Hi everyone! This is my second games. This Is the 1 1/2 humor games. The arena is a total surprise. The only extra things I will do is sponsors and a pre-games tribute party. I will only do one person per district ( 1/2 hunger games explanation ) you can enter up to 2 tributes.

SPONSORS: every district gets $1,000

Loaf of bread $300

Gallon of water $400

Knife $400

Sword $600

Water melon $600

Bow & arrows $800

Axe $700

Capybara Food $100 (not for human consumption)

Box of chocolates $100

Sleep Syrup $200

If you want an item that's not on the list just post it on the comments :)


District 1: Nathalie Crane, female, age 16, good: sword, bow & arrow, bad: taking risks X

District 2: Josef Bruno, male, age 18, good: spears, fighting, bad: swimming climbing WIN

District 3: Rickey Dean, male, age 18, good: designs mutts, explosives, bad: weapons X

District 4: Megan Bass, female, age 17, good: Trident, net, can swim, bad: needs to be near water X

District 5: Matthew Powers, male, age 15, good: climbing, swords, very fast, bad: hiding, swimming X

District 6: Catherine Vladse, female, age 16, good: agile, blowgun, accuracy, bad: plant recognition WIN

District 7: Joey Valfa, male, age 15, good: strong, fast, sword, bad: panics a lot WIN

District 8: Kate Reese, female, age 18, good: spear, scarring people, bad: not very strong, careless WIN

District 9: Riley Grain, male, age 13, good: blowgun, swimming, climbing, bad: lying, killing WIN

District 10: Uit, male, age 15, good: knife, plants, very fast, bad: strength X

District 11: Katherine Snow, female, age 16, good: axe, fast, plants, bad: can't stand people screaming in pain X

District 12: Katrina Edenor, female, age 17, good: outgoing, knives, brave, bad: will faint at sight of blood X


* the tribute party is a big Capitol party that the Capitol sponsors, stylists, and tributes attend. It's a HUGE party. The room is about 500 feet by 500 feet. And there is just about every food you can dream of. *


Wow. This place is HUGE. I knew the capitol had parties, but this is insane! Yup, I'm not going to make it out of here. It's 6pm now and the party goes til 12pm. Well, I should look around and talk to a few sponsors. Then, I see the food table and I go NUTS! I eat dish after dish. The sponsors look at me and they're shocked. Theyre even taking bets on how much longer a can keep going. Then before I can do anything, the chocolate fountain explodes.


Ug, 30min into the party and I'm covered in chocolate. Thanks a lot Joey. Well, I was getting to dry anyway. I NEED to be near water! That's when I see a 10 foot wide soda fountain. I decide to hang out there for a while. A while later I'm sitting, talking to Kathrine Snow and Katrina Edenor. They seem pretty nice, and a while later we decide to be allies.


I'm looking around, I've already talked to a few sponsors. Now it seems like everyone (including me) is at the food tables. I see a few odd colored fruits, including a blue star fruit and a purple apple. Next i come to the drink table. I see a fizzy lime drink in the nonalcoholic section (like I really need the other stuff) I take a drink just as an attendant yells something, but I don't hear it. I'm already passed out on the ground.


A few feet away from me someone hits the floor as an attendent says "NO!" later I hear them saying, those drinks were supposed to be recalled. From what I hear, he'll be fine. So far: a chocolate fountain exploded, a tribute passes out, what next? I wonder around until I fined a sponsor with something perched on her shoulder... It's a parrot! I walk up and start talking to the sponsor. She tells me it's a scarlet macaw. Then all of the sudden, it takes off! It flies at me and flaps it's wings everywhere! Then someone else's macaw starts freaking out and the bird display (what was that doing here?) birds are released. Then I remember, this is being filmed, and it's the humor games. So of course the birds only go after tributes.


There is a fat, blue, crested bird 3 feet in front of me. The whole party is madness! I throw a roll at the bird and it gets like, 10 times bigger! I scream, but then I remember, this bird looks a lot like the one in that picture on a sponsors shirt. Oh, it's just a peacock. That was embarrassing. At least it didn't... Now blue feathers are flying! It's attacking me. Nathalie Crane comes over and hits the bird with a 2 foot long peppermint stick from the candy display. She hands me one and the birds feathers puff out more! It screeches REALLY loud. "wait! Do you think it likes chocolate?" the capitol chefs just brought out a new chocolate fountain and we grab it. We set it to max power and throw it at the bird. BOOM! It explodes! The chef who just brought in the SECOND fountain looks at us. Wow, I didn't think anyone's face could get that red. "r.u.n" Nathalie whispers to me. And with that, the tribute party is over.



