Hello! this is the 16th Hunger annual Games! (Its actually my FIRST hunger games, but I'm just calling it the 16th.) Just post your tribute, district, and gender and you might be chosen. May the odds be ever in your favour! The actual games SHOULD start in late April, mabye sooner.

Tributes/ Scores in Training

(1= poor, 6= good, 12= outstanding)

District 1:

M: Nicholas Chung (5)

F: Kourtney Rodriguez (9)

District 2:

M: Choo-Chan Park (8)

F: Yuri Blue (7)

District 3:

M: Cal Rose (5)

F: Sanji Jade (9)

District 4:

M: Warren Zevon (8)

F: Ambrose Paniagua (7)

District 5:

M: Khaz Syde (6)

F: Kipcha Pryor (7)

District 6:

M: Ruby Steiner (9)

F: Liesel Hammerman (6)

District 7:

M: Marko Flame (8)

F: Snow Timber (5)

District 8:

M: Kaysen Judi (6)

F: Arianna Loski (7)

District 9:

M: Sam Jones (8)

F: Spring Howards (4)

District 10:

M: Satan Lockwood (8)

F: Abigail Springs (5)

District 11:

M: Garrick Gardiner (6)

F: Issabella Stone (8)

District 12:

M: Wesley Coles (7)

F: Daniz Tamm (5)

The Arena

This year the arena is a swamp. It is covered with mud, marshland, and mangrove trees. Some of the water in the swamp is drinkable, but it tastes very bitter. Circulating around the arena is a stream with packages floating in it. The water is lethal, but the packages could contain a few crackers to a complete medical kit and a full meal. In some of the marshlands, there are mutts that look like a cross between the loch ness monster and the Ogopogo, that will kill anything they see.

The Ceremonies

The Chariot Ride

District 1 has a gold chariot with black horses. Nicholas and Kourtney are dressed magnificently. Nickolas has a dazziling blue sparkled suit, and Kourtney has a beautiful orange gown. Both will atract sponsors easily, as the crowd addors them.

District 2 has a brown chariot and white-and-black horses. Choo-Chan and Yuri are both dressed as peace-keepers, with there snow-white uniforms and unloaded machine guns. The crowd likes them, but not as much as some of the other districts.

District 3 has a grey chariot and caramel horses. Cal and Sanji are dressed in plain black clothes, but have tiny lights covering them. The lights flash and form images all over their bodies. The crowd cheers. They love the originallity.

District 4 has an azure chariot and white stallions. Warren and Ambrose are both dressed and mermaids and mermen with tridents in their hands. Not the most spectacular costumes ever, but it might just be enough to attract some sponsors.

District 5 has a plain old chariot and silver horses. But the tributes, Khaz and Kipcha are dressed like royalty. They have crowns, sceptars, bejewled capes, tunics, swords, you name it. The crowd absolutley loves them and are very excited to sponsor them.

District 6 has a white-and-red chariot and brown horses. Ruby and Liesel are dressed as medics, as district 6's industry is medicine. And then, both tributes pull out a vial. Ruby pours the contents into Liesel's vial, and there is a huge explosion. The crowd cheers, as this is an impesive chariot ride.

District 7 has a black chariot with golden-brown horses. Snow and Marko are both dressed in dark green comoflauge, with leaves, twigs, and all sorts of greens. The crowd isn't that impressed, but the costume is originall, they have to give them that.

District 8 has a white chariot with grey horses. Kaysen and Arianna are dressed in robes from their district. The robes are very colourful. They are blood red, sunset orange, sky blue, and deep violet. The crowd likes the colour. This could get them sponsors

District 9 has a golden chariot with grey-and-black horses. Sam and Spring are dressed as Native aboriginal chiefs, with feathered capes, tunics, and most importantly bows and arrows, wich they shoot into the crowd, purposley missing. The crowd likes their attitude.

District 10 has both a pitch black horses and chariot. Satan and Abigail are both dressed as minotaurs, (half bull half man) since 10's industry is livestock. The tributes have an ancient greek kilt and are carrying huge battle axes. This is by far the crowds favourite chariot ride.

District 11 has a green chariot and brown horses. Issabella and Garrick are dressed head-to-toe in thorns, weeds, flowers, fruit of a kinds, and they have a turban with tropical fruit all over. It looks a lot like district 7's, but the crowd still likes it.

District 12 has a brown chariot and light grey horses. Wesley and Daniz are dressed completely in black coal dust. They aren't naked, but pitch black. The crowd starts booing, but then, all the dust is suddenly blown off them, revealing the tributes in ninja suits. THIS, the crowd likes.

Final 8 Interviews

(1) Nicholas

Nicholas's father wasn't available for interviewing, due to his illness. His mother is the only one interviewed. She reveals that Their family moved over from China due to overpopulation. She has complete confidence that Nicholas can win, and refuses to think about the alternitive. She excuses herself, saying that she has something on the oven, and the interview ends. She goes to her room, and the camera crew hears her weeping, crying out Nicholas's name, as if that would bring him back.

(3) Sanji

Sanji has a mother and a sister. Her mother is very emotional, and says she doesn't care how she plays the game as long as she wins. Her sister is very shy, but says that she loves Sanji, and "Wants her to win really bad." They interview her best friend, and she says Sanji is very sneaky, and a good inventor, and very capable of winning.

(5) Kipcha

Kipcha's mother refused to be interviewed, but her brother, Huttser, is interviewd. He is straight to the point and says Kipcha must win. She has been preparing her whole life, and is good with a bow and arrow, and knives. He says she was once wipped publicly, so she is no stranger to life-and-death situations. He wishes her luck, then walks away.

(8) Kaysen

Kaysen's two sisters, and her brother will be interviewed. One of her sisters just sobs the whole time, but the other one Says that she believes in Kaysen, and that everyone in district 8 is behind him. His brother seems depressed, and says half-heartedly that he hopes Kaysen will win. He walks off with his head down, and the camera crew walks away.

(9) Spring

Spring's sister, father, and ex-boy friend were interviewed. Her father said that even though she got a low training score, she is good with knives and edible plants, and could win the games. Her sister said she had complete comfidence in her, and that she just had to come home. her ex-boy friend said he really didn't care if she won or not, but they had just broken up, so he was still a bit angry.

(10) Satan

Satan has no living family or friends, so they interviwed a worker at the orphanage where Satan was sent after rehabilitation. The worker said Satan was violent, and he honestly hoped he didn't come back. he did admit Satan was capable of it, and mabye that girl, Abigail, had changed him for the better.

(11) Garrick

Garrick's mom was interviwed, and she said that Garrick was an only child. He was usually unfriendly and rather violent. She also said that mabye, like Satan, these games had somehow re-built his character for the better. His best friend said that he was pushy, but at times he could be kind.

(12) Daniz

Daniz's father and brother were interviwed. His brother said that she was doing remarkably well, but needed to learn to fend for herself. His father said she was smarter than all the other bone-heads in the games, and needed to end any alliances soon. They both said they whole-heartedly believed in her, and wished her luck, then the interview ended.

