sack I grabbed and start planning how to kill Lyle Gray. I open the sack only to shut it quickly. A snake. I had to grab the sack with a snake. Wait... This could be the answer to my problem. And suddenly I know just how to kill Lyle Gray. LATER THAT NIGHT... I found him. I found Lyle Gray, he's asleep under a bush. I'm luck he grabbed a blanket and not a sword. A let the snake crawl under his blanket. I grab his other stuff and run 30feet away so I can watch all of this happen. While I'm waiting I look through his sack and find something that changes everything. I HAVE TO GET THAT SNAKE BACK! I CAN'T LET HIM DIE. His brother killed mine but, this note says "brother please just, don't kill Jake Pann's brother, I felt horrible the way he died I don't want you to feel the same way" but, it's too late, I hear lyles scream. Too late... Or not " LYLE!


I wake up to a sharp pain in my left arm " SNAKE! " I yell, but then I shut my mouth, I'm in the arena. Wow this hurts. "LYLE"!, oh no, first a snake now the kid who wants more than anything to kill me, but, I promised my brother I won't hurt him. Well at lease this isn't the worst way to die. " Lyle I'm sorry, I read the note, it was too late, and then the snake and then..." he's talking so fast the only thing I can make out is, " I'm sorry " "it's ok" I say as I close my eyes to die. " what are you doing? The poison won't kill you for 12 hours". " oh " I say. Now I feel stupid. " is there a cure " I ask? "Yeah there was an instruction booklet with the snake. The antidote is in the really big duck. But, don't worry I'll go get it" says Gunner. " really " I ask? " yeah, it's the least I can do for... Ya know... Trying to kill you" he says. " thanks... And be careful " I say as he walks toward the big duck. " don't worry I'll be back " he says as he fades into the shadows.


Ug, stupid Forest Nelms. He cracked 2 of my nails. " oh, forget about your nails! I got sprayed with acid, and then you tackled me and hit me in the face!" there he goes complaining again. Right now we're looking through the stuff in the big duck while Forest is rinsing the acid off of him. " would it kill you to help Forest " he's so lazy. " do you really want me to kill you Realeigh? Because I'm pretty darn close " he says. " well I-" " be quiet I see someone coming" says Thomas. " who is it" I ask. " I think it's Gunner pann" says Claudia. " what does he want to die or something? Either way... What should we do?"


I'm 200 feet from the careers and closing. I dought this will work, but I don't have a chance. Ok now I'm 20 feet with spear 15 feet from me. " what do you want " one of them asks. " I want to trade". I tell them everything exept where Lyle is. " ummm, a snake for snake antidote " I can tell they're dumbstruck, nothing like this has ever happened before. But, before anything else can happen a small, round, silly looking creature runs up to us.


Me and my brother have been watching the careers for the past couple hours now. They had just watched a tribute walk up to the and request a trade when a fat, tail-less mouse ran up to them. They're not sure what to do so, one of them kicks it. It rolls a few times and looks dead, but the it screeches REALLY loud. A few moments later the ground starts to shake. " what's going on " a career yells. The odd rodent keeps screeching. All of the sudden out of the forest comes hundreds of the funny animals. And guess what, the start attacking the careers!
  • GAMEMAKER: I hope everyone is enjoying the super pigs. Otherwise known as guinea pigs enhanced with rabbit, dog, wolf, and of course guinea pig. Have fun! *


Oh. My. Gosh. This is the best thing EVER. The careers being attacked by super pigs. Me and my sister are laughing so hard as the careers scream as the fat pigs jump around. " AAAHHHH! GET THIS THING OFF ME!" one of them yells. " I almost feel sorry for them " laughs my sister. " ya know, I think we should help them " I say. " are you crazy Jackson, just how do you expect to stop all of those pigs. Plus this is the hunger games." " I know by since they're part dog, and we have a whistle from the cornucopia, I bet we could distract them ". " well these are the humor games... Ok lets do it " she says. A FEW MINUTES LATER... " ok Kayla ready ". "yup". * whistle sound *. all of the sudden the pigs freeze and as if the whistle talks to them they run into the forest, never to be seen again (I hope).


