Hi everyone! You may know me from some of the parodies I've written on the wiki. But, I've decided to try a different writing style. These are the nightmare games.


When you enter tributes is these games only give me their names and a fear. No other information, they will develop a personality in the shadow realm (the arena) YOU CAN ENTER 4 TRIBUTES


It will be 1 on 1 fights, tribute vs. fear. All of them will be different.

Tributes: (just name and fear)

D1 male: Lion Scrapes, fear: crocodiles

D1 female: Amour Love, fear: sunlight X

D2 male: Malek Ruth, fear: spiders X

D2 female: Charlotte Messesms, fear: spiders X

D3 male: Spyrit Hyrglass, fear: Ruby dying

D3 female: Ruby Hyrglass, fear: becoming blind in her other eye X

D4 male: Thomas Quince, fear: water

D4 female: River Watercross, fear: snakes X

D5 male: Houg Safgore, fear: mythical creatures

D5 female: Kat Lai, fear: crows

D6 male: Brann Clatch, fear: lions

D6 female: Kuna Moona, fear: weapons X

D7 male: Toru Macx, fear: dying X

D7 female: Maple Tree, fear: claustrophobia X

D8 male: Horten Komenci, fear: being in the spotlight

D8 female: Forsythia Aljiscic, fear: being alone

D9 male: Kevin Quince, fear: happiness X

D9 female: Alliana Whittle, fear: spiders X

D10 male: Shacklyn Krane, fear: being run over

D10 female: September Rollo, fear: cattle

D11 male: Charles Blossom, fear: falling X

D11 female: Madssie Lorale, fear: nightmares

D12 male: George Bravery, fear: being friendless X

D12 female: Reyna Thunder, fear: dying X???

Tributes with an 'X' next to their name are dead.

Ok, here's the thing, I started writing these games, but it was a little too scary so I'm changing them into a 1 on 1 challenge with their fear, you'll see how it works in a minute! If your tribute wins 1 round, then they will go up against all the other winners in and arena against each other.


They put me in the room and I open my eyes. I'm in a swamp surround by water mud and grass. I see a knife on the ground and I pick it up. Just then, a large crocodile that walks on 2 legs and has 3 inch long claws walks 20 feet from me. I throw the knife, and it hits the beast and does nothing. Oh no. It lunges forward and I start running. Good thing it's a very slow beast. But, I trip and go flying face first into the swamp and land in a giant mud pit and start sinking. I see a vine nearby and grab it, I start whipping the crocodile until I hit both of it's eyes and it stumbles around blindly until it falls in a mud pit and drowns. I win! Oh, wait, I'm still sinking. "Hello? Capitol? I'm still sinking!" And then a Capitol attending comes in. It's about time!



I walk into a completely dark room. But, then they turn on the lights. It's so bright I can barley see a thing. *rattle* What was that. "To win your challenge, you must cross through this field of snakes and press the button on the other side with out getting bit." And, I can barley see where I'm going. I take a step. I'm still alive. I take another, and another. Then, I hear a hiss and pain. Then, all I can feel is a painful fire as a snakes venom spreads through me. I'm dead in a matter of minutes. BOOM!



I'm in a dark cave. There are torches on The walls so I can see. The are giant spider webs and killer spiders everywhere. "You must grab the gemstone spider on the other side to win." Ok, I've got to do this slowly. I start going and in a minute I'm covered in a web. I start screaming, but the I notice I'm still alive. So, I keep going. I'm so scared that when one tiny spider lands on me I scream so loud it echoes off the cave walls. I knock it off and keep going. Only 20 more feet. That's when I feel a sharp pain in my arm and everything goes numb. "I hate spiders." BOOM!



I just watched Malek die. Since we're both afraid of spiders and the Capitol will be getting bored, my challenge will probably be 3 times worse. I walk into a completely white room. There's nothing here. Then, a door in the back opens and a 3 foot tall spider with 2 arms and claws jumps out. A sword rises in front of me and I grab it. I slice off one of it's legs and it let's out a screech of pain. But, it shoots a web at me and it sticks me to the wall. It's 2 feet from me and I only have one option. I kick it as hard as I can, and crush it.