The Games

Day 1

Who will survive?

That is the question people all over panem are asking. Twenty-four children are partcipating in the 16th annual hunger games. In the hunger games there is only one rule.

(scary music in the background) Stay. Alive. (More scary music)

The gamemakers give the signal, and all the tributes load into the metal cylinders that will take them to the arena. They zoom upwards, and when they arrive, the walls sink into the ground, and the tributes get a look at the arena. They are on an island surrounded by swamp water. There are half a dozen paths leading over the swamp.

Then, the voice of Claudius Templesmith booms.

"Ladies and gentlemen, let the sixteenth annual hunger games begin!"

And thats when the gong sounds.

Immediatly, all six carrers, along with Ruby and Issabella run up to the cornucopia. Kaysen, Arianna, and Snow run off into the swamp, away from the cornucopia. Satan and Abigail, who have come to love each other, try their luck at the cornucopia. Kourtney takes a sword and swings. Abigail ducks, and starts to run. Kourtney chases her and stabs her in the back, quickly ending her.

"NNNNNOOO!!! I'll get you, I'll get YOU!"

Satan screams with blind rage and hits Kourtney, who runs off alone, then turns back. Satan then pursues her, swearing revenge.

Daniz and Wesley approach the cornucopia, along with Garrick, Kipcha, and Marko. They grab as much as they can and start to run, but the careers block them. The two groups start fighting, In the end, they run their separate ways. Among the dead from this battle are Choo-Chan, Ambrose, and Wesley.

Now the tributes from 3, 9, along with Khaz, Liesel, and Kourtney, (now back at the cornucopia) run up and take their chances, while Daniz and Marko run off seperatly into the murky swamps beyond.

They arrive roughly at the same time, and it is totall chaos at the cornucopia. No alliances have been formed between the seven, so its as bloody as it gets.

Sam punches Liesel, knocking her out. Kourtney tries to stay out of the violence, but she eventually is forced to fight Cal. Sanji takes a knife and ends Liesel. Spring turns on Sam and starts to choke him, blocking the air and eventually killing him.

Kourtney and Cal are fighing with clubs that they found several metres from the cornucopia. Kourtney smashes his legs, and he trips, and Kourtney finishes him off. Meanwhile, Arianna and Marko have found each other and are fighting with a spear and an axe. Arianna, with a wild cry, lunges forward and lands a blow in Marko's calf. Marko, now dying, throws the axe and hits her lower stomach. Both are now down and dying. Arianna's cannon sounds and then Marko's.

So, Daniz is alone. Kourtney is pursued by Satan. Kaysen and Snow have formed an alliance. There are three carrers and two of their allies. Sanji and Spring are also together. Khaz is wounded and alone, and so is Garrick. Kipcha has made a camp about four miles away from the cornucopia. And so ends the cornucopia bloodbath.

Several hours later, Daniz sneeks up to the cornucopia, hoping to find something useful. She runs up, takes a bow and aims all around. She is alone. Then, she catches a glimpse of something in the cornucopia. A grenade.

"No. Way." She says with disbelief.

She starts digging around for more, but can't find any. Knowing that just one grenade won't do much, she backs up, takes out the pin, and throws it at the cornucopia, therefore eliminating a precious food suply of the careers, if they were to show up here. Just then, she heres rustling in a tree across the swamp.

'Speak of the devil', she thinks to herself.

She then runs across a path, back into the swamp, just before the five careers arive.

Nicholas, Yuri, Waren, Issabella, and Ruby come storming onto the island.

"Ok, lets make camp here. Tommorow we can..."

Warren's words were lost when he saw the remains of the cornucopia.

"How did this happen? They've never had explosives before!" Exclaims Issabella.

"I don't know. But we'd better get out of here. Whoever blew this thing up is probably still here. And if they blew up the cornucopia, they can blow us up too."

Rubys' words sink in. The desicion is unanimous. The careers run back the way they came, into the murky swamp.

Kaysen and Snow are half a dozen miles away, slowly starting to make a camp. Both are exhausted.

"When do you think they'll fire the cannons? It's late this year." Says Kaysen

Right on cue, the cannons start fireing. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Nine dead in all. Fifteen left to play. Then the pictures of the tributes. Abigail from 10. Wesley from 12. Choo-Chan and Ambrose, the careers from 2 and 4. Liesel from 6. sam from 9. Cal from 3. Arianna from 8. And Marko from 7.

And so ends the first day of the 16th annual hunger games.

To be continued...

Day 2

Pain. Horrible pain. Pain is all Khaz feels as he staggers through the endless mangroves and swamps, hoping to find a possible ally. After hours of nothing but humming insects, he hears voices.

'Might as well," he thinks to himself. He limps towards the voices, hoping it would be Kipcha's or Garrick's. He gets his first look, and gasps.

It's the careers.

"Did you hear that! Did you hear that! I heard someone!" Yells Yuri.

Then she gets a glimpse of him.

"There he is! It's the guy from 5! No, mabye its 11. I'm not sure. But let's get him!'

The careers begin to pursue. Khaz is running as hard as he can, wich is a feat in itself, as he has a broken leg. The chase leads to a large lake.

'I can swim. I'll take my chances.' Khaz thinks.

Just as he is about to dive, the water starts gurgling. Then, a giant mutt emerges out of the water. It looks like the loch ness monster, with huge 12" teeth. He starts running towards the careers, but it is to late. The mutt lunges and swallows him whole. BOOM!

On the other side of the arena, two of the most dangerous tributes are drawing closer. Satan and Kourtney. Both are exhausted, but neither can stop, in fear of losing the other one. (For Satan.) Or being caught. (For Kourtney). Satan is about twenty yards from her, so close to avenging Abigail...

'Almost there, almost there, almost there...'

After hours of jogging, sprinting, and tripping, they reach a clearing. The ground is completley covered in mud. The tributes square up, and prepare for the inevitable. One of their faces will be in the sky tonight. But who's?

The tributes look one another in the eye. Kourtney has a sword and avery small shield. Satan has a whip and a spear. Both have limited medical supplies and some food. They are about ten yards away from eachother.

"I am going to kill you. KILL you." Says Satan in a neutral tone.

"In your dreams district ten. I've been training my whole life."

Then they both charge.

Satan makes the first move, and slashes Kourtney with the whip, in her hand. She retaliates by slicing at Satan, wich he dodges. Satan throws the spear, and misses.

Just then, a silver parachute lands by Kourtney. She opens it. A hammer. She puts on her belt. Right now, she is using the sword. With renewed strenght, she slices art Satan, severing two fingers.

His vision is bluring. Kourtney takes out her hammer, while also holding on to her sword, for the final blow.

'I might just win these games' She thinks to herself.