Ug, my head is still spinning from that stupid drink. It turns out when one of the chemicals mixes with the limes it kind of knocks you out. We have 3 days to do whatever we want until the games. And all I've done so far is lie around. I might as well go down to the training center. When I get there I only see 3 other people in the room. Catherine, Ricky, and Joey. I walk over to the knives, Catherine is over there too. "first bullseye wins?" she asks. "sure" why not? We throw a few. She throws one but, it bounces back and... IT HITS ME IN THE ARM! "OW!" "o my gosh I'm SO sorry" she says. While she freaks out she knocks over the weight table, and one hits me in the stomach. Of course! And, again, they bring me to the training room hospital.


What have I done!?!? Oh no, "SORRY!" I yell to him as they take him to the training room ER. "taken out tributes a little early huh?" Joey walks up to me "you were pretty good, well, until you hit him that is, I'm going over to the plant testing station, want to come?" "sure" I just want to get my mind off what just happens. We get to the station and start separating leaves. When I'm done the coach scores me out of 100. I got 32% of it right! That's awful! Joey got 79% right. "not bad" I say "well, really good compared to me". He looks at me and says, "allies" I'm surprised, but he seems like a good ally. He panics quite I bit though. But, we all have our ups and downs I suppose (mine being plants) so, "yeah" I say to him. I have an ally now.


Me, Katrina, and Megan just walked into the training center in time too see Catherine take out district 2. " well, nothing like a dose of humor to brighten up the 3 days before you die" says Magen. Tell me about it. We head over to the sword area since the knife and weight sections are roped off. Some guy is mopping the blood off the floor. "he's going to feel that in the morning" I say. And I bet he will.



I went to the training center yesterday, I think I'll skip it today. There's a small deck outside, I walk onto it and look out on the Capitol. That's when I notice a weird sound coming from the electric shield around the deck. It starts sparking. "oh no..." now its on fire. Now, the decks on fire! NOW IM ON FIRE!!!!


I hear some sreaming and an explosion on the floor above me. I run out onto the deck and see Riley Grain on fire. But, instead of freaking out I laugh. He doesn't realize that its FAKE fire! It's just another Capitol joke for the humor games. He still doesn't get it! I bet there's a camra on him right now! "wait a second..." he says from above me, "what's going on?" he wonders out loud. "Hey! Riley, it's fake fire, like from the 74th chariots." he looks dumbfounded. "Let me guess, this is being filmed." "I would assume so, it will be the best thing since the district 2 incident in the training center!" "Oh great, so, how to I stop fake flames?" I'm not sure but there is one thing. "Umm Riley...". "what"? "I wouldn't stand so close to the sheild circuit, it really is on fire". "wha- oh, it is, umm any ideas on what to do here, I dont feel like dieing today!" "ok, chill out I'll go get the Capitol attendants." I get one of the attendants and other than the attendant getting a mild shock (and a trip to the ER) we all turned out ok.



The games are starting in 10min, and I just finished putting on district 1's game outfit and I HATE it! I know these games are supposed to be funny but, this is too much. It's a pink shirt with a shiney bunny on it. The bottom is a sequin tu-tu with leggings and shiney siler heels. Complete with fake pink bunny ears. I start throwing stuff at my idiot stylist, even though is not his fault. So, he locks me in the transport tube early.


Ug, can anything get any worse? Of course it can because, I'm about to go into the hunger games. I just put on district 2's games outfit. I'm dressed normal exept for a 1 foot by 1 foot lightweight fake rock on my head. And, I don't like it. In fact I feel like an idiot. After getting stabbed in the arm and hit in the stomach with a 50lbs weight. I just collapse on the floor from my seat. Maybe I can just die now. "get up it's time for the games to start" says my stylist. "but I don't wanna" I sound like some whining kid. "well too bad" he says as he sends me off to my death.



We have 60 seconds. I look out and the cornucopia is surrounded by banana cream pies. "REALLY!" I shout. I look at Katherine and Megan, my allies. This is some kind of sick joke! This reminds me a lot of the 134th hunger games. When the cornucopia was surrounded by rubber ducks. Those were the first humor games. 3.2.1 the games just started! Everyone tries to move but pie is going everywhere! I run but the trip face first into one. On the bright side, it tastes great!