Ug, what just happened. " am I dead yet " asks Realeigh. " nope " says Kayla as she walks over " you, just got saved by us ". I have never been more humiliated in my life. What kind of career gets saved by a brother sister alliance? " why did you help us anyway ". " well, a few reasons: we might of died if it made us laugh any more and we're hungry and you have food" says the brother. I guess it's really only fair if we give them food so... 2 large sacks of stuff later, they're gone, into the forest. " that could of gone better ", that last comment, got me a rock, right in the head.


I teamed up with Samantha after she grabbed some wire and a small electric mine. We're almost done setting up the trap. This is what district 3 is all about. "Ok Samantha, connect the red to the blue, with green, and twist the purple, to the black, and repeat exept twist the blue this time". " ummm, ok " she says, but, she doesnt get to say anything else because she made a fatal mistake: she twisted the green to the red. Too bad I don't even get to hear my own cannon as the electric shock shuts down my senses. BOOM! BOOM!


I'm so Hungary, oh good, I think I see some berries over there. Hmmm, they look odd. I shouldn't, I won't risk it. 

Oh no, how did I not see this. These aren't berries these are blood sucking bugs. All of the sudden I'm surrounded by they evil creature and all I can do is close my eyes as the bugs suck away all of my blood. Well at least I wasn't killed by a career, my biggest nightmare... I gives a silet thanks for a quick and nearly painful death. BOOM!


I got away during all of the... Pig. And I got the antidote, along with some other supplies. " Lyle, I'm back ", no answer, " Lyle, are you ok?", nothing, " LYLE!"! He's gone... Not dead, just not here. Suddenly I remember something about the snake and the manual " side...scales...fang...!" I can't read much of it, a guinea pig got to it. Hissssss. What was that? Killlll. No... Lyle. He turned into a... Dragon. What was in that venom? All of the sudden he lunges, I run but wow he's fast. That's when I realize I'm running to the careers, they moved camp earlier but, I know where they are. They will either make thing better or worse. There they are... " oh come on! Now a giant lizard!" one of them yells. " Get your weapons everyone! " I fell bad for them, first evil pigs, now a dragon. Now it goes crazy. Blood splatters everywhere and someone shoves a sword in my hands " if you bring it to us you help kill it " she says. We fight and fight until... No more Lyle. A spear sticks in his throat. " I... K-kept my... P-promise " Lyle says to me as he draws his last breath. " good bye " I whisper.


Wow, just wow. I have been watching the careers the whole time. They just killed a dragon. " we're not that stupid 

Wolff" one of them say's as they throw a spear that lands right in my heart. BOOM!


I teamed up with Cathy Rosedain. And so far it's gone great. " hey! Piper, I see someone! ". " wait that's Lyric Ventunzo" I say " let's go get us another ally." after a little explaining we are now a 3 person alliance. 


" well, I think you should just stay with us for now ". Gunner's still lying on the ground, I mean he's not dead, he's just... A little... Crazy. " I want to die, I don't deserve to win ", he mutters. " Well, to bad your a career now, your born for this ". He looks at me and says " Yes, I will win... " he says. And suddenly I question my decision.


Well, I'm not dead yet. And I'm glad I didnt join the careers. I've been watching them every now and then and they're a sorry group all right. But, they did kill that guy Woff Starsun I think his name was, or maybe it was Woff ... Well, it doesn't matter. He could of hidden better though, it was almost funny when they shot him out of that tree. But, that group of Piper, Cathy, and Lyric is going pretty good, I'm almost Jealous. But I'm better on my own. I've noticed that not all of the guinea pigs left. I've seen a few herds around. But, they seem nice, I even got to pat one. Think they only attacked since someone kicked one of them. Right now I'm actually holding one and they're actually really soft and cute.


I'm still mad about Kaylee, but it felt good to kill that lid who shot her with that death dart. As I'm walking through the forest I come apon a field and a herd of about 10 guinea pigs. I give a short whistle and they all run up to me, but it doesn't hurt. Wait, I think they're... Licking me. Well they are part dog, this is weird and cute at the same time. I quickly stuff 1 of them in my bag and run away. It will come in handy later. And at the lease I can give the careers a good scare.


I'm sitting by a tree with the guinea pig next to me when a parachute lands next to me. I eagerly open it and find bread and a sword! Now I'm really going to win!
  • GAMEMAKER: is anyone thirsty? *


Well, actually I am thirsty but, knowing the Capitol something weird is about to happen. CRACK! Lightning, of course and with lightning comes... * rain *, rain, and of course, the rain is colored neon pink.