Satan is fumbling with his whip. He is about to surrender when he remembers Abigail, now dead. Desperatly, he swings his whip, slicing open three inches of Kourtney's stomach. She swings wildly with her sword, stabbing him in the thigh, but it's not enough. Satan grabs the sword, knocks her to her knees.

"For Abigail!" he cries.

Then, with her own sword, he beheads his enemy, avenging Abigail.

A few miles away, Sanji and Spring have just recieved a gift of food, and are now full and hunting for any tributes they might encounter. Both are heavily armed, and both strong.

A few hours later, the anthem starts, followed by the seal and the dead tributes. Khaz from 5, and Kourtney from 1. Eleven dead. Thirteen alive, all desperate to win.

To be continued...

Day 3

Kaysen and Snow, the two allies from eight and seven, are camped in some thick brush a few miles away from the cornucopia. Snow is on guard when they hear the careers.

"Kaysen. Get up." She whispers. "They're here! The careers!

Kaysen jumps up and grabs a knife and a small club. Snow grabs her axe. Both lay down, preparing to ambush the careers. They are about ten yards away when they attack. They are aiming to single out one or two careers, kill them, then run. They single out Isabella and Warren, running at them, making them run. The other careers stay back, still unprepared.

"Come on! lets help them!" screams Nicholas.

"No, wait, stay back. Let them fight." Replies Ruby.

Warren uses a make-shift trident, and tries to stab Kaysen. It skins his arm, but he ignores it, wanting to remain strong. Snow, quick and strong, is wounding Issablella with ease. Issabella does manage to hit away her axe, but she just takes out a knife, preparing for her first kill.

She jumps on Issabella, and lifts the knife. But Issabella takes out something. A worn-out pocket knife. She stabs Snow. It doesn't kill her, but it sends her stumbling back.

"SNOW!" Shouts Kaysen. In rage, he swings his club, braining Issabella. He kicks away Warren, and runs off with an injured Snow.

Warren bends over Issabella, barely concious.

"Stay with me Issy! Please!"

But Issabella closes her eyes for the last time. Warren kisses her, and backs away as the cannon sounds.

The careers retreat, now only four left. But their spirits soar when Nicholas recieves a sword, with a note that says, get Satan.

Nicholas realizes that Satan killed her. He wasn't ever close to her, but he now hated Satan for killing her. But a fire had been ignited in his heart, burning for the death of district 10's male tribute.

On the other side of the arena, Daniz and Garrick had met up. Both had their weapons drawn, prepared to fight.

"Hold on." Says Daniz . "I was thinking... we could be allies. I think we both know we won't win alone. Together, we might stand a chance. Mabye we could find Snow, or Kaysen and form a team."

Garrick goes over this in his mind. "Okay, fine. but first we need to set up some sort of camp. If we were attacked right now, we'd be dead."

They start to make a small camp, talking about what they've seen. They both begin to trust eachother, and they decide they want to go as far as they can together.

Meanwhile, Satan is stumbling along, looking for tributes hopeing that they'll put him out of his misery. But then, He recieves a parachute containing medical supplies.

He grins. New plan, he thinks to himself. He starts healing himself, and thinks, I might just stand a chance now.

Back at Daniz and Garrick's camp, they have just recieved a sponsor gift for Garrick. It contains a full meal, four water bottles, a bottle of iodine, a knife, and some basic medicine.

Soon after, the anthem plays, along with the capitol's seal. Issabella's face is in the sky, but no one else. The crowd is restless, craving for more spilled blood.

To be continued...

Day 4

The careers are moving along, now only four strong, looking for more victims. They arive near an area with hundreds of tiny ponds when they feel the wind

"Hey whats that? Am I the only one that feeling this?" Asks Yuri.

It's a sharp, howling wind that threatens to knock them to the ground. After about a minute of this, they see it. It's at least two hundred metres high, and nearly a mile wide. It's a giant gamemaker weapon. Its a tornado, and it is heading right for the careers.

Meanwhile, Kaysen is practically dragging Snow, looking for someone, anyone who might help. When he hears Daniz and Garrick, he runs as fast as he can, hoping that they'll spare him and help Snow.

They come rushing into the small camp, and Kaysen is gasping for air.

"He-help her. Pl-pl-please." He gasps

Daniz and Garrick both have their weapons drawn, preparing to attack if neccisary. They eventually realize Kaysen and Snow aren't there to hurt them, and they lower their weapons.

"What happened to her?" Asks Garrick.

"Issabella stabbed her. You have a medical kit, can you heal her? Please?"

"We'll try" Says Garrick.

Daniz shoots him a dirty look. She clearly doesn't want to have two injured tributes to take care of, but she accepts it for now. But when she recieves a gift of a water bottle in a silver parachute, her mood lightens.

Sanji and Spring are well equiped, with food, weapons and clothing. They are searching for any stragglers to kill. After days of this, they find one of the few landmarks in the arena. It resembles a Mayan temple. Living in Panem, Sanji and Spring don't recognize it.

"Should we go check it out?" Asks Spring.

"I say no. Who knows whats in there." Replies Sanji, pointing towards one of the temple's entrances.

They start to walk the other way, leaving the mysterious temple behind them.

"RUN!" Yells Ruby.

But it's hopeless. The tornado will easily catch them, and even if they run back into the mangroves, the gamemakers would probably just turn the tornado towards the tributes. They are trapped.

They decide to split up, and each dive into one of the countless ponds. The tornado comes roaring at them, destroying trees, upturning huge boulders. The careers pray that somehow, somehow they would survive.

The tornado blows itself out a half hour later. Miraculously, all the careers have survived, but they have all split up, except for Yuri and Warren, who have found eachother and are running back into the large swamp. Ruby and Nicholas are separated remain near the shallow pools. They begin to build their separate camps, about two miles away from eachother.

Kipcha is by herself, near the edge of the arena. She hasn't seen anyone for days, and is hopeing she'll find someone before the gamemakers decide to kill her. She hasn't recieved anything from sponsors, so she is struggling to survive.

"Daniz? Daniz, Snow is getting worse. Do we have any more medical supplies?" Asks Garrick.

"Yes, but they're running out fast. We'll need sponsors, or Snow isn't going to make it." Replies Daniz.

They walk over to Snow, whos being tended to by Kaysen. The stab wound is getting worse, and Snow is barely concious. The wound is infected, and may have blood poisoning. The flesh is turning purple and brown, wich isn't a good sign. She has a panicked look in her eyes.

Kaysen, Garrick and Daniz huddle together.

"We all know she's not going to make it." Says Daniz.

"If we get sponsors, she might." Replies Kaysen.

"Well, lets hope we get sponsored soon, because she won't live to see the end of the week without them."

Yuri and Warren are running back towards the cornucopia, hoping to scavenge whats left of the ruins. They arrive just as the anthem starts. No deaths today. The crowd will be getting bored, so tommorow, there are sure to be deaths.

To be continued...

Day 5

"Congratulations to the final twelve tributes!" Shout Claudius Templesmith. "Today, there will be a FEAST!"