They lock me in a room covered with T.V screens. "You must last 5 min in this room." What could they possibly do? Then I hear the screams. Ruby's screams. I see a knife in front of me. What going on? Then, all of the screens turn on and they're all different images of Ruby dying. Being stabbed, caught on fire, poisoned. And so much screaming. I can't take it. I pick up the knife when I have an idea. I hold it to my throat, when I have a better idea. Throw the knife at a screen *Crash!* a shower of sparked rain down. I walk over and smash another screen *Crash!* it sends a shock through my body but, I don't care. I keep breaking them. *Crash, Crash, Crash!* But, then... *BOOM!* explodes. I feel fire swirl around me. The door is broken. I walk out of the shower of electricity. "I win." And I bring the knife down on the control panel.



Wow Spyrit. Just wow. The Capitol people put me in a room filled with thorns. Then put some weird liquid into my eyes and I can't see anything. "To win you must find the golden rose in 10 minutes." The golden rose? What? I step forward and go flying into the thorns. I try to move but, everywhere I go I feel them stab me. But, then I feel a flower. The golden rose! But, little did I know, the thorns on the golden rose are deadly. Too late. BOOM!



I'm put onto a platform, surrounded by water. Water everywhere. I look down and see SHARKS. "For your challenge you must reach the platform on the other side of the room." So I have to swim. I'd better get this over with. I jump in. *Splash* Then I remember, I'm not the best swimmer... I splash around and grab a shark. It bites down in the water but, it just scratches me. Then, the other sharks notice the blood from the bite and swim over. I wait to die when I realize, these are just dolphins! I climb on top of the dolphin and it swims over to the platform. Man, I feel like an idiot.



I open my eyes and see it. A 20 foot long snake. With spikes. And wings. Oh no. And all they've given me to fight it is a sword. I stab it once, it screeches in pain and bites my hand off. "Ahh! Come on!" Man that hurts! Lots of blood too. I take the sword and stab it again. And there goes my other hand. "AHHH! Whyyyyy!" Then the creature bites me in half. Darn.



I walk in and see a unicorn. Well, kind of. It's a minuature pony with an ice-cream cone duck taped to it's head. Ha! They knew I was afraid of mythical creature but, this is the best they could do? As I'm laughing the ice-cream cone falls off and reveals a super sharp knife blade... "Noooooooo!" It charges me and stabs me in the stomach. I collapse on the ground and it starts to trample me. I grab it by the leg and snap it's bone. Wow, even I can't believe I did that. What was that thing about unicorns... Oh yeah. I rip the blade off and rainbow sparkles shoot out of it's head. "What the..." Ok, this is the weirdest thing...



I step into the room. I see a horse with a saddle on it, and I naturally climb on. I pick up the spear tied to the horse. Then come the crows. They're about 2 feet long and they hold knives in their talons. My horse starts running and I start spearing crows. but, one of them hits the horse and it falls on top of me. I feel a knife sink into my arm, at least I'm mostly protected by the horse on top of me. Then, I see the final challenge and all of the other crows fly away. It's a human sized crow that walks like a human and has arms and wings. It holds a staff. I charge with the spear, and we fight 3 feet from each other. It knocks me in the head with the crow-head staff. I can tell I'm heavily bleeding but, I can't stop now. I jab the spear into the bird and it dies. "Like all of life, one must fall." I recite the poem my mother said before the peacekeepers killed her for stealing food. Just so she could save my life. Look where I am now.



The room looks like a rocky cliff. All I can see are rocks. *Growl* I know that sound anywhere. It's a lion. Not a normal lion though. It's got a maine of fire and eagle wings. It jumps and knocks me over. I fall down a rocky slope and hit the ground. "Owwww." It jumps back down and it's maine of fire singes me. I jump into a tiny rocky stream and run into a tiny crack in the stone wall. The creature can't reach me. Then, I hear a rumbling sound and a huge pile of rocks fall on top of it. I think it's dead. Yes! I win! Wait... "Hello! Gamemakers... I'm stuck." Well this is just great. "Hello?"


ROUND 12: KUNA MOONA: (fear: weapons)

I walk into the room and see spikes sticking out of the walls. Then, a creature comes out from behind the spikes. It's about 3 feet tall. It looks like a velociraptor, but, it has metal teeth, claws, and a sythe tail. Then, another appears. They jump and lunge around me I keep trying to follow their movements but, they're to quick. They keep slashing me until I can't stand anymore. And soon the pains to much. I'm done. BOOM!



