Hi! Are you ready for the Jurassic Games? Beware: there will be dinosaurs! I have also written the 1 1/2 humor games and several hunger games parodies:

So, expect there to be some humor in this. I will be doing Private Training and Training Scores, and Chariots. This year there will be 24 tributes. You can only enter 4 tributes. Please post the tributes here. If you can please write them like this:






I will do sponsors. Each tribute will start out with $1,000 dollars.


Gallon of water: $300

Loaf of bread: $200

Watermelon: $400

6 Throwing Knives: $600

Knife: $100

Bottle of Poison: $500

Shield: $300

Spear: $400

Bow and 6 arrows: $700

Axe: $300

Sword: $400

Note: $100

Spear Gun: $900

Harpoon: $900

Rope (10 feet): $200

Whip: $400

Spiked Whip: $700


Half of the arena is a prehistoric jungle with a big swamp. There will be dinosaurs everywhere. There will also be destroyed village buildings here and there, they may have supplies in them. And the other half is a frozen forest like the ice age.


Velociraptor: a small raptor, carnivore, 5 feet long, 3 feet tall, 30lbs, hunts in packs, has one giant claw on each foot,

Anklyosaurus: herbivore, a large dinosaur that walks on 4 legs, it has spikes on it's back, and a large football club on it's tail, 30 feet long, 4 feet tall, 3.5 tons

Irritator: carnivore, looks like a mix of an alligator and a spinosaurus. It walks on 2 legs and has spike/fins on it's back, 26 feet long, 9 feet tall

Dimetrodon: carnivore, looks like a giant lizard with a very large fin on it's back, 11 feet long, 550lbs

Dilophosaurus: carnivore, it's like a giant frilled lizard that walks on 2 legs, 20 feet long, up to 1,000lbs, 5 feet tall

Kentrosaurus: herbivore, large dinosaur that walks on 4 legs and has giant spikes on it's back, and 2-3 foot long spikes on it's tail, 16 feet long, 2 tons, it also has 2 very large spikes on it's shoulders


Wooly Mammoth: herbivore, looks like a giant elephant with fur and giant tusks,

Saber Toothed Tiger: carnivore, looks like a giant brown lion with 2 very large teeth,

Dire Wolves: carnivore, giant wolves that lived during the ice age, they hunt in packs,

Woolly Rhino: herbivore, like a furry rhino with a 3 foot horn on it's face, 11 feet long

Short Faced Bear: carnivore, 11 feet tall standing up, can run over 40 miles an hour, weighs up to 1,500lbs


District 1 Female: Calopy Pierce, age 18, good: accuracy, throwing axes, H2H combat, bad: cockiness, swimming X

District 1 Male: Flash Skylar, age 18, good: sword, tricking people, bad: won't kill girls WIN

District 2 Female: Rasberry Catnip, age 16, good: dagger, plants, bad: sand X

District 2 Male: Sammy Rewtro, age 18, good: swords, strength, running, bad: climbing, X

District 3 Female: Newle Harvestmoon, age 12, good: stealth, darts, fast, blowgun, bad: climbing, very afraid X

District 3 Male: Alden Maris, age 13, good: knives, swimming, bad: plants, mentally unstable X

District 4 Female: Cerulean Sparkel, age 15, good: knife, persuasion, bad: small by career standards X

District 4 Male: Edmund Storm, age 15, good: fishing, swimming, B&A, bad: climbing, camouflaging X

District 5 Female: Illuminate Sensorum, age 15, good: whips, intelligent, bad: swimming, afraid of water X

District 5 Male: Veto Magnate, age 13, good: technology, climbing, bad: fighting, heavy weapons X

District 6 Female: Celeste Ryder, age 12, good: deceiving, cuteness factor, bad: size, close combat

District 6 Male: Eros Oceanwater, age 14, good: fighting with teeth, axes, bad: climbing and swimming X

District 7 Female: Nikky Treefall, age 14, good: axe, climbing animals, bad: caves, cold climates X

District 7 Male: Aber, age 16, good: axes (normal & throwing), strength, bad: can't swim X

District 8 Female: Mixle Hartford, age 17, good: spears, words, bad: everything else X

District 8 Male: Flicks Marvel, age 17, good: spears, traps, bad: making allies WIN

District 9 Female: Juniper Gold, age 12, good: lying, plants, explosives, bad: size, swimming X