Yuri and Warren are listening, hoping it will take place at the cornucopia, were they are now, but it isn't taking place there.

It will be taking place in the clearing where Satan killed Kourtney on day two.

"Now, what will be there?, you may ask." Says Claudius. "Well, along with general supplies, there will be maps of the arena, along with the whereabouts of all the tributes who don't attend the feast. The feast will start in five hours. Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favour."

Over at Snow, Kaysen, Daniz, and Garrick's camp, they are preparing to go to the feast. They need more supplies to heal Snow. They are taking turns carrying her, and arrive just as the feast begins. They set her down in a tree, and arrive at the feast along with several others.

Yuri and Warren are there together. Sanji and Spring are also there. Kipcha is alone, lurking near the edge of the clearing. Garrick makes the first move, and runs toward a basket. Kipcha throws a knife at him, skinning his arm. He cries out in pain, but manages to snag the basket.

Spring, Sanji, Warren, and Yuri all rush in, and Warren tries a diplomatic approach.

"Hey Sanji, I was thinking we could be allies, or-"

He's dead before he can even finish his sentance.

Sanji continues on to Yuri, and she then slits her throat open.

"YAAA!' She cries wildly, as two cannons sound.

"Sanji, stop!" Cries Spring. "Lets get out of here!"

"No! Must... kill... more... tributes!" She screams, like a wild animal.

"Then we're done!" Shouts Spring, who runs off alone with a map of the arena to guide her. Sanji eventually runs off in the oposite direction.

Daniz and her allies run back to Snow, clutching the medical supplies.

"Snow! Snow! we got the..." They freeze when they look at her. It's obvious her wound is now beyond repair. No supplies will help. They sit by her in the mangrove tree, comforting her in her last minutes.

"Kaysen... Kaysen, I- I'm sc-scared" Said Snow, shivering.

"It's okay... It's okay..." Said Kaysen soothingly, knowing it's not.

'Please stay!" Yells Snow in alarm.

"Don't worry. We're not going anywhere." Replies Garrick.

They stay with her until her cannon sounds.

An hour later, Sanji comes out of her trance.

'What have I done!?' She thinks to herself.

'It was like my mind was on autopilot, and I couldn't control my actions!' She thinks.

Then the shame sets in. She rememberes herself slitting Yuri's throat, and she feels absolutely terrible.

She had wanted to kill as little as posible, play the games clean, but now look at what she's done.

Mabye I can change again. She thinks.

And at that, she sets off, looking for Spring.

Kipcha has taken what was left at the feast and is camping nearby when she recieves a gift of five loaves of bread from her district. They are made with white flower and sprinkled with almonds and brown sugar. She digs, now in a very good mood.

Kaysen has also recieved bread from his district, and is now sharing it with Daniz and Garrick, but secretly saves most of it for himself.

Ruby has recieved a sword, but decides not to attack Nicholas, who is only a few miles away. They have formed something of a truce, promising not to attack eachother. (Yet).

Just then, the capitol seal appeares. Yuri, Warren, and Snow are dead. Nine left to play. Only one will survive.

To be continued...

Day 6

The day begins, and Daniz has recieved some bread, and is eating it all at once, wanting to stock up.

Sanji, still looking for Spring, has also recieved bread from her district.

Satan is wandering around, looking for tributes to either be victims or allies, when he recieves a spear. He grins. He has high hopes for today.

A heartbroken tribute wanders through the marshland alone. Spring.

"Why would she go on a- a rampage like that? We agreed to play the game clean, together", She thought to herself.

"Mabye it's for the best" She thought. "Now I won't have to kill her."

Ruby, now camping only a few miles away from Nicholas, decides to end the truce with his fellow career.

He sneaks up to Nicholas, who is in a make-shift tent, when he steps on a branch. The crack allerts Nicholas, who jumps out of his tent, ready for battle. He sees Ruby, with his weapon drawn, and realizes whats going on. The truce has been broken.

"So thats how you want to play it." Says Nicholas coldly.

"Face it, Nick." Replies Ruby. "We can't both win. Our truce can't last forever. There are what, nine tributes left?"

"Okay then." Nicholas snaps. "Lets fight it out right here, right now."

Ruby has a sword and two curved daggers. Nicholas has a spear, and a small net he weaved out of vines. Ruby swings at his head, and misses by half an inch. So close that he sliced off a good chunk of Nicholas's hair. He then throws a knife and it gets slowed down by Nicholas's net, but not before making a small cut that reaches Nicholas's rib cage.

"AAAHHHH!!!" Screams Nicholas. It wasn't a deep cut, but it was right over his heart, and he almost doubleds over in pain before seeing Ruby charging at him. He gets up and throws his spear, hoping, hoping, hoping it would reach it's target.

It does, in his right hand. It severs two of Ruby's fingers, and he stumbles backwards. He manages to get himself together, and he swings his sword at Nicholas, grazing his left leg. Pools of blood are starting to form around the tributes.

Nicholas runs up to grab his spear, but Ruby has beaten him to it. He hip-checks Ruby hockey style, and knocks him to the ground, and grabs one of Ruby's daggers.

Ruby swings his sword again, but Nicholas blocks it with the hilt of his dagger. He throws his net, and it slows Ruby down, but doesn't stop him. Ruby slashes, and makes a gash on Nicholas's right arm.

Nicholas is now struggling to stay consious, throws a fist-sized rock at Ruby, and hits him on his cheek. A huge gash forms, and blood starts pouring out. Ruby's vision starts to blur.

"Don't- don't stop n-now" Ruby thinks to himself. "Come one Ruby... finish him off."

Nicolas then lunges foward and grabs back his spear. He stabs at Ruby, but Ruby blocks it with his sword.

Ruby swings again, and Nicholas blocks it with his spear head. For a moment, they stand there silent, looking one another in the eye.

"Surender now and mabye we can work something out." Growls Ruby.

"I'll surender when h*** freezes over!" Shouts Nicholas.

And with that he pushes Ruby away, and they both swing their weapons.

"It's on!" Screams Ruby.

Ruby stabs with his sword, hitting Nicholas in the shin. Nicholas slashes Ruby's left arm, making a huge cut. Ruby then brings down his sword, as if to slice Nicholas in half, but Nicholas side-steps this. Ruby swings it at Nicholas's head, Nicholas ducks, and then it happens.

Ruby falters, and Nicholas takes advantage of this. He jumps back, and while in mid-air, he throws the spear. Ruby, disoriented, can't block it, and it goes right through his lungs. Blood and entrails spray everywhere, and he falls to the ground.

"And THAT is why tou don't break alliances with ME." Says Nicholas to a dying Ruby.

He pulls out the spear, takes all of Ruby's things, and heads into the swamp.

Nicholas is now healing himself up, using Ruby's medical kit. He is pretty beaten-up, but he might manage it.

