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The Story Of Cato & Clove: A Parody

This is a story of Cato and Clove. But, I added some humor into it. THIS IS A CONTINUATION OF OPPOSITE DAY: A HUNGER GAMES PARODY. And the characters are a little different. But, you never know what you'll get in a parody huh? So, if you want to know what (may) of happened in district 2 before the games, read on! By the way, if you read, Opposite Day: A Hunger games Parody, this will make much more sense: And I wrote a story about Marvel and Glimmer before the story:



I wonder what this will be like. The only other things I have seen are rocks. Everywhere you look there are rocks around here. It's so boring. I'm looking around when all of the sudden I see a girl talking with her friends, she's really pretty. So, I walk up to her and tell her that. And, she throws a rock at my head.

3rd GRADE:


I turn around, and yup, he's looking at me again. I just can't ditch that Cato kid. RING! Oh great nothing like a 1/2 hour of staring at rocks, otherwise known as recess. We go outside, sit on rocks and do... Nothing. I'm standing by the rock forest when I hear a scream. Naturally, I follow it. When I come to a clearing I see Cato surrounded by rocks and cornered by a wolf. And it's rabid, I can see the foam in it's mouth. He sees me. "Clove! Look out! It's rabid." I'm not stupid. "Yeah, I can see that." I grab a stick from nearby and start beating the wolf. Then it runs away. "th-thanks" what a sincere thank you. "Hey, what to hang out some time?" wow, he is something, but, maybe hanging out with him wont be that bad. "sure" but, then again...

4th GRADE:


This previous year has been the best in my life. Me and Clove are out in the rock forest, she was telling me about a family of foxes she found a few days ago. When we get here, her world seem to shatter. I look and see and adult fox crushed under a rock and a dead cub near her. "no..." she seems heartbroken, that's when I here a tiny whimper. "Clove, look!" over hidden in a tiny cave is another baby fox, and it's alive. "there must of been two of them" I say. "oh Cato, we have to take care of it!" she says. WE! Yes!

5th GRADE:


Thanks to all our hard work, the pup is still alive. Her name is Ruby. She's really friendly to, well except for the one time when she bit Cato and it took 1/2 and hour to get her to let go. But, it was his fault for stepping on her tail. We keep him in I different cave we found a few months earlier, it will be safer if she's not around town. I'm just glad that ever since we started being friends, he has stopped with the whole, "will you go out with me" thing. Cato had just gone out to see Ruby when all the sudden I see him running back. "Clove! Ruby's hurt, her paws caught in a bear trap!" no! I have to save her!


When we get back Ruby's still alive. We brought things to help get the trap off, it takes 1 hour but, we finally get it off. "Cato, 3 towns over in OakVale, there is a doctor/vet. We have to get there! For Ruby!" that's an all day trip just to get there, but, I'll do it. "Let's meet in one hour, ready to set off." 1 HOUR LATER: I meet Clove by the forest, "ready?" I ask. "yeah, I have food, a little money, and Ruby in a basket." ok, I brought some stuff to, and in a few minutes, we set off. 3 HOURS LATER: Still... W a l k I n g. Soooo tired, I wish Clove hadn't taken the shortcut over the mountains. Then I trip and fall, down, down, down... "AAAHHH!"


Oh great Cato. "AAAHHH!" now he's falling down a cliff. *rumble* oh, now there are some rocks falling down, *thump* oh, that's going to hurt "hey Clove, you said that guys a doctor/vet right" he yells from the bottom of the cliff. "Yeah!" I yell back. "good, you keep going, I'll catch up later" sounds good to me. "OK!" so I keep going. SEVERAL HOURS LATER: Im finally in OakVale, I just found the place, after I talk to him, pay the vet, and sit in the waiting room Cato walks through the door, more or less dragging himself actually. "Hey Clove, is it normal for the world to be spinning?" he doesn't look to good "ummmm, noooo. Are you ok?" he looks up at me "no, not really" oh boy. THE NEXT DAY: "Cato, wake up!" he's not waking up, I mean he's still alive but, "CATO!" I kick him in the stomach. "CATO!" now he's up. "how's Ruby?" "she's better, and we can head home tomorrow." "do you want to go back over the mountain or through the canyon, or-" he cuts me off "can we just take the bus this time." hmmm, "sure"

8th GRADE:


Despite everything that's happened, I wouldn't change a second of my life. I haven't talked to Clove in a while though. Because, tommorows her birthday and it's taken a LONG time to finish it. I'm not sure what she'll think, but...THE NEXT DAY: I'm taking Clove to her present now. When we get there she just stares, it's a cypress tree on a tiny island in a tiny pond, with a rock at it's base. And in the rock I wrote "Clove" she just looks and looks as frogs jump by. "Thank you, but... We're just friends right?" I look at her perfectly normal "of course" she sits by the pond and I start to walk away and once I'm far enough away I fall flat on the ground. She loves the present, which makes me happy, then she just goes and crushes me again.

10th GRADE:


I can see the world now, I'm looking out over the top of the highest mountain, alone. But, something doesn't feel right. Two birds fly by. A pair of mountain goats jump on the next mountain. Two mice look out from under a rock. 1 Clove looks over a mountain, still alone. "something wrong Clove?" he scares me so much I almost fall off the mountain. "h-how did you find me" I say. "I didn't, your not the only one who's been up here before" well I want to be the only one, so five seconds later Cato goes flying down the montain, just as two lizards bask on a rock. Sigh.



Two days til I'm gone. I just can't be around Clove. Ive tried so hard, but it just doesnt work. Last time she sent me rolling down a mountain. And on purpose this time! It's obvious she'll never like me, I just though, maybe... But no, I've tried everything.


I'm walking, 2 days til the games. When I see a maple tree, it's has a heart on it that says "C+C= " the space after the equal sign is blank. And there's a mark on the tree for every day we've known each other, the last on bein yesterday. Why can't he just give up! Just then a storm breaks out and rain pours down. I run until I see Cato. "Clove, where have you been" oh he's going to get it "I just saw the weirdest tree today" i can see panic flicker in his eyes even though it's raining "Clove, I-" "save it Cato! JUST GIVE UP!" then lightning strikes, and all goes blank.



I wake up, I feel fine, but when I try to think, everything I can remember is a blur, and the only thing I can remember is this:Your Clove, today is the reapings, and Cato has liked you forever, you don't like him back. That's it but, it's good enough for me. And soon I'm off to the reapings. SEVERAL MINUTES LATER: I'm late, they already started. "for the Girls: Clove-" Fine by me. "now for the boys: Jake-" "I Voulunteer!" what? Cato! This is going be be awful.


AFTER THE GAMES (and the first date):


I remember everything now. I remembered I wrote a diary, before the games. "Hey, Clove, come check this out!" so I walk over and see her, "RUBY!" shes still here! This is great. "Cato, I just want to say, I'm sorry for... Everything. All those years..." he looks at me "you don't need to apologize, none of that matters now, well, with the exception of Ruby" he says. "You know what Cato, you're right." A FEW HOURS LATER: we're back on top of the mountain. "wait, Cato look out that's-!" and there goes Cato, rolling down the mountain *thump* "Hey Clove, I guess some things never change", sigh, I see two birds fly "but some things can be changed" I whisper to myself, and soon Im falling down the mountain, landing next to Cato. And that brings our second kiss. As we watch the sun set over the horizon. And that night, I go back to the tree and fill in the true answer, C+C=<3.

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