I finally got away from the pies! I grabbed a small sack and I'm running away from all the pie fights when, I run straight into a tennis court net! Just sitting there. Stupid humor games! The second I get up and try to run away, I trip on a log this something carved on it. It says "sucker" oh, yeah that's real nice "thanks a lot guys!" I yell to the Capitol camra's. What's next?


These games are crazy! Someone throws one of those exploding woodchucks at me! I jump away just in time but, guess who didn't realize the cornucopia was on top of a hill. And next thing I know I'm rolling down a 50 foot hill. And guess what else, someone planted a nice little cactus garden at the bottom of the hill. "aaaahhh!!!"


I just got away from the cornucopia with a few of those deadly stuffed animals. And as soon as I get down the hill I see Riley land in a cactus garden. "aaaahhh!!!" that's got to hurt. I guess a can't leave him here though. ""Hey Riley, you need and ally?" I ask. "why not" pretty casual for a guy that just landed in a cactus garden. We'll see how this goes.


I don't see any water nearby. Me and Katrina are in the forest near the cornucopia. "I still can't believe Katherine's dead" says Katrina. "yeah" I only grabbed one thing from the cornucopia. A big stuffed spider that shoots out nets. "hey megan, guess what I got from the cornucopia" "what" she hold out a mini plastic octopus, and it filled with water! Sweet, sweet, water. "this is great Katrina!" Now, I'm ready to win!


Me and Catherine got away from everyone else 1hr ago. And so far we've figured out that this is the weirdest arena ever. And to add to the weirdness Catherine befriended a wild capybara (worlds largest rodent, it's like a pig/guinea pig). She even made a leash for it out of vines. Oh, and that's not the weird part. Capybara's are supposed to be brown. This ones rainbow. She sure loves that thing. And I have to say, I think I'm jealous.


Things aren't going as bad as I thought they would. I grabbed one of those rocket launching fish and an H2Octopus (wow that was awful) I haven't seen anyone else so far, but that's fine with me.I see a small cliff shelter that might make a nice camp I go under it and a small rock hit the fish and BOOM!........ Im not dead... I guess that wasn't a cannon. Oh right, now I'm half-trapped under a pile of rocks. That's just great. I guess I spoke to soon.


I'm still waiting... Sigh.


I'm still hating this outfit. Too bad there wasn't a career group this year. All around me I see logs with insults carved in them, just waiting to trip someone. I look up and see something in the tree above me... It's a GIANT CATERPILLAR! It has to be like 10 feet long! It's huge, green, and spiky! And next thing I know, it swallows me head first.


BOOM! I hear a cannon in the distance. I wonder who that was. Meanwhile, I won't turn around but, I can tell Riley's crying and, I can hear thunder in the distance. Well, he did land on a cactus garden. I have to admit, I feel pretty bad for him. We pass a log with the words " tripz on me, I dares ya ", the Capitol is pretty messed up I'll give them that. "Kate, can we stop soon?" he sounds pretty pathetic. "sure" I'm getting tired too. *BOOM* now, it's raining AND thundering. *CRASH* I turn behind me and see a giant tree fall. Right on Riley. But, I don't hear a cannon.


I'm so sick of that Capybara. It keeps making this really irritating sound *irritating sound* grrr, maybe I can strangle it with that leash. But no, Catherine loves it too much. "Hey Joey, what that ahead of us?" I look out and see Josef Bruno, I can tell if he's dead or not. "oh my gosh FINALLY! I thought I was going to die of boredom!" well this is a surprise. But me and Catherine never liked the idea of killing so we'll help him out. We start moving the rock ps when Catherine drops one on his head. "ow!" "sorry!" then she accidentally knows over 2 more. "come on!". "Sorry! I'm such an idiot!" she kicks a tree causing a squirrel to Vaal out and start attacking Josef. "AHHH! Get this thing off of me!" Catherine just stands there with her mouth open in disbelief. If we ever get out of here I would recommend Josef getting a restraining order from her. Now the capybara's scared. Oh boy, it just charged Josef. And to top it all off Josef trips over one of those stupid comment logs, this one says, "beware of squirrelz". Really, that's irony for you.


"RILEY!" I know he's not dead yet, he can't be. Why do I care so much? No, no forget that, it's not the time to think about that. "WHERE ARE YOU!" "Hi, Kate" I look up and see him sitting on top of a huge branch 20 feet in the air "Wha- how did you? You jerk I thought you where going to die!" I'm just mad. "well, I still might die, considering I can't climb down this tree branch" "well than how did you get up there?" "when your going to die you can do just about anything" just then, a parachute comes out of the sky "hey Riley, look out for the-" *crash* Well, the parachute hit Riley on the head, now he's on the ground, still no cannon. "Nice shot guys!" I yell at the game makers. That takes care of that.