The anthem begins, and Ruby is the only tribute dead today. There have been no other fights, but the food is running short for all the tributes, and they are slowly starving. The tributes are all slowly moving towards eachother, and tommorow, fighting will be inevitable.

To be continued...

Day 7

As the day begins, Satan recieves three fruits, a pack of crackers, and a water bottle. Spring recieves a large pack of dried fruit. This will keep them both going for a while.

Today, Kaysen would run away.

He was sick of Garrick and Daniz, allways suspicious of him, and he had healed enough to make a run for it. Face it, he told himself. The alliance can't last forever.

"Hey guys, I'm going hunting for a while." Calls Kaysen

"Okay, just don't go to far."

He grabs all the supplies and weapons he can find, and stuffs them in his backpack. He heads into the bush, and covers his tracks. Then he bolts.

Meanwhile, Sanji has recieved a large packet of meat, two knives, and some water. She is still searching for Spring, and this will keep her going for a while.

"Hey Garrick, have you seen Kaysen? He's been gone for almost an hour. Says Daniz.


"We should go search for him, he could be in trouble."

"Let him go, Daniz. He's a weakness to us."

"He was. He's all better now, and he's a good fighter."

Garrick reluctantly agrees to go search, but after two hours, they find nothing.

"He's not dead, thats for sure." Says Daniz.

"His cannon could have gone off while we were sleeping."

"I guess we'll find out tonight."

Kipcha is out hunting, and Kaysen is still running, trying to put distance inbetween him and Daniz and Garrick. The swamp is dense with trees, and they are only a few metres away when they spot eachother.

Both of them draw their weapons. Kaysen, a sword. Kipcha, a bow and arrow. Kipcha shoots, but Kaysen nimbly dodges. He slices at Kipcha's feet, but Kipcha jumps. Kipcha backs up.

"Whoa there, stop. STOP! Lets have a truce!" She yells.

Kaysen stops, catching his breath. "Okay then. Lets drop our weapons."

They both drop them, then shake hands.

"Hey, weren't you with Daniz and Garrick?" Asks Kipcha.

"Yes, but they ditched me." He says. He lies so that Kipcha won't break the alliance, thinking that he'll ditch her too.

"Hey Kaysen, I was think that mabye... Mabye we could team up with a bunch of people, and form a last-minute alliance. We could hunt down the weaker ones, then, well, decide the winner." Says Kipcha.

"Sure, why not. It'll give us both a better chance at winning." Replies Kaysen.

After hours of searching for Kaysen, Daniz and Garrick have returned to camp. Satan has been spying on them for a while, trying to decide whether to kill them, or to form an alliance, but it takes them a long time to spot himin the shrubs. They stare at eachother for a while, and Garrick finally says, "You may as well come out now Satan."

"Allies?" Asks Satan.

"Hmmm... Okay, fine." Says Garrick.

Satan sits down, and they share what they know about the other tributes, and start to formulate a plan. After a while, Satan goes on watch, and Daniz starts to argue with Garrick.

"Why did you let him in?" Asks Daniz. "If Kaysen really did run away, how do you know he won't ditch us too?"

"How about this. We'll have an alliance for a while. Then, once we're down to like, five tributes, we'll break the alliance." Replies Garrick.

"Okay, fine."

Sanji is in the bushes, near Nicholas's camp in a small clearing. She goes forward, and says, "Want to be allies?:"

Nicholas jumps to his feet, sword drawn.

"Wha- why are you- what did you- you- you want to be allies?"

"Yes. We'd be stronger as a team, and we're both looking for someone. You're looking for Satan, to get revenge. I'm looking for Spring. Together, we'd cover more ground."

"Okay, but we both know an alliance can't go on forever. Theres only eight tributes left. It's going to have to be temporary." Says Nicholas

"Thats fine with me." Replies sanji.

And once more, an alliance is born.

Several alliances have been made today, but no deaths. The anthem plays, but no one has their head in the sky tonight.

To be continued...

Day 8

Spring is drawing closer to the other tributes, but she's well aware of this, and prepared for battle. She has food, water, a few weapons, and a map of the arena, including information on whereabouts all the other tributes.

She puts away her map for a while, and this is her mistake.

Satan, Garrick, and Daniz are walking straight towards her, but neither party knows this. When She finally gets a glimpse of them, she decides not to attack, but slowly walk away, and confront them when neccesary.

This doesn't work. Satan sees her and shouts out. In a second, they are standing facing eachother. All four have weapons drawn. Spring decides to keep her cool, instead of fighting or running.

"Hey guys. Hows it going?"

"Not bad. Not bad at all." replies Garrick.

"You guys want to have an alliance or something?" Spring asks.

"Yeah, sure. If you break it, we'll cut your limbs off, and burn you to death." Says Daniz.


Just then, the famous voice of Claudius Templesmith booms across the arena.

Everyone's mind is racing. What is Claudius doing? The feast was over ages ago. Why is he speaking to us?

"Congratulations to the final eight tributes! Now, I realize things are going a bit slow here, so I'm going to tell you where ALL the other tributes are! How does that sound?"

All the tributes are listening in disbelief.

At Kipcha and Kaysen's camp, they are in a rage.


"THATS NOT FAIR!" They scream, at the top of their lungs.

"There are three groups of tributes right now. A group of four. And two groups of two. The group of four is here."

A hovercraft shines a spotlight on the group.

"And the groups of two are here and here." Another two spotlights come down.

The tributes stare in disbelief. Their positions have been given away, and attacks were sure to follow. All 8 tributes arm themselves, preparing for the worst.

Nicholas and Sanji, and Kaysen and Kipcha are running towards eachother, thinking the same thing. If either group were attacked by the group of four, they didn't stand a chance. They had to make one more, desperate alliance.

They meet up with eachother. No one has any weapons drawn.

"Alliance?" Asks Sanji?

"Sure. Now lets get out of here before the other group finds us!"

It has started to rain. The tributes are soaked, tired, hungry, and miserable. They all know what is coming. Mabye not today, mabye not tomorrow. But in the near future, the inevitable meeting between the groups would happen. And then, a victor would be chosen.

The two groups are miles apart. No one leaves, because they are at a stalemate. The tributes can't leave without being hunted down and killed. And if they tried to kill their group, they'd either die in battle or get killed by the other group.

Sanji's group is camping in a place thick with bushes and shrubs for concealment. They have found many berries and greens, but no meat.

The other group is still searching for them.

"Hey Spring, would you mind going on watch now? I'm exhausted." Says Satan.

"Uh, yeah, sure."

"NICHOLAS!" Your turn to go on guard duty!" Shouts Kipcha

"Stop yelling!"

"Oh come on, its a huge arena."

"Whatever. Just give me the weapons." He says, rather annoyed.

Both Spring and Nicholas are walking around their camps. They start to wander off and are only a few hundred metres away from eachother.

Then the inevitable meeting comes. They are walking along when they see eachother, only three feet away. Their eyes widen, and then both turn around and sprint the other way, towards their respective camps.

