This is a parody of the hunger games. I have also written Opposite Day: A Parody, and 2 parodies that go along with that one. This one it completely unrelated, to my others, enjoy :)

Opposite Day:

The Story Of Cato & Clove: A Parody:

The Story Of Marvel & Glimmer: A Parody:

Chapter 1: To The Capitol


"And the winner is: Katniss Everdeen!" Yes, I'm going to the Capitol, I wonder what game shows I should enter! "And the district partner going with her is: Peeta Meelark!" WHAT! District partner! I never agreed to this! I could deal with it but, this is Peeta we're talking about! Great, just great.



Yes! I'm going to the Capitol! And with Katniss too! They Game Show Games, are when 2 people from each district go to the Capitol to compete in games shows and go to parties and stuff like that. "hiiiiii, Katniss" I'm sitting next to her. "byyyye Peeta" and she throws an eclair at me and I catch it in my mouth "thanks" she starts growling. I think I'll go sit on the other side...



I'm looking at the list of Game Shows to enter, I'm supposed to pick 5:

1. What am I eating? Ok, that one scares me a little bit.

2. Capitol Couples Quizzes. No. *

3. Do you Know your mutts? Ok, that one sounds pretty good. *

4. Wheel of Wonder. It sounds funny to watch. *

5. Snake Scare. Ummmm... *

6. Fashion Frenzy. OH YEAH! Wait, what did I just say? *

7. Danger Dares. It's not like that movie The Hunger Games people.

I submit my choices when I notice I checked the couple one. I didn't mean to do that. Wait... That means Peeta and me will have to pretend to be a couple. "AAAHHHH!!!"

Now I have to pick 3 parties to attend:

1. Under The Sea * 2. Volcano Sparks * 3. Royal Splash 4. Jungle Fest 5. Chocolate Craze *

We'll see how this goes.

CHAPTER 3: Capitol Couple Quizzes


Ok, the quiz's are about to start. I'm teamed with Peeta. Ug. The other two couples are district 2: Cato and Clove, and district 1: Marvel and Glimmer. I think at least one person from each couple looks irritated. "Ok, let's begin: guys, what is your girls favorite food?" Every couple has a mix name Cato+Clove=Clato, Marvel+Glimmer=well... They couldn't really come up with one so they just made them D1 for District 1, me and Peeta are Katt, you know Kat---- + ---t-= Katt. Why did district 2 get a 1/2 decent name? Peeta guess's: Grass. He only said that because once, I was walking and I tripped face first into some grass, and of course he was it. The other couples guess right. "Next question: girls, what is your guys middle name: my guess: Loser, and believe it or not, I was right. When its Clato's turn Clove smiles evilly "So help me Clove if you say it!" She erupts into laughter and has to pass this round. D1 guesses Marvels middle name is Ous, wait his middle and last name combined Marvel-Ous, marvelous, oh wow. The next rounds go by and everyone ties. "you know what that means!" actually I don't "A kissing contest! Who ever has the best audience vote wins!" I feel like I'm going to throw up. D1 gets a 5.6, Clato gets a 7.6, and me and Peeta get a -9.9. Maybe because I threw up after, he fainted, and the table collapsed.

CHAPTER 4: Volcano Sparks: Part 1: The Phoenix


I just got to the party, and I'm wearing a red dress with yellow and orange flame patterns. I go to a white chocolate fountain with flame colored swirls mixed in. Then I see a colored phoenix ice sculpture. It's about 10 feet tall. Below it is a tribute, who's name I can't remember. "hi, your Katniss right? I'm Foxface, or at least that's what my friends call me." she says to me. Then I see the ice sculpture starting to crack and me and Foxface get away 10 seconds before it comes crashing down. "that was close" she says. "yeah, at least we got away in time" I say back. That's when I see the sculpture did fall on someone, "Peeta!" he gets up, well he's still alive.


Grrr, why did she have to see it crack. It would all be simpler if she was dead now. "we didn't even kill the person it landed on" says my partner Thresh. I intend on taking out the competition, that includes, Clove, Glimmer, Foxface, and Katniss. I WILL win that fashion show.