All I see is darkness. My worst nightmare. It's a world of darkness, death, fire, weapons, death, earthquakes, more fire, death, poison, DEATH. I hear something strange, then a cloaked figure with a long sword effortlessly glides before me. A black fog swirls around me. I'm frozen with fear and it seems to feed off of it. I hope when I die, this isn't the world I come to. *Slash!* BOOM!



I can tell, this won't go well. They know my fear, that will kill me. I'm put in a dark cave that, seems pretty large. But, then the ground starts to shake. Rocks close in around me and soon I only have 10x10 feet, and less every second. 8x8, 6x6, 4x4, now I only have 2x2. I just can't take it! I see a sharp stone and quickly slice my throat. At least my suffering is over.



I'm on a stage. The spotlights are all shining on me. There is a Capitol audience of hundred of people. I notice I have a script in my hands and then, a girl walks in. I check the script, I have to act out a really long scene with her. I hate being in the spotlight. I think she's waiting for me to say my lines. Ok, I'm supposed to walk over to her. I cross the stage and trip. Owwww. I get up when another actor comes in with a sword. I think we're supposed to fight. At least the swords are fake. That's when he slashes a curtain and it falls to the ground in shreds. Oh no, this is not good. I start to take a step backwards and I fall off the stage and the audience laughs. Ug, I hate acting.



I've never been alone and I never want to be. But, the Capitol knows that, so of course they'll use that against me. they lock me in a 10x10 room alone. 1 HOUR LATER: Ok, I thought this would be awful, but now I'm just bored. 2 HOURS LATER: I'm so bored I'm singing random things I can remember, including a 20 minute song about waffles. 3 HOURS LATER: Man, I wish I had my phone right now. I'm reduced to staring at a wall. 4 HOURS LATER: I'm hungry. That song about waffles didn't help either. 5 HOURS LATER: Why couldn't they of given me something to kill myself with? Then, the door opens. "It's about time!" And I storm out the door.



This is going to be terrible. I'm put into a 100x100 room with pink-plush wallpaper. Then, a creature materializes out of nowhere. It's a kangaroo. But, it's pink with purple spots. It has heart shaped ears. And razor sharp claws. It jumps forward. I jump away, and it turns around and I notice it has a spear on the end of its tail. It stabs me once, again, one more time. I'm done. BOOM!



I'm the 3rd person with a fear of spiders. Which means I'm not going to make it out of here. I'm put in a desert landscape with cactuses everywhere. There's a 4x4 hole in the sand, and a giant spider comes out of the ground. "AHHH!" It senses me and I turn o run, and I hit a cactus. Now, all I can feel is pain, but I keep running. The spider keeps pace with me effortlessly. I trip over a rock and in a second the spider has bitten me. I feel an awful fire everywhere, and with the last of my strength, I tip over a cacutus that lands on the spider. To bad I die before it does. BOOM!



I open my eyes, and the room I'm in is in the middle of a road. A car is coming straight at me, so I jump out of the way, and another comes at me. "Ah!" I jump again as a motorcycle comes at me. "What is this!" Then, it hits me. Literally. "Ow! That does NOT feel good!" How do I get out of here? Then, a herd of deer run at me and I freeze. Oh, 'Deer in the headlights' yeah, real clever Capitol. I jump on one of the deer, and It runs out the exit.



Cows. Cows everywhere. I'm in a field filled with cows. They seem friendly... So I walk up to one and touch it ever so slightly. "Mooooo." It moo's. Not an angry moo, a kind of funny moo. This isn't so bad! "Mooroar!" What was THAT! I see the biggest cow ever walk in front of me. It's red with flaming hooves, and black horns that glow with fire. "Ummmm" It's about to charge me I can tell. I take off running. I didn't notice that the ground slopes, and now I'm falling down a hill. Or more like rolling. I wonder if the Capitol did this because of my last name, 'Rollo.' Well, that's irony for you. Meanwhile the beast is still following me. I see a small pond ahead. if I can get the beast to fall in it will extinguish the fire. I turn just before I hit the pond, and the beast slides off the back into the water. And then I trip and fall in too. I grab the bank and climb out, when a frog jumps and I jump backwards, into the pond, agian.