District 9 Male: Shawn Grey, age 13, good: plants, has good ideas, bad: traps swimming X

District 10 Female: Agnes Layne, age 15, good: animals, running, bad: swimming, heat X

District 10 Male: Lokita Rainer, age 15, good: great with animals, bad: won't use weapons X

District 11 Female: Fern Larksong, age 16, good: plants, scythe, bad: running, 1/2 blind WIN

District 11 Male: Marcus Line, age 18, good: whips, strength, bad: doesn't like killing X

District 12 Female: Clementine Allard, age 14, good: hiding, spiked mace, bad: edible plants X

District 12 Male: Parker Blue, age 16, good: smart, fast, hiding, bad: hates heat X

Tributes with a 'X' next to they're name are dead.


Careers: Calopy Pierce, Rasberry Catnip, Sammy Rewtro, Edmund Storm, Aber, Cerulean Sparkle, Eros Oceanwater

Almost Careers (that's there team name): Juniper Gold, Clementine Allard, Marcus Line, Parker Blue

Animal Lovers: Anges Layne, Lokita Rainer, Nikky Treefall,

W.T.T.W (we'll try to win): Newle Harvestmoon, Alden Marris, Flash Skylar, Shawn Grey

<3 Alliance: Fern Larksong & Flicks Marvel

ATTENTION: I will be creating all of the private trainings and chariots.

Private Training & Scores (From the Head Gamemaker's prospective)

Calopy Pierce: Nice job taking out those targets with your throwing axes, you were right on. Nice H2H too: 9

Flash Skylar: Good sword skills, and the technique you used will come in handy when surprising your enemies: 8

Rasberry Catnip: We were impressed with you knife skills, and you shared a wealthy knowledge of plant information, we could of used more action though: 8

Sammy Rewtro: Very decent sword skills, and you were very quick too. To bad you tripped and fell on your face, but it was very funny: 9

Newle Harvestmoon: Good job with those darts. And you were good on the climbing wall. A little boring though: 7

Alden Maris: You were ok with the knives, but you ate a few poison plants in the plant testing station. And then you kind of freaked out for no reason before passing out: 3

Cerulean Sparkle: Very good knife skills: 6

Edmund Storm: We liked that you shot a fish with that arrow, very creative: 8

Illuminate Sensorum: Good whip skills. But, when you saw the pool, you started screaming: 5

Veto Magnate: Good job rewiring the lighting system in the training room: 9

Celeste Ryder: You just sat there and looked cute, and then when a guard came over you jumped on him and tried to rip his throat out: 10

Eros Oceanwater: You ripped a target to pieces with your teeth, and then sliced another with an axe, slightly creepy, but still good: 6

Nikky Treefall: Nice climbing, and good job befriending a resident squirrel: 7

Aber : You threw an axe so hard it got stuck in the wall and you fell backwards into the pool and almost drowned: 4

Mixle Hartford: Good with spears, but, then you started trash talking one of the targets. You have a very colorful vocabulary: 8

Flicks Marvel: You made a trap and caught a target, then you threw a spear to kill it. Even though it's not alive: 9

Juniper Gold: You took some wires, and connected them to the pool. Then fried everything in the room. Including us: 11

Shawn Grey: Good with plants, we liked your idea to carve some sticks into a weapon. But, a little boring: 5

Agnes Layne: You are very good at running, and you have a great relationship with a animals: 6

Lokita Rainer: Wow, you got a raccoon to sit on you shoulder, and made it attack a target. Amazing animal skills: 10

Fern Larksong: You're good with plants and a scythe: 6

Marcus Line: Very good with whips, but it whipped back and hit you. You ignored the pain for a bit, but that didn't last too long: 4

Clementine Allard: You hid so well we didn't see you until you threw a mace at a target: 8

Parker Blue: You were running pretty fast, and you were smart enough to avoid the trap another tribute set up: 7

CHARIOTS: (From the Head Gamemaker's prospective)

District 1: The district 1 chariot comes in lead by white horses with glittery main's. It's a giant diamond and the tributes are dressed in amazing gold and silk. Then it shoots off a glitter cannon and the whole parade sparkles.

District 2: This ones a little scary, it's a giant stone with spikes sticking out of it. The tributes are wearing what looks like a bunch of fangs or claws. They're both holding weapons. Then fake blood comes out of the spikes on the rock leaving every tribute behind them in a trail of blood. And they shoot real sleeping darts at district 1. They're not dead, just asleep.