"They're here! They're here!" Shouts Nicholas. "The other group- they're only a mile away!"

"Weapons ready everyone!" Yells sanji."Get ready!"

Back at the other camp, the tributes are getting ready. then, a silver parachute catches their attention. A note says it is for Garrick.

"Open it, and quickly!" Snarls Daniz.

He opens it, and inside the package there is a large mace and three knives.

"Okay people, arm yourselves!" He yells.

The two groups are only two miles away from eachother. they are both preparing for battle when the capitol seal appears.No deaths today. But tomorrow, a victor will be chosen.

To be continued...

Day 9, Part 1

The two groups wait silently, waiting for the other group to make the first move. It's deathly silent. Finally Kipcha, who can't take it any longer, leads her group forward. It's near midnight, and you can barely see ten metres ahead of you. The tributes silently walk forward. This is what the capitol has been waiting for. This is the finally of the sixteenth hunger games.

It's another hour before the groups meet. Daniz sees a movement in the bushes, and she releases an arrow from her bow. She hears voices. She runs back to her group.

"They're here! Like, only a hundred yards away! Hurry! This is our chance!"

"Are you sure?" Asks Garrick.

"I heard them! Now lets go, before they find us!"

Just then, the clouds in the sky move at an unnatural pace, like you would see in movies. They reveal the moon. The light from it is so bright, it dimly lights up the arena.

Satan and Daniz are cleaning weapons, and Garrick and and Spring are talking.

"Hows it going?" Asks Garrick.

"That was a stupid question."

"I know. Hey, look on the bright side. There's only eight of us left. Mabye one of us can win.

"Mabye. Hey Garrick. If... If we don't make it, I'd just like to tell you... That I think of you as a good friend."

"Me too."

They join Daniz and Satan and prepare for battle.

Kaysen and Sanji are also talking.

"Good luck Kaysen."

"You too. I hope you make things better with Spring."

"Yeah... I just don't want her to think of me as... As some sort of monster."

Nicholas comes over to them.

"Hey guys? If you haven't noticed, there is a BATTLE going on. Get up, and get your weapons ready!" Nicholas hisses.

Nicholas and his allies get together. they are in the trees, about to ambush the other group.

Nicholas sees Daniz, only a few yards away. He is hidden in a tree, waiting to attack. Then finally, he jumps out, sword drawn, and swings at Daniz's head. With quick reflexes, Daniz parries the attack with her own sword. She may be only twelve, but she's quick and strong. The other tributes see the fight, and all charge in to attack the other tributes.

Spring sees Kaysen, and she throws a long knife at him, skinning his shoulder. He turns around, takes his spear, and charges. Kipcha comes in too, and tries to shoot Spring. The arrow is from a long ways away, so Spring deflects it easily.

Kipcha turns her attention to Garrick. She shoots and misses. Garrick swings his sword. Kipcha tries to block it with an arrow, but it hits her shin. She cries out in pain, and takes out another arrow. She uses it as a knife, and jumps on Garrick. She stabs it in his chest, then runs away. Garrick stumbles off, dying.

Garrick is lying on the ground, vision failing. He thinks of his family, his loving mother who always put up with him, no matter how violent, disobeying, and rude he was. He wanted to thank her for that. But now, he would never get the chance.

'I'm sorry mother... I tried... I really did...'

His life slowly fades away, then his cannon sounds.

Satan is watching from a distance, waiting to strike. He sees Sanji, who is running away from Kipcha. Daniz is by herself, also watching from a distance. He sprints up to Sanji and attacks. Sanji has an axe, and Satan has a sword. Satan stabs at her, barely missing. Sanji swings the axe, which is deflected by Satan. Sanji swings again, and this time hits Satan's left hand. His vision blurs.

"This could be it," He thinks.

But he's wrong. A mangrove tree tumbles down, barely missing Sanji. It gives him time to run. He grins.

"So, the gamemakers don't want me dead yet..." He thinks to himself.

Nicholas, Daniz, and Kipcha are battling it out together. Nicholas and Kipcha seem to have forgoten about their alliance, so Daniz is up against two tributes who are enemies, not allies.

All three have swords, and are swinging, stabbing, blocking, and dodging. No major injuries occur until Nicholas gives Kipcha a deep gash in her upper right arm. She stumbles away, trying to outrun the others. Daniz ignores her, and turns her attention to Nicholas, bravely going against this career.

Spring and Kaysen are still fighting, both struggling to stay alive. They separated from the other five tributes, about thirty yards away. Spring has a long knife, and Kaysen has a spear. Spring gives Kaysen a shallow cut on his forehead. It isn't very big, but it starts to bleed like crazy.

This makes him fight even harder, and eventually he has Spring trapped in front of a giant mangrove tree. He grins. He stabs at her, but Spring dives the other way. The spear lodges itself into the giant tree, with Kaysen still hanging on. This is his mistake.

Inside the tree is one of the arena's countless hidden cameras. And Kaysen has just hit this camera. the camera is powered by an electrical source in the tree, and an electrical current travels up the spear, burning the wooden shaft to ashes, and zaps Kaysen. he falls down, nearly dead. Spring can hardly believe her good luck. She dismises Kaysen as dead, and runs away.

It is about 2:50 AM in the morning. All the tributes are together, and only one death so far... The capitol citizens are itching to see the blood pour (and rather impatient.) But they DO know that their long wait will soon come to an end. Before noon today, a victor will be chosen.

To be continued...

Day 9, Part 2

Daniz and Nicholas continue to battle. Both are grieviously wounded. Both have swords, and are hacking away at eachother. Nicholas sees Sanji coming towards them, and begins to run. Daniz turns around to see Sanji with an axe, facing her.

The next few moments would be etched in the tribute's memories for the rest of their lives (wich might not be that long.) Spring comes into the area where they are fighting, and sees Daniz and Sanji. Daniz swings her sword, and Sanji just manages to deflect it. Daniz slices at Sanji's hand, and hits it.

She screams out in pain. She turns and runs toward Spring. The next minute seems to be in slow motion for the tributes. Sanji is trying desperatley to outrun daniz. She turns toward Spring.

"I have to tell her. That I'm sorry for betraying her trust." She thinks

"Spring! SPRING! I'm- I'm-" She yells in a panic, knowing she doesn't have long. Her words are cut off by Daniz's sword that slices at her back leg.

"AAAHHH!" She cries.

She falls down on her knees. Spring has just arrived when Daniz stabs her through the chest.

"No. No! NOOO!" Screams Spring.

She draws a knife. She throws it, hoping it would find it's target, Daniz. It does, right in the heart.

"Sanji! Sanji, please!" She yells, kneeling next to her.

"Spring... Spring, I'm... Sorry.... Spring... Spring..." She says, barely a whisper. Her voice fades away, and her cannon sounds, followed by Daniz's.

Spring runs into the bushes, stunned at what she has just seen and done.

"Mabye she really was sorry for killing Warren and Yuri..." She thought.

