This is based off what happened before opposite day: a hunger games parody:

It's also happens about the same time as, The story of Cato and Clove: a Parody:

It's the story of what happened to Marvel and Glimmer, I would call it a parody of dreams, and it might be a little less funny than the others and more of a story, I hope you like it.

CHAPTER 1: When We First Met


Its the first day of First Grade. I'm looking around, but I'd rather be home than in this place, it's so boring! Then I see her. She has the shiniest blond hair and the most beautiful smile. "Hi, I'm Glimmer." Glimmer... A beautiful name, it suits her. "I'm Marvel." I get to see the smile again. "want to meet up at recess?" she asks. "YES!" I pretty much shout. "well, alright then." and her laugh, smoother the honey, but it's more than her looks, it's some thing else... LATER AT RECESS: There she is. I walk over and we start talking. Then, she says, "yeah, I had the best dream last night, it was of a forest, a green, shining, pure, forest not like the ones around here, the sun had just shown over the trees and it was perfect." and right when class ends, I run home and write ever single word she has. I will get her that forest.

CHAPTER 2: Always In My Dreams


It's a beautiful summer, and I'm talking to Marvel, it's three years after we met, he's a pretty great guy, he always listens to me, and he's always really nice. We're sitting on top of a stone wall, when all of the sudden a chipmunk jumps by, he stops and grabs an acorn. I take out my notebook and quickly start sketching it. "what are you doing?" he asks. "this is my scetch book, I like to be able to remember things like this, plus I think chipmunks are the cutest little thing!" I quickly add his tail, eyes, mouth, claws, and the acorn. When I'm done he looks it. "wow, that's amazing." like I said, he's really nice. "I kile to remember these things because, this world is dying Marvel. The factories destroy everything, look what I sketched yesterday, its called a goldfinch, it's the first on I've see in years, but, it was dead, I found it in a factory ally, singed." I'm starting to cry now. "that's why I loved the dream of that forest, because I'll never see it, and I always have my dreams.

CHAPTER 3: A Crowned Victory


It's been two years. And I still can't stop thinking about what she said about the finch and the forest. I'm walking around when I look in the pens where they keep the animals that are going to be killed and made into things in the factories, when I see a beautiful bird, it's smaller than a chicken, but bigger than a sparrow. "what's that bird?" I ask. "a crowned pigeon, and in 3 days he'll make a great feather scarf." I can't let that happen. "how much for it?" 10 minutes later I'm pretty much broke. But, tomorrow is Glimmers birthday, and this will be her present. THE NEXT DAY: I see Glimmer by the stone wall. "Glimmer, I have your birthday present!" I give it to her and she freaks out! "Marvel! This is the best day ever! And you even saved it too! You're the best!" and she hugs me. It's my best day ever too.

CHAPTER 4: Into Our Dreams


It's been 3 years since Marvel got me the crowned pigeon. And it's my birthday. Marvel's taking me to a special place he said he found a few months ago. "we will be there in 5min" he says. We've been walking a LONG time, but when I see it it's so worth it. It's a tiny pool, but, it's SO deep. "I haven't checked it out yet but, there's a cave under water. "Let's go" I say. And we dive in. And when I open my eyes I see it. A small crack in the earth and we dive in. And something magical happens. The world swirls into darkness and then I loose all of my senses.


I open my eyes and I don't believe it. "where am I?" a see a bright figure "you are in the world of dreams, you have found the undersea entrance to paradise, here everything you imagine can come true." and the figure disappears. I have to find Glimmer. I'm walking around this place and it's amazing. Trees with all different colors, deer running through the woods, then I see her. It's Glimmer, and just like in my dreams, nothing about her has changed. "Glimmer!" she turns around. But, what I see isn't her face. It's that of a beast. Than the world get dark, eveything starts to die and the deer turn to skeletons, and her face changes to the president of Panems. That monster! I imagine a spear and it comes true. I throw it, and it hits, than once it dies the face turns back to Glimmer, and she rises and says to me, "without the rule of Panem, the world could be wonderful, the birds could fly and sing, and not fall from the sky." so beautiful, "this world could be ours, but, to make it true, we must return to our home, and make it right." yes, we have to. "yes." and everything swirls again. And I wake up on the grass next to the pool of dreams. Just then, I see Glimmer on a rock by the pool. "Glimmer, what just happened?" she looks at me confused. "well, you dove into the cave, and didn't come back up. It was like you disappeared, then when I came back up you were on the grass somehow." than it really was a dream. Now that I look, the area around the pool is dead. And I know what I have to do. SEVERAL DAYS LATER: I have gathered all the seeds and saplings I can find and I'm planting the around the pool. My plan is: in about 4 or 5 years, after the games that year, I'll bring her here to celebrate not being picked. She'll love it, it will be her paradise. Just like in the dreams.

CHAPTER 5: A Shattered Mind



Marvel's taking me into the forest for my birthday present! He said is a long walk but, I don't care. 2 HOURS LATER: We stop at a cave that leads underground. "Are you ready?" "yes" and we go down, down, down. And when we get to the bottom I nearly faint. Before me is a cave of crystal, they sparkle, clear, blue and white. "oh marvel, thank you so much!" then he grabs something from behind a rock. I don't believe it. The dream I told him about so many years, of the forest, he's transformed it into a painting. I start to cry, and I collapse on the ground. "are you ok?" he asks me, "I couldn't possibly be happier." then the ground shakes. *CRASH!* crystals fall the water running through the cave now looks like the sea. Than I feel something hit me in the head and it all goes dark.


"Yes, well it's not amnesia, she's suffering from short term memory loss, it may or may not last forever, we can only hope" that's what the doctors told me before I walked into the room to see Glimmer. "Glimmer, I'm so sorry, this is all my fault!" she looks at me scared, "who are you?" no...

CHAPTER 6: Taken Away



I've tried everything. And I can't get Glimmer back. She doesn't remember anything about me, she sometimes gets my name write. "And then the districts of Panem where..." these games are so stupid. "and for the girls: Glimmer-" I don't hear anything else. My world starts to snap. "MARVEL!" I hear Glimmer call my name! I can't leave her! "and for the boys: Onyx Gray-" "I VOULUNTEER!" I yell at the top of my lungs. As I walk up to her she says, "your marvel... And you love me." she doesnt have to know the rest, this is good for me I think as I pass out.


CHAPTER 6: Rising From The Ashes



After we get home, we're swarmed by camera crews. But, soon we get away. "Glimmer there's something I want to show you." as we walk I remember something, I've walked this path before the games. And when we get there, I break down, he created the place of my dreams. "Marvel, I remember everything now... It's all back" he smiles and says, "I do have one last surprise, he takes out the painting from before, but the sun in the painting is now a clear crystal from the cave. "thank you so much, for everything" and we kiss, just as we dive into the pool of dreams, but this time the dream is still there when we come back.

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