District 3: Then district 3 comes out and shine some super bright strobe lights on district 2 and everyone goes blind for a second. Then, district 2 what's-his-name guy, falls off the chariot and gets run over (he's still alive) and district 3 is laughing they're heads off.

District 4: They come out in they're clam shell Charriot and start spraying everyone with high powered water guns.

District 5: They come out in they're power themed Charriot, nothing special here.

District 6: Wow transpiration is BORING. Blah, blah, blah. nothing to see there.

District 7: This one's pretty good, it looks like a giant tree stump, with autumn colored leaves everywhere.

District 8: Lame.

District 9: Lame.

District 10: Cows & more cows.

District 11: A golden wheat chariot, with flowers everywhere. It's pretty nice.

District 12: Flames. Coal. Over used. Boring.

This sure was an interesting year.

TRIBUTE PARTY: (before the games, after the chariots, it's a huge party for the tributes, sponsors, etc)


I'm going to kill District 3. I'm not going to forgive them after what happened during the chariots. I just walked into the party and all I can see is candy. Giant peppermint sticks, a chocolate fountain, a candy pheonix sculpture. it just goes on and on. Then I see her. She's wearing a beautiful dark blue, and pink dress that glitters in the lights. I walk up to her, "Hey, I'm Sammy, who are you?" she turns around and slaps me in the face. "Trying to hit on me? Good luck with that." and she walks away. She's playing hard to get. Well I don't give up that easy.


This party is amazing! Right now I'm drooling over a bunch of mini chocolate sculptures. Then, a sponsor walks up to me and asks my name "I'm Illuminate Sensorum." she smiles at me "Interesting name, I think I'll look out for you in the games." and she walks away. That was easy!


What! Illuminate just got a sponsor, and all she did was say her name! That is so not fair. Then, I turn around and I'm face to face with a python. "AHHH!" then, I realize the snake is on a sponsors shoulder "Ha, don't worry, this is my pet python Cecelia" Her pet? And wasn't that the name of a past victor? Another sponsor walks up and she has a small bright green snake on her "Oh Maria, are you bragging about Cecelia again? Well, anyway I'm Chloe, and this is my snake, Emerald." all of these snakes are freaking me out. When I turn around I see a sponsor with a spiky lizard on her shoulder. Soon, I'm surrounded by reptiles. I can't find a way out of this. but, then someone walks by with a white snake and they all follow her. I'm glad that's over but, when I look on my shoulder I see a small gecko. "Sigh, I guess I have my token for the games."



The games are about to begin. I'm in the glass tube and I'm rising into the arena. And when I'm up the first thing I see is stone. Everywhere! I think we're in some kind of ancient stone temple. Moss is growing out of the walls, and up about 100 stairs is the cornucopia. 40...39... I don't have much more time. I have to locate the other careers. I look 3 people over to the left and see Eros Oceanwater, the one who kills stuff with his teeth. And then I see Sammy Rewtro. The guy who was hitting on me, and then I slapped him in the face. But, he still won't give up. GONG!


GONG! And now the temple is filled with screams. Alden Maris is stabbed in the back by a sword. BOOM! then, as Veto Magnate gets 10 steps from the cornucopia spiked blades shoot down the stairs and about 5 hit him. BOOM! Another hits Shawn Grey in the arm, but that doesn't stop him. A large stone falls off the roof and hits Aber in the head. BOOM! Then, once I find my allies Anges and Lokita, we run through one of the many passage ways in the temple. We go left, left, right, left, right, right, and run out an exit into a giant swamp.


I just barley got away. When I finally find the exit, I realize I'm at the top of the temple at least 300 feet high. I can see the arena is split into 2 parts, a giant forest and swamp. And an arctic tundra. When I look back to the forest I see something moving. It walks on 2 legs and looks like a walking lizard. But, it's hard to see from here. "Hey!" I hear a voice yell at me. It's Flicks Marvel.


I just ran into Fern and I raise my spear. "No!" she yells at me as she turns around. And I freeze. The spear falls out of my hand. I guess I never got a good look at her. "Your... Beautiful." she simles nervously, and picks up the spear and puts it behind her, as if she's guarding it. "So, I take it I'm safe for now?" she says in a smooth delicate voice. "I could never hurt you." she eyes sparkle in the sun. "Good to know." and her laugh is even better. "So how about we get out of here, I see some stairs that lead down." I motion to the stairs and we start to walk down. I take her hand, and she doesn't take it away. Magical.