Then a thought comes to her.

"Wait... What if I could have saved her? What if I didn't run away from her... What if... What if..."

Kaysen wakes up by the tree that electrified him. He is burnt badly where he was holding the spear. He has cuts and bruises all over. He is surveying his surroundings when he hears a cannon.

"I wonder who died." He thinks.

He waits for the hovercraft to pick the body up. But it doesn't come. Then he realizes whats going on. It was his cannon. He slaps his hand over his heart. It's not beating. He reaches for his wrist. No pulse.

"No way! The electricity- it stopped my heart!"

He had heard about this in school. How a person could live without a heartbeat. But for how long? Ten minutes? An hour? Days? He couldn't remember.

"I have to get up and fight. Before it kills me." He thinks.

Kipcha has recieved bandages from a sponsor. She is patching herself up away from the action, but Nicholas is following her. She is sitting down, and Nicholas is only a few meters away.

He draws his sword and raises it. Kipcha hears him, and at the last second, and jumps away. She loads her bow, and shoots. It misses. Nicholas slices two of her fingers off, and Kipcha screams. Nicholas prepares to finish her off, but Kipcha manages to get one last arrow in her bow. She shoots, closes her eyes, and braces herself.

She doesn't need to. The arrow goes straight into his mouth. Nicholas falls on his knees, and says his last words, wich is rather hard, considering he has an arrow in his mouth.

"Kipcha, why? Why?"

His cannon sounds. Four tributes left to fight.

Kaysen is stumbling through the swamp, constantly checking to see if his pulse has returned. No such luck.

Kipcha has finished with the bandages. She has stopped bleeding, but is still in pain. (But then again, so are all the tributes.) She takes Nicholas's sword and is lookig for victims. She meets up with Kaysen for the second time. But this time, there can be no alliances.

"So we meet again." Says Kipcha.


And with that, Kaysen takes a knife and slashes. It opens up her wounds again. Kipcha tries to behead him. Kaysen ducks. He throws the knife, and hits her in the temple. Game over for Kipcha.

The pool of seven has shrunk down to three. It is about 4:30 AM. The sun has not yet risen. Three tributes left. Only one can survive.

To be continued...

Day 9, Part 3

Already, two of the tributes have met up.

"Satan, I can't do this anymore."

"Huh? What do you mean, Kaysen?"

"I can't go back to my district. These nightmares i've been having in the arena, they won't go away if I make it home. They'll drive me insane. I can't do this." Says Kaysen.

"Kaysen, think about what you're going to do."

"It's too late Satan. Goodbye."

And with that, he takes what was Nicholas's sword, and stabs himself in the heart.

And this time, his heart stops for good.


Spring is running toward the Mayan temple she and Sanji saw on day 4. She knew Satan was heavily armed, so she has decided to take shelter there. She doesn't know whats inside. It could be a vicious trap, but more likely something helpful.

Satan is also moving toward the temple. He has seen Springs footprints, and is following them.

"What will I do when I meet up with her?" He thinks. "I've killed people before.... But mot a twelve year old! No, don't get all weak. She's just a tribute. One of us is going to have to die."

He enters the temple. Inside is a long hallway with twists and turns everywhere. Luckily, theres only one path to follow, so he can't get lost.

The path leads to a giant chamber, lit dimly by some torches. On the walls are giant murals. Murals of the deaths of all twenty-four tributes before them. Satan looked around in both wonder and horror. It includes things like Khaz being eaten alive, Nicholas dueling Ruby, and many other gruesome deaths.

As he is looking around, Spring enters the Temple on the other side. The path that she is taking leads right to the room Satan is in.

She comes into the chamber, and sees Satan. Her mouth drops, and she draws a long knife. Satan whips around and draws a small sword in one hand, and pulls out a bullwhip in the other.

"Is it just us?" Asks Spring, barely a whisper.

"I think so, yes." Replies Satan.

"I don't want to kill you." She whispers.

"Me neither." He replies to Spring.

"Then, what happens next?"

"I- I don't know... I guess we could-" His words are cut off by a loud rumble that shakes the entire arena.

"Whats that?" Asks Satan in alarm.

"I don't know." Replies Spring.

Both at once, they run through the passage they followed into the temple. They burst outside, and their eyes widen at what they see.

A colossal wave, 100 feet high, is moving toward them. Never before have the gamemakers released such a powerful weapon in the games. Spring and Satan race to the steps and begin to climb the pyramid-shaped Mayan temple. They don't stop to fight. It takes all their energy to get to the top to avoid the wave. At the top, they grab on to what they can and hold on like there's no tomorrow. (For one of them there won't be.)

Another wave follows, and then another. An hour goes by, and the waves don't stop. Spring and Satan manage to hold on, altough there are some close calls.

Finally, the waves recede. After a while, the tributes stand up shakily, still holding their weapons. They face eachother, and as they are about to fight, another, greater rumble shakes the arena. The tributes brace themselves, expecting another series of waves. but this time, it's an earthquake that threatens to throw the tributes off the top of the temple.

Then, the ground beneath the temple falls away. It literally falls away, creating a black abyss, all of it except about a five metre area around the temple. Either this, or the ground under the temple is rising.

From the tributes' point of view, it looks as if they are on a mountain with absolutley nothing underneath them.

Spring attacks. She slices with her knife, but Satan blocks it. He slashes at her head, and Spring ducks. he stabs at her, and hits her in the thigh. She cries out in pain. Satan looks at her, and a feeling of remorse comes flooding over him. How could he hurt this little kid? He opens his mouth to say something, but he doesn't have the chance. Because just then, the earth rumbles again, and throws him off the side.

"SATAN! NO!" Shouts Spring.

Even though he had tried to kill her, she knew from that look on his face that he had regretted it. She runs down the temple, now collapsing, and sprints over to Satan, who is lying on the ground. She has just reached him when another rumble knocks him off the side. Spring jumps and grabs his arm just as he is about to fall into the abyss. Satan looks at her.

"Spring, let go. You can't save me."

"No, hang on! I can pull you up."

"It doesn't matter. I'm dying I'll die anyways. Let go, and go home."

"No. Please Satan!"

Spring is crying now, begging satan to stay with her. Satan says in a clear, serious voice.

"Spring. Let me go."

And she lets go, obeying his finall words.

She is on the ground weaping when the trumpets of victory play. Claudius Templesmith speaks.

"Ladies and Gemtlemen, I am pleased to announce the victor of the sixteenth annual hunger games! Spring Howards of District Nine!"


Each tribute gets $100 to start with. Every day they stay alive, they get another $10. Just post what you want to buy, and I'll get it. Weapons and medical supplies will be expensive, so one tribute can't just load up on weapons.

Example: A sword on day 1= about $65. A sword on day 6= about $120. A water bottle and a packet of meat on day 1= about $5. A water bottle and a packet of meat on day 6= about $20.