Volcano Sparks: Part 2: The Lava Cake


"Cato!" I'm looking at some thing I can't believe. "CATO!" I see him running up. "what is it Clove..." he see's it too. The lava cake. It's like 4 feet tall! "It's going to blow!" BOOM! Chocolate goes everywhere, smacking us against the walls. "wait... Why can't I move?" this is ultra fast drying chocolate shell syrup. "So, Clove, let me get this straight, we just got glued to a wall with chocolate?" says Cato. "yup" this sure it strange.


Ha! That went well, but, will it be enough? No, I have much more things planed for them. "Thresh, hand me the Volcano sauce, it's time for phase 3.

Volcano Sparks: Part 3: Volcano Fire


Me and Glimmer are at the party and we just watched Clove, Cato, and a few other people get choco-glued to the wall and hour ago. "Can someone get us off the walls now!" ummmm, I'll think about it. Then a game show sponosor shows up. you guys HAVE to try the flame-chocolate-fountain over there! Glimmers about to when see stops and says "Marvel, can you try it first, I seems kind of weird." leave it to the boyfriend to risk poisoning. I take a bite and it's HOT! "So hot!!" she looks at me "yes, I know I am, but you don't need to brag about it." she doesn't get it! "THE CHOCOLATE IS REALLY SPICY!" "oh" meanwhile I'm on FIRE. I see they brought in a new ice sculpture. That should work! And it does, but wait... My tongue is stuck to the ice sculpture! Well this is going great.


Leave it to Glimmer to find a way out of it. She almost fell for the sponsors trap two. "well, on the bright side, I just posted the "Marvel and the Ice, and the Clato Chocolate videos online." says Thresh. "good, very good, heheheh.



"HELLO! We're still stuck to the wall!" I shout. "And the ice sculpture" Marvel adds. "HELLO! Anyone?..."


I'm just about to fall asleep when I remember something. We left Cato, Clove, and Marvel at the party! Eh, whatever, they'll live. And I fall back asleep.

CHAPTER 5: Do You Know Your Mutts?


Ok, I'm up against Thresh, Rue, and Foxface. "First round, Katniss, can a Rab-Bat fly?" a Rab-bat... A rabbit bat "yes" "correct, Foxface, does a Lam-prey breath air or water?" she thinks for a minute "both" "correct..." after a few rounds Its my turn again and "Katniss, what is a dry-ons favorite food?" a dry-on? It sounds big so... "dear" "I'm sorry the correct answer was, people! Let's see a quick demonstration!" next thing I know we're all being attacked by the dry-on which is a dragon-lion. And after that the show is over.

CHAPTER 6: Wheel Of Wonder!


I just got to the show and I see Glimmer, Marvel (I saw the Marvel and the Ice video online, it was awesome!), chocolate covered Cato and Clove... And Katniss. It's the same people as the Couple Quiz show. "Now, let's spin the contestant wheel... After a lot of other wheels the first one is "Clove vs Tennis Ball Shooter" after that's over and Clove recovers from being hit by 50 tennis ball we move on. The next one is "Me vs Marvel, giant guinea pig riding contest" we get on 5 foot tall pigs, and they start running. After 10 seconds I fall off. The next few rounds go by "Now for the final challenge an all out pie fight!" the teams are Clove and Marvel, Glimmer and Katniss, and me and Cato. "BEGIN!"


"BEGIN!" we start throwing "Come on, Katniss! Throw harder!" Glimmer tells me. Thats when I pick up one that's still frozen and fling it at Cato. "Ahh!" 1 down, 3 to go! "now that's more like it!" says Glimmer. Glimmers about to throw one at Peeta "no, he's my target" I take a key lime and aim "Katniss LOOK OUT!" (next part in slow motion) I throw the pie just as Glimmer yells to me. And the second it hits him, Clove's lemon cream pie takes me down! BOOM! (end of slow motion, and no, she's not dead)