Me and the rest of the careers are gathering up the supplies. "Hey Sammy, have you found any nets yet?" he turns around, and points something at me and pulls a trigger. A second later I'm tangled in a net. "Well, I found a net gun, does that count?" and everyone laughs. Except me. "Yeah, real funny. Now get this thing off me!" they're still giggling when they get the net off me. "Ok, now which exit should we take?" after we vote we're going through the South-West exit. Left, right, Wall, right, right, left, another wall, left, right, stairs that lead down "No way guys." left, right, right, left. How do we get out of here! left, left, then we see a tribute. it's Mixle Hartford. She holds up a piece of paper in defense. "Do you really want to kill the only person who knows the way out of here?" she asks. She has a map!


Ha! I have the careers right where I want them! Now they can't kill me. "Ok fine. How to we get out of here?" they ask. "In exchange for my life, I'll give you the map." they talk for a few minutes then agree. "Fine." I give them the map and walk away. To bad for them I gave them a fake map that leads to... Well they'll find out soon enough.


We've been following this crazy map for a while now. Soon we reach a door that the map says go go in. So, we do. And once we get in the door shuts and locks behind us. "Hey! What's going on!" then we hear a growl. "Ummm, what was that?" we hear I again. Then a large beast walks in front of the light. It's a saber-toothed tiger. And it looks hungry. *Roar!* It leaps and sinks it's claws into the ground 4 inches from Eros. "Ah!" he dreams and the beast jumps again, and lands on him this time. "Help!" I pick up a spear and throw it. But, it misses and hits Edmund in the leg! "OW!" oh no! Then, Calopy and Rasberry take swords and starts slashing the animal. Soon, it's dead. And Eros is lying on the ground, bleeding to death and Edmund is trying not to pass out. "Sorry about the spear Edmund!" I tell him and he looks at me, "Oh, no problem." wow. "really?" "No. Not really." I didn't think so. A Few Minutes Later: Eros Didn't die, neither did Edmund, and he took the spear out. Again, sorry about that but... Sometimes I'm not that great with spears. "So again, how do we get out of here?"


We are going to kill the Carrers as revenge for them not letting us join. They're in the dungeon fighting the beast, and now while they're weak we're going to strike. We run down with our weapons and start ro attack. We're all fighting. BOOM! Clementine just got stabbed by Rasberry! And she's dead! Next, Marcus tries to kill a half-dead Eros Oceanwater but, Edmund comes behind him and kills him! BOOM! This wasn't supposed to happen! "Parker let's get out of here!" but when I turn to look for him, the careers have shot him with the net gun. I run out of the room, alive, but now I'm alone. All alone.


"Please don't kill me!" They all look at me. "And why shouldn't we?" I didn't want to do this, but I suppose it will work. "I can fix your friend." I show them a bottle of medicine I got from the cornucopia. And then I threaten to drop and break it. "Ok ok, fine. We'll let you live." I give them the bottle and that's when I notice something. "Hey, um, Edmund right? What happened to you?" the others giggle a little bit. "Well, Cerlean... Hit me with a spear by accident." oh wow. He uses a little bit of the medicine for himself but gives the rest to Eros, who has a bunch of claw-marks on him. they save about 1/2 the bottle for later and start to take the net off me. Once I'm free I ask if I can join the careers. And they say yes!


Me and Nikky are looking through the sacks we got from the cornucopia, while Anges watches for danger. Once we've sorted everything, we have 3 knives, 1 loaf of bread, 1 bottle of water purifier, 1 spear, an empty 1 liter bottle, and a megaphone (???). Pretty good. "Ok, let's start looking for berries, plants, etc. But, be careful and don't eat anything before we've all checked it out. This swamp seems a little odd. Meet back here in 1 hour." and we set off. I take one of the empty sacks and find a berry bush with inch long purple berries. I put about 30 them in the bag and keep walking. 15 minutes later, I see a large bunch of ferns and a very large figure eating them. I remember reading about them in the training center. It has a large spiked back, and a tail with a club on the end, it's an Anklyosaurus! When I get closer I notice several tiny versions of itself next to it. It must be a mother and it's baby! I slowly back away, I don't want to disturb them. When I get back to camp Anges and Nikky are waiting for me. Now let's see what we gathered.