I'm on top of a mountain. I'm surrounded by rocks and deep canyons on the earth that seem to go on forever. "To win, you must get to the ruby sculpture on the other side." That's a long way. I'm going to have to cross several small canyons first. I grab onto a rock and jump. I made it across 1. I see another about 3 feet wide, and jump again and land on the other side. *Hisssss* A rattle snake! I carefully and quickly jump across another to get away when a rock breaks off and I start falling, falling, falling. I hit multiple rocks on the way until I finally hit the bottom and a sharp rock spears me to death. BOOM!



Nightmares. I can't stand nightmares. And yet the gamemakers have somehow recreated my worst one. I'm in a dark swamp and all you can hear is silence and wolf howls. I know how this usually ends, the wolf finds me and sinks its claws into my throat. I run, not like it will make a difference. They will find me anyway. I can hear their footsteps now. It jumps out of the trees, it's white with red claws and fangs. It slowly walks towards me. I pick up a stick and when it opens it's mouth to bite me, I shove the stick down its throat. It quickly dies. This time, I won't wake up screaming.



It's dark. Then, the light comes on. A group of 10 girls and 10 boys walk out. They're wearing the same cloths and they do the exact same things. And then, they all say, "We hate you." What? Why are they... "No one here likes you. You'd be better dead." They all take out knives and throw them. Several of them hit hit and I collapse on the ground. Then, they come over and start kicking me. My total worst nightmare. It's all happening. Then, they all leave me to die. Except one. "Sorry." And she stabs me to end my suffering. I'm not alone. BOOM!



I'm going to die. For sure. I'm the last person and I'm afraid of dying. I walk into the room and the door disappears behind me. Around me a river filled with a dark sludge twists around the jagged stone spikes. A sound like one I've never heard echo's across the shadows. A dark figure appears. "Ok." I say. It stops. "Kill me now." It let's out a confused growl. "Please, just get it over with." The creature takes out a sword, but hesitates. And it speaks in a dark monster-like voice. "Ok? You are a strange girl. I like it. I shall make you my queen if you like?" It says. Queen of the underworld? Why not? "Yes. On one condition, let me take control of the Shadow Games." I say. The creature chuckles slightly. "We will mess up those tributes good." It's time to be queen. And he stabs me in the heart. BOOM!


The Shadow Games:


The arena is a dark place covered with sharp rocks. And I'm alone, with no cornucopia. So, everyone in the arena is scattered in random places, and the cornucopia must be hidden... Or supplies are hidden randomly. I look in a tiny 4x4 inch crack in a rock and see something shine. I reach in and pull out a knife. That was convenient.


This place is really creepy. I'm in the middle of a field filled with all black and red flowers. "Hello my love." I turn around and see a girl coming towards me. Her hair hides her face, and she has bat wings. This is not good. "Ummmm, I think you have the wrong guy..." And I step backwards. "Oh no, it's you alright." She keeps coming closer, so I pick up a rose with a bunch of thorns and stab her. She screams so loudly my ears ring. And she won't stop screaming. And she only takes one break from screaming to say, "I'll be back. Don't you worry." And she flies into the sky. That's when a giant vine rises and wraps around me and rises me 5 feet off the ground. Now I'm trapped. And a crazy girl with endless screaming is after me. I really need an ally.


I hear a lot of screaming. I walk into a field and see Brann Clatch being strangle by a plant. "Hey... What's up?" I ask slightly awkwardly. "Oh not much." He replies. Well, I could use an ally. "Allies?" I ask. He desperately nods and I cut the plant that had trapped him. After he hits the ground, and gets back up, he tells be about the mysterious bat-screaming-girl. That could be a challenge.


The careers have formed, kind of. The first people we find who aren't completely useless are asked to join. You join or die, I joined. The careers are me, Lion Scrapes, Charlotte Messems, and Horton Komeni. Then, we hear a rustle in the woods. We see a pair of eyes. A crocodile with wings that walks on 4 longer than average legs walks up. Then, I hear I little squeak and see Lion, who is shaking in fear. I'm guessing he's afraid of crocodiles. It jumps forward and bites into Charlotte. BOOM! Horton runs 10 feet away, and climbs 15 feet into a tree. The beast has cornered Lion and it's slowly closing in on him. He has curled into a ball, and looks utterly terrified. I can't bear to see him like this. I run and jump on top of the beast. I stab a sharp rock in its neck and it dies. Lion looks up at me and says, "Kat... That was amazing." And suddenly, I think I'm in love.

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