Hi everyone! I've written a bunch of other parodies, and if you go onto my page, you will find the links to them. But, I hope you like this one two!



"Ok everyone! It's time to get random!" Yells the announcer. Today is the day where 2 competitors will be chosen to go to the Capitol and compete in a bunch of random competitions. "This years girl competitor is Katniss Everdeen! And for the boy, Peeta Meelark!" What! Peeta! Ug, this is just great. (sarcasm:) He has a huge crush on me, I mean I don't hate him or anything, I just don't want to date him.


I just got this years schedule:

Day 1: LOL Time!

Day 2: Wheel of Pain!

Day 3: Truth or Date!

Day 4: Tribute Cupcake Wars!

Day 5: ???

Day 6: Ultimate Frizbee

Day 7: Capitol Chef!

Well, now I'm scared. But, on the other hand I do love Cupcake Wars! I wonder what 5 will be. Then, I hear a loud crash and look up to see Peeta trip over a chair, go flying into the food table, and have a punch bowl come crashing down on his head. "You ok Peeta?" and then the chandelier crashes down on top of him! "Katniss, help." Ouch, that's got to hurt. I help move the chandelier just then, the train slams to a stop once we get to the Capitol. Everything goes flying and there are now pastries on the ceiling. Then, we here the announcer "Sorry about that sudden stop, but we are now in the Capitol!" Uggg. Me and Peeta are slammed into the wall with a table on top of us. Once we get up (and fall down again) we walk out into the Capitol. At least we're not the only tributes who had a rough ride. The district 1 pair walks up covered in chocolate, and District 11 is covered in frosting. District 2 walks by, they look pretty beat. And one other girl who introduces herself as Foxface is covered in everything from Strawberries to pineapple. What a day.


Ok, now we're in the Random Room, a place where we can practice for the competitions. I head over to the cupcake training section. I see a girl over there who's name is... Glitter I think. No, it's Glimmer. She just finished making a cupcake with a frosting flower. "I like the frosting flower." I say to her. "Thanks, what was you name again Kantkiss? Kantkiss Evermean?" she says with an evil smirk. "It's Katniss!" I pick up the cupcake she made and shove it in her face. "Hey! Marvel!" She yells out to her district partner. He runs over. From what I've noticed, she treats him like her slave. I storm away and head to the food tables. When I get there I see district 2 talking about what just happened between me and Glimmer. I was tempted to use the pepper spray I had in my pocket. I take it out now and read the label, 'Are you in danger? Or just really mad at someone? In that case, Lava brand pepper spray can handle it all the way!' I've used it a few times back in 12. I'm so distracted, I don't notice the district 2 pair has walked up to me. "Your Katniss right?" the boys question suprised me since I didn't know he was there. I whip around and pepper-spray him in the face! "AHHH!" Oops...


"Hello everyone and welcome to LOL Time!" You play the game by having the host spin a wheel and you have to do what the wheel says. The first one is for Peeta. "Ok Peeta, for your first round, you will be locked in a room with a flock of angry parrots!" This should be good. They lock him in a glass room and set the birds free in the room. it goes on for 30 seconds and then they let him out. "Ok, now for Clove, you must last 30 seconds in a room surrounded by 100 guinea pigs!" she looks suprised. It goes well until one of the pigs starts screeching and they all join it and it almost makes her ears bleed it's so loud! "Ok Marvel, you challenge is to eat one Cyan pepper!" (one of the hottest peppers)They give him the pepper and he takes a bite. Wow, I didn't know anyone's face could get that red. Now he's running around the studio screaming. "AAHH!" This goes on for about 3 minutes. After a few more rounds (and some duck tape to get Marvel to stop screaming) the show is over. That went well!

THE NEXT DAY: (after lol time, before wheel of pain)

  • ring ring* What now? Ever since Peeta got my phone number (Cato's revenge for me pepper spraying him) he won't stop texting me. I read his most recent one: Hi Katniss!. Sigh, maybe if I reply he'll be quite. Text: Peeta, if you text me again I'll pepper spray YOU in the face!!!. I get a reply in a matter of seconds, Text: :*( meanie. Oh Peeta. Text: Ok Peeta, what do you want?. Wow he texts fast, Text: I was wondering if you were going 2 the random room 4 training 2day. I should probably head down. I'm walking down to the random room when Peeta runs up to me. "Hi Katniss!" He is way to cheerful for a guy who's about to go on a game show called 'Wheel of Pain".