We were lucky. None of the plants we collected were toxic. Now we have 30 purple grape/berries, some odd looking roots that believe it or not, taste pretty good cooked, and even 2 strange swamp coconuts we remember from the training center. After Lokita tells us about the Anklyosaurus's she saw, we go back to get some more of the grape-like berries. As soon as we have almost 70 more of them we hear a scream. "Ahh!" We run to see what it is after we grab the knives. When we reach a clearing we find Celeste Ryder bleeding on the ground. "What happened?" asks Nikky. She looks at us, and suddenly springs with a knife on top of Lokita, stabbing her in the throat! BOOM! She was faking it! And that's just the blood of some animal she killed! Nikky throws the knife and it hits her in the stomach and she collapses, but she's not dead. "That's what you get." I look into Nikky's eyes and they're filled with a dark hatred. Celeste is lying on the ground making a sound that sounds like a mix of a cat screeching and something else awful. I pick up the third knife to finish but Nikky grabs my hand and shakes her head. I can't believe she's just letting her suffer. We walk back to camp and go to sleep, even though we still haven't heard a cannon. Once Nikky falls asleep I run back to the spot where Celeste was. And she's gone... With no cannon. She's still alive...


I'm not dead yet. And I intend to win. When Nikky stabbed me, I used some medicine from the cornucopia to heal it. Now I'm about to take out all of the careers at once. I've gathered a bunch of poison berries and made them into a juice like syrup. Well the careers aren't looking, I pour it on the food they were about to eat.


We've just started eating, we're about half-done when Calopy starts choking. Then, she falls down and starts screaming in pain. Thats when I remember the berry's on the plate we're eating from the training rooms 'DEADLY' section! BOOM! She's dead! Then Cerulean falls over. BOOM! Eros is next. BOOM! Edmund grabs the healing potion from The sack and drinks it! That traitor! He didn't even give us any! Then I start to feel weird, like some kind of freezing cold spreading through me. Then it's painful, I collapse and start to die. It feels like swallowing fire. BOOM! That was Rasberry. I look over to Parker Blue and see him drinking some potion from inside on of the sacks, then, he grabs a sword and stabs Edmund before he has time to recover. BOOM! Then, he walks over to me. "Please. End. It." I struggle to say to him. But, instead he pours the other half of the potion down my throat. Then I pass out, but I'm not dead.


We're walking on the arctic tundra side of the arena. Then, we hear a bunch of cannons. "Wow, that's a lot of cannons, at least they came from the other side of the arena." We keep walking when we here a slight creaking sound. We look down to see we're walkin n a frozen lake, and the ice is cracking. I hear a louder crack and we start to run off but, a small portion of the ice opens up, and Shawn Grey sinks into the dark water. BOOM! Newle looks at me in terror. "Over here!" I look over to see who called, it's Flicks Marvel and Fern Larksong. We start to run, but the ice opens up again and a shard of ice stabs into Newle and she falls in the water! BOOM! I'm only 50 feet from land, 40, 30, *Crack!* and suddenly the ice opens up and I feels cold all around me. I'm sinking and going to die. And as I start to fall beneath the surface something grabs me and tries to pull me out of the freezing water. But, I feel something else grab me from underneath the water. Flicks throws the spear under water and what ever was drowning me gives up and I crawl out of the water. I try to thank them but, I'm shivering so much I can't speak. They bring me back to their camp where they have a fire, and I quickly fall asleep.


I'm in the in the giant swamp and all I can see for miles is swamp. *growl* What was that? I hear something from behind a wall of stone. I walks out, it's a giant 15 foot tall lizard, alligator, spinosaurus, whatever! I take a step back and it takes one forward. I try to take another step but, I run into a tree. *Groar!* What should I do? I don't have anymore time to think because, it's jaws close around my body. BOOM!


I'm in the swamp and I heard a cannon 2 hours ago, and I can tell something's been stalking me since. All I know is that it's very large and lizard-like. *Growl* And there it is. I know I'm going to die, I guess that sponsor never got around to notice me. I notice it steps into view. I remember it as something called an Irritator, a large crocodile/spinosaurus dinosaur. *Roar!* It lunges forward and I roll to the side and the huge beast collides with a stone and I hear an awful cracking sound. I look back at it and it's dead, head cracked on a rock. Now that's luck.