I can't believe that just happened. Josef looks at me like if I come within 10 feet of him something bad will happen. I step across the line he drew and say, "Look I know I'm like, super clumsy but nothing and will happen!" then a parachute come and hits him on the head. GREAT! I guess I was wrong. I open it! Capybara food! "you see this Sparkles!" the capybara comes and starts eating. "Catherine, can you do me a favor and please step back over the line" says Josef, he's still lying on the ground from getting hit on the head. "I- I'm sorry, why is this happening" I step over the line about 1inch and another parachute, and this ones carrying an AXE! "JOSEF LOOK OUT!!!!" he jumps out of the way just in time. Then runs away screaming. "darn, no wonder I didn't have any friends back home" Joey looks at me and says "well, you have one now" he leans over and KISSES me! SCORE!


I just watched the whole thing. Poor Josef, and wow to Joey And Catherine. Wait, that stupid capybaras on to me. "what is it sparkles?" I dont think they'll kill me, but I'm not risking it. I shoot the capybara with a dart. "SPARKLE'S!" she sees me, and I can tell she's mad. Joey throws his axe, and it hits me. I hate capybaras. BOOM!

By the way, I took out the paragraph about Matthew Powers dieing, so he's still alive.


It didn't take long for something bad to happen. Me and Megan found a small pond about 20x20 feet. We sat by a big tree and looked up because we heard buzzing. We looked up to see 6inch long bumble bees, but the look like happy cute bees, and they're really round. One of them landed on Megan and she freaked out and swatted it away. It hit the ground and started vibrating. Then all of the other bees started chasing us. And that's how we ended up running through the woods. Suddenly we someone ahead, it's Matthew Powers. "RUN!" we yell at him "what, what's going on?". "GIANT BUMBLE BEES! THAT'S WHATS GOING ON! R.U.N!" we all start running. Then wee all trip over a fallen log. And the bees start stinging.


The bees stung Megan and Katrina. It's odd but, now weird thing are happening. "OOOOHHHHH, The Mockingjay, saved the day, and we say hooray! There won't be no cap-I-tol games today. The fire, set the world as it is today, and for that we ce-le-brate toooo-day..." Megan starts singing the song they sung at the Mockingjay memorial. "I thing the bees did this" then Katrina starts "I love guinea pig, with they're fat round chubby cheeks, they tail-less, yup they got no tail, but theyre super furry, and super cute, I just love them, about 100x more than you because..." oh great, the guinea pig song from the 134th games. I'm just glad I didnt get stung.


Hahaha . I'm watching Megan, Katrina, and Matthew sing they're hearts out! I didn't know anyone could even sing that high. It could break glass! *GROARRRR* what was that?!? Whatever it is it snapped the humor choir out of it. *GRROOOAARRR* its, it's, it's a... Stegosaurus! It's like 30feet long! "AAHH!" Karina's got quite the scream. I remember that stego's where like, the stupidest dinosaurs. But, then again this one has wings so, that rule might not apply. *GGGGRRRRROOOOOAAAARRRRR* next thing I know it's smashed the rock I'm behind and it's spiked tail has already pierced me in the heart. BOOM!


I just got a sword. And here comes to stego. I dodge it and put I tiny slice in it's side. Then it stops. "WUB! WUB. WUB? WUUUUUUUUB" it's making weird sound and it's crying. "WWWWUUUUUUUBBBBBB!" it's wailing really loud! I just it's really sensitive. "Megan, maybe we can tame it" says Katrina. I walk up to the big creature and start petting it. OMG it has it's tongue out like a dog! "I think it's part dog! And it has wings!" I look up and it's spikes form 3 saddles for us to ride on. "let's go" says Matthew, and we do, it's time to win. Oh, and by the way, where I'd Matthew go?


My head is killing me! At least it was the water that landed on me, not the sword. *screech!* I look up to see a Pterodactyl! It lunges forward and grabs me. "KATE! KATE!"I start stabbing it but it won't let go. I see it's nest 100 feet away in a huge tree. " Kate help me!!!!" where is she? "Riley! Where are you?" "UP HERE ABOUT TO DIE!" "RILEY! Hang on, I'll be back for you, jut let it take you to the nest and act dead!" and that's what I do, and 1/2 an hour later I'm still alive.