"Hello Panem! It's time for your favorite show, wheel of pain! Here's how it works, we spin. The wheel and you have to do some random painful thing!" Well this sounds interesting. First up is Glimmer, she has to fight a angry wolf. They lock her in the room and 30 seconds later, I feel bad for the wolf, she's got it in a corner whimpering. And now I make a mental note to never be in a room alone with her. Now it's my turn, I have to swim in an electric eel tank. I jump into the tank and make sure to dodge all the eels, but I missed one and get shocked. The whole tank lights up in flashes of blue and yellow and I pass out. Under water. That's never good. WAKING UP FROM PASSING OUT: Ug, what happened? I look over and see a screen replaying what happened after they took me out of the tank. And I see something truly horrifying. Peeta. Giving. Me. Mouth. To. Mouth. "Peeta! I'm going to kill you!" he nervously takes a step back. "Oh that's right back up before I rip your throat out!" His eyes widen in suprise and he runs out the door. "Ok, that's all the time we have for today, thanks for watching!"


I have Peeta cornered on the roof. "Peeta, your dead!" But, now his face turns from worried to angry. "You were drowning!" That's not a good enough excuse for me. I take a step forward and he takes one back. "Wait, Peeta don't step back again!" He still looks mad. And he takes another step back, right into the force-field. I tried to warn him. And I start to walk back to my room. "By the way Katniss, we're going to be partners for truth or date tommorrow!" He yells to me. "WHAT!?!?"


Well, Peeta was right. We are partners. We now have to answer questions about each other. "Ok, Katniss, how long have you and Peeta been dating." Says the host. "WHAT! We are not dating!" The audience laughs. "It's not a joke!" More laughter. How can this get worse. "Ok, ok now. How about you and Peeta kiss for the cameras?" He's got to be kidding! Peeta smiles and before I can react, kisses me. For a really long time too... Doesn't he has to breath soon? Once he finally stops and I come back to reality, I notice the audience is clapping and cheering. "Everyone just STOP!" Everyone freezes. "That's right! I've had enough! Peeta, I hate you! I will never like you, at all! I've always felt this way you big loser! Give up and never come back!" All you can hear is bitter silence as Peeta walks out the door, crying of course. "Harsh." One of the other contestants says. I walk back and take my seat but, after that know one feels like playing anymore. Including me.


I'm sitting on the couch in my room thinking about today, when I hear a knock on my door. So help me, if that's Peeta... but, no. When I open the door, it's Clove. "Hey Katniss, can we talk for a minute?" I really don't have a way to say no, so I come out into the hall. "What is it?" I ask her. "Well, about today, I know you don't want to talk about it but, there's something you should know." She tells me. "What?" Now I'm a little worried. "You know tomorrow is Tribute Cupcake Wars right? I just found out we're partners. Peeta is partnered with Glimmer." There has to be more she's not telling me. "And, well, if I was you, I would be careful. You have no idea what could happen with this." Well this is odd. She starts to walk back to her room. "One more thing Katniss, I thought you two would have been a great couple."


"On your marks, get set, make some cupcakes!" Me and Clove rush to the kitchen. It's round 3 and there are 2 teams left, Me & Clove and Peeta & Glimmer. We need to create a 1,000 cupcake display. The theme is, "Fire". Me and Clove have decided to make a glitter volcano display. Our cupcakes are a lemon cupcake with candied ginger on top, a strawberry filled cupcake, and a chocolate-cherry cupcake. We're frosting for our lives now. I look over to Peeta and Glimmer, they're cupcakes look 3 times better than ours. Their display is a giant cupcake with a flaming cherry on top. "Clove, time for plan B!" She looks over at their display and nods. We set off the glitter cannon and they set the cherry on fire. "And today's winners are... Peeta and Glimmer!" What! I'm so mad he beat me that I pick up the frosting toll and I shoot it at Peeta. And he says, "Yuou know Katniss, that's it!" And he shoots frosting at me. I look over to see Clove and Glimmer sigh and walk out the room shaking their heads.


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