I wake up to the sound of thunder. And I also hear a little squeak. Oh no, are those stupid pigs back? But, it thunders again and I hear it again. Wait a second... Is is raining... Pink rain? " GUYS GET OUT HERE! NOW!". " why Claudia? It's pouring rain". "Yeah, PINK RAIN!" they all come outside, even Gunner looks surprised. " Thomas get out here!". "". " what's wrong with you ". It thunders again and we all here the squeak again. " hey Thomas do you have a pig in there or are you scared of thunder? ". Wow, what a group of careers we are. * sigh * " ok well...  Let's look at our options: Thomas is afraid of thunder, it's raining neon pink rain, and, I'm soaked. What should we do now?" " well, I'M going back to bed, it's just pink rain " says Realeigh as she goes back into the tent. " ok then " says Gunner, and everyone goes back to sleep.


Me and Piper and Lyric all wake up to 6 inches of neon pink water on the ground. " oh great, the place flooded, and..." the guinea pigs can swim. We see 3 of them swim by in the water. How do those chubby rodents float? * sigh* this is going to be a " fun " day. And it gets even more fun when we see the giant pink bird flying toward us. 


I grab my spear as the bird flies closer. It has to be 10 feet tall! I throw my spear and it hits the bird in the chest. Luck shot, I think. But, it's not dead yet. Piper runs up to the bird and throws a knife in it's head. Now it's dead. SCREECH! what was that... SCREECH! Two more of the birds fly at us. I throw a knife at one and it misses. Cathy is fighting sword to talon with one of them. The pink swamp is splashing everywhere. All of the sudden one of the birds plunges it's claws into Pipers arm and flies away with her. " PIPER!" " Lyric grab that sword over there and help me kill this thing!". We both fight for what seems to be ages but finally right as the bird hits the ground, Pipers cannon goes off. BOOM!


Sigh, I picked the wrong year to be in the games. At least the thunder stopped. * shiver * I hate thunder. And my head still hurts from when I got that rock thrown at my head, not my smartest move. * rumble * what was that? * CRASH * what's happening!? I look up to see something I didn't think possible... A unicorn. A herd of mini unicorns. I'm this | | close to totally blowing up. Everything happens to me. And of course, they chase me. They had to choose me to go on lookout today. " owww " one of them stabs me with it's horn. And, I left my weapons at the camp. I have one thought. 2min later I'm 30-40 feet up in a tree. And guess what, I can't climb down.


"Well, well, well, what do we have here, we just can't stop running into careers can we Jackson?" " Tell me about it Kayla, but I'm not as afraid as I thought I would be." We where walking around after we saw the horned-mini-ponies. And we came apron our old friend Thomas. " So, how's the weather up there?" He doesn't say anything, he just lies on the branch, face down, and highly depressed. " alright, alright, what should we do Jackson?" He thinks about it for a minute and then takes out an axe. " No, well not yet at least." Now we have his attention and he's hugging the tree so hard he might have a chance of suffocating it. But, suddenly I don't think the tree it his biggest issue. Right above him is one of the weirdest creatures I ever saw. It looks like a mix between a monkey, a snake, and a bird. And it looks hungry.


" what the... What is it ". Thomas is staring at it terrified, I think he's thinking about the 75th hunger games, and those evil orange monkeys. They had a special on quarter quells a few months ago. You can see him mouth the words "help me". And I really do want to but... I don't have time to react to what happens next. First the beast lunges for Thomas and bites his arm, but, then Thomas let's go of the branch and falls 30 feet to the ground landing on the monkey and killing it, and believe it or not, he's still alive.


I have no idea how this happened. One minute I'm walking, the next second, I'm falling off a cliff. When I land I find I landed in a giant mud pit. And judging by the rate at which I'm sinking I give myself 1-2min. to live. When all of the sudden, I hear someone coming and low and behold, it's Darren Greatuse. He doesn't say anything. He just throws me a vine attached to a nearby tree and walks away. I wonder about him, he always seemed odd but, then he killed Parker. I thought he was going to let me sink or kill me on the spot. After I climb out of the mud pit I run to follow him. " Wait!" I shout. " what." " will you be my ally?" I ask. " no ". I must sound pretty pathetic right now. " why " he just keeps walking. " don't make me regret saving you. " " why did you anyway?" " I didn't have a reason not to, now leave me alone before I do kill you" I just watch him walk away... Then I follow him, I can't but help wonder if he has a secret. 