CHAPTER 7: Chocolate Craze


I'm at the party 3 hours after the pie fight, and I still don't see Katniss. She did get hit pretty hard with that pie. I look over and see Foxface standing by a 20 foot tall chocolate bunny. "Peeta! You have to try this chocolate bunny!" when I look at her I see her eyes are going crazy! "hey Foxface... Are you ok?" she looks at me "well, other than the fact that I can't control my eyes and everywhere I look I see chocolate, yeah I'm fine" I'm kinda creeped out now... "Foxface, your eating a fork... And its made of plastic" she doesn't look up "mmmm chocolate" she needs some help "Clove! I think Foxface is going choco-crazy!" wait, where'd she go, I look over and she's eating the bunny and when she turns around, she has that crazy look in her eyes. Glimmers about to try the bunny, "Wait! Glimmer I think something's wrong with that chocolate, look what happened to Foxface and Clove after they ate it!" she thinks twice and throws away the chocolate. That's when disaster strikes, something starts happening to Foxface and Clove, when they turn around... OMG they're choco-wolves, chocolate obsessed werewolves. "AAAHHH!" "wow, glimmmer" she looks at me "Peeta, that was you." "oh." then Katniss walks in "what did I miss?" she asks.


Ha! That went perfect! Now, I'll be winning Fashion Frezy, while they'll be falling off the runway! "Thresh, you ready for Snake Scare?" I say. "yup, and I'll be winning" I bet he will.

CHAPTER 8: Snake Scare


I walk into the snake scare room. In the room with me is Thresh, Clove, Foxface, and Cato. "Here's how this game happens, we ask you a question about a reptile or amphibian, if you get it right you get money! But, if you get it wrong we give you a challenge to do with the animal." sounds good to me. "First question, for $50, Thresh, is a pit viper venomous?" "yes" "correct!" ok, now it's Cloves turn "for $50, can a sea turtle live for more than 100 years?" she thinks for a minute, "yes" "Correct!" now for Foxface, who is still recovering from being a choco-wolf. The next 1 1/2 rounds go by with all right answers. "Cato, for $200, how long can a Ly-Thon get?" a Ly-Thon, I think that's a python with legs. "ummm, 10 feet" "I'm sorry, that's incorrect, the answer was 20 feet, now for your challenge, survive 3 minutes in a room with one!" his mouth drops open. And they lock him in a glass room with a 15 foot Ly-Thon. A few moments later, it's chasing him around the room. At least the glass is sound proof. When 3 min is over they go to unlock the door, but it won't open. And meanwhile, the snake is closing in. "For crying out loud, your turning the door knob the wrong way!" Says Clove, then, we look back and don't see Cato anymore, but the snake is coiled up. "hey, how to Ly-Thons kill?" asks Foxface "constriction" oh boy. "Cato, you've done it this time," and Clove grabs a microphone stand and walks up to the snake and starts beating it. And soon it gives up with Cato and crawls away, "And our winner is Clove!" and with that, the show is over.

CHAPTER 9: Under The Sea


Well, I'm at the party after I won $500 at Snake Scare. "Thanks for the whole snake thing." says Cato. Sometimes I wonder. That's when we see the party centerpiece. It's a giant sea monster, fake of course. But, after the Ly-Thon incident Cato is gone 5 seconds after we see it. "Oh come on Cato!" after I get him back, be look at the figh tanks. "Which is your favorite? I like the lion fish." he says. "I like the... Rays, how they glide through the water."


Now for the final phase of my plan. "Thresh give me the remote control, and start the camera, I want this online by tomorrow. Activate sea monster, they're going down. Hard."


Suddenly the sea monsters eyes start glowing red. "Clove..." *ROAR!* I'm going to die. It's starts moving and slitering towards Clove. It spits out a stream of blue slime. "What is this!" she yells. Then, it moves towards Katniss. "Katniss! Look out!" yells Peeta. This time the monster spits a green slime, that hits Katniss. Now, it's going for Glimmer. And it shoots out a purple slime that hits her. *ROARRR* then it collapses. Well that was odd.



Katniss, Clove, and Glimmer walk in. And I see what the slime does. Now Katniss has green hair, Clove has blue hair, and Glimmer has purple hair. And they look MAD!

