Hi everyone! You might know me because I write games and parodies on the wiki. But now, I want to see your parodies!

Info 4 Entering:)

1. You CAN take it from the Internet, you can take it from anywhere as longs as your the first person to post the link here!

2. If you want to write your own parody, be my guest! I think making parodies is one of the best things to do because, I always like to add some humor to things!

3. Either post a link to the story, or put it on a blog on the wiki :)

Here's one of the parodies I've written, you can use it for inspiration, or you can use it just to have a good laugh:

Ok we have our first parody! But, it's not over yet! Enter now!

Parody 1:

It's about Foxface's (Finch's) journey in the hunger games!

Parody 2:

Parody 3:

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