Tribute Chart

Finish Name District Gender Sponsor Money Kills Day Killed
24 Abigail 10 F $100 None 1
23 Wesley 12 M $100 None 1
22 Choo-Chan 2 M $100 Wesley 1
21 Ambrose 4 F $100 None 1
20 Liesel 6 F $100 None 1
19 Sam 9 M $100 None 1
18 Cal 3 M $100 None 1
17 Arianna 8 F $100 Marko^^ 1
16 Marko 7 M $100 Choo-Chan, Arianna^^ 1
15 Khaz<> 5 M $110 None 2
14 Kourtney 1 F $75 Abigail, Cal 2
13 Issabella 11 F $120 Snow^^ 3
12 Waren 4 M $140 None 5
11 Yuri 2 F $130 None 5
10 Snow 7 F $140 None 5
9 Ruby 6 M $60 None 6
8 Garrick 11 M $25 Ambrose 9.1
7 Sanji 3 F $90 Liesel, Warren, Yuri 9.2
6 Daniz 12 F $150 Sanji 9.2
5 Nicholas 1 M $105 Ruby 9.2
4 Kipcha 5 F $35 Issabella, Nicholas, Garrick^^ 9.2
3 Kaysen 8 M $155 Kipcha 9.3
2 Satan 10 M $35 Kourtney 9.3
1 9F (Spring Howards) 9 F $155 Sam, Daniz Victor

These tributes are in district order ONLY

If it shows the tributes name, they are dead. If it shows 1M, 2F, etcetera, they are alive

^^ = The tribute later died of injuries.

<>= The tribute was killed by the gamemakers, mutts, traps, etc.

1M= District 1 Male, 2F= District 2 Female, etc.

Victor's Interview

The crowd is going insane as Spring Howards walks up on the stage. Caeser Flickerman is sitting in a simple wooden chair, but Spring is in a granite chair made to resemble the temple that she won the games on. It was shaped like a pyramid with a huge chunk of it cut away for Spring to sit in. The crowd quiets down, and Caeser begins.

"So Spring. You were the second youngest tribute, and you got one of the lowest training scores, but you still won. How did you feel at the beggining, when there were twenty-four tributes?" Asks Caeser.

"Well, I guess I felt like everybody else. Dreading the games. Miserable. Deppressed. But I guess all the tributes had some hope. The hope that mabye, just mabye, you could win. That you might see your family again. Thats what all the tributes hang on for." Replies Spring

"Another question. On day one, you killed your own district partner, but on day nine, you refused to let Satan die until he told you to. Why?"

She flinches at these words, and then speaks. "When I killed Sam, it was in a moment of panick, in hot blood. But on day nine, if I had killed Satan when he was helpless, it would have been just cruel."

"But these are the games. Morals have no place here." Replies Caeser.

"Thats not how us district people feel."

"I guess I can understand that..." Says Caeser, obviously not convinced. "One more thing. You are only twelve years old, and you're rich. What are you going to do with the rest of your life?"

"Well... I'm not quite sure. I never expected to win the games, so I was never planning for after they were over. I guess the first thing I'll do is get my family out of poverty. I'll try to help people in need, because keeping a fortune like that to myself is just greedy. I'll try and re-connect with friends, and just try to live a normal life. I'm not sure I'm ready to be a celebrity or anything." Says Spring

"Well, all the people of the Capitol wish you good luck, Spring Howards! And now, the presenting of the crown!"

This year the crown is made of broze, and is tangled with vines. It has nine sides, and on the inside has the Mayan spelling of 'Spring Howards'. Spring puts it on, and the crowd roars. Unfortunatley, the buzzer sounds, and the crowd groans.

"Sorry everyone, thats all the time we have! Remeber to tune in for the victory tour! Good night! This is Caeser Flickerman, signing out."

Victory Tour

Written in Spring Howard's perspective

District 12

I walk up onto the stage, expecting cheering. I get none of that. After I killed their star tribute, Daniz, they hated me. I begin the speach, but I don't really put my heart into it. They don't want me here, and I want to leave as soon as possible. The mayor presents me with a plaque, and I look into his eyes. Full of hatred. And it's not just him. The whole crowd has this crazy, demonic look in their eyes. I walk off the stage as quickly as possible. Later on, I get a tour of the coal mines, wich is the highlight of the day. It's dusty and rather dark, but interesting. I even get a turn with the dynamite at one point, which is totally awesome. After that, we go to the victory feast, and get back on teh train.

District 11

District 11 is a little more upbeat. I actually get a round of applause when I walk on the stage. I make the speach, even though I never even talked to Garrick or Issabella. Afterwards we get a tour of the orchards, which is okay, I guess. Then we have a feast, which is very good. We have fresh fruit of all kinds, even some tropical fruit imported from District 4. Then we get on the train and move on.

District 10

I brace myself for the jeers and taunting that is sure to come from district 10. Their star tribute, Satan, would have made it home if I hadn't. But surprisingly, they cheer for me as I walk on the stage, and I see genuine happiness on their faces. Mabye it's because I didn't really kill Satan, and I tried to save him. I later learn that early on in the games, I was 10's favourite tribute, next to Abigail and Satan. After the speech, I get a tour of the cattle farms, the feast, then we get on the train and head for the next district.

District 8

The people in 8 seem very bitter. I don't see why. I never even saw their tributes until day 9. But be as it may, there is an air of bitterness in the crowd. I give the usual speech, then I get a tour of the factories, which isn't that exciting. After that we get a victory feast, which has been given to us by the Capitol.

District 7

The people in 7 are going absoutely crazy for me, which is a nice change from 8. Apparently, one of the district's richest people put tons of money on me and won, so everyone who knows him loves me. We then get a tour of some of they're oldest and tallest trees, which is breathtaking. I leave there fealing an emotion I haven't felt in months. Happiness.


These are the awards that will be given out after the games. Some I will decide, and some you can vote on. Please be on your account when you vote. You can vote once in each category. You do not have to have tributes in these games to vote. Please read the games before you vote.

(%): Awards you can vote on

<#>: Awards I will decide on


Spring Howards, District 9 (Brony12)


Satan Lockwood, District 10 (Anon...)

<#>Third Place-

Kaysen Judi, District 8 (HungerGamesFan)

<#>Last Place-

Abigail Springs, District 10 (Anon...)

(%)Best Duel Candidates-

Satan/Kourtney (3 votes) Winner

Nicholas/Ruby (1 vote)

(%)Best Fight Candidates-

Day 9 final 8 battle (1 vote) Winner

(%)Sympathy award

(This award goes to the tribute who experienced the most painful death, injury, emotional pain, ect) candidates-

Ruby (2 vote) Tied

Snow (2 votes) Tied

Warren (1 vote)

(%)Favourite Tribute candidates-

Satan (3 votes) Winner

Spring (1 vote)

(%)Least Favourite Tribute candidates-

Kourtney (1 vote)

Nicholas (1 vote)

Kaysen (2 votes) Winner

Sanji (1 vote)

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