CHAPTER 10: Fashion Frenzy



It's time for the fashion show. I'm up against Clove, Glimmer, and Rue. Right now we're all backstage trying EVERYTHING to get our hair colors back to normal. Except for Rue, who wasn't at the party. "I figured it out!" says Glimmer "it's 2 parts tea tree conditioner, 1 part lemon water, and 1 1/2 parts blackberry juice!" we all try it and now Me and Cloves hair is a light purple but, Glimmers is back to normal. "Ha! Like I'd really tell you guys how to fix it! Get used to the loser ring, because that's where your going!" evil Glimmer. The first category is: Candy Themed. Peeta, Marvel, Thresh, and Cato are the judges. Soon, I'm in a lolipop swirl dress with taffy ripples at the bottom. Rue is wearing a sugar lace dress with candy fairy wings. Glimmer is wearing a bubble gum dress complete with a bubble gum hat and shoes. Clove is wearing a cotton candy dress with ribbon candy ripples. The round's scores are, Me: 6.7, Rue: 5.6, Glimmer: 7.4, Clove: 6.5



Ok, now for the second round. The theme is fire. I'm wearing a black dress lit up with fake flames. Rue is wearing a flame ruffled dress and her hair looks like fire. Glimmer has a dark blue dress with flame sparkles on it. But, to tell the truth, I think Clove's is the best, she looks exactly like a phoenix, complete with wings. The rounds scores are, Me: 7.6, Rue: 4.3, Glimmer: 7.1, Clove: 8.7



This is the last round. The theme is fairies. Great. I come our wearing a blue flower pedal dress with blue sparkling hair and wings. Rue comes out in a stunning tiger looking fairy dress complete with tiger stripe hair and wings. Clove has a black dress with bat wings and fangs, and she looks angry. Glimmer comes out in a gold fairy dress with overlapping gold leaves and wings. The scores for the round is, Me: 6.9, Rue: 9.1, Clove: 7.0, Glimmer: 7.0 and the winner is... Glimmer. No surprise there. Wait? Where did Rue go. I see Glimmer and Cato talking when all of the sudden, some one reaches from the shadows and pj he's the together so they look like they're kissing. "Clove..." she looks over and FREAKS OUT. And I mean she is trying to kill Glimmer. meanwhile Cato and Marvel are yelling at each other. What do we do? We need a distraction... This better be worth it "I LOVE YOU PEETA!" I shout but listen, I just did this for a distraction. GOT IT? Everyone stops. "They were'nt kissing, Rue pushed them together, just so we would fight! All of these disasters were her fault!" and Rue runs away. Let her run, we already won




Me and Cato are hanging out when I get a text. "Who is it?" asks Cato. "Its Katniss, she says "Hey Clove, do you and the game show friends want to go see a move?"" I'm confused "Why would I want to go watch someone move?" so I text her that, and soon get a reply Text: lol, no, a movie, oh that makes more sense. So I agree. I wonder what we'll see.



Everyone's here, Peeta, Clove, Cato, Glimmer, Marvel, Foxface, Thresh, and even Rue. "So guys, what should we see?" we all agree on a movie called "the hunger games" that sounds interesting. THE MOVIE BEGINS: ok, it's starting... Wait why does that girl named Katniss look like me? Wait! Katniss! "do you have a twin sister?" Peeta asks me. And I honestly don't know any more. CHARRIOT SCENE: "Katniss! We're on fire!" another comment from Peeta. Everyone glares at him, just like in the movie. CAVE SCENE: I just watched my look alike kiss Peeta's look alike. And I throw up. "I think we're done with the popcorn for today..." yup. FINAL 3 MUTT SCENE: "thanks a lot for killing my look alike Katniss" I take my phone and make sure 911 is on my emergency contact list. ENDING: "so, I guess I'll ee you guys in 1 1/2 years for Catching Fire." not likely. Cato's still mad at me and Peeta and before he knows it there is a popcorn bucket on Peeta's head. And I back away before I get one two. Glimmer and Rue are arguing, then Clove jumps in. "Katniss, let's get out of here!" for once Peeta's right. We run to the Capitol jet, but Peeta is running the wrong way, with the popcorn bucket still on his head. "wrong way Peeta!" and he turns around and hits the wall. I'm going myself. A few minutes later the jet is taking off and everyone else stops fighting, because the jet was all of our rides.



Peeta's not back yet and it's been 2 days. I feel kind of bad about taking the jet but, what can you do? Then I hear a knock on the door. I open it and it's Cato, Clove, and Peeta. "I believe this is yours." and Cato shoves Peeta in the door. "wait, why are you here?" I doubt they just came to drop him off. "well, you still have the second jet... In your yard. They called us to get it back." oh yeah, at least I did a pretty good job parking a jet in the yard. "you guys can fly a plane?" they look at each other "yes" they both say at the same time. And believe it or not in half an hour they take off and start flying to the Capitol. I look at Peeta "get out of my house" he still has that popcorn bucket on his head. "and take that popcorn bucket off your head!" I say. "easier said than done" and I kick him out the door. Literally.