I can't believe Riley just go taken by a flying dinosaur. This feels like some messed up dinosaur sy-fi movie. I have get him back. But, how? That's when I run into 3 people riding a lizard, cow, bird, and... Fork, I bet it's part fork with all those spikes. "Riley, my ally, just got taken by a Pterodactyl!" they look at me like I'm crazy. "so I take it you need a ride" says Megan. I nod as one of the spikes forms another saddle. "hop on"


Well, this is quite the day. I cant believe the mileage on this dinosaur. And with these tiny wings too! "Pterodactyl ahead!" *SKREACH* it has a 30foot wingspan. Stego flies in and swings his tail. It misses and the Ptero flies under just after Riley jumps on. It jabs it's talons in it's stomach and stabs it beak into it's wings. We start plummeting to the ground! We're going to land in a giant swamp! "AAAAHHHH!" ... Be be continued in 1 or two paragraphs


Ok, so now we have everything figured out. Catherine isn't allowed to come within 10feet of Josef. And neither is her Capybara. I think Catherine likes me too, considering when I kissed her, she mouthed the word "score", When all of the sudden i hear:

GAMEMAKER: Attention all tributes, we have a suprise! All tributes who can survive until you hear this sound over the loudspeakers *Really loud blow horn* again will be live! Have fun!


This is great! Now, if we can just make it that long we can all get out of here! "I think that blow horn blew my ears off" says Josef. "WHAT?" yells Catherine. "I SAID I THINK THAT-" "I GET IT IT WAS LOUD" this is getting irritating! "WHAT" Catherine yells again. "HE SAID..." now I have a headache "EVERYONE STOP TALKING!" they both look at me and start to laugh. Oh, it was a joke. Thats nice.


BOOM! I open my eyes to see everyone lying on the groung along with the stego. That's when I see someone under the stego, it's Matthew, yup he's dead. That stego was like 3000lbs. (NOW Matthews dead) everyone else is alive. But, Kate and Riley are gone but they left a piece bark that says "thank you". Katrina wakes up "" I look over to see some vines wraping around her. I slash them away with the sword. (repeat GAMEMAKER message) we look at each other and say, "YES!"


A note written on bark told me, "at 12 tonight, go to the rock by the pond" and believe me I will, because I know Joey wrote this! THAT NIGHT AT 12: I walk out to the rock and see a box of chocolates sitting on the rock that say "To Catherine, <3 Joey" he is so sweet! A minute later he come to the rock and, after etching the water for a while in silence, we're about to kiss when... *RRRAAAOORRR* a giant crack opens up in the water and a black sludge starts to pour out! A giant black centipede with red spike/legs crawls out! It has pincers 6 feet wide and two small clawed arms on each side. It's like 100 feet long! "Joey, this isn't very funny anymore."

GAMEMAKER: Tributes I give you, the final challenge, whoever can last 10minutes will win! Good luck!


I cant believe it. That is one big centipede. Kate and Riley are 20 feet away, and Joey, Catherine and Josef are about 50 feet away. To bad the stego is gone, he would of come in handy right about now. The beast shoots out a spray of acid the quickly melts a tree. *GGRRROOOAAARRRR* he lunges and one of the slashes scratches Kate. Next, it shoots a spike that hits me right in the heart! BOOM!


"KATE!" she's not dead, the cannon was for Megan. The monster roars and the ground shakes as giant cracks open up everywhere. Catherine falls into one, but, Joey grabs her. But, the beast shoots a spike at her once she gets back on the ground. Josef pushes her out of the way, but he gets stabbed by the spike! "JOSEF! Why, why did you do that?" she says with tears in her eyes. "because, you were meant to be with Joey" he waits for a second... No cannon. He has quite the luck. Unlike Katrina who is being devoured by the monster. BOOM!

GAMEMAKER: *blow horn* I give you the winning tributes, Joey Valfa, Catherine Vladse, Kate Reese, Riley Grain, and, wait? Is Josef still alive? Oh, ok he is, and Josef Bruno!




We're all back at the Capitol for the next games. I still can't believe I lived. There is Joey and Catherine, holding hands of course, and seeing that I know I made the right choice in almost dieing. Kate and Riley are still great friends, poor Riley though, he took a lot of damage from the cactus garden, but he's fine now. Oh, and for saving her, Catherine gave me her capybara, Sparkles. Lucky me. We all look out over the capitol, and we think, I guess it was pretty funny.


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