A lot of people see me as small and weak, but when my friends are in trouble, I can really fight. Lyric is still really upset about Piper, when all of the sudden Darren Greatuse comes back, we let him into the alliance, he sure proved himself useful, his last name is Greatuse after all. " can someone tell this kid to stop following me " If you want to join you have to be able to hide better than that Brann!" He looks surprised that we noticed him. " I just wanted to know what was going on he says". Wow, this will take some work. " do you want to join or not?" "... Yes". The current members of our group talk and after a while we decide... " ok, you can join". 


Well, we can't find Thomas. At lease the pink water soaked into the ground. Me and the rest of the careers are looking for him but, all we can find are hoof prints... With sparkles in them. * ROAR * " what was that!" yells Claudia. Oh great, it's another dragon, this time it's 15 feet tall with a 20 foot wingspan. Gunner tries to stab it's wings but, gets slashed to pieces by it's claws. BOOM! Next, it lunge's at Realeigh and in one snap of it's jaws, half of her is gone. BOOM! I throw a spear and hit the beast in the left fore-arm. It screeches an awful sound and smacks me against a tree with it's tail. I'm still in one piece, but I know I'm done. I see Claudia jump on it's back and try to stab it in the neck but, it takes to the air. 10 seconds later she falls to the ground. Dead. Beaz runs up to me " are you ok?" he says. " you I'm not ". " good bye Forest ". " Win for me Beaz, win for me..." BOOM!

      • GAMEMAKER: ok, so here's the thing... We had some technical difficultys in the Capitol Soooooo, a few things got messed up so here's the thing: the remaining tributes are: Beaz Rocca, Lyric Ventunzo, Jackson Been, Kayla Been, Brann Clatch, Cathy Rosedain, Darren Greatuse, Thomas Quince, Bree Barlow, and Romania Dark. No matter what else you think, those are the remaining tribute, sorry for the inconvenience. But, now it's time for the final 10 battle... DRAGON FIGHTS! And guess what? 3 tributes will win this year! Good luck!


My dragon is a blue crested serpent. I look around me and see Romania's black wyvern. And thomas's emerald dragon. Everyone climbs on their dragons. FIGHT! Says the loudspeakers. Me and my serpent rush toward Jackson's chocolate colored dragon. We lunge for it's neck and Jackson falls off and is trampled by the dragons. BOOM! " Jackson! " yells Kayla and next thing I know she, and her pale feathered dragon are on top of me. Her dragon violently rips away at mine and one of it's claws finds my throat. BOOM!


Me and my ruby dragon run toward Brann. They fight and I hear a sharp screech as the gold dragon lands on top of him... No cannon? " ummm, are you dead or..." I ask " I wish " omg he's not dead yet. I feel bad. GROAAR! I barley get out of the way in time as Darren's stone dragon crushes Brann and his dragon.BOOM! REEEIRRR! Romania and her dragon are thrown out of the air by Cathy's dragon. BOOM!


There goes Romania. I don't have time to think as my dragon lunges and snaps Darren and his dragon in half... Two more tributes to go before the winners are declared! Cathy is thrown off and clawed to death by Kayla. BOOM! Wow 

she sure looks mad. I bet it's about her brother. All of the sudden her dragon is 50 feet in the air. And she jumps. " I'm coming Jackson " she whispers "don't worry" BOOM!

      • GAMEMAKER: ok we have our winners! BEAZ ROCCA! BREE BARLOW! AND THOMAS QUINCE!


Beaz Rocca:

Me and Bree and Thomas are back at the Capitol as mentors. " Hey, Thomas how have you been? " "Good, I still have nightmares about guinea pigs, but don't we all?" Ha, it's true. Bree walks over: " guess who I brought " she takes out her pig Lucky, since they're super pigs they can live like 100 years. I'm still surprised the Capitol let her keep him. But, what can you do? As we walk into the Capitol we nearly pass out. Sitting, waiting for us are the dragons from the games. " who's ready for a ride?" you don't need to ask us twice. 10 min later, we're soaring over the Capitol, watching the stars fly by.

                                        THE END (for now...:)

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