Why does Katniss hate me? Well, the whole movie thing probably didn't help. After you fly in a plane with two people who want to kill you in a movie, nothing seems normal anymore. I run into a lamp post. Stupid popcorn bucket. I would of been mad at Cato, but you don't get mad at the guy flying the plane. Clove was flying to, and when I was irritating her she threw a pen at me. Why does everyone hate me? I finally get free from the popcorn bucket and then I have an idea... But first I'll need to get back into Katniss's house. And get a LOT of popcorn.

KATNISS'S POV: (after Peeta completed his plan)

It's the next morning and I'm starving. I open the cabinet and TONS of popcorn flies out of the cabinet on top of me. Grrr "PEETAAAA!" I know he did this. Then I open the other cabinet and caramel popcorn flies at me. I'm going to kill him. I grab an antique sword off the wall. I know Peeta will be by the door, and when I open it there he is. But, when he sees the sword he starts running. He can see where he's going now so it will be a little more challenging. But, not very much. Soon I've cornered him. "K-Katniss, please don't..." too late now. "Back off Katniss" I turn around to see Foxface. She jumps forward and kisses Peeta... For a really long time. Then she just runs away. Meanwhile Peeta is passed out. What just happened? Well... I'm going back to bed.


Me and Cato just landed in the Capitol. We found out about the Katniss, Foxface, Peeta thing. It was being filmed by some district camera's and now it's all over the Internet. "Hey, Cato what do you want to do now." then I remember something about the Captiol. "shopping" I say. And Cato looks terrified "Clove have mercy" TO THE STORES!


I love Clove but, some things are to much. Including 4 straight hours of shopping. Then, it get bad. Clove finds a... Dress shop. I'd rather DIE than walk in there. After 10 min of arguing, and 3 minutes of running. I'm hiding. "CATO!" if she finds me I'm dead. And within minutes she's tied a rope around me and is dragging me all around the Capitol. That's when I see a few contestants from last year. Including Glimmer who is dragging Marvel around with a rope too. Then Clove and Glimmer start talking as we try to get away. "How long has she been dragging you?" asks Marvel "an hour" he looks suprised "wow, I've only been at it 1/2 an hour" I'm going to die today.


I'm watching the live "Cato's adventures in shopping". And they're hilarious! And, now Peeta keeps following me around. Ha! Rue thought she was bad. But, I have a secret. Once we're alone I transform into...

Wait wait, where is this going? I'm not sure either... What do you want to see next? VOTE!...

Ok! The votes are in!:


Where is Foxface leading me? She turns around and something happens. Her eyes are different, she starts to grow claws. "Wha- what's happening?" she looks at me sadly as she turns into a human sized fox that can walk on two legs. "I'm sorry Peeta. But... This is what I do. I must kill you." what? She has to... Kill me... She takes a step fowrward. "Foxface please!" she takes another step. "I'm sorry." she takes another step, and then jumps forward. Claws aimed for my heart.


I'm sleeping when I suddenly wake up. Something is wrong. Very wrong. I run outside and into the forest. And when I get there all I can see is blood. "Peeta!" His name is scratched into the ground by claws. "No, no, no, no..." I collapse on the ground. And loose it. "Peeta, I'm sorry, I never meant any of it! I always did like you! I'm sorry!" then I cry for a little bit before I hear laughing. Then some ferns rustle and Peeta and a human sized fox walk out of the bushes. "I knew it. You do like me" This was a joke!


Ha! We got her good. Foxface broke down before she killed me and couldn't do it. So, she decided not to kill me, and she kissed me again! Uh oh, Katniss is coming. At least I have Foxface as back-up this time. Then we hear something above us. Then a net shoots out of the jet and takes Foxface away. Then Katniss takes a rock and throws it at my head. And the last thing I hear is Foxface's screams as she's taken away.


Me and Clove just finished shopping and now we're at a fancy hotel in the Capitol. I look over at Cato and his eyes look really spaced out. And so do Marvels "What's wrong with them?" I ask Clove. "Hmmm, I guess they couldn't handle the perfume department. Buy the way I love that skirt you bought!" I love that skirt too. "Don't worry, I know how to snap them out of it." Clove picks up a pitcher of ice water and dumps it on their heads. That worked. "Are we done shopping?" asks Marvel. Ha! "Yup... For today." and they're out the door in 10 seconds flat.