I wake up and I'm tied to a tree. I look around and see Parker. "Why did you save me, and why am I tied to a tree?" he looks at me and smiles evilly. "Well, if I'm going to win, I'll need a distraction. you don't give me enough credit, I'm a lot smarter than you think." Oh no. Thats not good. Then we hear a Gamemaker announcement:

GAMEMAKER: Ok! It's time for a feast! In 24 hours, all of the supplies you could ever need and more will be at the top of the starting temple! Oh, and by the way, if you don't go, you will be eaten by velociraptors! Have a good day!

Parker looks at me and says, "We, have a feast to get to. And by the way, don't expect to live through it." That's not a good sign.


We're on our way to the feast. It starts in 1 hour and I hope Celeste will be there because I want to rip her heart out. 50min, 40 min, 30min, 20min, 10min, we're half way up the temple and we're waiting there. We can see most of the arena and we know everyone's at the feast and somewhere on top of the temple since the tunnels aren't open which means we can't go back in the temple. Then we hear a rumbling sound and a huge fence surrounds the temple and we're trapped. I grab a knife when I notice a velociraptor 30 feet from me and Anges. It rushes forward and I stab it and puch it off the temple. Then, another rumble, the temple is collapsing and we can't escape!


Flicks grabs my hand when he sees the Irritator dinosaur round the corner and come towards us. He grabs the spear and throws it, it hits the creature in the stomach and a large rock falls from the temple walls and kills it. We grab the spear and start to run when we hear an announcement:

GAMEMAKER: Hello tributes! As you may of noticed the temple is collapsing, good luck with that! And there are many dinosaurs surrounding everyone. Now 2 people can win! Have fun!

I'm so happy I jump into Flicks arms and kiss him. When I let go his eyes are open in shock and he wishers something that sounds like 'amazing'. He snaps out of it and we start to make our way to the top of the temple.


I'm about to kill Illuminate. She's walking below me when I drop a rock down on her but, she jumps away and uses a stick that was lying around to knock me down to her level of the temple. I throw I knife the hits her shoulder. "Ahh!" She screams on pain. But, she trips me and I cut my arm on a sharp rock. And then I pick up the rock and throw it at her head. BOOM! And she's dead. Now for my next target: Nikky Treefall.


Everyone is at the top of the temple, and there is a fence around it so we can't leave. The space is 100x100 feet and there are weapons everywhere. A horn comes over the announcers speakers and the fighting starts. Someone throws a knife at me but, I throw Sammy in front of it and it hits him in the stomach and he collapses. I wish I could of gotten more out of him but, whatever. But, what I didn't count on was him still having enough strength to trip me and rip the knife out of him and stab my in the heart. We both die. BOOM! BOOM!


Nikky and Celeste are fighting. Nikky throws an axe but, it misses. Celeste's arm is bleeding from some earlier wound. Nikky rushes forward and grabs Celeste's throat. Celeste makes an awful choking sound as Nikky digs her nails farther into her throat. But, then Anges runs and tackles Nikky, and raises her knife and says, "Nikky, this has gone to far." And Anges stabs Nikky's throat. BOOM! And then, she walks over to Celsete, and says, "And you, you have been just plain awful." And she kills Celeste. BOOM! But, then she says, "After everything I've done, I could never live with myself." And she stabs her own heart. BOOM! It's only me, Fern, and Flash left. Flash looks at us sadly and raises the knife to his own throat. "You guys are meant to be together. I won't het in the way of that." He's about to kill himself when I knock the knife out of his hand. "No! I won't let you do that!" He looks confused, one of us has to die. Then, we hear another announcement.

GAMEMAKER: *sob sob* That was so touching! We have talked with the other gamemakers and have decided to let 3 people win! Congratulations!

We. Just won. YES!



It's 1 year after the games. Me, Flicks, and Fern are hanging out at the Capitol, watching the stars. We all live hear now, because Flicks and Fern wanted to be together. And then, they convinced me to stay hear too. Other than the nightmares that haunt me every other night, it's good. "Hey look! A shooting star!" I shout. And then, Flicks says, "I don't need a wish, I already have everything I want." That's so sweet! "Me too!" agrees Fern. "Oh, and Flash, we thought you might be getting lonely in the Capitol, so we got you a baby anclyosaurus from the gamemakers. But, don't worry he's friendly." What? And then a Capitol attendant brings in the anclyosuaus and it's... Adorable! "Well isn't this a perfect ending!" They smile and we go back to watching the sky. And I can help but laugh a little bit when the little baby Dino curls up beside me, just like a cat. This is a perfect life.


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