Me and Marvel are wondering around the Capitol when I get a text. "Who's it from?" asks Marvel. "Wait... How did Peeta get my number... Well anyway it says "Foxface turned into a human-fox and the Capitol took her away! Will you guys help me get her back?"" that was odd. Marvel is thinking about something. "what do you think?" I ask him. "hmmm, why not? It will get us out of shopping. We need some action around here." sounds good to me. Soon Peeta, Katniss, Glimmer, Marvel, Clove, and me are getting ready to save Foxface.


Ok. So. Yeah. Um... "What are we doing?" this has to be the WORST plan ever. I guess that's what happens when you let Peeta make the plan. "Clove, did you bring the gecko?" Clove holds up the giant day gecko. "Now, put the video camera on the gecko." Ok, so the plan is to have the gecko as a lookout and to follow after it. We put the gecko in the halls and wait a bit then follow. "Peeta, what is wrong with you?" Katniss asks. Then Peeta hits her. "Wow, somebody's fighting back today." I say. He looks at me and I can tell in his eyes, he really cares about Foxface. Then, we see 3 guards running toward us.


They're trying to stop us? Well that's not going to happen on my watch! Wait... We forgot the... Weapons. Hmmmm. "What do we do?" Yells Glimmer. Then Clove has an idea. "Glimmer! The perfume!" She yells. And Glimmer takes out a bottle of Kiwi-Strawberry perfume and sprays it right in they're faces! Then more guards come and she tosses out a few more bottles of perfume and soon nobody can see anything. "Ahhhh!" someone yells. "Sorry, I thought you were a gaurd!" and after like 5 minutes we can see again and the whole room smells like a mix of Lime-kiwi-strawberry-coconut and a mix of flowers. "Is everyone ok? Wait, where are Marvel and Cato?" we look around and don't see them. Then, I see the room that Foxface is in. "Come on everybody, let's go!"


We get through the door and see Foxface is a fox. She has a strange collar on her. And we look behind some glass and see that when ever he presses a button on the control panel, Foxface moves! "That guy is controlling Foxface!" Then she lunges forward and Clove jumps out of the way before she is slashed. Where are Marvel and Cato? Then, I look and 2 creature break out of a door behind Foxface. One is a golden brown wolf-human with a scorpion tail! I think it's Marvel! And the other, is a wolf-eagle that slightly resembles Cato. "Hey, I think those beasts are Cato and Marvel! They're being controlled to!" This is crazy! I grab a chair from a table nearby and smash it on the Marvel-Beasts head and the collar breaks (and maybe a bone or two) and now he just collapse on the floor. The Cato-Beast lunges and lands on Clove. It starts to slash away at her. But, she yells, "No! Cato! It's me Clove!" and something flickers in his eyes and he let's go of her and turns toward the glass and raises a huge clawed paw and smashes it to pieces. He rips the collar off with the paw that isn't bleeding heavily. Meanwhile Foxface just clawed Peeta in the throat! I think he's dead! Or dieing! The Cato beast knocks the guard away and presses a button on the control panel and Foxface stops. Cato, Marvel, and Foxface turn back to normal. "Peeta!" she screams. marvel is still knocked out on the ground and Cato is pretty close to dieing. Then, a smoke screen goes off and guards rush in.



I'm not dead. I wish I was. Cato's alive. Clove is happy. Marvel and Glimmer... Well... Ummm. They took Foxface away. They took her to a mutt lab, but they promised me they wouldn't kill her. I can only see her 3 times a year. But, it's better than nothing. I'm sitting alone in the forest. I hear footsteps and Katniss walks up and says "I'm sorry... For everything. But! I'm here to make up for it. Surprise!" and Foxface walks out behind her. "I made I deal with the mutt lab." she tells me. "Katniss... Thank you so much." and me and Foxface kiss.


Clove and Cato lived happily ever after, and so did Foxface and Peeta! Marvel and Glimmer are happily seeing other people. Rue isn't on Panem's most wanted so that's a good sign. Everyone else is good. LOLOLOLOLOL :D

THE END :) :) :) :)

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